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Player: @Blarrrrrg
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"I have always walked alone..."
"...Everyone was waiting."
Biographical Data
Real Name: Ryuho Leon Kuro
Known Aliases: Leon Dyce
Gender: Male
Species: Neko
Ethnicity: Kuroneko
Place of Birth: Rune Midgard
Base of Operations: The Library
Relatives: Thort and Jennavev (His oldest ancestors. Roughly an Eon apart from him.)
Age: 14
Height: 4' 7
Weight: 93 lbs.
Eyes: Bright Emerald Green
Hair: Black with Emerald markings
Complexion: Tanned
Physical Build: Light, Ripped
Physical Features: Aged scar down his right eye, Cat Ears, Eyes, Claws, and Tail.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Unknown
Years Active: None
Citizenship: Off world-er
Occupation: Mercenary and self employed scientist, testing his own world's technology in his basement.
Education: Technological Genius. (Equivalent to: Harvard at 6 years of age.)
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
A portion of the powers of the Death-bringers, as well as Divine Retribution.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Tyrfing, the God-slayer (sword)

Multitudes of Custom Armors

Countless Hexagonal Energy Plates

An Onyx and Emerald Necklace

The Timeship "Library"

Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada


In the past, being born with a unique gift from the gods was a blessing, and you would be raised to the noble family when mature. These gifted future rulers were known as 'Kuroneko', and they were celebrated throughout the Kingdom of Rune Midgard. That was 10,000 years ago. Ever since the War, Divine Retribution and his Death-bringers have remained silent. With the silence of the Five came the loss of the gifted Kuroneko, and the loss of the faithful.

The Planet of Rune Midgard

Leon was born into Rune Midgard, where machine dominated the Neko, and plagued their planet. No longer were skies blue and teeming with life, but filled with grinding gears of the Skyre. With Iron filling the skies, the only place to look to the heavens were the tiny gaps in the gears, as the air slowly became poison. The world became inhabitable, and the Neko moved to the stars. They built colonies on the Skyre, watching the noxious storms of acid ravage their once beautiful planet from above. Leon lived with his birth parents in that godforsaken colony for 3 years, until government agents, who heard 'rumors' about Leon, showed up at their hovel and murdered his parents in front of him.

He was taken away from his parents because he started to develop 'abnormalities'. Cat ears were normal for the Neko people to have, but having a tail, claws, and cat eyes were the stuff of legends. In such a technology driven world, any hints of 'Gods', or 'Kuronekos' were stamped out and squelched. Just as any other threat to the government was handled, Leon was taken to an undisclosed location, and studied. He was first tested for any 'powers', but after seeing nothing special, the suits in charge quickly moved him to physical stress tests. Countless times they'd give him a sword, or some other weapon and a rucksack, sent him into an area of Midgard that was not quite as toxic, and told him to simply survive.

Seven years passed like this. When he was 10, the Nekoian government wanted to train Leon to be a swordsman, as well as a master of Nekoian Technology. They wanted to send him to different planets as an Emissary. This quickly backfired, as the Nekoians were suddenly declared outlaws by international space. The space agencies forced the Nekos to disband their military and special projects, sealing Leon's fate.

At this point, Leon already had 4 years of professional training as a Swordsman. He picked up quickly on his training, and became very close to his instructor, Kirano Hiyase. Kirano became quite attached to his apprentice and due to having no descendants of his own, Kirano gave Leon a sword that was in his family for generations: The God-slayer, Tyrfing (Yes, the one from Norse mythology.). The order came in from the suits to dispatch Leon and leave no traces of the 'Archangel' project. Kirano's natural honor code prevented him from letting Leon go, but instead of assassinating the boy, he told him of the situation, and of the only way out. Leon wouldn't agree to the terms: A duel to the death. Kirano forced the battle anyway, and after a tedious fight, Leon cut down his instructor and managed to pull himself together enough to escape the facility. Leon was enraged with the loss of his best friend, and father figure. He tore through the bulwarks of steel that was once his cell. Completely blinded by his rage, he eviscerated a battalion of guards, as well as several scientists.. as well as many other innocents. Even after he killed everyone in the facility, Leon still couldn't think clearly. He knew he could escape this dimension via the I-DT(Inter-dimensional Teleportal). He escaped Rune Midgard by plotting a random course on the Teleportal (punching the console=random apparently). Before he left, he grabbed a suitcase from a special weapons locker, containing a Spec-ops combat suit, as well as tools for emergency repairs on Neko Tech, and some blueprints laying on the table nearby.

Leon jumped through the Teleportal and landed in England.

For some reason, Leon found he could already speak the native tongue, so he went on a little tourist spree with some young girls he met. He learned that they were in a land called 'England', on the mass of land called 'Europe'. He traveled with them for a week, and during that time Leon found out that they were something called 'American'. Leon didn't want to lose the few people he knew, so he jumped a plane heading for America (hiding in a dog crate), but when he landed in Cleveland, OH, his companions were no where to be found. From there, Leon headed north, hearing of something called 'Millennium City', and people with extraordinary powers. After 2 days of bus hopping, Leon found himself in the outskirts of Westside. In search of a place to store his equipment, he wandered from building to building. He eventually found a small opening in the rubble on the edges of Westside, and inside was a basement that seemed remarkably intact. It was here that he decided to build his laboratory.

The Gods

Truth and Reconciliation

  • Strongest of the four Death-bringers.
  • Truth speaks only the truth, and always desires peace among the people.
  • Gathered the Four together and overthrew Divine Retribution from its seat of power.


  • Generally stays Neutral in conflicts.
  • It cannot be harmed by anything, nor anyone.


  • When a confict arises, Balance goes to both sides and offers gifts.
  • Irregardless of its namesake, it usually sides with Apocalypse when conflict arises.


  • Second strongest of the four Death-bringers
  • Apocalypse does whatever it wishes, often destroying whole planets on a whim. It truly enjoys the suffering of others, and tends to be the cause of great conflicts.
  • Caused the War of Gods.

Divine Retribution

  • The lost god of Nekoian scripture. Records were found by Jennavev Kuro, over 10,000 years ago.
  • It was said to be the strongest of the new 'Five' gods, and single-handedly fended off Truth and Neutrality in the War of Gods.
  • Thort Kuro brought It out of exile, and charged into battle with Retribution on his side.

Silence of the Gods

  • After The God War, the Gods agreed to leave the Multiverse and start a-new after 10 full cycles passed.
  • With only one Kuroneko left on Rune Midgard upon their return, the Five decided to each grant the Kuroneko their powers.
    (The significance behind this is that there usually is only one God that grants power to a single Kuroneko.)


Personality Attributes
'Façade - An outward appearance that is maintained to conceal a less pleasant or creditable reality.'
Leon's personality is compacted into a façade, and split down the middle. When around people he is uncomfortable with, he will keep his façade up. He sees it as a front of defense.

  • Façade
    • Outgoing - He always likes getting attention and promoting his free will.
    • Rude - He hates adults, so he always tells them where to go, straight away.
    • Sarcastic - He usually uses sarcasm in a positive tone, so when people mishear it, one would think he's having a wonderful day.-- "Hey Leon, how're you doin'?" -- "I'm having an awesome day!"
    • Mischievous - Whenever he can, he will mess with authority, whether it's a teacher who's acting authoritative, or a Government leader.

Although rare, Leon may become trusting of another individual. In these cases, he doesn't feel the need to protect himself. When he trusts someone enough to show them who he really is, he will usually refrain from showing them his façade. He feels that it is degrading to that person and their friendship.

  • Under the Façade
    • Quiet - The real Leon isn't as brash as he shows himself to be. He likes laying in the grass near Darren's Pizza, either to read a book by day, or gaze at the stars by night.
    • Genteel - He'd do anything to help someone along their journey, slight of lending money (He's got a research project he's working on, and he needs funding dammit! >.,<!!) He's the type of guy who will snuggle with someone while they watch the sunset together. He doesn't like to admit it, but he's a hopeless romantic.
    • Protective - Anyone he truly cares about will be shadowed by him almost every day. It's sort of unnerving. When caught, he will make a see-through lie about a 'coincidence'.


  • Leon views life with a pessimistic glare, often scoffing at people who have peaceful lives and loving families. He resents what the Neko did to him. Because of his past, he holds an incredible distrust of people who are considered 'adults'. He feels that he can only trust people of his own age group.
  • Though exiled by his people, Leon knows their tech, and continues to work on Nekoian tech in his basement. He speaks of their Teleportal technology with high regard.

Endowed Powers, Traits, and Abilities

Physical Traits:

  • Cat Ears - These ears give Leon an incredible hearing range. They're also incredibly sensitive to touch. He shies away when someone would attempt to touch them.
  • Cat Eyes - Though these are only active at times of extreme strain or immediate danger, these eyes give him an unparalleled vision advantage. When they're active, he sees everything in perpetual slow-motion (His reaction time is increased one-thousandfold.), and they also grant the ability to see in the dark.
  • Cat Claws - As one would expect, these claws are razor sharp and are retractable.
  • Cat Tail - As like most cats, his tail gives him an extraordinary sense of balance.
  • Fur Coat - His skin is covered in dense 1/4 millimeter long hairs. When touched, he feels like fine silk.
  • Catlike Spine - "Cats always land on their feet"- And so does Leon. His spine is just as limber, if not more so than a feline's.


  • Photographic Memory
  • Swordsmanship - Even though he only had 4 years of intense training, Leon is already an excellent swordsman. He is now expanding his training out in Millennium City.
  • Speed - Kuronekos were naturally fast and limber. They could jump modest heights, and run exceptionally fast.

Endowed Abilities:

"We shall not define which path he stumbles upon; Either leading others along the way,
or leaving their corpses in his wake, his actions alone will define his fate."
- Divine Retribution

The God of Truth and Reconcilliation:

  • True Sight- Granted Leon the ability to sense the difference between Actuality and Fallacy.
  • Unknown Ability [Place Holder] - Leon has not discovered this ability yet.
  • Unknown Ability [Place Holder] - Leon has not discovered this ability yet.

The God of Neutrality:

  • Bastion - Neutrality granted Leon the power to be impervious to attacks that are of neutral intent.
  • Unknown Ability [Place Holder] - Leon has not discovered this ability yet.

The God of Balance:

  • Ballad of Ardor - A ballad that Leon wrote which uses Balance's energy. This ballad enchants Leon's weapons with the ability to heal whatever
    they may touch. This power comes at a price, however-- any wound that is mended this way is inflicted onto Leon.
  • Unknown Ability [Place Holder] - Leon has not discovered this ability yet.

The God of Apocalypse:

  • Godsong - A sword attack. When Apocalyptic energy reverberates through Tyrfing, it cries out into an eerie song of impending doom.
    A swing of his blade after using this enhancement chant is devastating.
    After use of this ability, Leon is nearly completely drained of energy.
  • Feast of Impurity - When Leon's eyes activate, he can see the evil that embodies, or lies dormant in his opponent. He amplifies them inside of the
    opponent (causing the opponent to relive their worst failures, or evils that they may have done.), and feeds on them.
    Leon's wounds seem to start healing once this process starts.
  • Wings of Apocalypse - Though he doesn't quite recognize this ability yet, Leon has the ability to procure wings. It may sound ordinary enough,
    but with each 'strand' of his wings that appears, he grows stronger. (Refer to Kyuubi.) These ethereal wing strands form into a total of 12 'feathers', 6 per wing.
    -These wings are very similar to Tyrael's wings.
    -Wing strands cannot be manifested unless Leon is near death.
    -The Archangel Project adopted their name after seeing 6 of Leon's wings manifest when the suits killed his parents.
  • Unknown Ability [Place Holder] - Leon has not discovered this ability yet.

Divine Retribution:

  • Retribution - If the foe happens to be evil, all of his or her actions will be absorbed by Tyrfing, then sent back to the target anew, with every attack.
  • Molecular Manipulation - The ability to control and change matter at will.
  • Unknown Ability [Place Holder] - Leon has not discovered this ability yet.



  • Even with his God-given powers, he is quite mortal. When cut, he bleeds. Within the restrictions of 'Bastion'.


  • He holds his skill of persuasion in high regard, so much so in fact, that he almost believes that no one can out wit him.


  • Even though he seems quite sanguine (usually sarcastically so), he is prone to anger. Pompous adults who have enormous egos
    that dishonor him, or try to hold back his desire for freedom will quickly be lashed out at.
  • When angered to a severe degree, Bastion will no longer have its protection over him.
  • This follows the code of Chaotic Neutral, however. He would prefer to not kill unnecessarily, because he believes that everyone deserves to pursue their freedom,
    whether happy or sad.


  • This goes hand-in-hand with Anger. If someone, especially an adult, tries to press their authority over Leon, he will either ignore them, mocking their feeble
    attempts at control, or lash out violently, but not usually lethally. He will happily infiltrate a place of Authority, posing as the suits,
    in order to cause mayhem.


  • Leon knows a lot, sure, but he in no way knows everything. Next time you see him, be sure to tell him that. He tends to hold his intelligence above the
    simpletons, and uses it to mock authority. He will stick to his guns until completely disproven, and then he will shrug off the argument, telling
    the person(s) that he was testing them.

A Good Heart

  • Unlike most people of his alignment, when put into a dire situation, Leon strives to be more 'good' than 'evil'. Because of this weakness, others may find
    ways to manipulate him.

Future Leon

An anomaly of Time and Space, Future Leon started appearing behind the scenes as soon as 'Present' Leon arrived on Earth. Once Leon had Kagewoe create the Time ship 'Library', Future Leon started to
appear more often.

  • Future Leon is an unpredictable entity and is thought to be several hundred years old.
  • Although Future Leon is an unknown entity to the world at large, to the rest of the Universe he is well known and feared, often being cursed by many races as the 'Demon' or 'Monster'.
  • Future Leon is an entity of true and utter possibility. His powers are generally unknown and his true potential is something to be feared.
  • He alone is the true pilot of the Library time ship.

Technology and Inventions

Personal Satellite

Rune 13b - This satellite was placed into orbit by teleportation, and is constantly teleported around the planet in order to have an untraceable orbit. Rune 13b houses Leon's entire information network, long range energy plate control systems, and also functions as Leon's holoclothing station. If this satellite was to be destroyed, Leon would be left rather crippled. The creation of this satellite was funded purely from Leon's profits from working for Brutum.
Semi-Solid Holograms

  • Just as it sounds, Leon has managed to invent semi-solid holograms. He currently uses this technology to scan on defensible versions of his armor, as well as using it to supply furniture in his otherwise empty apartment.
    • Holo-Clones - Leon can use this technology to essentially create smart clones of himself that can and will harm his opponents in battle. Though easily dispatched, their purpose is not completely combat related.

The Energy Plates

  • The Green Plates - The form of these plates was originally borrowed from the generic Energy Shield available to most Power Armored platforms. Leon took the external design and stripped the insides, leaving them open to his manipulation. These plates have the ability to go invisible, and absorb certain levels of kinetic energy from impacts. The plates are linked to Leon's entire intelligence network. As they are incredibly expensive to manufacture, Leon only has a total of 45 of these. (They cost roughly 250,000$ USD to manufacture.)
  • Alpha - One of two energy plates installed with true AI technology from Rune Midgard. Alpha is considered Leon's butler, but he also runs Leon's entire apartment, Teleportal, General Tech, and Communication suites.
  • The White Energy Plate(s) - Essentially the same as the green energy plates, except that they have End's power running through them, thus enhancing their attack power exponentially.
    • Bravo - One of two energy plates installed with true AI technology from Rune Midgard. Bravo is the only energy plate that is consistently full of End's energy, without Leon's effort. Bravo runs all of Leon's weapon suites. He stores a small amount of End, but when used, it takes time for it to gather it once again. Bravo nestles perfectly into Tyrfing.
  • The Pink Energy Plate - There is only one of these in existence. These plates are attached to one's body. to register it to Leon's emergency recall system. They sense if the user is close to death by physical, spiritual, psionic, energy, and other forms of trauma.
    • Currently only Leon and Lady Saia have these installed.
  • Silver Skin - This is Leon's final form of defense. Silver skin is essentially formed of roughly 11,000 clear energy plates that form up around Leon's body. Their only function is to protect Leon from harm. They can stop most heavy hitting attacks, but attacks in quick succession tend to break through. (Each of these plates cost around 500$ USD to manufacture.)
    • Reversal - Leon can reverse the use of Silver skin to surround an enemy and essentially cage them in a sort of straight jacket. This would leave Leon completely defenseless to physical attacks, however, and has never used this function because of that.

The Timeship

  • The Library - This is Leon's time machine. Created by future Leon and Kagewoe, and the stolen parts of a laboratory, Library blinked into existence.
  • Heaing - Leon has gained access to a form of healing that can heal minor wounds by reversing the time over the wound to before the injury occured. This process is time consuming, and should not be interrupted.
  • Plot Device

Current Status

  • In order to fund his never ending need of research material, he disables Destroids and sells their parts to the highest bidder.
  • After a few weeks of remapping most of Millennium City's power grid to his basement, Leon managed to finish his makeshift Teleportal.
  • He is currently searching random planets and their dimensional counterparts for the International Dimensional and Planetary Travel Administration that his home planet was involved in.
  • With the help of Kagewoe, Leon found himself in possession of the 'Library'. Fusing his old basement lab and his lab in Oz Laboratories, this Time and Relative Dimension in Space harnesses Leon's technology.
    In short, The Library can be used to traverse time and space.

Theme Songs

Title: Fate!
- This is Leon's General theme
The tone suggests a lone hero fighting against
impossible odds, knowing he can't win, yet fighting on anyway
to buy his friends enough time to escape.

Title: A Song of Storm and Fire
- This is Leon's Battle Theme Song
The tone gives one a feeling of a great struggle,
but also an undertone of sadness for a tragic past.

Title: Sadness and Sorrow
- Leon's Theme for his Sensei.
This song does a great job evoking the emotions it's named for.
Leon could never forgive himself for killing Kirano,
and every time he thinks about it, he feels torn apart.

Title: A Demon's Fate
- Leon's Massacre.
This song should be interpreted as
a bystander's view of Leon's murderous
rampage. The piece tells of the true terror
he wrought upon his victims.

Title: "Europe's Skies"
- Leon's Violinist Theme
One of the things Leon was allowed to have
in his 5x5x8 cell was a Violin. He learned
how to use it, and taught himself how to sing.
He never stopped playing since. This song is
portraying his love for nature across dimensions,
and his journey through this world, trying to
see it through human eyes.

Creator's Notes

What I wanted out of Leon was to basically make a character that is tragic, yet hopeful. I wanted him to resent the upper age groups, and rebel against authority. He is what I envisioned when I wanted a character to come from a different future, an inter-dimensional time traveler, and not even know it. A character that was packed emotionally to the brim. Leon needs social interaction, it is his very creature. This page is for the reader to decide what to make of Leon. For them to make their own opinions, while trying to figure out who he really is. I hope you enjoy yourself, pilfering through this page.