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Mesira is the second character I made, a few days after Slicer got to level 40, and I developed her ever since. Mesira is also my only healer. All the info given here is OOC, so your character won't know any of it, unless he/she has met Mesira and asked her about it. She has one of my largest stories, next to Slicer's. Once again, if there are spelling or grammar errors, that's because English is not my native language.


And I know, there as HTML error in the picture. I just wanted it to be displayed in full size. I assume you can ignore the error!

Player: @Disgreaser
"With the Gods on my side, and with the Sacred Book in the palm of my hand, I shall have no fear of the Corrupted..."
Character Build
Class Focus: Healer
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: None
Biographical Data
Real Name: Mesira Ina'acki Enthyertur
Known Aliases: Mesira
Gender: Female
Species: Rodi Descendant
Ethnicity: None
Place of Birth: Torris
Base of Operations: Currently none
Relatives: None
Age: Mesira is a spirit and therefore has no age, but the age of the body she uses is estimated around 20.
Height: 6'1
Weight: 154 lbs
Eyes: light red
Hair: none
Complexion: Grey, and nearly unnaturally smooth.
Physical Build: Normal.
Physical Features: Several markings on her body, resembling crosses.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Publically known.
Years Active: 2
Citizenship: US Citizen.
Occupation: Works part-time for the MCPD.
Education: In Torris, she has been taught the way of the Enlightened.
Marital Status: Single.
Known Powers and Abilities
Mesira is able to channel pure energy and heal her allies with it. Even being able to return her fallen comrades. She is also able, as a gift of the Gods, to channel all of her energy into her "Ultimate Form", granting her temporary immortality.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Her helmet, which she already wore in all of her previous lives. The helmet is hand crafted, and very enduring. It might be older than 100 years.
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The Backstory

The Beginning

Mesira was "born" (or rather: "reborn") in Torris, a village in the world of Rodir. Rodir was a peaceful land: everyone was free, there was no fear. Rodir also was the birthplace of the holy Rodi religion, the Paesa: The Almighty Ones have made the world, and have descendants of them guide the people to the light, and to salvation. The descendants are all spirits, in a humanoid host body. Most of the descendants are priests, but can also be normal citizens. It was a dark day, when priest Kelad passed away. Kelad had done a great service in his life, but even the great have to rest. High priest Nalrak, leader of the Order of the Priests, was in dire need of someone to replace Kelad. He already knew who.

In his previous lives, he had known a great priestess: that was Mesira. However, Mesira's spirit left her host body a few years before Kelad's demise. It was a great loss, as Mesira had been one of the best priestesses known. Nalrak knew it was time. Time to execute a Ritual of Summoning. The ritual is meant to ask the Almighty ones to send down a descendant, who had already been sent before. Mesira's spirit had been sent down many times, and everyone knows her because of that.

The Cathedral of Torris.

The helmet of Mesira's previous host body was placed on an altar by Nalrak. They do this with all priests or priestesses' helmets. It is a special object, in which the spirit will reside. Once a spirit has inhabited a helmet, it will never inhabit another. After the helmet had been placed, and all other priests were around, Nalrak began the ritual. It took long, but the Gods heard his words. A cloud of energy, coloured pink and red, descended from the sky. Nalrak knew he had the right spirit, as those colours are Mesira's trademark. As soon as Mesira entered the helmet, she started to create her host body. As always, it would be the body of a young woman. She was engulfed in reddish light, before it disappeared, showing Mesira in her new life: Fully clothed in the clothing she wore in her previous life. "Welcome back, Mesira.", Nalrak said. "Okay, what have you all done now? I assume you did not call me back for nothing.", Mesira replied, chuckling. "I will show you...Follow me.", Nalrak said, after which he turned around and walked to the cathedral which stood behind the altar, where the ritual was performed. However, it was a very unlucky time for Mesira to return, as in the following weeks, everything would change.

The Utharr Incident

High priest Nalrak performing a ritual

After Nalrak explained to Mesira why she had been brought back, she just started a normal life, as she has always done. She had friendly neighbours, she continued teaching the young how to live properly, and of course talking to the gods during a daily preach. She already became well known amongst the priests and priestesses. Utharr, a young priest who had just been appointed to the job, showed very much interest in Mesira. He always wanted to be with her, and at one point, even asked if she would go swimming with him. Utharr indeed had feelings for Mesira. One evening, they were preparing to leave the Cathedral, until Utharr heard some noises outside. "Mesira, stay here. I'm going outside. Something is wrong...", Utharr said before leaving the Cathedral.

He found an old man, being assaulted by a group of bandits, who always roamed Torris at night. Utharr fought the bandits, but he didn't expect to win. The bandits had swords, Utharr only could use his fists. But after an intense fight, he managed to win. Mesira was watching it all. Utharr helped the man stand up, after which he handed the jewels the bandits had taken. Mesira was proud of Utharr, to see him do such good like that. But what happened next was completely unexpected.

