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Overcharge also known as Sally Teller is a news reporter who got scienced into being a superhero by ARGENT. Now she fights crime and writes about it.

Player: @ccelizic
"It's zappy time!"
Class Focus: Electricity
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science!
Personal Data
Real Name: Sally Teller
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 30
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 160
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: USA
Occupation: Columnist
Place of Birth: Detroit, MI
Base of Operations: Millennium City, MI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Deceased
Known Powers
Electrical Control
Known Abilities
Bureaucratic knowledge, Knowledge of Metahumans, Knowledge of World events, Various Social Skills, Breaking and Entering Skillset, Writing, Investigation, General Conspiracy Theory knowledge, Knowledge of ARGENT practices and procedure
Electrical Discharge Arrest Suit (EDAS), lockpicks, notepad, pencil, press-pass

Appearance and Traits

Overcharge is a woman of average height and slightly broad hips. One might construe her as being curves, though others might construe it as a fat rear. She is perpetually in the EDAS which has Art Deco inspired lining to its asthetic. and gives the the appearance of some shiny dark Art Deco Knight in form fitting female armor. The EDAS is actually rather flexible and hugs the flesh close enough that she can wear street clothing over it to give herself the appearance of a regular citizen. Her eyes have a glow to them however so in any such disguise she needs to wear sunglasses.

She has a helmet for her EDAS suit with a variety of handy features built into it. The helmet has a distinct Art Deco asthetic to it much like the rest of the armor. It's not necessary, but she wears it out of the conveniences it conveys and the protection to the noggin.


Sally is a rather busy bodied personality who can be rather in your face at times. She can and will chat about the most ridiculous stuff and has a penchant for self depricating humor. She is a bit of a closeted geek and makes numerous and common references to modern film games and even roleplaying games. She is quite capable of rambling on about the oddest things if nobody is talking about anything important at the time, though the instant something interesting happens she tends to silence up and take a lot of notes and poke with questions on any topic she feels she needs more information on.

She is keenly interested in public safety and constantly tries to put her various powers to the best use at helping people. She is continually wrangling her neighbors in downtown into hunkering down defenses and pooling resources whenever an emergency hits Millennium City before rushing out to do something about it if she can.


Sally Teller started as Average as one can be in this day and age. Born and raised in Detroit Michigan. Things took a turn for the worse when she was 12 when Doctor Destroyer unleashed his destruction on the city. Her parents had not escaped, she had been out on a class trip at the time and was spared the destruction. An orphan from that point on she managed to press forward with a perpatual sunny disposition despite all odds. She managed to graduate from the University of Michigan with a degree in english and moved on to the Columbia School of Journalism in New York City. Returning home to a rebuilt Millennium city she settled down with a job in the Millennium City Guardian starting as a copy girl and moved on to reporter.

She started off reporting on local events, but Sally Teller has always been a bit of a busybody. She never could sit still when she thought someone was doing something shady behind closed doors. Her target was ARGENT. It took a while but over the years her investigative instinct grew and she got rather proficient with lockpicks and bypassing security systems and sneaking into places she wasn't meant to be. Using a combination of old fashioned detective work and some aggressive evidence collection she was able to bust open of ARGENTS fronts on some clandestine business and release articles on it to the public.

Flush with victory she pressed the assault of truth upon that company, but the crusade was cut short. She had pushed ARGENT too hard and they pressed back. She was kidnapped by ARGENT and shuffled off to one of their human experimenation labs to be used and discarded. Unfortunately for ARGENT whatever they were trying to do accidentally imbued her with uncontrollable electric power. Erupting with ionic power she shorted out all the security disabled the guards and staggered through sewers before stumbling into the streets of Millennium city. The city got a full view of the woman as she tried to stay away from civilians, her own power becoming a huge liability. Soon she felt the prick of a tranquilizer syringe and she awoke in a lab contained in a rather large jar.

Her captors this time were far more benevolent. It turned out that Silverback had taken interest in the bioscience that had been wrought upon her and she had been shuffled off to a team of scientists who were analyzing her current state. She gave them a recount of as much as she could remember, and it became apparent that they couldn't reverse whatever had been done to her. Her body was constantly electolyzing water into Hydrogen and Oxygen and then using some form of biological cold fusion to produce immense amounts of electricity which constantly discharged. They were able to eventually produce a suit that would keep her power safey contained until she chose to release it, the EDAS. Cooperation with tailors in Millennium City added a distinct pleasent Art Deco asthetic to the suit and she was given it on grounds that she report back to the scientists regularly for further analysis. Her apartment was redesigned to capture her electrical power. To pay this off the various engineers and scientists get regular cuts from the money she earns discharging on to the city's power grid on top of the regular poking and proding she is subjected to by people looking to reproduce the effect in animals. Scientists believe that if they can get this cold fusion to work in gerbils then they will have a new form of power reactor for the city. However, attempts to reproduce her unique powers so far have failed. Even the notes from the ARGENT front that did the experiments on Sally indicate that what happened to her was a fluke, completely unexpected.

