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Biographical Data
Real Name
Millennium City
Home Base
17 (Apparent) 4074 (Actual)
Dark Brown
Physical Build
Physical Features
Jackal Ears & Tail
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██
Years Active
Marital Status
Known Powers & Abilities
Sand Manipulation
Equipment & Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes

In-Charcter Information

Origin Story

2057B.C. "I was of low birth, born to a young servant girl. My childhood was rather uneventful. Since my mother was a servant girl, I too was raised to be a servant girl. Mother was always very protective of me and did everything she could to insure that the only tasks I was given were mundane tasks such as cleaning. I was never a very outspoken girl, I quite enjoyed the mundane and tried hard to avoid being noticed by anyone. At the time, there was nothing remarkable about me, so it really wasn't hard to go unnoticed."

2043B.C. "On the eve of my Fourteenth year, my life was forever changed. I sprouted a little fuzzy nub of a tail and my ears began to turn into Jackal ears. At first I was able to hide my transformations, as the changes were small. But as time passed it was growing harder to hide my tail and ears. I don't remember when it first happened, but at some point I discovered I could command the sands as if they were an extension of my very being. It certainly made cleaning a lot easier."

2040B.C. "By my Seventeenth year my transformations came into their full. Hiding them was no longer a possibility, my ears were too sensitive to bind any more and my tail would protrude from under all of my clothes. Mother told me I should be proud of how I looked, that it was a blessing from the gods themselves. But, I just wanted to remain unnoticed. Eventually she convinced me that my life wasn't over just because I had a tail and fuzzy ears. I got all sorts of attention from my new looks, it was all too much for me.

"As time passed I slowly grew accustomed to the attention and even began to like it. However, I managed to attract the attention of the Pharaoh himself, and not in a good way. He feared me, feared what I might become, feared what my very existence could mean. He put an order out for my death. Seventeen, and the Pharaoh wanted me killed for simply existing.

"The first attempt on my life was as much of a surprise to me as it was to my would be assassin. While I was cleaning one of the servant chambers a guard entered the chamber and plunged his sword through my back piercing my heart. I stood there for a few moments staring down at the blade protruding from my chest before reality sank in. I had been run through, the pain was unbearable. Yet somehow I was still standing, still living, still breathing. I turned slowly to face my assailant, a shocked expression on my face. The guard took off out of the chamber faster than I had ever seen anyone move before in my life.

"The second attempt was unforgivable. When they failed to kill me with a blade they resorted to poison. I have never wished harm on anyone until that day. The poison was in the food for the servants. Everyone I had grown up with, my mother, my friends, everyone I had once called family... dead, they were all dead, all because the Pharaoh was afraid of me, afraid of a servant child.

"The attempts didn't stop there. One guard tried to behead me in the streets, the blade passed clean through my neck, for a moment I thought I was dead, but my body mended itself as fast as the blade cut it. On another occasion they attempted to drown me in the Nile, even as my lungs filled with water I continued to breath. Through my seventeenth year the Pharaoh tried to have me killed well over a hundred times. The final attempt was the most unusual.

"I was taken away while I slept, they hastily wrapped me in burial cloths and sealed me away in a tomb. When I awoke I was suspended from the ceiling by chains surrounded by nothing but darkness. Seconds turned to minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days, days to weeks, weeks to months, months to years, years to decades, decades to centuries, centuries to millennia. Trapped in the darkness I had no concept of time, I know I was in there for an extraordinary amount of time, but I could have never imagined it was for over four-thousand years."

A.D.2017 "Archaeologists discovered my tomb in late 2016. The antechamber of my tomb was adorned with hieroglyphs telling a story of a princess bearing my name. The story told of a great drought that plagued the land. That the god Anubis had bestowed upon the world a child, his daughter. That she had grown to be adored by all. How before her eighteenth year she offered her life up as a sacrifice to the gods to end the drought. That with her death the gods cried and brought with their tears rains that nourished the lands for years to come.

"Can you believe that tripe? Four-thousand years sealed away in a tomb for merely existing, and they concocted a fantasy to hide what they had done. The only part that is even halfway believable is the part claiming me to be a child of Anubis. I never met my father, so for all I know I really could be the daughter of Anubis. I doubt it though, I'm sure that if my father were one of the gods he never would have allowed the Pharaoh to try and kill me or entomb me for an eternity.

"The archaeologists who found my tomb were the first beings I had seen in an eternity. The light they brought into my burial chamber was so bright, having had adjusted to the darkness for so long. I couldn't see the expressions on their faces, but I could tell by their actions that they were surprised when they saw me. The one carrying the lantern dropped it the moment he saw me. They were expecting to find a sarcophagus containing an Egyptian princess, instead they found a servant girl suspended in chains in the center of the room.

"The world has certainly changed a lot over the past four-thousand years. Your technology is unimaginable, I'm still trying to grasp how this thing you call a 'computer' works. This advanced technology of the modern world certainly made learning a new language easier. I was surprised to see others like myself, well not exactly like myself, but others with tails and animal like ears as well as others with extraordinary powers similar to my own. I can only imagine where my life will go from here."

History and Current Events




Superhuman Powers

Sand Manipulation

Nafrit possesses the power to command particulates of sand, dirt, and dust to do anything she wishes. She has learned to use this power for both offense and defense.

Sand Armor

By encasing her body in sand, she is able to produce shell of ablative sand armor protecting her from physical harm. She can also create larger more sturdy sand barriers to protect herself from devastating attacks.

Sand Storm

By swirling sand through the air at high speeds she can stir up a sandstorm. The intense air pressure generated by the swirling sands is capable of creating winds and becoming self sustaining.


Nafrit has the ability to regenerate from any physical injury almost as quickly as it is inflicted. Her regenerative abilities are strong enough that even if a weapon were to pierce her heart she would survive and her heart would continue pumping even with the blade still in it. When a vital organ or artery is blocked from healing properly her body will create a new pathway until it can heal the injury properly. Even though her injuries heal up as quickly as they are inflicted, she still feels pain the same as anyone else.


Nafrit's body will never age beyond her 17 year old form. Outside of somehow being killed, she will never die. Age, Disease, Starvation, Suffocation, Dehydration, nor Injury pose a threat to her life. Due to her regenerative abilities it is unlikely that she can even be killed by anything short of being disintegrated.



Strengths and Weaknesses

Nafrit's greatest strength is her regenerative abilities and immortality. She has survived for over 4000 years sealed away in a tomb unable to move and over 100 attempts on her life. Its unlikely that anything can kill her, and she will likely live to see the end of the world. However, her immortality and regeneration are also perhaps her greatest weaknesses as well. Her body stopped ageing when her powers fully developed at the age of 17, despite being over 4000 years old she will always be seen as a 17 year old child. Like any immortal she will out live anyone she grows close to, unless they too are immortal. Outliving friends and loved ones can have it's toll on one's mind. Additionally, because she still feels pain, causing bodily harm to her is still an effective means to subdue her. She can only tolerate so much pain in a short period of time, hurt her enough and eventually she will pass out from the pain. It is for this reason that she uses her control of sand to create a shell of armor to protect herself despite her regenerative abilities. Her sand armor is less about protecting her from injury and more about protecting her from pain.





Character Opinions/Impressions

Other Facts and Trivia

Out-Of-Character Information

Roleplay Hooks


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