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The Monastic Sisterhood of Lotus Fist

The Lotus
"Honour, Beauty, Discipline"
CO-Lotus GMasters.jpg
The Lotus Sisterhood
Leader(s): LadyShatterfist,
Base of Operations: Lotus Fist Sisterhood HQ, Mayflower blvd. 172/a, 99117 Millennium City
Concept: Anime, 18+, No ERP.
Founded: Centuries ago in an alternative world.
Website: [ Click Here]
Members: 347
(This concept is not canon Champions lore. See copyright.)

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SUBJECT: Monastic Sisterhood


The Lotus are known as a third-party operative force more inclined towards dealing with supernatural threats and mundane issues such as domestic violence. They are known to always approach conflict from the angle of negotiation first, but are granted a full license to apply lethal force if necessary.


During a heavy electrical storm on the western coast of the United States, a score of electromagnetic anomalies were reported by PRIMUS operatives. A hurricane unlike any other registered so far has been seen splitting to several, different bodies each of which carried a high frequency reading very similar to radiation so far only registered in outer space, outside the planet's atmosphere. This source of radiation has proven to be feeding off of an external source not within the atmosphere as we know it, and not even on our own world as we know it.
A series of portals were pinpointed, many of which blinked up and disappeared so quickly that PRIMUS dispatch had not a single opportunity to address them all. Thus, we focused on the largest reading which appeared on [TimeDate]-3AM-PST due southwest of National Training Center Fort Irwin, CA 92310 in the wilderness. An operative and interception team has been dispatched (see report #7D-291763-03EC for details) to investigate the anomaly and arrived to the site where desert sand turned to glass has been registered as well as a non-lethal amount of electro-magnetic and ectophysic flux which has been neutralized and properly contained by PRIMUS Anti-Radiation personnel.
Curiously enough a woman, dressed in black and purple, gold-trimmed silk robes has been sighted at the center of the anomaly, struggling to govern the forces unleashed by a vertically inclined vortex about two yards in diameter. The bolts unleashed from her hand were reading EMI-Positive and registered as tension condensation, identified as an attempt to close said portal. Witchcraft arrived to the scene and helped the woman, designate Shaylan, later code-name Soulmist, contain the anomaly, designate "Planar Rift" or simply "Portal". Extra-terrestrial presence has been noted near the site, in the form of Demons which were banished with a mere hand-gesture of our guest.
Shipped to PRIMUS operation base near Fort Irwin, CA., code-name "Soulmist" has revealed to research engineers a schematic of greater volume than what we already had known. It would appear as though that our universe is part of a multiverse, alongside many other universes and even multiverses connect within a so-called Omniverse. Whether there is a greater collective than the Omniverse, has not been discussed. code-name "Soulmist" offered us the opportunity to further investigate and understand the concept of the Omniverse in trade for information classified under file #23A-911711611-712AP. Her organization, designate United Planes Defense Directorate has been cooperating with PRIMUS and UNTIL personnel.
As part of the agreement, Anni Redriner has been dispatched as a UPDD operative alongside her daughters, all belonging to a monastic order known only as Lotus Fist Sisterhood and were given premises and credit within Millennium City, and have been more than helpful with handling emergency situations from common robberies to high level threat and alerts. The Lotus Sisterhood are to be treated as per diplomatic immunity law and are liable to uphold their end of the bargain.


Mostly known for their humbleness and honesty. Despite the infame related to the fact that they kick below belt readily against male targets, their reputation is positive, if most men will find themselves uncomfortable around a group of attractive, superhuman women with such tendencies. The sisterhood and its members are usually welcome in public as a group who do not place claim to fame and do not hide their identity from the public.


Due to their access to high-speed travel, the sisterhood has been found helping out in crisis hotspots allover the globe. Among other issues, most remarkably they dealt with a man-eating chupacabra in Brazil, A Greed-Yorei-possession in Japan, a group of dakini causing unrest in Delhi and have slain a Karma-Eater in Tibet.

Global Media

The sisterhood finds communications important, and that also means representing allover the world.
The Lotus are popular with women of all age, mainly those of a more open mind or those who recognise their form of honour and integrity. They are on the other hand under scrutiny from those who do not approve of female warriors, their revealing clothing or those who think of them as a bad influence on young girls.
Popularity among men is undeniable, mostly based on their looks and - in cases of those who have seen them in actual combat - their efforts to save lives. Several fathers, among them the governor of Texas whose whole family has been saved by the sisterhood in late November - say that they would "rather have their daughters hang out with the sisters rather than at bars and clubs. Honourable and steadfast women are a good example to both genders." Lord Ethan Morrows of London elaborates, "Of all the women dressed in skin-tight or revealing clothing, the only ones [he and his family] consider of great worth are those who do so with not only guile but great discipline and restraint."
Finally, the sisterhood has been found posing in magazines, in rare cases wearing swimsuit, (citation needed) but never in any scandal, mostly found in articles regarding their world tour and with special regards to advice on lifestyle. Belle magazine in all of Europe and US. has posted an interview with Miya Redriner aka Skysear speaking about the importance of seeking help, discussing cases of domestic violence where the offending party would get away because no-one would be brave enough to contact the authorities, or because the police often cannot do anything about it. This interview was brought forth by the infamed Manning-incident where S. Manning has thrown his four year old son out of the balcony and it was Miya herself who saved the child's life, following through to apprehend the drug-crazed father.