Set back loose in the world and stuck in a special suit Sally was at a loss at what to do. She felt driven to strike back at those ARGENT responsible. The cell that had experimented on her was of course arrested, but the company at large claimed no knowledge of the cell's activities, business for ARGENT resumed as usual. It was Sally's editor who consoled her. The man had beend a bit of a mentor to her as of late, it was he who suggested she had been given a gift of lemons and she should make lemonade and distribute it around town. Finding purpose in the words Sally Teller started laying the groundwork to start working to better the town. The nature of her exposure to town with superpowers was a bit too blatent for her to have a secret identity, she didn't care though. She had a long list of contacts and she knew how to do ground-work and investigate. She figured it'd be much like investigative reporting, except with less writing and more zapping. Executives higher up in the Millennium City Guardian's heirarchy caught wind of Sally's plans and gave her and offer: They saw potential in profit from the journals of a woman acting as a superhero in the face of adversity. They wanted her to write a column on her experience as a superhero. The offer came wit ha payraise. Sally naturally said yes.

Since then she's been fighting crime and posting regular columns about it.


Electric Power

Sally's body continually produces electricity on an almost uncontrollable fashion without her suit. Even with her suit she tends to carry a slight charge. When she cuts loose her electrical power is immense. She can unload an ungodly amount of electrical mayhem if she's left unchecked on an assault. She almost never uses her powers to deadly effect. Instead she relies in finessy electrical strikes that disrupt someone's nervous system enough to knock them flat nonlethally.

She has gotten creative with her electrical powers as of late. And during an investigation into Arc Thunder's past she has demonstrated a talent for rerouting electrical attacks, delivering an EMP burst, electrical teleportation, and routing electricity through the ground to administer surprise attacks from strange angles,

Electrical Sense

Sally's got an innate sense of electromagnetic fields in her proximity. She can sense the presence of electrical fields around her including electronic devices and the nervous systems of animals and the like. It also gives her a sense of all nearby grounds.

Hands Off!

Sally can very easily give her surface a strong charge. Attacking her hand to hand with a conductive weapon is ill-advised.

Bullet Proof, not Inertia Proof

The EDAS is bullet resistant, it however is not inertia proof. She can resist abuse that would put a regular person down, such as being shot. Being shot repeatedly tends to batter her to heck and will incapacitate her.

Her defenses are equivilent to the ballistic protection the armed forces have, except hers is full body and far sleeker looking. Strong enough arms fire or armor penetrating rounds will penetrate.

EDAS Helmet Uplink

The Electrical Discharge Arresst Suit is not just a fashion statement that keeps her power in check. It also has a handy helmet with a variety of useful widgets built in. She has audio and video recording software, a built in word processor, a HUD and various other useful diagnostics and communication tools.


Not really a super power persay but Overcharge is rather well seasoned in investigating. With her electric sense and EDAS diagnostics she can crack security systems far easier then ever now. She always carries some lockpicking tools as well concealed in her left bracer. She also knows her way around red tape and knows a bit about greasing palms and working contacts. As she's said in the past, "Being a hero is kind of like being a reporter except with less hiding and more zapping." She's also got some sense in the art of being unseen and avoiding security. However, she is certainly no ninja at hiding, she is not a novice either.

Helmet HUD

The EDAS has a helmet which she wears in combat. The helmet grants her a degree of flash defense for both vision and sound. It has a built in HUD which she has uplinked to CRP and occasionally uses for a variety of applications.


Overcharge has a natural flight ability. She seems to spend more time floating in the air then on her feet and often will sit in the "invisible chair" as she calls it when speaking with people. She has even managed to remain afloat while unconscious.


Well known

Overcharge is a well known entity as the Millennium City Guardian's metahuman heroic reporter. This plays both for and against her. She has to work a little extra hard to disguise herself. Especially with that shiny suit she must always wear.

Uncontrolled power

If she takes her EDAS off overcharge starts discharging electrical power constantly. Her living space is rigged to withstand this sort of abuse and actually dump it on the power grid so she earns money from going suitless in her apartment.


ARGENT wants their toy back. She also rattled a snake's nest or two which has brought VIPER attention on to her. Both organizations have hounded her on occasion.

Combat Novice

Her innate electrical sense and experience with constantly using electrical zaps allows her to quickly path and discharge to something rather accurately. She is however still rather novice in defending herself in hand to hand combat or trying to use anything other then electrical attacks in an accurate efficient method. She leans heavily on the fact that engaging her in CQC is hazardous. If someone finds a way around that they'll find her to be somewhat pathetic in actual combat skill.


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"Sally yer pretty, ya got brains and moxie. All things I'm not. Ahem." -Arc Thunder