The old man walked off, without thanking Utharr for saving him. Utharr grabbed the man by his shoulder, saying: "Listen, I saved you, so I'd at least expect a "Thank you"!". "Let go of me!", the old man shouted, after which Utharr violently grabbed the man by his throat, and slowly but certainly started to tighten his grip. "I saved you, you thankless dog. I could have died there!", Utharr said in anger. Mesira couldn't let this happen and tried to stop Utharr. But instead of stopping, Utharr smacked Mesira in the face, and continued with choking the man. Mesira ran off to get the other priests. By the time high priest Nalrak and the others arrived, Utharr stood there, staring blankly into the distance, the old man laying on the ground, coughing and slowly trying to crawl away from Utharr, visibly shocked. Mesira went and helped the old man stand up. "Utharr...we will meet tomorrow night in the Cathedral. Your position in this order is in danger", high priest Nalrak said. It was clear, that Utharr had committed a great sin, according to the priests.

Utharr pic.png

A Turn For The Worse

It was late in the night. A storm was brewing, and Mesira was on her way to the Cathedral, where the Order of the Priests would meet to discuss about Utharr, and his sin. It started to rain as she went to the Cathedral. That would mean nothing good. Mesira started running, and lucky for her, she was just in time. The high priest, the other priests, and Utharr were already there. "Just in time Mesira. We were waiting for you.", Nalrak said, before they all sat down around a table, which had a few small statues standing on it. The debate begun.

Mesira in rain.png

"It has been determined, Utharr, that you will be EXILED. The sin that you have committed is far too great to be forgiven.", Nalrak said to Utharr. On this, Utharr's reaction was violent. He stood up violently, wiped all tiny statues off the table they were sitting at, and walked to the exit of the Cathedral. Mesira tried to stop him, grabbing Utharr's hand, saying: "No Utharr! Do not let your anger take control! You are my friend, I cannot lose you now!". Utharr responded: "Go blame your fellow priests. They exiled me. I'm out of here. But this shouldn't have happened. What I did, was the right thing! It was for my own good!". He then pulled himself loose of Mesira, and walked off, angered.

Nalrak angry.png

"Utharr! A faithful follower of the gods does not think about his own good alone! He thinks about the good of his people as well!", Nalrak said. But before he realized it, Utharr shot a concentrated and piercing beam of energy at him. Nalrak fell back off his chair, the energy (that had been shaped like a Kunai of some sort) went into his chest. Blue coloured blood started to gush from the wound it had caused. The other priests instantly ran to Nalrak, while Mesira watched in awe what had happened. She couldn't believe what was going on, and sunk onto her knees. Utharr then kicked her against the chest, causing her to fall backward, onto her back. Utharr turned around and walked off, but before he exited the Cathedral, he looked back and said: ¨If this is what I get from being a follower of the gods...then I wonder what I get when I follow my own path!¨. He then turned around and departed into the stormy night, his departure being accompanied by a lightning flash and crashing thunder. Mesira knew this didn't mean anything good. But that was of a later bother. She turned around and tried to get to Nalrak as fast as she could. She did everything she could to save him...but she was too late...

Utharr point.png

Tension Rising

"Mesira....Utharr...Stop....Utharr....A cataclysm...". The last words of high priest Nalrak before his spirit left him for good. All priests and priestesses know, that once the host body of a priest is destroyed while the spirit is still inhabiting it, the spirit shall never descend again. This is because it is written in the ancient books: "That is a sign that the spirit has done its job well, and may rest.". The atmosphere was dark, the mood sad. High priest Nalrak was a loved icon amongst the Rodi in Torris. It was a great loss, for everyone. During the funeral, it was rainy and stormy, but everyone refused to cancel the funeral for that.

Mesira graveyard.png

"Here...In our darkest hour...We are together to remember the one that we lost...Nalrak...He was more than a friend to most of us: He was a brother, a comrade, someone we could trust. For me...He was one of the most important people in my life...He was like a father to me...I knew him in my previous life...In the life before that....And that...And that... I just...Want to share with you right now....That...I shall miss him so incredibly much and I bet we all will!", was Mesira's speech. She then ran off back into the crowd, trying to overcome her sadness. Never before had she felt so affected by the death of someone. A statue of Nalrak was revealed at his special place on the graveyard.

Mesira thinking.png

Everyone tried to live normally again, but that was a hard task. With Nalrak gone, everything had to be redone. They tried to make the place stable again. Mesira was emotionally impacted days after Nalrak's demise. She was barely able to do preaches, or teaching the young. What troubled her the most were Nalrak's last words: "Mesira....Utharr....Stop....Utharr....A cataclysm...". Stop Utharr? Cataclysm? What was he talking about? Mesira, and the rest of Torris and Rodir, were about to find out what cataclysm Nalrak meant.

Utharr's Uprising

Mesira was just picking up her life again. Nalrak was still missed, but everyone seemed to have gotten over it for the biggest part. Mesira was still wondering what Nalrak meant. She was soon to discover.

"Mesira! Come outside! You'll never believe who's here!", a priest shouted from outside the Cathedral. Mesira hurried outside, only to see that everything was darker, despite it was in the middle of the afternoon. A thick mist had appeared, and everyone was wondering what was happening. The priest pointed to the entrance of Torris. "Over there.". Mesira couldn't believe what she saw. It was Utharr. But something was different....first, he didn't wear any clothing on his upper body anymore. His red, velvet cape was torn, and his hand had shaped into claws. His aura was also different. It felt...Darker, and more corrupt. This was not the Utharr Mesira grew to know.