Annual Tour

They have been invited on-stage in Hollywood CA, NYC, London, Paris, Rome, Athens, Dubai, Cape Town, Delhi, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Naha, Sydney and Honolulu respectively from September to late January. This tour is repeated every year with varied programme.
Various girls of the higher ranks have been seen on stage and on television as well.
The grandmaster Anni Redriner has been present at most of these events, and second in command, Mina Han aka Razorwind has rarely shown up; namely during the tour in Japan and Okinawa, performing with a sword and unarmed on-stage as per popular demand. Even the harshest orthodox critics described her sword art as completely authentic and masterful, gaining a fair bit of recognition.
Lady Shatterfist - Anni as she simply prefers to be called - spoke of the way the sisterhood always aims for a peaceful resolution of all conflicts and only chuckled when asked about the below-the-belt attacks, saying that the rumours are true but she has no reason to elaborate on what happens when they do not manage to resolve an issue peacefully, as she considers that a failure in itself.
Catrine Lee aka Dusklace has been the most prominently representing of the three leaders, also making it a point to appear in important events and offer funds for charity in major cities. This paints the sisterhood in an overall positive light in all of the global media, though Russian and North Korean media have been attempting to manipulate footage, which has lead to an internet phenomenon called "Anni speaking backwards" - the footage has been cut in such an unprofessional way that it's quite obvious it was manipulated and it only gained the sisterhood even more positive revenue.

Local Media

Several sisters have been seen on stage during Sapphire's annual Christmas Concert, Tammi and June both singing a song each. The reception was excellent, all around positive and even haters could only find in themselves to ridicule aspects of such importance as the choice of song or stage lighting.
Upon being asked whether they will have a career as a singer, they replied that the sisterhood only performs for charity and they have no interest in worldly fame. All income were shipped to the reconstruction fund.

Millennium City

The Sisters are a welcome sight in the city, handling street-level and domestic issues with professional expertise, from stopping suicide to household violence. During invasions they are seen out in great numbers ensuring the safety of innocents and possibly halting supernatural enemies where applicable.
- Several girls attend Millennium City University, with some of the higher-ups signed as teachers.
- Sisters with medical expertise and/or natural affinity to healing also work at Mercy Hospital.
- The Champions recognise the Sisterhood as reliable aid and turn to them for help regarding supernatural issues when required.
- Their headquarters is located near the waterfront on Mayflower blvd. and is open for appointments between 4 and 6 pm every day.
- Several sisters work alongside UNTIL and PRIMUS when necessary.
- The sisterhood's MCPD contact is Captain Amanda Walters.

Vibora Bay

Dr. Ka and Robert Caliburn claim that the sisterhood have helped out big-time during a classified event involving a supernatural threat and a large amount of the hero community. Files pertaining to this event are accessible with adequate clearance.


The Sisterhood has been understanding and patient with PRIMUS' concerns of an organization popping out of a portal in the middle of the country. Thus, they have allowed adequate insight into their inner workings. The Lotus Sisterhood is a Monastic Order with discipline and honour as their primary doctrines. Their main objectives are to protect innocents and to improve themselves on all levels. The various ranks and roles within their organization facilitate carrying out their tasks efficiently. With personal rules, laws and regulations as well as a centralized rank system, the Sisterhood has proven to be as serious as any organization can get.


Grandmaster rank belongs to the four founders of the Sisterhood. They operate four separate branches and form a council. The Grandmaster's responsibilities are the widest as they oversee all activities between all four branches. Their primary objective is to ensure the Sisterhood's successful operation and the safety and well-being of all sisters within, as well as to monitor and direct all outside activities. This leaves the Grandmaster busy at all times. As the sisterhood moves between various planes of existence, so does the Grandmaster keep track of various events in various worlds.


