Knight Watch

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Knight Watch
Player: @Deadborder
Knightwatch, standard suit
Class Focus: Ranged DPS
Power Level: 20
Research & Development: Science!
Personal Data
Real Name: Elvis McBashem
Known Aliases: Battlemaster, Giant Flying Robot Elvis (Don’t ask)
Species: Human
Ethnicity: American
Age: 29
Height: 1.85m
Weight: Solid
Eye Color: Blues
Hair Color: Blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Layabout playboy, Superhero
Place of Birth: New York, NY, USA
Base of Operations: Millennium City, USA
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Elizabeth McBashem-Jones (wife), Buddy McBashem (older brother)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Advanced suit of power armour equipped with numerous built in weapons systems inclusing beam cannons and missile launchers, as well as flight capability, advanced sensors and electronics plus additional remote surveilance and support dones, as well as secondary weapons dones

Knight Watch is an armoured superhero who fights crime with the aid of his incredibly enhanced battesuit, as well as the behind the scenes support of his wife.


Hail to the King, Baby

Elvis McBashem was born into a life of privilege and luxury; his parents were the owners of Zenith Technologies, a military research and development company. The younger of two siblings, Elvis knew full well that he was not likely to inherit the company; as such, he lived life as a playboy, travelling around the world, driving fast cars and chasing beautiful women. He also was something of an athlete, taking part in numerous sports events for the fun of it – and the attention they garnered. He had even contemplated on occasion donning a costume and acting as a dashing and mysterious masked vigilante, for no real reason other then the thrill of it and to try something different.

However, all that changed when his parents were killed when their private jet crashed. Elvis and his older brother Buddy found themselves in control of a massive company, one that they knew surprisingly little about; while their parents had always planned for them to take over the company, they hadn’t expected it to be so soon while the pair of them were so young. Buddy, the more sensible and level headed of the two, did his best to keep things on the rails. Elvis, in the meantime, decided that he was going to find out more about his newfound company.

It was while touring their R&D facilities that he met Doctor Elizabeth Jones, a young (and rather attractive) scientist assigned to one of their powered armour projects. She explained that she had been working on a suit for PRIMUS, but the project had been cancelled because of the ridiculous cost per unit of the suit, as well as the very demanding physical strain it put on the user. Additionally, its sensors were prone to overheating and shutting down at inopportune moments. However, rather then scrapping the prototype, she had stored it.

Getting to know her better, Elvis found that, in spite of his normally free-wheeling nature, he was genuinely in love with her; similarly, she expressed a mutual attraction to him. She also admitted two things to him; the first was that her parents had been killed during the Battle of Detroit, a tragedy that had given her a desire to fight against super-powered crime and protect others to prevent such things from recurring. The second was that she’d considered using the suit herself. But was simply too weak to do such – her tests with a simulator had yielded her two shattered virtual legs and a snapped virtual spine. Of course, if the suit had a big, strong and tough operator…

The pair of them reached a mutual conclusion; Elvis fit the physical bill for the suit’s requirements perfectly. At the same time, Elizabeth knew all the ins and outs of its systems. They came up with the idea of taking a two-pronged approach to using the suit; Elvis would go out in the suit and tackle matters head on, while Elizabeth would act as a coordinator and operator, providing him with information while monitoring the suit’s systems. Both of them had an interest in fighting crime – Elizabeth from what had happened to her family and Elvis for the sheer thrill of it – and it seemed a logical conclusion to reach.

Sufficiently advanced technology walks all over magic

Making some modifications, Elizabeth began work on converting the suit for use. Remodelling its exterior, she had it recoloured to a more bright silver and red scheme while adding a few stylistic touches to further distinguish it from the prototype. The flaws with the sensor system were resolved by removing the helmet and building the sensors into an open facemask; while she was worried about the lack of protection, Elvis said that is simply “looked cool” and would make him stand out.

Not too long afterwards, Elvis took to the skies as Knight Watch, proudly defending Millennium City from all manner of threats. Between his suit’s abilities and Elizabeth’s tactical information, he quickly found his feet in fighting crime. His flashy suit and colourful demeanour quickly garnered him a lot of attention, making him one of the more popular suited heroes in Millennium City; all the while, he maintained his secret identity, with only his now-wife knowing of the link between Elvis and Knight Watch.

For some reason, Elvis’s activities bought him to the attention of the supernatural villain, Death's Chaplain, the black sorcery-wielding preacher having somehow become fixated on defeating him. Knight Watch readily welcomed the challenge; after all, what good was a hero without a villain to defeat? Their rivalry quickly proved to be a one-sided affair; Knight Watch proved to be more then capable of handling his opponent, defeating him not only with his missiles and lasers, but with his wits and cutting remarks.

The conflict between the two spilled over, with Death’s Chaplain calling on the aid of the rest of the supernatural villain group known as The Underworld. While at first Elvis was surprised to be facing more than one villain at a time, he quickly adapted and turned things around to the point where he was able to take on the entire team at once – and win. To further cement his superiority over them, he posted videos of the battles (with his own commentary) on the internet, turning them from a sinister supernatural criminal group into a laughingstock.

Well hello, mister fancy pants

His first true test came during the Qualarr invasion of Millennium city. Caught inside one of the invader’s force domes, Elvis found that he was also cut off from communication with Liz. While he was concerned that something may have happened to her, he also knew that his first priority was saving the innocents of the City. He was amongst those who bravely fought back against the alien swarm, helping to protect the city and its people. After they were repelled, he found out that Liz was fine; the Qualarr’s domes had simply cut off their communication link.

Somewhat emboldened by his success, Knight Watch began stepping up his superhero career. With Elizabeth continuing to modify the suit to adapt to new roles, he began to take on bigger and bigger threats across the city, bravely facing the various supervillains that menaced it (or, as he put it, the “real ones, not jokes like the Underworld”). This bought him into conflict with numerous foes, including his first true nemesis, the armoured mercenary Shockblast.

Encountering him while foiling a robbery, Knight Watch was surprised to find that Shockblast’s suit was the equal of his own; the two fought a long battle that only ended when Shockblast suddenly retreated, having apparently developed a fault in his power supply. Analysing the data from the battle, Liz found that Shockblast’s suit was a lot more powerful than initially estimated, and comparable to Knight Watch’s in many aspects.

The two clashed several more times, each time their suits proving to be roughly equal in capabilities. Liz’s support and her ongoing modifications to his armour proved to be something of an edge, as he adapted his suit to better face his enemy. Shockblast, for his part, seemed to develop something of an interest in defeating Knight Watch, stating that he wanted to tear his suit apart and add its innovations to his own.

His rivalry with Shockblast had one unexpected benefit; investigating a crime that seemed to suit Shockblast’s Modus Operandi bought Knight Watch into contact with the superhero group known as the Lolcat Brgud. It seemed that they were following the same crimes, believing them to be the work of another power-armour using villain, Serious Business. He agreed to help them out, providing them with more information about his own enemy; that he liked their “less then serious” demeanour and idea of fighting crime for the fun of it helped matters considerably. That they weren’t bad on the eyes either was a bonus.

Working with the Lolcat Brgud, Knight Watch began work on a plan to trap Shockblast and bring him down once and for all. However, an unexpected turn of events saw this plan derailed and Knight Watch faced with his greatest challenge yet.

I’m my own evil twin

Knight Watch in the "Battlemaster" armour

Responding to a break-in at a Zenith research facility, Knight Watch found Skadi of the Lolcat Brgud already present. More distressingly, he found that she was losing in her battle against an unknown, armoured supervillain. Stepping in to aid her, he found that his own suit was barely able to keep up with this villain’s weaponry. Only the unexpected intervention of the vigilante Krimzon was enough to drive him off; even then, his escape was less due to her abilities and more due to his somehow recognising her.

She explained to the pair of them that the villain was Supremeus, the ruler of Earth in an alternate timeline who had been marooned on this world. She further explained that she was tracking him, but acknowledged that she didn’t have the firepower to take him on head to head. However, Supremeus had, apparently, taken steps to eliminate her, knowing that she was a threat to him. She offered to provide what information she could on him, but, at the same time, could not offer a way to defeat him.

The next two weeks saw coordinated super villain attacks across Millennium City but a group of villains apparently lead by Shockblast. Knight Watch managed to stop one of these, resulting in the capture of the minor villain Crazeblaze who had been working with them. Crazeblaze revealed that he and the others were a part of a group known as “The Supremacy”, working for Supremeus as a part of a master plan for world domination. He provided a fair amount of information on the group, but admitted that his knowledge was limited.

However, the revelation gave Knight Watch an idea for how to tackle Supremeus. Elizabeth reactivated an older prototype of the Knight Watch suit, further modifying it to bring it up to spec, while altering its appearance to make it less resemble the current suit. Taking the Hanse Fox, alias Battlemaster, Elvis staged several robberies to build up a reputation as a dangerous supervillain. In truth, the property he stole was all valueless, the guards he defeated were merely acting and the defeats that he handed the Lolcat Brgud were, in fact, carefully staged fights.

Having established an image as a dangerous villain, Battlemaster was approached by the Supremeacy, offering him a place in Supremeus’ army. He agreed, bravely stepping into the heart of the beast to discover its secrets and search for a way to being it down. At the same time, Krimzon volunteered to aid him by providing information about his enemies, but shied away from actual direct confrontation with Supremeus.

Atom Heart of Darkness

Once inside, Battlemaster began to feed information to PRIMUS and the Lolcat Brgud through his communications link with Liz. This allowed the Brgud to act on Supremeus’ plans and serve to counter them, delivering several key defeats to the Supremacy. Unfortunately, he quickly made an enemy within its ranks; Shockblast took an instant disliking to Battlemaster, feeling that the Supremacy didn’t need a second powered armour user in amongst its ranks.

He also found that he had an unexpected ally; one of the members of the Supremacy, a female technopath, seemed to be covertly aiding him. Unsure of her motives (and with Liz keeping a careful eye on him), he was initially wary of her. However, he discovered that she was quietly feeding him information, material that otherwise only Supremeus would have access to. He was unclear if she knew he was working against the Supremacy, or if she was simply seeking to further her own position within it and to recruit him as an ally.

However, her information allowed him to gain access to Supremeus’ master plan; the villain was intending to plant a series of sonic bombs across the Pacific Rim, then detonating them and causing immense earthquakes and tidal waves. His plan was not to hold the region hostage, however; instead, he was intending to detonate the weapons and then seize control in the chaos and confusion that ensued.

Using this information as a guide, he was able to effectively undercut the operation. Several members of the Supremacy were captured while trying to steal components needed for the operation, while others managed to get away with their intended targets, unaware that PRIMUS had substituted harmless dud components for their prizes. Accepting these setbacks, Supremeus himself continued to work towards his master plan, unaware that the weapons he was assembling were actually harmless decoys.

Knight Watch was confident that he had rendered the Supremacy harmless. However, he was unaware that one of its members had managed to outsmart him.

The Fight Scene

Elvis had aimed to specifically make sure that Shockblast, probably the greatest threat to his plan, was captured. However, Shockblast had suspected Battlemaster’s duplicity, and had sent one of the Six Shooters in his place. Confronting Battlemaster in the depths of the Supremacy’s base, he threatened to reveal the truth; that Battlemaster was actually a spy. Knowing full well that Supremeus’ reaction would be to fry him on the spot, Knight Watch instead enacted his reserve plan.

Attacking Shockblast, he accidentally triggered an explosion that momentarily crippled the base’s security. Using this opportunity, he called for his backup, the Lolcat Brgud. With the defences offline, the Brgud were able to access the facility. Arming himself with a fresh Knight Watch suit, he teamed up with them to defeat the Supremacy.

Working together, they first beat their way through Supremeus’ minions and agents, defeating the enemy forces with their overwhelming strength and power. However, they then hit a wall, in the form of the super-powered members of the Supremacy. A battle royale (with cheese) ensued, the Lolcat Brgud initially facing superior numbers. However, as the battle wore on, the Brgud’s greater cohesion and stronger motives won out; villains began to flee, abandoning their colleagues as others fell.

Which left only Supremeus. Gloating, the villain enacted his master plan, only to find that his sonic bombs were duds, resulting in a rather anticlimactic nothing. Instead, he was confronted with the five of them who collectively were able to overwhelm his superior abilities. Battered and with his armour failing, Supremeus teleported away, only to be apprehended by Krimzon. The world had been saved, and Knight Watch felt a certain satisfaction in knowing that he had been a part of it; he was a big damn hero.


The Knight Watch battlesuit is a marvel of technology, equipped with numerous systems. The suit is well armoured, its body constructed form advanced composite alloys developed as a part of the original PRIMUS project. Furthermore, it is equipped with an advanced flight pack, giving it excellent mobility. Elvis’s visor is packed with numerous sensory systems, while it also has a state of the art communication system. It is this last feature that is actually the suit’s greatest asset, as it allows Elvis to stay in constant touch with Elizabeth; from her home base, she not only watches over the suit’s systems, but also provides Elvis with important tactical information.

This is further aided by the suits remotes; a suite of advanced sensory drones deployed from its back which circle the suit, giving it an effective 360-degree arc of vision and sensory systems; both Elvis and Elizabeth can access these remotes and, in addition to using them to monitor around the suit, can also use them as remote scouts. Recently, Elizabeth has fruther updated the suit by adding a pair of secondary remote drones (Modified from repair and construction drones) armed with rapid-fire projectile cannons; these bots can then be transformed into stationary heavy weapons platforms.

However, its most advanced (and arguably most important) feature is its array of various weapons; built into each forearm is a multi-functional beam emitter, capable of producing a wide array of effects. He typically uses them as pure beam weapons, however they can be modulated to behave in different ways, such as rapid-cycling beams, long-range beams, wide dispersal beams and so forth. The weapons can also form a “solid energy” blade. Backing up the beam weapons are a pair of micro-missile launchers with various payload options.

The “Battlemaster” version of the suit, while being based on an earlier prototype, is functionally identical to the Knight Watch suit. Special refractors change the colours of the energy beams to further conceal its origins, while the drones have different external designs. Elvis jokingly refers to Battlemaster’s Munitions Bots as “Traumatisers”


Elvis McBashem maintains the image that he had built up over the years of a layabout, irresponsible playboy, one who’s interests are limited to fast cars and having a good time. Despite being married, the scandal mags occasionally attach him to some other young woman, including the odd superheroine.

Despite this, he is strangely committed to the ideas of justice and upholding the law. He seems to genuinely enjoy fighting as Knight Watch, but, more to the point, he likes being able to do the right thing and help others, albeit in a way that makes him look good in the process. However, he tends to be more focused then glory hound, and wis willing to put aside his ego if needs be. He is also very dedicated to Elizabeth, and keeps the harmless flirting at just that.

Knight Watch has a reputation of being something of a motor mouth; when in battle, he constantly taunts his foes, glad to quip at them while he’s fighting them. He delivers a wide range of mocking insults and other put-downs as he goes, aiming to distract his opponents and causing them to loose their focus or make mistakes. He likes to claim that his wit is just as dangerous as his weapons.

The truth is, this is just as much a part of Elvis as anything else, and not just a part of the Knight Watch persona. He not only enjoys looking good, but he really likes to make his opponent look bad. He feels that if you can ridicule an enemy, then they lose their power. It is to this end that he anonymously posts video footage of his battles (along with his “colourful commentary”) on the internet.

When in disguise as Battlemaster, he tends to have a more mean-spirited, mocking edge to his commentary. While he still puts down and taunts his opponents, his tone is far less jovial and far more acidic. While he could simply avoid banter all together, Elvis has commented that it’s easier to be a pain then it is to actually shut up.


Elvis McBashem is a handsome man in his late 20s; he has long blond hair and blue eyes that sit well with his square jaw, cocky grin and impeccably shiny teeth. His body is athletic and very toned, and it is clear that he is in excellent physical condition. He can usually be found dressed in sharp, fashionable suits.

The Knight Watch suit is a high-tech armoured suit, coloured primarily silver with a bright red trim; despite its name, it has a very modern design ethic, rather then a medieval one as one would expect. Most of its weapons are concealed within the forearms, with little sign of their presence from an external examination. Oddly enough, rather then a fully covering helmet, Elvis has chosen to leave the head partially open; however, his face is concealed behind a high-tech visor.

The Battlemaster version of the suit is a little bulkier, and has a fully covering version of the helmet, based on an older prototype who’s faults Liz was able to repair. It is primarily black, with red and silver trim and orange optics.


Elizabeth McBashem-Jones

First and foremost amongst his allies, Elizabeth is both his loving wife and his support in his fight against crime. In his hero identity, she provides him with constant tactical and technical support, giving him an edge against his enemies. When needed, she can also interact with others through a direct communications link. Knight Watch claims that she is a built in AI system, and very few know that she is actually a person, let alone his wife.

Buddy McBashem

Elvis’ older brother and CEO of Zenith Technologies, Buddy serves as a handy contact and source of information and favours. He has no idea that Elvis is Knight watch, and tends to see his younger brother as being just an idle layabout playboy (which is close to the truth). Butty himself is something of a contrast, being a rather humourless and straight-laced man who has dedicated himself to his company.

Lolcat Brgud

Knight Watch has encountered the Lolcat Brgud on several occasions, often crossing their paths and working alongside them. He found them to be somewhat amusing, as their “fighting crime for fun” attitude somewhat matched with his own, as well as their mockery of those who took matters overly seriously. That Skadi had taken a turn at dealing out a severe humiliation to a member of The Underworld didn’t hurt matters either.

While he was offered membership of the Brgud, he chose to decline the offer for now. However, he remains in contact with them and often works alongside them. Additionally, Uglyhat is one of the few who knows that Liz is a person and not an AI; the two often chat on Power Armour design.


The Underworld

Knight Watch’s first enemies came in the form of the supernatural villain group known as The Underworld; what started as a rivalry with Death's Chaplain spilled over to the point where the entire group were gunning for him. However, so far, the rivalry has been rather one-sided, with Knight Watch routinely humiliating and defeating them.


A more serious threat, Knight Watch has crossed paths with the armoured mercenary known as Shockblast on several occasions. The two have developed something of an intense rivalry; their suits are rather closely matched, while Shockblast’s serious, professional demeanour proved to be a contrast to Knight Watch’s own. However, despite the intensity, Knight Watch still keeps ups his usual habits, fighting Shockblast with both his wits and his weapons.


Knight Watch regards Supremeus as his greatest single threat; so much so that he was willing to actually shut up and take him seriously. For whole minutes. Possessed of power that far exceeded his own, Knight Watch was unable to directly confront the armoured menace. Rather, he carefully infiltrated the Supremacy, working to bring down Supremeus from within. When the inevitable conflict occurred, Knight Watch was able to do such on his terms, negating the villain’s advantages.