Melinda St-Moth

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Melinda St-Moth
Player: @Meredy_Redleaf
Meredy Redleaf Melinda.jpg
"My name's Melinda, nice to met you."
Class Focus: Gunslinger
Power Level: 40
Personal Data
Real Name: Melinda St-Moth (Maiden name: Melinda Gomez de Suza)
Known Aliases: Mel, Melly
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Age: 29
Height: 5'3" (160 cm)
Weight: 123.5lbs (56 kg)
Eye Color: Gold (Brown, before possession)
Hair Color: Pale blue (Auburn, before possession)
Biographical Data
Nationality: Colombian
Occupation: UNTIL Colonel
Place of Birth: Las Flores, Colombia
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Marital Status: Married to Quincy St. Moth
Known Relatives: Efreeta (Closest friend), Myuki (Spirit inside her)
Known Powers
Gun-kata, Orbital strike, Sniper
Known Abilities
Fraud investigation, Accounting
Power armor, gunblades, UNTIL command uplink
Physical Attributes
Mental Attributes

Character Information


Before being possessed, Melinda used to show the "hot temper" typical of Latinas, making her the life-of-the-party during her university years. However now, with Myuki's personality bleeding through, she's much quieter, feminine and caring. Melinda will almost always greet newcomers with a smile and a kind word, but you'd better not hurt those she cares about or you will be in for a world of pain. Her loyalty is only matched by her grudge, and her fits of jealousy are legendary.

Physical appearance

Melinda is a petite yet energetic woman, her eyes, once dark brown are now golden, due to Myuki residing inside her, same goes for her once fiery auburn hair, now a pale shade of blue. Her bronze skin and generous curves are yet another proof of her south-american origin. Those who have seen her dancing (especially belly-dancing) say that she must have fire in her veins. She trains regularly, as part of her UNTIL job, but her musculature isn't excessive.

Aura reading

  • Two distinct auras can easily be seen, one ancient and deeply magical, the other human.

Mind reading

  • As soon as you try to enter her mind, a deep voice (Myuki) greets you and shows you the way out.

Likes / Dislikes / Social

  • Likes: Her husband Quincy, parties, children
  • Dislikes: Sushis, sexists, racists, scandals, criminals
  • Drinking: Fond of tequila
  • Smoking: Doesn't smoke

Abilities / Powers


Melinda, despite hosting a mystical creature, doesn't have any special power. However, during the course of the years, she has learned to use pistols to a great efficiency. And, when UNTIL approached her at her previous job (bank clerk), she pushed her training to new limits. Melinda is also a first-rate sharpshooter and she rarely missed a target with her sniper rifle.

Power armor

Being just human, Melinda needed some sort of protection from the super-threats she faced, so, inspired by Quincy's body (at the time, her husband-to-be), she used her knowledge in robotics to craft her very own power-armor. Hers is clearly less resilient than Defender's or even the nanoid-rebuilt body of Quincy, but it allows her maximum maneuverability while still covering vital areas. Fitted with such handy features as :

  • A space compressor, created by Doctor Silverback, to allow her to always carry her armor with her, stored in what looks like a watch.
  • Jetpacks, for rapid deployment on the field.
  • A prototype warping device, provided by Mentiac when she joined UNITY, allowing short distance teleportation.
  • Has recently upgraded a second suit of armor, splitting characteristics between both sets: one integral suit, heavily fitted, that can withstand exposure to space or even very deep water; and a much lighter suit, fitted with the latest shield-emitting technology.


Melinda was born, last of 5 children, in Las Flores, a place near the town of Barranquilla in Columbia. Her life was modest and uneventful, as were her studies. Despite receiving standard education, her abilities and quick-thinking allowed her to gain scholarship at the National University of Colombia, in Bogota, where she studied advanced robotics.

Soon after graduating with above average marks, she came to realize that most companies and laboratories wouldn't hire because of her origins and the fact she was a girl. So, rather than giving up, she found herself a job as secretary in some accounting firm in Soledad, where she learned finances. What she didn't know was that the firm was only a front for DEMON in South-America.

So, one night, as she was working late on some report, she entered the wrong room, at the wrong time, interrupting a ritual. She had barely come through the door that a dark bolt flew at her face, knocking her out.

Warning: These events remained unknown to Melinda until much later in her story
Melinda only gained knowledge of this when she finally fused with Myuki.
The same applies to all her blackouts.

The next days were hell-on-Earth for Melinda as she was abused and tortured without end, as part of preparation to a sacrifice ritual. Her employer and his associates were, in fact, trying to summon a powerful revenge spirit to this plane, in order to enslave it and use it in their plans. However, when they sacrificed Melinda, they made a huge mistake, misspelling one word of the enslaving ritual, allowing the spirit to see what they were trying to do, and making it to keep its free will.

Enraged and bent on punishing those fools, the spirit asked the poor girl's soul was she was craving the most. The answer was obvious and it was also all the spirit needed: a bloody revenge. Empowered by Melinda's grudge, Myuki was able to fully manifest physically and it butchered all the DEMON members.

What the spirit hadn't planned for, when the entrails-splattering was done, is that the binding part had actually been performed correctly, effectively keeping it prisoner of Melinda's body. Having no other choice, the spirit used its mystical powers to heal the girl and then went dormant inside her subconscious to regain strength.

When she woke up, Melinda was half naked and covered, from head to toe, in the blood and guts of her torturers. Their bodies laying scattered about, dismembered, as if a beast had torn their insides out. Shocked and unable to think, she went to the restroom to clean, took her coat to hide her bloodied clothes and left the building in a hurry. She wanted to go back to her family, to find shelter with her loved ones, but, for some reason, she was driving away from their place, towards Ciénaga.

There, she was able to buy some clothes, leaving a large tip to the vendor, and then she went to the port where a shady looking captain accepted to ferry her to Cancun... for a price. Her trip was filled with blackouts and loss of memories, as if she had been unconscious for the most part.

In Cancun, she lived the strangest of life, always waking up in strange places, her pockets filled with money. Yet, since going back was impossible, she set herself a new goal: getting a new start in the States.