    Though equal by right and power, the initial founder, Anni Redriner enjoys greater personal respect when making decisions or solving issues. She is the one all the girls would turn to with their problems. This leaves her extremely busy with little time to spare. Because of this, she is often behind on reading mission reports and turns to the rest of management for handling official business a lot of the time. Hers is the role of mother among all the sisterhood, never abusing her right of final say but always seeking the good of all in the maelstrom of destinies lying in her hand.
    Her above reputation also affects her public image. Often the very stranger may approach her, being a well-known figure thanks to media revenues. She treats this with patience and does her best to help out, often delegating a more proficient sister to surfacing issues. Anni's main objective is the well-being of individual sisters within her extended family, but she has been diligent in informing the authorities on all issues concerning national security. In the past years she has been proven to be a reliable asset in handling Omega-Level threats and has been decorated several times, even given the honorary title of brevet brigadier general among UNTIL's ranks.
    Public Image
    - Seen on television several times, the most remarkable footage showing her taking on Gravitar on her own successfully. She patiently dodged the villain's attacks, trying to reason with her for over ten minutes before finally sending her across an alley with a haymaker.
    - Swimsuit and casual wear shots in calendars, two thirds of the income of which she has immediately put towards charity. The one third was spent towards the Sisterhood.
    - Appearances in various schools have proven to decrease the rate at which school students get into trouble with the law. She is one hell of a speaker.
    - Top 10 D/o/A most wanted by VIPER for hospitalizing Draconis.
    - The upper limit to her physical strength is unknown.
    - She prefers to avoid violence and dispatches opponents by using their own strength against them.
    - Wears a wedding ring. She says he prefers his privacy.
    - Has several daughters, only one of which is not adopted.
    - Mother to the sisterhood's own Skysear, media favourite.
    - Proven able to dodge bullets despite taking little to no damage from regular firearms.

    Known for her stoic disposition and methodical, scientific approach to almost anything, the Professor has no alter-ego. With what little time she has for "hero-work", she usually spends that time patching up the wounded. She is proven to have five doctorates and a vast knowledge in many topics including but not limited to law, economy, biochemistry, physics and medical expertise. Because of her decades spent studying, and running her own company Wilkino Enterprises, she is trusted with the monetary and legal workings of the Sisterhood. Hers is the role of provider among the Sisterhood, with a firm and professional conduct towards all outside relations.
    - Currently working at Millennium City University, teaching Biology as well as at Mercy Hospital.
    - She is known for her sarcastic humour and unorthodox teaching methods among her students.
    - Elected Teacher of the Year in 2013.
    Public Image
    - Hosted "WILD?-Life: Beyond", a National Geographic documentary on demonic and extradimensional creatures.
    - Hosted "Five Things You Did Not Know About Stem Cells", a Discovery Channel documentary.
    - Seen on television reviving fallen heroes during the last invasion.
    - Regular guest of on-screen debates regarding the supernatural and superhero community.
    - Takes part in extraterrestrial research and development as well as alien foreign relations.
    - Decorated by UNTIL as Field Scientist and Combat Medic, honorary rank of lieutenant colonel. This appears to correspond with her homeworld rank.
    - Established business relations with Harmon Labs after a conflict with Argent.
    Apparently carries the rank of priestess, according to footage where an alien lifeform that seemed to know her, addressed her.
    Wears a wedding ring, claims to be widowed.


    The least known of four Grandmasters of the Sisterhood, her only appearance on public media was the annual swordplay demonstration. She promptly disappears after missions and does not stop for media interviews in the streets. Though polite when declining, she seems very stern and stoic, not unlike elders who have seen a couple wars.
    Her overall attitude is old-fashioned, very measured and distant, keeping a good few feet of distance between her and those who address her. Seems far less cold with children than adults, which plays to what little the remainder of the sisterhood were inclined to divulge about her. According to her fellow sisters, hers is the role of protector among the Sisterhood, overseeing mission distribution and personally leading the most dangerous confrontations. She enjoys respect as the eldest of the grandmasters but seems to care little for more than mundane courtesy otherwise.
    - Has seldom been seen draw her sword: She fights with the sheathed blade.
    - When she did draw her blade against a nightmare colossus, the wind took out several lampposts, turned over cars and broke doors and windows.
    - Criminal organisations seem to be frightened enough of her that captured crooks fess up the moment she enters the interrogation chamber.
    - Appears as a mere blur on cameras.
    - Invisible to any form of detection.
    - Half-elf, on her father's side.


    The shadow-hued ball of energy that is Catrine Lee in fact hides a professional and calculating woman whose main interest is the proper media presence of the Sisterhood. She can lie with a smile and no-one will ever know; yet she's been truthful on all accounts as far as any extensive research can tell. The spokeswoman for her extended family, hers is the role of entrepreneur among her sisters.
    "Delightfully cheeky, the exuberance to everything Catrine Lee may do is well-known to those who followed the media in the past few years. Her grin is to be spotted on the front of magazines and the TV screen alike; representing her sisterhood just how she conducts herself in real life. Her funding of charity is bountiful in itself, and then she wins against crime with a smile; criminals stand down without ever being seen pull that dreadful sword by her side. The sculpted face on the hilt! -- Did it just... frown?!" A crowd favourite, she knows how to enter a stage with arms up and head held high. A captivating smile has gotten her the marriage offers of the century which she brushed off as a joke.
    She is fabulous and she knows it.
    Public Image
    - Been on every major talk-show, shown up to every major event.
    - Shot in bikini and lingerie, two thirds of which she immediately signed towards charity and one third was accounted towards sisterhood funds.
    - Youtube vines of her slipping, falling off a roof during winter, then disappearing in a puff of shadow, reappearing on the roof, only to slip again. She laughed it off, hers is the first comment on the video: "Do NOT try dat @ home kids LOL XD"
    - Footage of her convincing a contingent of VIPER fanatics to walk peacefully.
    - Footage of her talking would-be suicide victim T. Martinez out of jumping. Theresa Martinez is now a best-selling author.
    - Public dance-performances where she grabbed Ironclad and taught him to waltz on stage.
    - 73 different orphans given funds to start a career once they graduated.
    - Wears a wedding ring and a royal insignia.
    - Claims to have three daughters, two adopted.
    - Able to go invisible and to disappear in shadows, which she uses for stage entrances / exits.
    - Has a magical sword that's apparently alive. The sword is gruff and rude, she generally does not let it speak.