Meet again.png

Mesira slowly walked towards Utharr, who stood there without any motion. Soon, she stood just a couple of meters away from him. "Stand back...This is not for you, Mesira.", Utharr suddenly said, his voice warped and dark. Mesira was shocked. "Utharr....What have you done to yourself?", she said. She sized him up, concerned as to his condition. Utharr didn't listen. "Utharr?! Didn't we exile you a long time ago?", a priest shouted from a distance. "Yes...Dnd I have to thank you for that. Because if you didn't exile me, I would never have figured out my true purpose.", Utharr said. A tense atmosphere rose in Torris. The children became nervous and everyone held their breath. "W-What do you mean, Utharr?", Mesira asked. "My travel to the Nysskel mountains has made me a lot wiser. A -LOT- wiser."

Corrupted Utharr.png

"If your so sacred "Gods" are here, then I assume they will stop me!". Mesira looked at Utharr, in disbelieve of what he was saying. "Stop you from...What?". "From bringing Rodir, and all of its inhabitants, to its knees!", Utharr shouted, after which he was engulfed in flames and flew up into the sky, looking down upon Torris, two fiery wings sprouting from his back . The priests were all shocked by this display of a former priest. "Rodir is a free world! No one dominates here! Maybe the Gods will not stop you now, but they will make you pay for your sins, Utharr! Stop this, before you end up in the Underworld, like Endum!", a priest shouted up to Utharr. In response, Utharr laughed like a maniac who had lost all sanity. "I already AM in the Underworld! I just want to get out!". Despite being in shock, Mesira somehow understood Utharr. He must have felt like an outcast, misunderstood, and most of all: A slave to the Gods, he had told her during their swimming evening. But more time Mesira didn't have to feel sympathy for Utharr. "You may strip me of my rank, banish me from my home, and take away the life I once had...But you cannot take my WRATH! I shall give that willingly! Prepare for reckoning!", Utharr screamed, and before everyone knew it, the sky was filled with crimson fire, the clouds had become ashen and black. Utharr made hell literally rain down upon Torris.

Evil Utharr.png

Fire rained down everywhere from the crimson sky. Everything got destroyed by the fire conjured by the corrupted Utharr. The Cathedral, Nalrak's statue, the graveyard, all got destroyed. The only place left untouched, was where Mesira stood. Utharr descended from the sky, and landed in front of her, retracting his wings. "Look at this Mesira. Such supreme power. You could never get this from the Gods.", Utharr said, while slowly approaching Mesira. "I do not want the power to annihilate, it is not good for anything other than to bring pain...", Mesira mumbled. "Heh heh heh... I understand. But soon it will be over. No more need for power like this. Because after I am done with the rest of Rodir, I will be in control. Isn't that great? I shall make Rodir a better place!", Utharr said and he quickly grabbed hold of Mesira's hands.

"But I need a worthy queen to rule by my side! Mesira...Will you be that queen? Think of it: Unlimited power in the palms of your hands!", said Utharr. Mesira couldn't believe what she was hearing. The worst thinkable thing that could ever happen to a Rodi, now happened to Utharr: He became corrupted, a power hungry fool. "No. I do not want to achieve such a high status, with annihilation and domination! Utharr, find someone else to be your queen!", Mesira said, after which she pulled herself loose from Utharr's grip and ran away from him, leaving him there. "Mesira! Come back! Please...I did this for you! This corruption...Only for you...", Utharr said in disbelieve she didn't say yes.

It was then, that something snapped inside of Utharr. All he felt, was rage. Uncontrollable rage. After everything he did for her, she didn't accept his offer. After he travelled to the demonic Nysskel Mountains, and sold his very soul to Endum for this power, became corrupted and in a sense became a demon himself...

She still refused.

Utharr lost all sense and reason...

"FINE! I don't need you anymore! I shall rule over Rodir all by myself! If that is what you WISH!!!", Utharr finally shouted in rage and despair. Once again he unfolded his burning wings and flew up into the sky. He then shouted, from the top of his lungs: "Where are your Gods now!?". He then unleashed all of his power. Tremendous power. Godlike power.

All of Rodir was now on fire from the hellish meteors and ashen rains Utharr conjured. Mesira ran, and ran, far away from this madness. But she was ultimately stopped by the impact of a meteor in front of her. She got blasted away and knocked out, after which she fell down in the middle of the chaos.

The Aftermath

"Mesira! Stop Utharr! He will unleash a cataclysm upon Rodir!"

Mesira was too late...She realised too late what Nalrak meant...

She woke up in the middle of chaos, the ruins of her town Rodir. She didn't know for how long she had been knocked out. A day? A week? A month? It was at least long enough for Utharr to destroy Torris. Everything, everything had been destroyed. Houses, the cemetery, Nalrak's statue, The Cathedral, it was all nothing more than a pile of rubble and smouldering ashes. Mesira couldn't believe such primal and superior strength was achieved by Utharr. Utharr, whom she grew to admire. She looked around and sized up the area. She only saw death and destruction. She only to saw the burnt bodies of all the inhabitants of Torris. Priests. Men. Women. Utharr didn't even show mercy on the younglings...

