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Meta Zarvos
Player: @borm
"Apple Juice is the key to success!"
Biographical Data
Real Name: Z-00-02 Meta
Known Aliases: Meta Zarvos, Big Z, Z, Crazy Kitty, Nutters, Super Cat
Gender: Male
Species: Cloned Manimal
Place of Birth: a test tube *shrugs*
Base of Operations:
Relatives: Alpha-Z (Cloned Successor) Zarvos Delta (Cloned Successor)
Age: 25
Height: 6'5
Weight: a good 260
Eyes: Purple (Illuminated)
Hair: Black
Complexion: Blackish Grey
Physical Build: Althetic
Physical Features: Synthetic left arm and Synthetic left leg
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 5
Citizenship: Eh...
Occupation: seriously
Marital Status: Dating
Known Powers and Abilities
Telepathy, Heightened Senses, Looks that kill..?
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada

Origin of Meta Zarvos

"Zarvos" this being was seen as the perfect hybrid, it had little to no faults in its biology. Ethereal Industries were just fascinated by such a discovery, that something like this could even exist. However, the results in capturing Zarvos were a tremendous catastrophe that lead the company to the verge of bankruptcy. With the disappearance of this Zarvos, and only having remnants of Zs DNA at their disposal, they went ahead and began to try cloning immediately. Which lead to the birth of Meta Zarvos the first of many that were originally planned to be used as hunters for 'Original Zarvos.' Meta's life was nothing but wires and a tube along with information that was being fed to him while he grew into becoming a trained murderer. The results were mediocre once Meta was completed, he had the skill and the ability but for some reason his mind fell behind in the process. This resulted in failed assignments that were given to him along with other field missions that were also assigned to him. Meta was quickly written off as a complete failure and was labeled to be 'ICED' which meant in killing the project for a full restart. This did not sit well with Meta, to be built for one purpose only to be told you are a complete failure and must be extinguished. He lost it, his mind snapped into so many pieces that he went on a murdering rampage throughout the whole facility. Nothing, he didn't want anything to do with this place, with this atmosphere, all he wanted was to be left alone.

Normal Living Doesn't Cut It

He couldn't do it, no matter how hard he tried the thought of living an ordinary life would cause his mind to hurt. I mean sure there was all sorts of nonhumans walking about Millennium City, but it wasn't exactly the same, not for him. He wasn't real...not exactly he was just a copy of something that was real; this ran through his mind day after day 24/7. "I'm not a person.." the voices would hound at him, teasing him, clawing at his existence as they refused to release Meta from their grasp. Furthermore, Meta would constantly think about killing himself because of the pain he endures on a daily basis hell he still does to this very day. Despite the pain and the numerous amounts of voices that plague his mind into doing things he will regret, Z continues to struggle in maintaining a normal life.

The Chase and the birth of Alpha-Z needed to be better and this time it needed to be perfect, with that sort of mindset Ethereal Industries knuckled down on project 02 codenamed 'Alpha-Z'. Its creation was a complete success almost too perfect in fact, but that would play at a later date. It's first task was to search for Meta and eliminate any sign of its existence and return to start on its actual protocol. For weeks, Alpha-Z searched tirelessly for its predecessor, it stopped at nothing to find him which lead to multiple murder victims and numerous break-ins. For Meta, Alpha-Z was like a dad looking for you when you crashed his truck into the ditch, which meant he didn't want to stick around for the result. Meta was outclassed, but he knew the city far better than his new successor. Alpha started to get annoyed with this cat and mouse game they seemed to be playing; he knew he was better yet he couldn't find him, for some reason he just couldn't wrap his mind around this predicament. The time continued to stretch, and Alpha was nowhere near his goal in finding his predecessor if one thing were true it was that Meta was good at not being found. Alpha began trying numerous tricks, hostage situations, and structural damage for Meta to come out of hiding, but whatever the advanced Manimal had done nothing became of it. Although, all his destruction did not go unnoticed with the Champions ceasing the 'Supervillain' and locking him up in a high-security facility Ethereal Industries were set back yet again.


How much stress can the mind take before it triggers its own sort of failsafe? Would it shut down, would you even know it was happening? ALpha-Z was pulled out of the picture, but that did not mean Meta was safe for even from afar Alpha was closer now than he ever was in his pursuit of Meta. Alpha had the power of entering his mind from miles away which caused Meta to shut down in his apartment and unable to move for he was locked inside his own mind. What seemed like months at a time which was merely minutes if not hours, Meta was caught in his own fears. No matter how hard he fought or how fast he ran, the bodies of the people he killed laid around him as the blood stained his furred hands, frightened and wanting to get away Meta screamed for this to stop, but Alpha refused and continued to play tricks with his mind. The darkness shrouded Meta its powerful grips tightening on him, the more he struggled the harder it was to breathe, Meta was dying and Alpha would see it to the very end. Although, with Alpha on the verge of victory, Meta uncontrollably shot back as if unlocked some hidden ability which was strong enough to break the link between the two leaving Meta, consciousness and aware of reality once again. However, it wasn't that simple because the moment he looked around bodies littered the streets which were mixed of hero and civilian alike. Meta may have prevented Alpha...but in the long run, Alpha had won for Meta was now a target for every national security organization in the area.

Picking Up the Pieces -Aftermath-

Life was hard now that he was labeled a psychopath and searched to be brought in if not killed by superheroes. All sorts of labels were linked back to him: insane, crazy, lunatic, needs to be killed for good. Meta was all alone, which he would have it no other way, although that changed when he started dating a woman named Arianne, sure he's slept with all sorts of women which is probably concerning but for some reason she was different. Seeing her gave him some sort of responsibility, to care for someone other than himself, to put his mind at ease and try reverting back to a life that was normal if that were even remotely possible. It wasn't, and he wouldn't get a normal life because he wasn't allowed...he wasn't real, simply a clone which shouldn't have existed in the first place. Meta was safe for now, but Ethereal Industries were far from done in their pursuit of Meta and ridding him from reality altogether.

Zarvos Delta and the Hunt for Meta


Family Reunion