Leading Master

Leading Master rank belongs to the four co-founders of the Sisterhood. They operate the four main- and three sub-divisions. The four main divisions are Blue, White, Red and Black, each corresponding to a set of doctrines. There are also four sub-leading-masters. The sub-divisions are a recent addition. Science and Technologies Development Division lead by Stormy Farel has been founded when Stormy reached Master rank. The Bloodwatch is notorious for its dangerous operatives. The Twilight Rose or "Pinkies" are a special operative team while The Purple Division belongs under Catrine, with Diane Richardson appointed as its lead.

  • Blue Division: LADY HEAVENSTEEL (Cassandra Manesfeld)

    The first to join Anni Redriner, Cassie grew up to be a woman with a heart of gold and a kind disposition. Mother of two, her and her twin sister Rebecca are responsible for the entirety of the Blue Lotus.
    Cassie's is the role of physical trainer with Becky being her harsh left hand. None of the sisters shall fall out of line not because the twins are stern, but because they are really good at explaining and reasoning with their students. Cassie follows Anni's teachings of patience and kindness at all times, and this truly becomes both her and those who follow her.
    Cassie's division known to their fellow sisters only as The Blues are the front line of the sisterhood's combat forces. Their main doctrine is discipline; these warrior monks know how to handle themselves in the midst of battle so well as around a table. This is to do with Cassie's upbringing as a nobleman's daughter and her understanding of what honorable behavior and reliability earns on the long run. Becky on the other hand is rather strict, often mean and curt about business, much like a drill sergeant. Unarguably this sets her apart from her sister, yet balances the sisterhood's phys-ed structure amazingly well, too.
    Public Image
    The twins are often seen out and about in pair. It can be quite hard to tell them apart at first, though it will soon become obvious how different they are. Cassie is more inclined to speak on camera while Becky is rather nonchalant about telling the news to find something else to meddle with. Luckily most reporters know which one to ask for a scoop at a crime scene by now.

  • White Division: DOCTOR SOULRIFT (Prof. Dr. Tinilanis Tal-Umar'Eth)

    Successor to professor Wilkino, the good doctor is an elven woman following in the footsteps of the former. When her mentor stepped up to become the fourth grandmaster, she took over as leader of the white division. Her expertise with portals and multiverse theory take great part in the Sisterhood's presence in multiple realities.
    The White Division are the sisterhood's bookworms. Healers, scientists, librarians, but not only theoretical knowledge; a White Lotus Sister will most likely be an able battlefield healer, a medic capable of defending herself and those around her. Tinil is in charge of the education and training of these sisters as well as the general health care of all members of the Sisterhood. This makes her a fairly tense but extremely reliable leader whose stern and strict conduct is well known in and out of headquarters.
    Public Image
    The professor is known to MCU students of science. Few have gone beyond the multiverses to see behind every door and wall, and lived to tell the tale. She is not one of those: She will seldom speak of her achievements in portal theory and will only state so much as was written in her series of books, Portal Theory, Rift Theory, Applied Gateway Theory and The Temporal Rift Theorem Explained. Buy the books.
    - Seen handling portals during several invasion events in Millennium City.
    - Has heterochromia (eyes are different)

  • Red Division: LADY SYLVERFLAME (Sylvialea Amberlyn Zyrustana)

    With her reptilian eyes and cinderous breath, it is no secret that Sylvie has a draconic sorceress' bloodline. Hers is the role of arcanist and spellsmith; she knows a wide variety of spells and spends the remainder of the time at a forge, creating metal ornaments, weapons and armor for the sisters. Feminine to a fault and playing to it at the extreme, she's a head-turner regardless of the talons and fangs. Luckily she does not bite. Too hard.
    The sisterhood's mystic division in charge of all things magic, Sylvie's Reds are a cheerful bunch. While it can be a daunting task for a youngster to fully realise the potential of her natural-born set of powers, be that elemental control, precognition or the ability to transform, Sylvie Zyr is the woman to teach a girl how to use it. Reds don't train. We play - she said, and proceeded to demonstrate how she teaches projectile control by having them try and hit targets through increasing amounts of hoops.
    The Reds are various mystic operatives and are typically found minding their own business unless called upon. While they may come off as a flock of giggly ditzes, they also need to be cheerful. Emotion affects sorcery, didn't you know? One bad mood swing and your hair's on fire. Luckily discipline is in no short order here.
    Public Image
    Syl and her reds are fan favourites, probably due to the whole Spelldancer thing: They perform their arcane magic through a combination of martial arts and dance-moves. Elegance and grace with the physique of one who was raised in combat? Yes, please.
    A sorceress of no meager quality, Sylvialea Amberlyn Zyrustana is the sisterhood's Red Division Leader. She'll rarely call the shots and prefers to solve everything with discussion rather than burning bridges. Doors. Faces. What have you.

