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Government Type:
No Other
Intentions Toward Humanity:
No Interest In Humans
Propulsion Tech Level:
Military Tech Level:
Prefer to Assassinate Instead of Open Wars
Medical Tech Level:
Computer Tech Level:
Superpowered Population Level:
Shadow Mages, Energy Manipulation
Physical Description:
Survives by Draining Life Energy from Any Living Being

The Morai

This species was created by player @shadowoutlaw (Tsarina Morazov is the main character played by this account) If you have any questions, simply ask in game. There are several Morai characters active at this time and several plot arcs if you are interested.

It is not clear how the first Morai came to exist. What is known however is they are a very ancient Earth race that has been hiding in the shrouds of time and shadow. The Vampiric and living dead species often are a mutation of the Morai that broke away to form their own kind. Though Vampiric beings come from the Morai, the Morai do not need to bite to continue their race. They are able to have offspring within the Morai. However, Morai do have retractable fangs that release a dangerous venom into a bitten victim. This will cause beings to become Morai most of the time. Some beings, especially aliens, will mutate into something new entirely. The Morai will care for the bitten being for a year, teaching and protecting them even if the victim has no desire to have their 'parent' anywhere near them. Morai's life span can be very lengthy, many hundred years.


At first Morai appear human, a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. They are able to look quite human and normal. Since they don't have to attack others to feed,they can often go unnoticed entirely. However if angered, stressed, and so forth, fangs do appear, a strong shadow aura, and wings like those of a dragon. Some even change height and hair coloring to form a completely different being. It is also worth saying they have heightened senses, impressive acrobatics, and heal much faster then humans.

Traits, Abilities, and Kharnis

The Morai's main location is Kharnis, a large city hidden in the mountain ranges of Russia. It is unknown what Kharnis is like as the Morai jealously guard their home, killing any who attempt to enter their city. They are a fierce people, not to be underestimated. They are able to drain energy from any living being and do not have any qualms against draining so much energy that their prey dies. If a being is able to think for itself, it makes it's own choices, then they can drain from that being which includes robotic beings. Weaker beings can be drained from several feet away, stronger beings it is through skin contact. If Morai cannot make skin on skin contact, they cannot drain the strong being. They then take this energy and are able to manipulate it to become energy blasts as well as shadow mage rituals.

A Dark History

This brings to mind a question of why the powerful Morai have hidden from mankind for centuries. Morai blood, usually dark blue in color, is extremely potent. A few mere drops can give a human being the ultimate drugged high and temporary shadow abilities and a link to the Morai whose blood was taken is formed as a permanent bond. Because of this, the Morai were often hunted for their blood. One that was hunted was the late Tsar Morazov, Tsarina Morazov's father. In the late 1940's the Tsar was captured and is believed to be dead from Morai Hunters. This caused the already secretive Morai to avoid the human world all together. The princess, Roxandra Morazov, was given her father's title and task- to keep the Morai safe from human kind. Compared to most in her species, she is rather young to rule but so far the Morai have remained hidden. But as technology has been harder and harder to outwit, the Morai have begun searching and learning about tech to protect Kharnis.

But they can't hide forever. Someday they will be found and exposed to all of mankind, again fearing the hunters. Sadly, that day is rapidly drawing closer.