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Player: @chris-o-malley
"Carry on my wayward son, there'll be peace when you are done."
Biographical Data
Real Name: Christopher Patrick O`Malley
Known Aliases: Nuclear Spitfire, Spitfire, Spitz, Spitty, Chris, Nukes, O`Malley, Radioactive Faggot.
Gender: Male
Species: Presumed Metahuman
Ethnicity: Irish-American
Place of Birth: Philadelphia, PA
Base of Operations: North-east coast.
Relatives: Mother, Father; Alive
Age: 23
Height: 5'7
Weight: 155 lbs.
Eyes: Sclera are black, iris is neon green. Black pupils.
Hair: Blond, cut short and spiked up.
Complexion: Average, tan in the summer- pale in the winter. Freckles stretching over cheeks and nose.
Physical Build: Fit
Physical Features: Glowing eyes, freckles, a scar over left side of mouth, horns, tail. Thick city accent.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 2
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Mercenary
Education: High-School
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Elemental Fire, Demonic Shadow Energies, super metabolism, advanced healing rate, immunity to radioactivity, absorption of other fire bases.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Pocket knife, cellphone, COMM device, pass-port, pill case.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada


(( Originally my alt's name was Nuclear Spitfire, I've moved him to a Freeform slot. All information is still the same.))

He's a poster child for wasted youth. Christopher is the only offspring of two shitheaded crack addicts by the name of Michael and Michelle O'Malley. Looking back, it's safe to say that his life is just one bad cliche joke after another. -- Growing up in Philadelphian streets was never glamorous, even when Chris had been old enough to join the neighborhood Irish gang. It didn't take him very long to get a criminal record either, even as a minor. Pity came in the form of his grandparents on his father's side; they took him in and gave him a slightly improved life.

Now here's the part where you think his whole life gets a tiny bit better-- right? Wrong. During one of the city's distributions to the local chemical waste centers, one of the tankers was hit by a car; auditing spills in a small vein of streets. Guess who got exposed to the radioactive shit that was inside? This guy. Christopher was put into quarantine for about a year while the city paid off a law suit.

But of course this "Irish luck" didn't stop there. Over the string of months, the stress from the accident along with the well-being of their grandson on the line, Chris' guardians became ill. One passed from a massive heart-attack while the other ended up suffering from dementia. His grandmother ended up 'escaping' the home, taking her car, and crashing it - incidentally leaving a message on the house phone that she was looking for her grandson.

The news of his grandparents didn't hit Chris until his last day of treatment. Lawyers are tight lipped fuckers when they want to be paid to do something. However, that very night, before the procedure could occur, the hospital was reduced to ashes in a freak fire. Several eye-witnesses and survivors claimed they saw someone literally walk out of the center of the flames before disappearing into the core of the city.

Chris didn't return home that or any other night.

Growing Pains

With the last treatment never actually given, Christopher's body began to deteriorate from the inside out. A few weeks after his grandparents death, he was reduced to countless nights of puking up his own blood with excruciating pains. Things started to look grim, and the boy needed a way out before it was too late. He'd gone and fucked up his survival chances the second that hospital was set ablaze.

The night life allowed him to meet a few interesting characters, one happened to be a wandering mage. It was a gamble, he knew that much. Chris didn't have much to lose did he? The spell promised to save him. Even if it meant that he legitimately had to make a deal with a devil.. or in this case, a demon; no turning back now.

Next morning left him feeling brand new, with a little extra accessories jutting out of his head, shoulders, and-- was that a freaking tail?

Millennium City

New apartment, new life, right? Something like that.

Crime rate was intense, almost as bad as home. One night after hitting up a bar, he spied a lady getting mugged, which escalated to something else that would put anyone in the deepest spot in hell. Not one for by-standing, Chris interfered and the mugger-turned-rapist ended up getting torched to bits. It was a bittersweet kind of victory, because the woman tried beating her hero over the head with her handbag before running off. What a thankless freaking job.

Some potato-loving bastard by the alias of "Shockdrop" managed to see the gist of the event and offered the kid a spot in his mercenary group "Dirty Deeds Inc". Chris hesitated of course because, who actually liked that kind of responsibility? Oh-- wait, money? Lots of it? Yeah, he's totally in for that. Code names are kinda cool too, so he took on Nuclear Spitfire.

Current Events

[This will be changeable and updated accordingly.]

- Chris is being treated for his radioactivity, considering his body practically emanates it like an idle nuke. He uses resources from his group, with a few of their "doctors" able to do what they can. So far, things have been quiet.

- About a year after his membership in Dirty Deeds, Chris decided to part ways with the business in favor for working in his own. He now runs a merc gang of miscreants and misfits by the name of "Hell's Hooligans".

- He also, with reluctance, owns a Nifelheim demon by the public alias Sureshot.

- Chris still lives in his surrogate mother's warehouse basement. Don't you dare judge him.

- Currently, he's seeking a way to communicate with the demonic presence that literally throws tantrums from time to time inside of him.


- Superspeed; He prides himself on hitting the sound barrier.

- Inhuman metabolism: He heals faster than most, but this comes at a price. He also burns out faster, and if poisoned, or drunk - is affected by it more quickly than most.

- Fire production/manipulation.

- Immunity to fire; he can also absorb it and send it back towards the source.

- Flight; with the focused ability of fire spreading notable phoenix-like wings.

- Basic hand to hand combat.

- Street smarts, lock-picking, simple computer hacking.

Important Notes

- To the naked eye, beyond features- its almost impossible to tell that the blond is fused with something else other than a human soul.

- Scent: A mixture of Irish Spring bar-soap and citrus lemon. On an intense battle day, he'll sometimes smell like a nice bon-fire.

- Weaknesses: Ice is obviously a double-sided sword, he's pretty good against it, but an overabundance of the element will have his fire snuffed out quick. The same goes for water, but this is at a lower degree. He can evaporate it rather quickly.

- Phobia: Christopher has an intense fear of canines, hypodermic needles, and is mildly claustrophobic.


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OOC Information

I tolerate a lot of shit, so if you have a question about RP, be it mature-rated or not, hit me up. I'm pretty open and friendly for the most part and I like to help others out. I'm also of legal age, so expect vulgar language and sometimes adult themes.