  • Black Division: MISS EVENBLADE (Colette Bronnel)

    A rowdy woman with a mean streak, she has a perchant for the right kind of trouble. Known only as the black-ops leader of the Lotus Sisterhood, she prefers being called by her first name and does not care for pleasantries. Colette is the youngest of the top eight in mangement, but it does not stop her from ordering the rest of them around. When it comes to combat, her keen eye for strategy is well trusted among her peers. A typical scorpio woman, she has scorn in her humour and sarcasm in her very step.
    One thing is for sure though: She knows her duty and does it well.
    Blackies are the problem-children of the sisterhood. Either because they have been through hell-on-earth in their childhoods, or because they are born and bred killers, ordered to stay their blade. Stealth, espionage, infiltration, they have it all and more, yet they will, much like any other sister, avoid violence if they can help it.
    Public knowledge about the Black Lotus is limited. Citizens and even the majority of the hero community cannot see them sneak by - wouldn't be much of a ninja gang if they could. Instead, problems get solved in perfectly peaceful but rather stealthy ways, and of course a few below-the-belt injuries on criminals of the more violent kind may happen ,but hey, escaping through fences can come with painful accidents, right?
    Colette on TV? Heeell naw. - Catrine's words and with good reason. Her vocabulary is hardly for the cameras. Marines though, they love her.
    Public Image
    Colette and the Black Lotus are regarded as saviors by those who have been bailed by them - be that soldiers behind enemy lines, a housefire downtown or families taken back from extortion crews in westside. They are however seen as vigilantes by hypocritical officials, and are disproven to have anything to do with any events where they have been accused of interfering. Must be cloaking devices.
  • SCI-TECH (Steel Lotus): Mindweaver, inc. (Dr. Loreana "Stormy" Farel)

    "Starting with cogs and pistons and ending up examining nuclear fusion and nanotechnology is something that few extra-planar world-hopping scientists could ever claim to have done. Lori has done it and more. When I found her she was a squinting, dirty runt in a barrel. When I was done with her, she graduated in flying colours and achieved technology beyond our wildest dreams with the simplest of materials.
    When the sisterhood runs into potentially lethal alien technology, we know that there is a workshop with Stormy and her girls, just waiting for something of the sort to pick apart." - Anni Redriner
    The worst temper and the best at math - this is how any sister would describe this mother of all inventions. Sci-Tech are only a division because all the tech-heads that came after her insisted that they are given their own space to work in. The sisters were happy, because grease stains on carpets, clothes and books especially are not a pleasant experience.
    Stormy's signature invention, L.O.R.I (Lotus Operative Remote Intelligence) evolved from an animated suit of armor into an all-out techno-organic computer system with its own mind. LORI then has bred a whole generation of synthetic operatives for the sisterhood, known only as the Iron Lotus. These living machines are all dedicated to their family, much like any sister.
    The general public and the hero community know little about the sisterhood's Sci-Tech division. They barely ever show up in public and tend to mind their own business when they do.
    Public Image
    Mindweaver incorporated is Stormy's own company. They develop security networks and solutions in partnership with Wilkino and Harmon Labs.

  • THE BLOODWATCH (Blood Lotus): SKYREAVER (Maya Redriner)

