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Player: @monkeyhead
Dr. Garrett Elliot in his family library at his mansion in Vibora Bay.
Character Build
Class Focus: sorcery, shapeshifting
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: magic
Biographical Data
Real Name: Dr. Garrett Elliot
Known Aliases: Monsterman
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Vibora Bay, LA
Base of Operations: Vibora Bay, LA
Relatives: Miles Elliot & Julie Elliot, aka Oak and Thorn
Age: 45
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 165
Eyes: green
Hair: black (graying)
Complexion: pale
Physical Build: slim
Physical Features: Xonus Device (see below) permanently attached to Elliot's left arm
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Neutral Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: public
Years Active: 12
Citizenship: American
Occupation: archeologist, parapsychologist
Education: college plus magical training (see below)
Marital Status: single
Known Powers and Abilities
shapeshifting, flight, regeneration, others (see below)
Equipment and Paraphernalia
a complete library of reference books, related gear and artifacts acquired in his travels, the Xonus Device(see below)
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Monsterman Logo.jpg

Dr. Elliot performing a controlled experiment in arcane differentials in particle physics.

Dr. Garrett Elliot, noted archeologist and parapsychologist, has recently joined the hero community in Millenium City. A former academic super star, several years ago, Dr. Elliot acquired a strange artifact that causes him to transform into various monsterous entities.

While initially quite debilitating, Dr. Elliot has since learned to retain his consciousness and physical control of these forms and has begun to use these monsterous forms to both further his eldritch research and to help the Millennium City super hero community.

Given Dr. Elliot's track record (see below) as well as the unpredictible nature of magic in general, Primus is currently keeping a close eye on Dr. Elliot and anyone he may come into contact with.


Dr. Elliot is the son of Miles and Julie Elliot, the famous Druidic super hero team known as Oak & Thorn. Growing up in a house of such famous and decorated heroes may have been what drove Elliot to succeed in an unrelated, if also somewhat parallel field of study. He displayed an early aptitude for Aethermancy, assisting his father in the creation of a dimensional doorway at the age of 8.

As he grew, his parents encouraged him to follow in the family footsteps, which he naturally rebelled against. He likened their jobs to that of garbage men, "...taking the trash out every other day, and then watching it fill right back up in between..." Instead, Garrett opted for a more cloistered academic setting. The Elliots sent their young son to the Hsan Order on Easter Island, where he was magically instructed by the Order of Five.

Young Garret leads his research team on a dig in Tunesia.

This, too, was not to Garret's liking. He found the rules of magic too restrictive, and questioned every admonishment and rebuke. Back on his family doorstep at the age of 13, the couple enrolled their young son in Winchester Academy, an exclusive private school that catered to the special and gifted.

Young Garret in the Valley on the Texas/Mexico border.

In a more structured, traditional setting, Garret thrived. He was an A student and graduated high school at the age of 17 with honors. He received a scholarship from Miskatonic University in Arkahm, Mass to study medieval metaphysics. It was during this time that he discovered and published Elliot's Theory of Spatial Individuality, or the concept that a being traveling time and space, or through different dimensions, remains anchored to his or her original plane of existance at their departure point on a quantum level. The theory accounted for the "rubber band" effect inherent to dimensional travel at the time and earned him the noted Arcanthus Prize for Magical Studies. The discovery of this quantum anchor led to the eventual untethering of the form at the quantum level and changed Aethermancy as we know it today.

By the age of 21, Garrett was working on his master's thesis and it was during this time in the field that he distinguished himself as an arcane action hero. Garrett traveled the world, engaging the supernatural whenever he encountered it. He was the first person to capture and study the Jersey Devil, actually made contact with the elusive Mothman, and eradiced a chupacabra infestation on the Texas-Mexico border. The mainstream press began to notice him, as well, even as he was developing a reputation for taking risks within the academic community.

Garrett's doctoral thesis project was to create a stabilized portal that could be opened and closed at will with a fixed directional vector. At the time, this had never been attempted. The experiment took place on November 1st, 1997, and it made him an international super star. His doctorate in archeology followed a year later. Book and television offers came pouring in. Dr. Garret Elliot had finally succeeded in breaking free of his parent's orbit.


