Mighty Miracle

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Mighty Miracle
Player: @Fared
fortitudinem, et honorem in pace
Biographical Data
Real Name: Andrile Depontie
Known Aliases: Andi, MM, blond musclebrain, Doc Andi
Gender: Female
Species: Magically-enhanced human
Ethnicity: Mixed (Canadian/French)
Place of Birth: Quebec,Canada (Born from) Minneapolis, Minnesota,USA (Immigrated to)
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan
Relatives: Zachariah Depontie (Father) Elluise Depontie (Mother)
Age: looks to be in her late-twenties (Born in the mid 1960's)
Height: 6'9
Weight: 97 lbs (Due to the bacteria) 679 lbs (After the angel's gift)
Eyes: Ocean blue
Hair: Natural Blond
Complexion: Lily White
Physical Build: Bodybuilder with mostly Amazonian features
Physical Features: None known
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Lawful Good

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Identity: Secret
Years Active: 1989 to present
Citizenship: US Citizen immigrated from Canada
Occupation: Superhero
Education: University of British Columbia Graduate (Degree in Medicine, Physical Health and Biology)
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Superhuman Strength, Durability, Flight, Electrokinesis.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Grandfather's goggles, prototype size-dialect spandex and Golden-Steel Gauntlets.
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Bacterial Sickness

Bacteria has it's dangerous commonplace in the cells when contracted by a cough or contaminated water; however, when it mutates into something worst, it could cause debilitating sickness to the point of death. That is proven for Andrile Depontie when she was a teenager; while she's in the wilderness with her father to get the water; while Zachariah was a bodybuilder, he is also a traveler first when he's a young man of his caliber. At first, the blistering winds of the mountains would've had hurt his skin for a bit but he pushed through due to his well trained physique; once after the adventure has ended, the father and daughter pair have returned to their hometown of the Quebec to check on the water in order to know if it's contaminated or not. Andrile asked her father if she wanted to check the contaminated water but the older adventurer refused as he doesn't know what kind of infection was inside the water bottle. The teenaged girl, having inherited the stubborn nature from her mother, now knows that it's something that needs to be tested. One night, young Andrile sneaked in the testing refrigerator in their camping truck and opens it to see the contents of the experimental refrigerator; the stubborn lass have looked in there and found the bottle containing the water. Andrile, knowing that the water inside the bottle isn't as infected as her concerned father believed it to be, pour some in her glass and drank it; little knowing that her father's concern may be correct.

Bacteria Morsilou

Five months after the adventure, Andrile somehow have experiencing some pains in the stomach; the bacteria have already taken root due to the water in the mountains and Zachariah decided that a doctor visit is all that the young girl needed. In the doctor's office, Brogard Falsau, the family doctor asked if any of them practiced medicine and the former bodybuilder replied that his wife had some knowledge of some medicine; the good doctor have said that young Andrile require some sleep and some medicine to stop the stomach pains. It's been seven years after that time of adventure, and the young girl who aspire to be a doctor have now become a woman; at over 24 years of age, Andrile have graduated for her work at medical science and physical health, but she has yet to identify the name of the bacteria that's been destroying her from the inside. The intelligent woman decided that this bacteria which been contracted through the water that she drink be named Morsilou; Andrile have heard of this story of Morsilou from her mother since she's a little girl, the greedy prince would rule the Lefie empire like a conquering warlord, tearing apart the entire kingdom through executions and exile from within. The Prince Morsilou had met his end through divine intervention from the heavens and the empire cease to be, and this is how the bacteria is mutating from it's dormant form and killing her from the inside.

