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Player: @Burumbumbum
Biographical Data
Real Name: Meseena
Known Aliases: None
Gender: Female
Species: Atlantean
Ethnicity: Atlantean
Place of Birth: Atlantis
Base of Operations: West Coast
Relatives: Father and mother, alive but unknown
Age: Rumored 29
Height: 6.1 inches
Weight: 157 pounds
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Blue
Complexion: Green
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Fins in various body parts. Webbed hands and feet.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 3
Citizenship: Atlantean
Occupation: Artist
Education: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Water control via magic
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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In game Bio

"If you say that you smell something fishy, I`m going to slap you so hard your neck will look like a twister."

Meseena is an Atlantean, born from a happy marriage of artists. Her parents made mosaics of "artistic excellence" for different nobles of the city and public spaces, though their artistic excellence wasn`t that excellent. But it was fairly cheap. Unfortunately for them, her daughter wasn`t that good at their craft. She could barely understand the basics behind color composition, and instead made a random doodle every single time. After five years of training, her father decided to simply stop pushing her. Instead of having her being a burden for the family business, they sent her to an old, unpopular sage who used to make way too many trips to the surface. The man had an extensive library in his house and, while Meseena was mostly a personal assistant for him, the old grumpy man teached her the basics of atlantean elemental magic as payment, learning a faint control over water and tides.

Her first time on the surface, she was baffled at everything. The soil, the vegetation, the buildings, the sky, the clouds. But what really, really baffled her was a group of denizens that quickly run around their small transport, surrounded it and, with cheerful shouts that were clearly a friendly greeting, opened the doors, pulled them outside, hit them repeteadly, broke their water tanks, and plundered through the merchandise before fleeing as cheerfully as they had come. Without her tank, she would have been destined to die but instead she was baffled, but this time by fate: she could breath. She managed to save the old man by throwing him into a fountain. After thanking her for saving his life, he fired her and returned to Atlantis, swearing to never return to the surface again.

And so her life in the surface begun.


Meseena seems to have a typicial introverted personality. She prefers to not speak much, unless the subject at hand is of her personal interest. In that case she may start talking and never stop until awkardness settles in or she notices no one is as interested as she is. However, when speaking she is very expressive, specially with her hands and posture. When not engaged in social interaction, she will watch the events around her while sitting quietly.

She has a very limited array of subjects that excite her. She won´t display much interest in anything not included between those interests. At most, she will be curious and sympathetic enough to appear interested, but she really isn´t.

Subjects that she seems to like include magic and artistry. She will shy away if anyone asks about her civilian occupation as a freelance artist. It´s easy to depress her by giving any kind of criticism to her work, even if one tries to cheer her up or her to improve. Specially if it´s to make her improve, since it reminds her that she´s very lacking artistically.


She specializes on hydromancy, magic that controls water and tides. She is capable of using the humidity of a given area to cast powerful blasts of water. She´s almost useless on very dry areas, though she knows of rituals to provide the neccessary water for her spells in those cases. Besides casting strong waves or splashes of water, strong enough to knock down most foes, she can cast protective shields akin to bubbles around her or others. The water in these shields is empowered to slow down and sometimes completely stop anything trying to go through, while opening itself if anything tries to leave the perimeter.

She can draw glyphs over surfaces that allow her to teleport from one to the other. The glyph creates a dimensional door that looks roughly like a ripping puddle the size of a tall human. These glyphs are one-use only and no one but magic users are able to use them.



Meseena joined UNTIL's Project Hermes a year after her first arrival at the surface as a consultor. She was given a small budget to pursue her own research after proving herself useful and reliable.

Her current research is an study about the "Sentient Spells". These spells are, according to her investigation, magic beings created at an age long forgotten. However, their existance can be tracked for centuries until they just vanished from history. There´s apparently three sentien spells on existance: Murder, Madness and Knowledge. They cannot interact with the world beyond their focus and are subject to a pair of rules that define their existence. The first of these rules is that they need an anchor to reality: a master who has partial control over them. The second one is that they cannot affect anyone but their anchor or those the anchor allows them to. The exact method these spells acquire an anchor is not clear. The most likely option is that the anchor can decide to transfer ownership of the spell to anyone he desires.

Her paper describes the characteristic of each spell:

"Murder" can only kill those that are aware of its existance, including his anchor. However, he seems to have a distinct lack of will and, therefore, doesn't care enough to kill its own anchor. Information about this spell ceases in the year 1312, in which it seems to have killed its anchor and his whole family for unknown reasons.

"Knowledge" was created as a sort of information collector: it can travel long distances in very short times, and can learn anything that can be learned by just looking at it for enough time. It cannot do anything beyond teaching, but it can cast spells that affect only his anchor. However, most data about it suggests it was somehow locked and driven into repeating all his accumulated knowledge until it or the world ceases to exist. Theoretically this was done by crusaders during the third crusade.

"Madness" is probably the most dangerous, in a sense: it can induce people into any mental disorder and drive them to do anythin the spell or its anchor wishes, via mental tricks. However, the most dangerous part is that it can drive its own anchor into madness and eventually control him as a puppet. Data about this spell cease at the times of the French Revolution.

On the field

Her work on the field has been mostly limited to small events, like rumors of hauntings or strange occurrences. She had some unfriendly meetings with DEMON a few times. This forced her to learn how to cast her hydromancy spells quickly for combat situations. However, spells of other magic schools still require her to use common rituals, foci or both. Her combat expertise is very basic, too.

As a Civilian

Her civilian occupation is labelled as "artist". Her paintings and mosaics are quite poor, and as such she can barely mantain herself with her sells. Luckily, she gets enough payment from her reasearch at Project Hermes.


-As an Atlantean, she needs to sumerge in water every 6 hours or suffer dehydratation. She can breath outside as any normal human, however.

-She is registered under ASPRA.