Mesira was shocked. Shocked deeply. How could Utharr be so heartless? What happened to the sweet and lovely person he was before? The young priest Utharr had transformed, into this corrupted monstrosity, this incarnation of the demon god Endum. "No...Not all of Rodir can be lost...There must be...Another place...Only Torris has suffered this fate...", Mesira mumbled to herself. She then set sail to the largest city of Rodir: Tucad. It was a long trip, and Mesira had to fight against countless Nysskel Demons, which Utharr set free from their mountain prison. She also came across Bandits, who robbed the survivors of Utharr's Uprising.

But after a long, tough and terrifying travel, she finally started to approach Tucad. However...There were signs even Tucad didn't survive...The smell of ashes, the smoke and debris, the corrupted aura...There was something going on. As she approached Tucad, she came across a group of refugees.

"Greetings! I am in search of Tucad. Is it still in existence?", she asked one of the refugees. "GO! Run away! Tucad is not safe! RUN RUN!", the refugee responded with a trembling voice. Mesira sighed. "Fear not, for I shall bring Rodir back to its original state...Go forth, you have my blessings.", she said to all the refugees. "Thank you, priestess! Thank you!", a refugee replied, before they ran off. Mesira walked up the hill and was shocked. Tucad was not destroyed. It still stood there. But it was different: Usually, the sun was nearly always shining in Rodir. But now, most of the sunlight was blocked by the ashes. The smell of it in this proximity of the city was incredible. A thick smoke was present everywhere she looked. Mesira was sure: This was Utharr's work.


Tucad: City of the Corrupted

Utharrs reign.png

"My reign begins! No day shall be the same again!"- Utharr after taking over Rodir.

Mesira gathered her wits and moved into Tucad. She had experienced a lot in her life, but nothing was as nightmarish, hellish, and just plain dramatic as the things she saw in Tucad. Tucad was a great and wealthy city before Utharr's uprising.But all of that was gone. Utharr had turned it into a hell.

The thick smoke blocked the sunlight, and one could not see further than 30 meters. The smell of ashes was even worse than it was when approaching the city. All of the poor Rodi were forced on the streets to fight over what was left of food. And the Rodi who didn't get food were all lying at the sidewalks, barely alive or just dead. The smell of rotting bodies was as horrific as that of the ashes. The Nysskel Demons roamed freely through the sky screeching and roaring, feeding on the dead Rodi lying on the streets.

Mesira realised that she looked too healthy and unscathed. She quickly got rid from some of her armour and ripped holes in her clothing so she would blend in with the wounded Rodi in the streets, that way Utharr nor his Demons would notice her. She was in awe of what Utharr had done. In the distance, she saw Tucad's palace. Something told her, that Utharr had found residence in there. As she was thinking, her arm was grabbed all of a sudden, and she was pulled inside of a building. Shocked, she flinched and got ready for a fight. But quickly, she calmed down as she saw the place she had been pulled into. As she looked around, she saw that the building was decorate with statues of the Gods. An altar was present, and candles lighted the area. The person who grabbed Mesira's arm let go, before he said: "Well well, look at who we have here. If that isn't priestess Mesira of Torris. What are you doing in a city such as Tucad in these dire times?". Mesira couldn't believe whose voice she was hearing. It was Karras, the high priest of Tucad. "I am in search for Utharr. He is here, is he not?", Mesira replied. "Someone must end his madness.". "Mesira, trust me, you do not want to confront him. Some of my fellow priests tried to do so already. None of them returned...Utharr is all powerful, Mesira. He cannot be stopped.", Karras said in a sad tone. He walked to the altar and prayed for his little church not to be discovered. "But I must stop him...I am the only one who can do so. I am responsible for this. I know that Utharr hasn't changed, somewhere inside his corrupt heart...", Mesira said, walking up to Karras. "Mesira...Our only chance is to ask help from the other worlds. Rodir has fallen into darkness, which we cannot fight from the inside out.". "High priest Karras, I would listen to you...But the fate of Rodir depends on the defeat of Utharr.", Mesira replied. Karras didn't want to hold her back: "Alright...Take the back gate out of this building...Follow the road, and you should get to Utharr's castle...Take care. I will be praying for your survival, priestess.". Mesira nodded, greeted, prayed, and then left...

"Her, I will never see again, as well...", said Karras when Mesira left.

"I don't need you anymore!"

King Utharr.png

"He crowned himself king of all that is, and what shall be. He is now King Utharr..."- High priest Karras.

The road from the church's back gate indeed led to Utharr's castle. Mesira discovered a sewage pipe, through which she could enter the settlement. Utharr's castle was by far the worst place Mesira ever had to be in, even worse than Tucad itself. The corridors smelled of rotting bodies, about twice as bad as it was down in the city streets, the Nysskel demons crawled over the walls, and it had also been said that the essence of Xikorai the Fallen roamed through the corridors. Quietly, Mesira moved through the corridors, being aware, reacting to every sound that emitted. She was in the lion's den now, and she knew it would mean her death if she got lost in that place. The corridors were faintly lit by candles hanging from the ceiling. Her stealth had been helping her greatly through this maze of corridors. But it took long. Very long. Mesira felt like she was walking in circles. But just as she thought she was lost, she heard a familiar voice in the distance.

