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Player: @Meredy_Redleaf
Meredy Redleaf Myuki.jpg
"Greetings. Have a pleasant day."
Class Focus: Heavy sword
Power Level: 40
Personal Data
Real Name: Myuki
Known Aliases: Melinda St-Moth
Species: Spirit
Ethnicity: None
Age: Unknown, probably millenia
Height: 6'5" (198 cm)
Weight: 123.5lbs (56 kg)
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Pale blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: None
Occupation: Guardian
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Marital Status: Married to Quincy St. Moth
Known Relatives: Efreeta (Closest friend), Melinda St-Moth (Host)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Possession, Telepathy, Spirit sense
Heavy sword, Power armor
Physical Attributes
Mental Attributes

Character Information


Calm before the storm. That expression seems to have been custom-tailored for Myuki. She's usually very quiet, almost invisible, but when she speaks, her deep voice commands attention. She's an iron hand in a velvet glove, nearly never raising her voice, yet expecting results. She can spend hours waiting for an opportunity before striking, but when she does, whatever stands before her is swiftly dispatched. A true testimony to her feline origins. Woe to any who'd try to harm one she considers of hers, because she will fight fiercly, mercilessly and to the death.

Physical appearance

Myuki's body is in fact little more than her spiritual energy projected around Melinda's body. While she could shape it into anything she wants, it's nearly all the time an enlarged version of her host, featuring her distinctive traits: blue stripes, short soft fur, pointy ears, slit pupils and tail.

Aura reading

  • Two distinct auras can easily be seen, one ancient and deeply magical, the other human.

Mind reading

  • Being around as long as she has, she can detect intrusion attempts, even more so since she has a second soul.

Likes / Dislikes / Social

  • Likes: Her husband Quincy, nature, quiet, hunting, sushis
  • Dislikes: Racists, hypocrites, criminals, unfaithful people
  • Drinking: Doesn't like alcohol because it dulls her senses
  • Smoking: Doesn't smoke

Abilities / Powers

Myuki's main ability as a spirit is to project spiritual energy out of her host's body, condensing it so it becomes tangible. When she fights, she protects her body (and that of Melinda's) which a light suit of armor, fitted with shields emitters, allowing for maximum movement. She also wields an enormous poly-alloy blade. Myuki is a skilled swordswoman, though she's just as deadly with her claws.


Ex-revenge spirit summoned by DEMON into the body of a young girl. She got rid of her evil nature and is now happily merged, body and soul with her host, Melinda. Though they share emotions and feelings as one, they retain some of their own persona.