For several years Dr. Elliot was in demand as a consultant. He served President Clinton as the head of his Department of Magical Studies from 1997 to 2000. Several hero groups and private organizations kept him on retainer in the event that his arcane expertise was needed. A separate list of his noteworthy cases is included in Appendix A of this report.

The landscape of Dimension X (taken from the Forgotten Keep of Curath'nar, facing east). Photo taken by Dr. Elliot.

In the fall of 2000, Dr. Elliot returned to Vibora Bay to study a device that he found during a trip to the Pacific Rim. He remained in secluded study for the next two years, until an explosion tore through his home on April 28th, 2002. Rescue workers sifting through the rubble came across Dr. Elliot's body, naked and miraculously unharmed. Affixed to his wrist was the device he'd been studying.

When Dr. Elliot was revived, he was out of his mind. He babbled incessantly about dimensional vectors, a heirarchy of fiends, and other seemingly disjointed details. He was admitted to Vibora Bay Psychiatric Hospital to stabilize him in the hopes of finding out what happened.

Seventy-two hours later, all hell broke loose. We now know that Dr. Elliot underwent his first transformation into a squat, yellow, gargoyle-like creature with wings that tore through the hospital, injuring seven people. The monster was photographed by the press during the incident, and "Monsterman" was born.

Dr. Elliot, using his stabilied dimensional portal, turned it on the bracelet he later called The Xonus Device, thinking it to be a control device that would allow him to view and access this heretofore unknown and uncatalogued dimension. However, Dr. Elliot hadn't counted on the device having an eldritch consciousness of sorts, and when the portal was cast upon it, the Xonus Device defended itself, seeking a host (Elliot) for some unknown purpose. It was the unchecked Dimensional Portal that caused the explosion, and the sudden, unrestrained access to "Dimension X" that caused Elliot's mind to overload.

Over the years, Dr. Elliot has learned to control the monsters that he changes into. He can induce a change into a monster, but still has no control over the changes when he doesn't want to turn into a monster. In his altered forms, he has rudimentary access to the monster's stored memories of its time in Dimension X, and it's from these fragmentary glimpses that Dr. Elliot has pieced together what he knows about Dimension X. Ever since the explosion, Dr. Elliot has been unable to access Dimension X through other means. It is as if the dimension was never really there.

This has led to much speculation in academic circles about Dr. Elliot's sanity and methodology. He has been unable to secure a teaching position at any university, and while still occasionally used as a consultant, he has found his star to be on the wane.

Close-up view of the Xonus Device on one of Elliot's monstrous forms.

The so-called "Xonus Device" is the arcane bracer that is affixed to Dr. Elliot's arm It is composed of an unidentifiable and indestructible metal alloy, inlaid with strange carvings, and holds several irregular and off-center gemstones inset. In an alchemical study of the alloy, eldritch scanning revealed the presence of three particles of N-Matter in its atomic structure. Despite this fact, the alloy has not been classified as a type of Mckenzite, although it shares many of the same properties, including self-replication.

The Xonus Device cannot currently be removed by Dr. Elliot, who has exhausted all conventional and a few unorthodox means of doing so. The device was named, according to Dr. Elliot's notes, after the presumed name of the dimension from which it came. When Dr. Elliot transforms into other forms, the device remains on the monster, sometimes appearing as a wrist band, or a belt, or a crown, but similarly affixed to the body. In addition to repositioning itself, the gemstones change color, as well. To date, Dr. Elliot is able to transform into five different monster types. Each has been studied extensively, as these notes taken from Dr. Elliot's journals indicate (see below). There may be additional information on these monsters that Dr. Elliot is not currently documenting.

The Skarker runs amok at the MoMA.

"...found in the skies above the plains of M'nethal, the Skarkers serve, among other beings, the psychic Masters of Xonus Prime. Useful as bodyguards, strangely subservient to the willful minds of the sorcerers they serve, they are strong, savage, and very fast. Their main weapon is a stream of chemical fire that they can produce from their lungs by an as yet unknown means..."

" least twelve different types. Some are horned and crested, their tough hide scabbing over and healing with any wound or injury. An array of colors and markings may indicate a variety of clans, or perhaps these indicate who they serve. When at rest, the lean out over the cliff walls and rock ledges and appear as the gargoyles arrayed around the old church in Arkham..."