"There is a reason why I summoned you here..." Mesira headed for the source of the sound. The voice emitted from behind a pair of large doors, which were slightly ajar. Once she reached the doors and peeked through them, she saw that Utharr was talking to his Demoness servant, Serir.

"Serir...It has come to my notice that Mesira is in this city. Some of my demons have claimed to have seen her. I want you to find her...", Utharr's deep and demonic voice said, while Mesira leaned in closer to the door.

"And KILL her...Now be on your way, do not waste your time!", Utharr rumbled. Mesira flinched, but quickly had to hide as she heard Serir's footsteps coming towards her. Mesira quickly ran off around a corner and looked around it. She saw Serir walking out, gracefully swaying her body from side to side.

As soon as Serir's footsteps had vanished, Mesira proceeded to the door again. It was open. She peered around the corner to see Utharr, in his new demonic appearance, walking off. He stopped at one of the giant mirrors that were present in the room. He looked in it and saw his monstrous face. "...Look at this...", he muttered to himself, his voice echoed through the chamber. "Look at what I became...For her...What I did...For her...Just to ask her hand...And she...", he muttered before he went silent, his face in his big clawed hands. "REJECTED IT!", he finally shouted, before ramming his fist into the mirror, shattering it. "Now look at me...The most powerful Rodi in existence...I brought down Rodir itself, and now rule over it...", he grumbled. "Violence and power are not the way to earn my heart! Neither are domination and annihilation!", Mesira shouted, as she had gathered her wits, and ran inside the room, her sword of energy in hand. Utharr was shocked and turned around. Mesira saw his face and her heart stood still. That was not Utharr anymore...That was a monster..."Well well, it looks like I have an uninvited guest...", he slowly said.

Utharr slowly approached Mesira, his hulking and menacing appearance making Mesira nervous. "Utharr, I am here to help you. I am here to show you that what you are doing is wrong...", Mesira slowly said as she stepped back. Utharr's eyes pierced right into Mesira's soul, as he slowly began to talk again while still approaching her. "Wrong? WRONG?! I am in my own right! I am sick of having to obey the Gods! What has obeying them brought me?! It brought me misery! And misery only!", he shouted out, stomping his foot on the ground, causing a crack to appear. "That is not true! You are selective! You pick the things you want to see, and forget what great things the Gods gave you!", Mesira said in an attempt to calm down Utharr. A rather long silence followed, the only sound being the ambient resonance of the room. "...If you don't stop this madness...I am afraid I...Have to end you...", she finally muttered.

Upon that, Utharr laughed slowly. "...You think you can end me, Mesira? You think YOU can defeat ME?!", he roared out as he unfolded his fiery wings and took flight, setting the carpets and some decoration in the room on fire. "I am the most powerful Rodi the world has ever seen! No one defeats me! You are right, Mesira, I finally see the great things the Almighty Ones gave me: The power of a god, and the might of a ruler! I don't need you anymore!", he roared as he took his gigantic blade, and charged towards Mesira.


The showdown between Mesira and Utharr was long and epic, but it quickly became clear that Utharr had the upper hand during the battle. Not only was Mesira weakened by the fact she was in the middle of a demonic place, but Utharr indeed got god-like powers. He apparently unlocked these powers when he got exiled, and travelled to the Nysskel mountains. Those mountains acted as a prison to the Nysskel demons. It was likely that the Demonlord Endum, ruler of the underworld, granted Utharr these powers as a reward for freeing the Demons. It would sure come in handy.

Mesira was no match for Utharr, who is now a demigod. In a rage of flames and shadows, he brought down Mesira quickly. She flew across the room, smashed against a wall and fell back down on the ground on her stomach. Utharr landed back on the ground as well, retracting his fiery wings, and approached Mesira. "I warned you, Mesira. NO ONE defeats me! I am no longer your everyday priest, who licks the heels of Scindixus and the other Gods! There is only ONE GOD! And that is ME!", he said while approaching.

Mesira tried to stand up, but she was hurt from the impact against the wall. With some big effort, she managed to stand up while holding her arm, which was hurt quite badly. "U-Utharr...Why...", Mesira muttered. She was in awe of how powerful Utharr was. She never thought this. She just then realided she should have listened to Karras. Now, she faces the consequences. Before she knew it, Utharr grabbed her by the throat and lifted her up into the air. He looked right at her with his piercing orange eyes...

"You are nothing more but an annoying pest that stands in my way...", Utharr slowly said with his demonic voice. "Therefore, you will be REMOVED from Rodir!", Utharr rumbled, and Mesira feared for her life. "But death is too simple a fate for you...", he slowly said as he held her up higher. "By the darkness of Endum, the power of the deathlords of Nysskel...", Utharr began to chant. Suddenly, the room got illuminated by a giant dark-red fiery portal that appeared in the middle of it. Dark energies swirled around it, as Utharr turned around, stepped towards it and pointed Mesira at the portal. "I hereby banish you from Rodir! Be gone, and never return!", Utharr shouted out as he threw Mesira to the portal. Mesira fell into it, and everything went dark for her.

"Raken! RAKEN!", Utharr rumbled out. Almost instantly, the super sorcerer known as Raken materialised near Utharr. "You called for me, great master Utharr?", Raken said in his spooky cold voice. "Raken, I need you to raise a dimensional barrier around Rodir...No one shall ever enter or leave this place again!". "You summoned the right person for this task, Master. Do not worry, Rodir shall become a fortress with my barrier.". "Good..."

Utharr battlestance.png

"But it quickly became clear that Utharr had the upper hand..."

A New Dimension

Mesira woke up after being knocked out for what can only assumed be a day. She woke up in the middle of an ally in Millennium City, and lucky for her she landed on an old mattress. She had no clue where she was, only that she WASN'T in Rodir any longer. The people in this place were smaller than she was...They wore a unique style of clothing...Their skin wasn't grey...But there were a lot of things she liked. For instance, she could feel the warmth of the sun again, the smell of ashes wasn't present, there was no danger lurking around every corner...At least...She thought...

It were those days that Mesira came to notice that this world was just as dangerous. Having various encounters with the New Purple Gang, the Maniacs and the Cobra Lords, Mesira longed for the return of the old Rodir. The world of peace. But that was gone...And gone for good if Utharr was not stopped. Various times, she had attempted to return, without success. One time, she gathered all of her strength to open a portal of her own. She entered, but was tiring quickly due to the massive amount of energy required to keep the portal open. It was then that she found out about the dimensional barrier around Rodir. She couldn't return! The days after the attempt she was near death, having used almost all of her energy to keep the portal open. She wanted to return...But as long as Utharr kept the barrier up, she was doomed to stay in this dimension...

This would be the beginning of her carreer in this dimension, and that carreer would grow to great sizes.

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About Mesira.

Always helpful, reliable, and very friendly, Mesira is loved by the few friends she has in this world. One of the more prominent things about her is the fact she nearly always refuses to take her helmet off. Whether a friend or not, she says that her religion does not allow her to do it. Her religion is very important for her. She clings to it and can be considered an extremist. She doesn't force people to convert, though.

Another thing is that Mesira is -very- patient. So patient even, that she almost never gets annoyed or angry. Mesira is quite hard to anger, but there is one thing that angers her and that is when people are skeptical about her religion, and show it. Mesira only ever had one anger outbreak.

Another thing is her way of speech. When you come around Caprice, Mesira may be the one who uses the most proper language. She never swears, usually uses long words, and never uses words like "doesn't" and "won't", instead, she will say "does not" and "will not". Another thing that can be noted is her habit of rolling the "R". It should also be noted that Mesira is rather wise, having a great knowledge about gaining inner peace. When it comes to combat, Mesira rather retreats than fights. It is because she believes that "violence solves nothing". She only thinks otherwise when one of her friends is attacked. She then gladly sends the attackers to the underworld personally.

The Paesa Gods

As mentioned in the story, Mesira is a priestess that obeys the will of the gods. But who are these gods? What follows below is a short description of the gods, all coming with a picture.

Scindixus, the Creator

The Creator

Scindixus is the chief deity of the Paesa, the greatest and mightiest out of all the other deities. Also called The Creator, Scindixus is the one who created Rodir, and all other dimensions in co-operation with the other Gods, according to the Paesa. Not only that, but she enlightened Alouz the Wrecker and S’llalum the Gatherer, who were sided with Endum first.

Endum is Scindixus's evil counterpart. After the creation of the universe, Endum wished to take control and shape everything in his image, his "rightous" image. After his denial by Scindixus and the other deities, he decided to try and forcibly take control, after he gained the support of Alouz and S'lallum. However, the deities of light overpowered him. Using her incredible power, Scindixus created another world, full of chaos and flames, and banished Endum to it. This world would become known as the Underworld, where Endum rules. Scindixus is always depicted with the other Gods around her and bowing down to her. She represents the purest of light, and she is Mesira's greatest idol. Her voice is soft and soothing, with a slight echo. It has been said, that Mesira's helmet is actually shaped after Scindixus's head.

Scindixus is fully aware of Utharr defying her.

Alouz, the Wrecker

The Wrecker

Alouz is one of the deities that have been enlightened by Scindixus. Alouz is the god of chaos, but he utilizes this in the good way. Usually, the Rodi pray to Alouz to grant them the power to wreck any obstacles in their path to enlightening. Alouz was the last god to be enlightened by Scindixus, and it happened when he was about to unleash his terrible wrath upon Rodir in the form of a firestorm. Alouz's voice is rather raspy with a slight warble.

Cyvim, the Wise

The Wise

Cyvim is the goddess of knowledge, and one of the most praised goddesses next to Scindixus. Cyvim is the wisest of all the deities, usually knowing things before they even happen. The Rodi usually pray to Cyvim to grant them wisdom, or help them decide in a difficult dilemma. Unlike Vackaelath, Cyvim doesn't know all about the secrets which exist. Mesira usually prays to Cyvim as well, for she has a difficult time on Earth. Cyvim's voice is high pitched and calm, and has a long echo.