This deadly bacteria would worsen Andrile's condition, drastically losing her weight, severely damaging her heart and the woman's once clear skin is now filled with pus filled bumps, cysts; also, her legs have weakened to the point that she could no longer move. The woman's health have become weak, frail, unrecognizable; one of her friends, Janie Coursou, saw her laying on the floor of her apartment unconscious. Janie took Andrile's weak form to the hospital where she was visited by her father when he saw his daughter dying from this illness that's been killing her from the inside, the former adventurer blamed himself for testing this polluted water and for putting his daughter in dangerous territory; the dying woman held her shaking hand to comfort him because it's not his fault that he allowed his daughter on his daring journey but he knows that he had a caring and brave daughter. Andrile's father somehow knew that a miracle would come but not in a form of medicine but in divine intervention. </br>

Battle in Heaven

Meanwhile in the heavens, Bultoux see that the brother in arms in his mission to preserve the divine thunder from the grasp of the demons, Pysus, wanted the power for himself in his vendetta against the demons and as a result, destroying the earth with this divine power; The younger angel sees this as a threat to the world and planned to stop him with the help of the angels, the renegade angel argued that the demons planned to invade earth thanks to the humans that foolishly believe that they can control them with their magical abilities. Bultoux, enraged by the fact that his brother, a idol that looked up to him and a mentor is slowly becoming a demon because of the fatalistic measures that he partake in; the young angel clashed against his mentor with his army leading behind their tenacious leader against their adversary.

The battle was lengthy with no clear winner in sight and with the angelic soldiers' leaders cross swords with each other, their battle would determine the entire world's fate. Two brothers used their own devastating attacks and angelic powers against one another until Pysus gave a crippling weakness and opening and as a result, defeating him; the defeated fallen angel, humiliated and enraged because his younger brother prevented him from carrying out his mad scheme, unleashed his demonic powers and mold it into a spear to deal a fatal blow to his arch-rival. The spear that Pysus created pierced Bultoux in his abdomen, gravely wounded him in the process; dying from his injuries, the younger angel made a leap from the heavens and towards the earth with the divine lightning in his body.

A Gift

In the Quebec hospital, Andrile, due to the fever that's been affecting her psyche, see that an angel have come to give her a place in heaven when she dies; yet in reality, there is an angel who is dying but not before he give her a gift of the divine lightning. Bultoux placed his hand upon her frail chest and the divine energies from the body of the dying angel is emanating from his body and they exchange such power towards the weak and frail body of Andrile Depontie. Once the transition is complete, the angel muttered something from his dying breath, believing this woman to be worthy of this gift; the doctors checked on the unconscious woman to see if there are any abnormalities, little knowing that there are changes that are afoot for this woman.

Andrile woke up eight weeks later to the much of a startling sight, the woman's body somehow gained much of the huge muscularity and when she saw some fast food that Janie had bought her; she ate the most of the food sent by her friend. The notably huge and muscular woman lift her hospital bed to test her strength and jumped on the window; while she falls, the blond muscular woman floats to break the fall and lands on her feet. Andrile, looking at her body in amazement, didn't see that there is a runaway truck speeding ahead and it hit the woman while destroying the frontal hull of the truck. The blonde see that the truck have been destroyed while her body remains unscathed and realized that the angel in her dreams was no illusion. The angel have answered her father's prayers.

The battle between Pysus and Bultoux (Original art by JasonTN



Superhuman Strength: Andrile's strength have increased drastically due to the gift of divine lightning to the point where she can bench over 175+ tons and she can go toe to toe with the most powerful foes.

Superhuman Durability: Due to the muscularity of her body, Andrile can resist most of the normal attacks and lesser magic attacks

Electrokinesis: The Divine Lightning has the effects on her body, Andrile can use electricity as a concentrated projectile weapon to it's non-lethal degree. Also as a strength increasing sheath.

Flight: Andrile's flight speed matches up to mach 2 to 2.5

Superhuman Speed: Due to the Divine Lightning, Andrile has a running speed up to mach 1 to 2.5; also, she has high metabolism as a result to those changes. So she doesn't gain weight when she eats so much.


Genius-level Intellect: While Andrile is known for her body and power; she is mostly known for her intelligence. Her IQ is 250 due to her mother's genetics

Moderate Knowledge in Judo: Andrile's strength has it's reliance in it's grappling power because of her Judo abilities, the strength of her grappling ability makes it easier to throw her opponent.

Boxing: During her time at World Gym, Ceilio Corbeau offered Andrile how to train in defensive boxing and how to guard; the woman accepted this offer and the trainer trained Andrile in defensive styled boxing and some of the advanced techniques in boxing.