    "Full name Mayalanillianis Teynfalle, adopted by Anni Redriner. Widowed. Security chief of Lotus Sisterhood, responsible of safety perimeters and security design. The Bloodwatch's purpose is to cater to Red Lotus whose background would require Black Division treatment, and those with extremely dangerous traits such as dark magic. These operatives are under my full control and will not be allowed to battle without proper clearance and adequate necessity."
    - Maya Redriner
    "Being royalty is only worth so much as the aid it allows me to deal for those in need." Maya is known for her negotiation skills, security expertise and special regard for charity and orphans.
    Public Image
    Commanding devastating forces that take special paperwork to be allowed out in the street - and only during high crisis - is no easy task. Maya Redriner is the silent calculating mastermind behind keeping supernatural forces in check, as well as for the whole perimeter of the Lotus Headquarters. Her slow, eloquent speech entirely devoid of all emotion and nearly unblinking, relaxed eyelids paint her in a stoic light for the media. She is often asked to read statements such as evacuation and shelter notices during invasion events because of her soothing tone of voice. She is distant, cold and seemingly unflinching even in the direst of times. This "cool cat" image makes her a fan favourite.
    - Maya is a princess of some sort in her homeworld. She considers this information entirely irrelevant for the most part unless it lets her push papers that otherwise would take much longer. Grants her some diplomatic influence.
    - Most of her actual influence is from negotiation and her tendency to call out flaws in defenses and write elaborate reports on safety measures even for MCPD.
    - She has an adopted daughter, Celeste.
    - She has been seen unleash frightening energies and even summon, or transform into, some sort of shadow-entity.
    - Blood Lotus sisters include hazards such as Codename: Nefariel (Took out an entire block with some manner of explosion.), Codename: Prodigal (Considered a classified level of high-end threat), and other similarly dangerous "Living Weapon" class superhumans.
    - Her familiar is a pixie, about five inches tall called Leina.
    Lotus leina.jpg
  • THE TWILIGHT ROSE (Pink Lotus): SKYSEAR (Miya Redriner)

    Miya is known as a warm-hearted, kind girl on Earth and in the near star-systems. Often seen in the media due to her abundant efforts to save lives, while refusing any manner of claim for fame to boot. Approaches conflict from the angle of negotiation, but fights brutally if forced to. With her recent doctorate in biochemistry at MCU and her tendency to rush to the aid of just about anybody, it is a little miracle in itself that Miya Redriner has time for photo shoots in her hero-outfit. She's usually seen wearing her signature sisterhood uniform, but she doesn't mind acting the part of superhero for the cameras either. She doesn't go ham, though: took some time to make herself a cape suit and does her best ... to do her best.
    The Twilight Rose - or Pinkies, as they call themselves - are Miya's own brainchild. A division between the Red - naturally born spellcasters - and the White divisions - able to heal. They are a special operative team with the purpose of supporting and guiding their fellow sisters. Their training consists of negotiation, crisis management, first aid, battlefield medical and safety measures as well as a score of other important lessons, all a goal to making them the elite support of the Sisterhood.
    Probably the most acclaimed member of the Sisterhood, despite Catrine's efforts - Miya is part of the hero community and does the part, full time. She'll be seen darting towards traffic accidents, flying-tackle badguys into the river and grin into the camera like she means business.
    The Pinkies are no less open about their publicity: Both Tammi and June are part of the Twilight Rose and are known for taking part in the annual festivities with songs and dance alike.
    Public Image
    Both Miya and her Rose division are fan favorites. They do their best, with a smile.


  • THE DUSK LOTUS (Purple Lotus): DUSKHEART (Diane Richardson)

    A recent addition to the list of Order Masters, Diane is the youngest leading master at twenty four. A daughter of military personnel who grew up in the roughest of highlands in the Sisterhood's home world, she is every bit the warrior as she is a good woman. The Dusk Lotus or Purples are a special operative team of extremely talented sisters whose expertise is in all manners of specialist work. See individual files for details.
    For how young she is, Diane has the nerves of steel which separates an officer from a footpad. To remain calm under all circumstances. So do her fellow Purples: when push comes to shove, it is they who will turn the tides.
    Public Image
    Catrine is often accompanied by Diane and the other Purples but it's her who takes most of the spotlight, to no great dismay of the otherwise reclusive sisters in this, smallest division.
    - Diane has a twin brother, Adam. He has not been seen in public yet as he stays in their home world.
    - She has a german shepherd called Josh. The dog is apparently far more intelligent than the rest of his kind.

    German shepherd by bonz847.png

Order Master

Order Masters belong under the Leading Masters. Theirs is the role of teacher and specialist, overseeing progress and leading the battle front in confrontations. In this document only those get mentioned who are on active duty in this universe, as the remaining, over ten order masters are busy elsewhere.

  • Psi-OPS: LADY DIAMONDHEART (Dr. Lindra Baelnar)

    Originally the first "Pink Lotus" - the first Red Sister with the natural ability to heal, she stepped down for Miya when the idea for the division got accepted. Lindra still enjoys respect that may even surpass that of a leading master, though. An empath and telepath, Lindra is trusted with the inner workings and greatest secrets of the Sisterhood's personnel files. As the Sisterhood's HR Manager and Psychologist, hers is the burden of every sister's hearts. She approaches every single person with the utmost care and respect, be that family or a stranger. This paints her in a pleasant light, and her dayjob at Mercy Hospital may not always be a joyful one, but she'll still do her work with a smile. Hence her nickname turned into callsign: Diamondheart.
    She runs the sisterhood's Psi-OPS, but as telepaths are spread out across multiple actual divisions, it is more of a task group than an established division in itself.
    When a young hero is distressed or an old hero needs to deal with his PTSD, or a regular citizen saw a ghost, it is always up to Lindra to hear them out and offer council. Soft-spoken and cheerful, this elf is not without a serene, feminine guile - able to brighten the day of the distressed and point out the good in the bad for the sullen.
    Public Image
    She does not have much of a media presence, she is mostly known for her behind the scenes work by psychics and patients alike.
  • CQC Special: THE WIDOWMAKER (Morrighan O'Shaye)