Inoloalo, the Generous

The Generous

Inoloalo is the god of wishes, and one of the more popular gods when it comes to religious holidays in the Paesa. It is said, that when a shooting star appears in the sky, it is a sign of Inoloalo. A sign that everyone can make a wish, and Inoloalo shall grant them in the future. In appearance, Inoloalo looks the most like a normal Rodi than all the other gods. Inoloalo's voice is soft, and has a short echo to it.

Naemaeles, the Warfighter

The Warfighter

Naemaeles is the goddess of War and Victory, and is clearly the goddess who has the most statues. Not only because of her majestic appearance, but also because it is said that Naemaeles will protect the villages and cities which have such a statue. The Rodi usually pray to her to grant them strength to overcome challenges. Naemaeles, along with S'llalum, are the ONLY deities that are always depicted holding a weapon of sorts. Naemaeles has a rather soft, but deep female voice, with a short echo to it.

Jyndyn, the Lovebringer

The Lovebringer

Jyndyn is the goddess of love, and is next to Inoloalo the goddess who is the most popular during holidays. Jyndyn, despite not showing her face whole, is said to be the most attractive goddess of them all. The Rodi usually pray to Jyndyn if they have trouble with finding a partner, or when they are having a hard time in a marriage. Jyndyn has an almost seductive voice, followed by a soft echo.

S'llalum, the Gatherer

The Gatherer

S'llalum is the god of death, but he is actually not to be feared. S'llalum may look like a devil, but he merely gathers the spirits of the deceased and guides them to the Holy Kingdom, where all Rodir Descendants (Including Mesira) come from. S'llalum was first sided with Endum, which sadly added to his bad reputation as a god. S'llalum was known for literally reaping the spirits of Rodi way too early. However, he got enlightened by Scindixus, and now merely guides the spirits. S'llalum's voice is cold and deep, and has no echo.

Vackaelath, the Keeper of Secrets

The Keeper of Secrets

Vackaelath is the goddess of secrets, and certainly one of the more obscure of the Gods. Vackaelath is the keeper of all secrets in the world, she knows all of them, and of course, knows the truth behind those secrets. The Rodi usually pray to her to receive answers on secrets there may be. To find the answer of secrets a friend may be holding, and even the answer on the secrets of life. Unlike Cyvim, Vackaelath can't grant knowledge about all other things. Vackaelath's voice is very friendly, always sounds like a whisper, and has a long echo to it.

The Greatest Demons

The likes of Endum and Xikorai have been mentioned, but they haven't been described, nor a picture of them has been shown! Not to worry, the descriptions and pictures will follow here!:

Endum, the Destroyer

The Destroyer

Endum is the great Destroyer, and the ruler of the Underworld. He is seen as the true incarnation of all evil in the world. Endum is the very first corrupted being in existence, and all he wants is supreme power. The power to conquer both the underworld, the Holy Kingdom, and the realm that separates them. But as of now, he has a fine pawn that is ruling the realm between the Underworld and the Holy Kingdom. All he requires now, is the resurrection of Xikorai, who can then rule the Holy Kingdom for him. Endum has three voices which speak at the same time, and has a slight echo.

It could be noted that Alouz shows some similarity with Endum, seeing as they were allies a long time ago. Also, Utharr's armour shows some similarity to Endum's, mostly because it was Endum who made Utharr so powerful.

Xikorai, the Fallen

Xikorai the Fallen, in the middle of the energy storm.

Xikorai is a fallen archangel who was casted down for her ideals. Her idea was to end the world, the universe, to end EVERYTHING in existence, so that life could start over again, to get rid of all the sinners. However, Cyvim knew that Xikorai would only do this for her own sick pleasures. When the suggestion was refused by the Gods, Xikorai went and tried to execute it by herself. This action got her banished from the Holy Kingdom.

The Gods didn’t realize that they would grant Xikorai an open chance to execute her evil schemes when she would be down there. Out of pure anger about her cast down, and for her own sick pleasure, Xikorai went on a killing spree in Rodir. Countless of cities and small towns were destroyed, and tons of Rodi had to face their demise in Xikorai’s rage.

At one point, Xikorai gathered enough power to produce a devastating energy storm, and with that she wanted to consume all of Rodir. However, a few priests were brave enough to enter the storm and stand face to face with the fallen archangel. Among those priests was Mesira in a previous life. The battle against Xikorai was legendary, and is still remembered as “The Clash Within The Storm”. Xikorai’s wrath was terrible. She ended the lives on Rodir of 2 of the priests that opposed her. In the end, Mesira and high priest Nalrak managed to end the battle. With a powerful combined spell, they channelled all of the energy storm back into Xikorai. The sudden raise of power within her turned out to be fatal for her. In a bright flash of light, Xikorai’s body exploded. However, the essence of Xikorai remained intact. But that was not much: Along with her body, her mind got destroyed as well, not only destroying her physical appearance, but also taking away her consciousness.