Footage from Dr. Elliot's field camera of a Threx in action.

"What the Raederites called the 'great stone forest' was a valley of stalagmite-like geodesic protrusions, thrusting some sixty to one hundred feet in height. Like jeweled tree trunks in diameter, they appeared to be natural formations. In the center of this crystaline valley lay the ruined city of D'Iret Yag, guarded with primitive efficency by the murderous Threx..."

"...whether these ape-like creatures are some sort of trained army left to wander or the actual inhabitents of D'Iret Yag, sank back into abject savagry, is anyone's guess. They communicate through a series of grunts and glottal stops and clicks, and they attack in tandem, the better to immobilize their prey. They are omnivorous, voracious, and will attack anything that enters the perimeter of their domain.

The Vixt goes cliff-diving in Dimension X.

"Chitinous and hulking, the Vixt appears to have evolved from some form of highly advanced scarab. Its exoskeleton is remarkably tough and emits a number of vibrational tones when certain plates rub together. The Vixt lives exclusively in the swamps east of the Steratcus Mountain Range, where they dine on lizards and seem to perform some sort of secondary service to the trees in the region by routinely stripping the bark from the trunks, allowing new bark to grow in its place..."

"The Vixt language is formed from the vibrational plates moving in accord. In this manner, they can hypnotize prey by overstimulating certain areas of their cerebral cortex. They don't have to be fast-merely within earshot."

U.N.T.I.L. video footage of Monsterman in Kreegth form during the Lemurian Civil War.

"...There, amid the vast, inland lake, were the crumbling ruins of a once-great city state, and among those ruins lived the Kreegth. Whether their unusual amphibian existence is the result of nature or some mad cross-breeding experiment gone horribly awry, I cannot say... they seem to possess the rudiments of a language, and vocalize both above and below the waters, where they undoubtedly prefer to stay, where they swim about like liquid ghouls..."

"...something about their form and function troubles me. I have seen some of the files from the 1929 Innsmouth raid when I was doing my doctoral work at Miskatonic, and I cannot help but wonder at the seeming similarities between these mutant off-shoots and the so-called 'deep ones' that are allegedly connected to the Cthulhu Cult. Until I can control these transformations, any speculation remains unfounded..."

An amateur photographer snapped this photo of the Scuttler loose in Vibora Bay.

"...there doesn't seem to be any good rationale for the loathsome creature I have come to call the scuttler. It only seems to exist in the skewed and warped angles of a child's most primal fears, from it's gigantic maw inset amid a hydrocephalic cranium, to its long and untrimmed claws and boney protrusions that produce a singularly unpleasant noise when the monster engages in locomotion..."

"...and yet, the Scuttler's appetite is prodigeous, so much so that when in the form, I am panged with a constant ache that only the raw and blind intake of food can assail. This dietary need is constant, as well. Alive or dead, housecats or bags of dog food, it makes no difference. This form is to be used with great caution..."

Consulting with Witchcraft at the Burnside Site.

Currently living and working in Millenium City, it is very likely that Dr. Elliot is looking to rebuild his credentials and credibility through his work in the super hero community. For a short time he was associated with the Mercenary Group, The Ghost Hounds. It is unclear if he is acting in an advisory capacity or wanting to relive his glory days as a world adventurer. He was also accepted a field agent position in S.T.R.A.N.G.E., a new organization. He has also been invited back to Vibora Bay, ending a ten year exile from his home town.

Dr. Elliot has applied for a Private Hero license. The results of his Meggido-Briars Test should prove enlightening.

UPDATE: Dr. Elliot has moved back into his family home in Vibora Bay. That, along with his newly-appointed status as a licened private hero, have somewhat blotted out most of his previous trangressions. He is currently deep in research of an undisclosed type, although reports coming in from the field suggest his is now able to control his transformations and even select what form he will assume.


If you would like to use Dr. Garrett Elliot, Monsterman, Oak and Thorn, the Xonus Device, or Dimension X in your character's backstory (did our two sorcerers go to school together?), please email me in-game. I'm happy to work with you. --Monkeyhead 17:14, 02 Apri 2010 (UTC)


You can read about Monsterman in the story, "The Hard Way."