    "Off to Morri-Mama with you" is probably the worst thing that can happen to a disobedient sister. Of course the black division's very own penitentiary officer's lessons aren't something to skip - for an advanced Blue Disciple. Anybody else whose physique is not quite steeled by the Cassie-drill is most likely going to feel it.
    Morrighan is every bit as much of a hardass as she looks. No talking back, or you do doubles.
    Nobody messes with her in the streets anymore. They tried, then the hospital got an influx of thugs twice normal. She's a powerhouse that can also stealth - can it get any worse? Oh yes it can... she is also a speedster.
    Public Image
    She set her powers aside, and was going to fight fair. Until that fool's hands explored places they would not go on a male opponent. She warned him. Twice. And then the haymaker broke something that cannot be put in a cast. Since then, she's been out of pro-league and will not wrestle anymore. Calls it a charade of clowns. She instead works as instructor at the dojo, training only women. Suddenly the dojo's female population seems to double up.

  • Wisdom: WINTERMYST (Misty Snowe)

    Technically a Red master, the ice spirit Misty is another well-respected ranking member of the sisterhood. Her soft-spoken and stoic demeanor comes with mundane courtesy and a kindness way warmer than her immediate vicinity.
    Hers is the role of the wise aunt to go to for advice in just about anything. And she makes one heck of an ice cream sundae.
    Misty is one of the many cryomancers of the city, her reputation is more that of a wise elder than a crime fighter - though she can be a handful if provoked.
    Public Image
    Better known in Canada than the rest of the world though as Misty Snowe she has a reputation as environmentalist.

  • Streetwise: DEAGLE DEE (Deanna Dennings)

    The way she walks and the way she talks are both reminiscent of a life where she didn't have the clothes she's wearing now, or the discipline she seems to remember to uphold from time to time. Steadfast by choice but quite the rogue by nature, she's a handful alright. Regardless, her past is written allover her attitude, and Westside does not release its children easily.
    Dee is a resident of Millennium City. She, and her best friend Keri run the Mayflower Base when all other masters are out of this plane of existence.
    Dee is known by many in Westside. The house where she lived and worked was a popular establishment until VIPER came searching for something and razed it. She fought back somewhat successfully and this has lead to some recognition - and a huge bounty on her head from the snakes.
    Public Image
    She does not have much of a media presence, but she's the sister most well known in the streets.

  • The Holy Knight: Skybreaker's Sire (Lady Knight Lilliettalarynwen Telfaniir)

    The sisterhood's armoured combat specialist wields a greatsword called Skybreaker, and what she refers to as "The Evening- And Morning-Fire". Blue and golden flames envelop her when in combat, and she has proven that one does not need a firearm to win against uneven odds. The poor souls brought guns to a swordfight. The fight was unfair indeed: they were clearly no match for her.
    A laughter like none other, a love for the finer things in life and a hearty attitude set her apart from the average city-elf. She speaks in a slightly archaic fashion and stands up against all manner of injustice. With her intense stare and bellowing voice, she is hard to miss.
    Public Image
    Her only public appearance is a shout of "Rah!" and bringing her blade down on a VIPER urban assault vehicle, then swinging it around at another. One sliced in half, the other ended up on a roof. 45 million youtube hits in 3 days.

  • Prodigy: Night's Edge (Jenni Bronnel)

    Outgoing, rough around the edges and a little too serious for her age, twenty-one year-old Jennifer lives up to all the standards set by her mother. She was eighteen when she attained the rank of Order Master, achieving the record of youngest to ever manage. The scars across her body and the way she conducts herself clearly show the contrast between what it is like to be a woman in the Sisterhood's world of origin, and ours.
    Brutal in combat, intense out of combat, she is a woman of passionate demeanor. Her unusual white hair is definitely something new.
    Public Image
    One of few Black Lotus who have been seen on the media, Jenni is verbose and quick of wit. She tends to give interviews after major issues her group tackles, often stepping right between her sisters and the camera, and starting to talk. She's especially liked by younger generations for her use of slang and cheeky comments.

  • Honorary: Soulmist (Shaylan)

    Her species and powers are all under wraps. What all is known about Soulmist though, is that she represents the United Planes Defense Directorate and she seems to be the reason the sisterhood even found this universe. A woman of mystery herself, she has been patiently allowing all necessary procedures on her first arrival, and PRIMUS was left with more questions than when we started.
    A spellcaster of unknown power, she is known to appear as an astral image and offer guidance, or call out to heroes to stop upcoming mystical troubles.
    Public Image
    It is impossible to capture her on footage. She simply does not appear on cameras.

  • Honorary: Jadiya

    With the appearance of a serene woman, this creature is another mystery. She does not speak and refuses violence whatsoever. The land awakens in her footsteps and animals flock to her. According to the Sisterhood she's a sage of nature.
    Jadiya is unknown to the masses. She tends to avoid contact and her ability to phase and teleport make it easy enough for her.


Adepts are the officers, assistants and adjutants of the sisterhood. Theirs is the role of burdens, while the masters govern, they hold their back. Because of this, Adepts gain special recognition and are offered benefits such as personal training and their own education plans.


Base Of Operations

The Sisterhood operates from two distinct bases. One of them is their legal residence, located in Millennium city, the other is an orbital station. The residence is a large tower located off the eastern waterfront of the city along Mayflower blvd. It's surrounded by a park and ample vegetation. Though the property is private, there is a large sign up at the entrance denoting that anyone can visit Lotus High Park as long as they behave civil and do not litter. The park is set with mobile surveillance drones and several security measures due to prior attempts from malicious agencies such as VIPER to cause trouble. The building is about a hundred floors tall and the size of a stadium all around. This is where the sisters live and work. The orbital station, Skyblossom, is a communications centre and set with a global surveillance system (ooc: much like DC's Watchtower for the JL) to launch worldwide operations from.

Lotus skyblossom.jpg

OOC Section


The concept of the Lotus Sisterhood is rated M for partial nudity and suggestive themes, 18+ for violence and blood, and is not to be played or taken part of by anybody under the suggested age. The Internet does not allow the creators and players to verify the age of a player other than believing what age a player claims to be. We are not intending to play any of the above themes in any public virtualspace such as open channels, and will not play any of these themes with people who do not wish to take part in 'mature role play'. The document below contains such text. Please proceed at your own risk.


1.) All members of the Lotus SG must exercise common (out of character) courtesy towards their fellow players where applicable. Character personality notwithstanding, players within the Lotus group will treat other players well unless the use of the /ignore function is warranted. Remember about arguing over the Internet.
2.) All members of the Lotus SG must know to tell the difference between out of character and in character. In cases of fellow players mixing the two, being civil and leaving it at that is preferable. Those who bullshit this will be asked to leave.
3.) Drama of any form is not welcome within the Lotus SG.
4.) Fairplay and good will come first, winning is the runner up.
5.) A good sense of humour is the salt of life but using it to annoy others is just being an idiot.
6.) Do NOT force your role play and ideas on other players. If you're all about sharing, make sure people want you to share. If you are emoting, use words such as "attempts to" so that the other player may decline.


The Supergroup does not recruit players OOC.
The Sisterhood meets characters IC.
The OOC part of recruitment is fitting the above criteria as a player.

Expressing your ooc-interest to join is well and good but even if you are a friend, whether your character is fitting of the sisterhood or not will have to be a matter of role play. (Characters may not get along while the players behind them do.)

Minimum requirement:
- A team-player
- Literate
- One who values friendship over gain and understands and can relate to the concept of honour
- Understands and enjoys the concept of "extended family" and "belonging", without expecting ERP
- A sense of humour and not easily offended, but not out to offend others.
- Likes anime and comics.

Character concepts that need not apply (none of which are mutually exclusive):
- Not female.
- Furry. (Wings, tails, hooves also)
- ERP characters.

Players that need not apply (none of which are mutually exclusive):
- Disrespectful of their fellow players in any shape or form.
(Anybody who makes it a point to hate, humiliate or pester others, please try elsewhere.)
- Whose best interest is some manner of drama and cannot imagine role play and/or OOC personal conduct without some form of suffering.
(No offence but we aren't that kind of group. Sorry.)
- Whose general idea of role play is typing out sex. (You'll be disappointed. We'll be disappointed. Best not to try.)
- Those whom do not capitalise, punctuate and type in proper English.
(Or at least intend to do so. This is not a judgement of anybody's typing- or language skill, this is our preference in the kind of text we prefer seeing when we role play. We aren't perfect either, obviously. Typing can improve, you should be at least trying.)
- And finally, those who think of any of the above as a hostile intent rather than a simple selection filter for our membership. There is a difference between hostile elitism and preferences, please figure that out for yourself!


We keep this under lock, as there are too many people infesting the CO community with forcing their ideas on others. This section is here for those who care for it rather than to force it on people who do not, so if you are of the latter, please move on! Thanks!

The Lotus is a concept based on extensive lore including the philosophies of martial arts and every female in fighting games ever. Giving the weak woman trope a spin, instead it's some of the guys that are "helpless" as opposed to the female protagonist in stories a lot of the time.


The concept, name, likeness and design of the original Lotus Sisterhood as an original concept is my intellectual property and is submitted to this website and the game Champions Online under fair use disclaimer that the concept does not advertise or hold any product or merchandise of which the owner of the concept will gain financial or media value. The concept, name, likeness and design of the original Lotus Sisterhood (The Concept) is for entertainment purposes only. Using the concept without my permission is prohibited. Please do not butcher my work. Thank you!'