Nalrak and Mesira trapped the essence within an amulet, and sent it to Bay Prison, a prison situated on a cliff at sea. After Utharr’s Uprising, a demonic sorcerer known as Raken got his hands on the amulet. He handed it to Utharr, who in order set free Xikorai’s essence. Utharr knew that if he could find a new body for Xikorai and resurrect her, he would be more dangerous than ever.

Who knows when Utharr shall find the body required to contain the essence of this fallen archangel...

Utharr's High Ranks

Utharr minions.png

Thriaz (On the right): Thriaz was once a priestess like Mesira. But she got into contact with Endum, a long time before Utharr's Uprising. But unlike Utharr, Thriaz had no potential in the eyes of Endum. Thus, he still malformed her, but he didn't grant the poor Thriaz the powers he did to Utharr. Shortly after her transformation, Thriaz became hopeless. She tried everything to return to her normal form. But slowly...Her desperation turned into anger...Her anger turned into hate...And that hate drove her insane. She isn't quite useful to Utharr, as she is always locked in her room, which are basicly the dungeons of Utharr's castle, thrashing about, cackling like a maniac. But when it comes to fighting, Thriaz is a true beast. She can shape her hands into weapons such as axes, swords, and even acid-spewing "guns". It is even said that she eats her opponents when she kills them...

Serir (Middle): Serir is an archdemoness of Nysskel, and is the most dangerous out of Utharr's high ranks. She has the very power to suck life out of her victims, bring forth powerful energy storms, and can control darkness at will. She is Utharr's right hand, and will do anything to please her great king. She is this loyal because when she got freed from her infernal prison in the Nysskel mountains, she knew Utharr was the one who did it. She is also a great seducer, using her body to her advantage. But, the body that she shows isn't her true form. What is her true form? Only Mesira herself knows...

Raken (On the left): Not much is known about Raken. All that is known is that he sold his soul to Endum for greater power, which he got. Only Mesira knows more about this powerful super sorcerer.

Crathix, Avatar of Scindixus


In her time of need, Mesira asked Scindixus for help. Even though Mesira believed that the almighty Deity would not be able to hear her prayers, Scindixus still answered by sending one of her avatars to this dimension. This avatar goes by the name Crathix. However, Scindixus had not expected her avatar to fall prey to an evil businessman: Victor Ardaman, of the Ardacorp. With a large group of droids and warmechs, Victor managed to bring Crathix into a state of unconsciousness. He took the divine avatar to his laboratories, where he conducted experiments on her. And eventually, Crathix was turned into one of his deadly killer machines. But Crathix is a special case.

Crathix is under mind control, preventing her from having a free will, and only obeys Victor. Her body has been heavily altered: Various mechanical implants protrude from her, which transport an artificial kind of adrenaline, making her tireless and more powerful. In addition, her hands and forearms have been replaced by large cannons and deadly talons. The cannons are design to amplify her power even further, so she can concentrate her energy into devastating beams. Not only that, but the cannons also fire incendiary projectiles.

People have tried to free Crathix from Ardaman's grip numerous times, but continue to fail. However, in one case, the device controlling Crathix's mind was destroyed, returning part of her free will. There seems to be something else controlling her mind other than the device.

It has happened that Crathix was severely wounded during combat, and in one case, Mesira saw this happening. She is determined to hunt Victor down, and the people who wounded Crathix.

Music Themes Of The Rodirian

Mesira's main theme: Serenata

Mesira's battle theme (Can also be counted as her secondary theme): Archangel

When in RP, keep this in mind...

...Remember that Mesira is not from Earth, and may not know everything.

...She is a very religious person. Being sceptical about her religion and telling that to her will make her angry.

...She likely knows more than has been told on this page. Don't be afraid to ask her things about Rodir and the people in it.

...Never disturb Mesira while she is reading in the Holy Book.

...She is used to having a rather high rank, and is usually weirded out by the fact that people may have higher ranks than her.

...Remember that she rarely takes her helmet off. Her religion forbids her to take her helmet off, actually. Only when she has to eat or drink, sleep, or shower, she is allowed to take it off. Want to see her face? Make sure you'll be at the club when she takes a light drink!

...Not everything about her past has been told on this page. It may seem like it, but there is much more to be discovered.

...Recent events that are in her story arc haven't been told on this page yet.


Mesira preparing to channel all of her energy into her Ultimate Form Mesira in her golden armour. Mesira entering her Ultimate Form.

An old picture of Mesira. Note that her upper legs are bare. Mesira during a formal event of her old group. Mesira during the Monster Island crisis.

Mesira in her Ultimate Form. The wings are made of sharpened light. A cutesy little drawing I made of Mesira's power armor. Don't you agree with her?Fanart of Mesira done by @IonutRO

Character designs (Coming soon!)

Below follow almost all of the characters mentioned, and even some characters who are not mentioned, but still belong in Mesira's universe.



The Priestess. She who will liberate Rodir.

Utharr (Normal, Corrupted, Monster)


The Corrupted. He who spreads chaos and disorder.



The Enlightened. They who bring purity.



The Priest. Guide to Tucad, brother of the late Nalrak.

Nysskel Demons


The Vile. They who embody death.


The People. They who populate the world of Rodir.

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