Ms. Poison

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Ms. Poison
Player: PyromanicKelly
"I got that poison on my mind"
Biographical Data
Real Name: Nicola 'Nico' Larson
Known Aliases: Ms. Poison
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Mixed
Place of Birth: Laboratory
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Relatives: Dr. Larson, Father (Deceased) Victoria Larson, Sister (Secret)
Age: 28
Height: 5'7
Weight: 135Ibs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Complexion: Perfect
Physical Build: Silm but toned
Physical Features: Bright blue eyes that look like they're glowing, no signs of battle or ageing.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Well known
Years Active: N/A
Citizenship: US
Occupation: Business advisor and song writer
Education: University degree
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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History -- Past

Nicola wasn't born like everyone else, she was genetically modified to be perfect; her looks, the way she talks right down to the way she smells. Her father, Dr. Larson, created her from over 50 different women’s DNA, taking bits that he thought and believed were flawless. However what could be flawless to one could be flawed to another.

Once born and grown up slightly Nicola found herself in a laboratory. This lab wasn’t like a normal science lab; it was more like a prison/ boarding school. A set routine was laid out for everyone that was strictly followed; any rule broken led to punishment. Nicola spent most of her younger years in this place. She met a young boy, probably just a bit younger than she was, who she watched from the shadows. Little did Nicola and the boy know that Dr. Larson had plans for the boy; he became part of an experiment to find a super solider. The boy was experimented on so much that he wasn’t the same boy anymore; something about him was monstrous like someone had switched the boy with a look-a-like who was a criminal. Soon afterwards Nicola never saw that boy again.

After a few years had passed, the laboratory was shut down due to health and safety regulations. But Dr. Larson had another institute for Nicola, much like the one before Nicola had strict routines and school. Nicola was shy and kept to herself mostly during what most teenagers would call the worst time of their lives; High-school. Like most girls Nicola’s age she loved music, boys and the latest fashions, Nicola had formed a crush on the bad boy of the school; code named Abraxas. Abraxas bullied Nicola; pushed her into walls and put chewing gum in her hair. The bulling continued for months and Nicola’s crush was crushed. The laboratory was shut down after a fire broke up in the kitchen, all experiments had to be put down. Nicola’s execution was the electric chair, however things didn’t go so well; the chair malfunctioned and caused an accident. However, Nicola was presumed dead and dumped. Once she woke up from her coma like state, she set out to find a place to stay.

At the age of 18 Nicola set off to University to study what she loves most; Music. She attended three years at Manhattan school of music, where she graduated. Nicola spent the 5 years in Hawaii and adapted their way of life. She would now call herself Hawaiian.

History -- Present

After stepping off the plane in Millenium City one of the first people she met in this new city was, Luke Elburn who was dubbed Chaos. After spending time with her new friend a new flame kindled as the two started to date. Luke asked Nicola if she wanted to join him in his group called “Shadow Front.” However, the love didn’t last very long and the two separated. During this time Nicola had become known around the City and the name Ms. Poison was being whispered around the city of a woman, wearing tight clothes and heels, was seen kicking arse. During her time with Luke, Nicola made a friend, Alex Envy, who later became her boyfriend. However the two never stopped being friends and never moved on to being in a relationship, soon after Nicola broke up with Alex to remain friends. Nicola had had enough of boys for a while and set off to kick start her career, knowing she would have to leave the city, Nicola set off to LA for a few months leaving MC behind her unsure if she would be coming back.

A few months passed and Nicola had become a known song writer, writing songs for a fellow Champion; Sapphire. A couple of weeks had passed and Nicola found herself bored and short on money so she decided to get the old costume out and do what she once did, but this time for fun. During one of her fun runs, Nicola had bumped into another superhero called Cpt. Smash, who later renamed himself Falcon. After doing a couple of jobs together Drake Coswold offered Nicola a place in his group called “Fate.” Nicola and Drake kind of had a thing for each other and decided on casually dating. During her time in Fate, Nicola worked her way up the rankings and found herself to be an Officer for the group; where she could put her organisation skills to good use. As a member of fate, Nicola met a couple of interesting people who would become significant in her life. One of those people would be the little boy from her passed who had dubbed himself: Exia. Nicola had seen what her father had done to him and couldn’t help but feel guilty, this boy had literally became a monster. A monster that was uncontrollable until Nicola found a way to build a device to control people. Soon after Exia had attacked fellow members, he disappeared without telling anyone. Another worthy mention in Nicola’s life would be Adam Skyes or better known as Rook. After dating Drake for a while now, Nicola wanted more; she wanted a proper relationship. However, Drake wasn’t ready for a relationship so Nicola broke her date-relationship with Drake. Adam Skyes was flirting with Nicola around this time and Nicola was unsure of the guy, she didn’t really know him but like all you have to take a leap sometime. The leap paid off, Adam and Nicola were together and became engaged.

During her relationship with Adam, her friendship with Drake became rocky and eventually she left Fate with a few others to set up their own group, “The Nova Agency.” However the happy life could only last so long. Nicam, that’s Nicola and Adam together, had hit a rough patch in their love life and they weren’t strong enough to float it out and eventually broke up. Nicola was removed from the Agency so Adam could focus on it and not have to worry about Nicola. She found a good job to keep her going and using her skills as an officer in both Fate and the Agency, she became a Business Advisor.

These days, Nicola is mostly known by her nickname, Nico. Nicola is now working with Luke Elburn (Chaos) and Dierks (Revolt) in a group called “Midnight Works.”

Powers & Equipment

Nicola's powers came from her accident on the electric chair; over time the negative partials in her body started to bind to her skin, nerves and brain; causing her to be able to shoot lightening from the palm of her hand. Somehow Nicola can heal much more quickly than a normal human and the reason to why is unknown.

Friends & Foes

Nicola has many friends but listed here are some of the people she trusts the most:
Corporal Higgens
Ameila Daniels
Lord Irvine

Nicola doesn't have many foes as she doesn't care about the -haters- But her major foe is: