King Breaker Institute

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King Breaker Institute
Leader(s): Tahira Xross, Hellion, Greyfire, Isaac Little
Base of Operations: Carl's Gym
Concept: Defense against The Kings of Edom
Website: [2011 Click Here]
Members: Bolt, Hana, Amnesia, Misty Savage, Chocolate Chip Chelsea, Araucaria, Deeno, Crimson Moon

A dream that repeats, a vision that haunts his waking hours, it was weeks now since it started and Isaac Little could ignore it no more. He sought out his two trusted friends, his colleagues Hellion and Greyfire and he shared his darkest fear. He saw the future and the end of them all, The Kings of Edom had come finally to earth and all of of earths heroes stood against them primarily the Champions but behind them the massed forces of the Exemplar Heroes Academy; Students, Teachers and Graduates.

As the battles raged old divisions started to re-surface one group would refuse a certain persons order, another would protect only those closest to them, the discent and mistrust left gaping holes in the heroes defences and the Kings rolled over them like a storm over the mountains, when the darkness cleared not one lived every hero lay torn and broken, their lifeless bodies strewn across miles of wasteland that had been Millenium City.

This was the vision that haunted his every waking hour. what he shared with them, if they stayed with the EHA they would fail and all would be lost. The choice was clear, their letters of resignation were delivered and they picked out the students with greatest potential and other they knew outside the academy and began to preapare for the future.

The King Breaker Institute was Born.

Months of effort: obscure research, stopping subtle, hidden plan after nearly missed crisis. Finally, the coming of the Kings was averted...for now. least by the horrific events as foreseen by Issac Little. And, now, the King Breaker Institute must look to the future again, not with foreboding or trepidation, but rather with hope. Merging with their allies of the Crux-Shorin Academy, the King Breakers takes on new purpose in their true goal. To train heroes who will be leaders; Commanders rather than lone knights in the days to come.