Kinetic Surge

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Kinetic Surge
Player: @Denji
Basic Data
Class Focus: ranged DPS hybrid
R & D: Mysticism
Level: 15
Occupation: part-time college student, full time waiter at Villain's Beastro.
Personal Data
Real Name: Keith Edward Rathaway
Known Aliases: Keith, Spikey
Identity: none
Species: human demigod
Age: 20
Height: 6'1
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eye Color: hazel green
Hair Color: strawberry blond
Blood Type: B-
Biographical Data
Birthplace: Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Birthdate: May 19, 1992
Nationality: Canadian
Current Residence: Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Religion/Faith: no religious affiliation
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Marital Status: single
Known Languages
English, some French
Known Relatives
Gabrielle Elaine Galford (mother), Oscar Edward Rathaway (supposed father)
Known Powers
electrical and kinetic energy blasts
Training / Abilities
superior athleticism (for now)
His father was actually the god Summanus in disguise. He left for the heavens when Keith was born. Details later.

Kinetic Surge (born Keith Edward Rathaway, 19 May 1992) is a Canadian part-time college student and full-time waiter. He was born, raised, and currently lives in Windsor, Ontario, Canada with roots unknown to him.


The Beginning Roots

Born as Keith Edward Rathaway on 19 May 1992, the circumstances in which Keith was born was not made very clear to him. His mother, Gabrielle, never gave him straight answers as to why there was no father around while Keith was growing up. At first, she gave reasons that he was away and would soon return. As Keith grew older, she gave reasons relating to business trips. Once Keith became a teenager, he was told that his father had to have left her for someone else since he never came back. The subject was always noticeably painful for her to talk about so Keith never asked about it again from his teenage years onward.

The truth, however, was something much more complicated than that. A year prior to Keith's birth, his mother Gabrielle met a man named Oscar Edward Rathaway at a bar while living on her own and trying to earn enough money to go to Toronto and be an actress. Getting involved with this man would give Gabrielle more than what she bargained for.

Admittedly, Gabrielle fell in love with this Oscar and the feeling seemed to have been mutual. They made things official on August 1991. Not too long after that, Gabrielle discovered that she was pregnant. She also began talks of marriage with Oscar. From this point on and during the time that follows, Oscar became more and more distant.

It got to a point where Gabrielle saw Oscar maybe twice a month. Keith would finally be born in 19 May 1992 and Oscar finally came clean to her when she was finally released from the hospital two nights later. No, he wasn't seeing anyone else. She found out that he was a god. A god named Summanus, god of nocturnal lightning. He then told her to take care of him and to never tell him this secret. Summanus then disappeared into the heavens and it left Keith's mother heartbroken, alone, and in despair.

Growing Up

Nevertheless, Keith would grow up to be perfectly normal child. As normal as one could get being raised by a single mother. Keith would grow up to be a very social and somehow charismatic child. He would become friends with many of his peers and had no trouble getting along with most people.

High school would be quite an enjoyable ride for Keith as well at Vincent Massey. He would be well-liked by people there, he would be captain of the Senior Boys' Soccer team, and would be voted Prom King by the student body.

It would also be here where he'd discover his special talents. He was able to create blasts of electricity and raw kinetic energy. He showed his mother once but she freaked out and immediately took Keith to the hospital to have every single test available run on him. The doctors would not find anything wrong. All tests came back normal, DNA tests only proved that he was a normal human being. In the following years, Keith would harness his powers well as they evolved and became more powerful but his mother would seem very disinterested and did not want to see what else he was capable of doing.

He also discovered that injuries heal faster than ever. He noticed scraped knees would heal almost instantly, cuts and bruises would heal noticeably fast, and jumping off hundred feet buildings did not get him hurt. He'd end up fairly sore, however.

To this day, those questions still remain in his mind. He's aware that his mother is hiding something from him but he doesn't like coercing her into telling him because she always seems to feel horrible about it. For now, he is alright with living with the abilities that he has. Other superpowered types have told him that his power seems to be purely magic and he was able to live on that fact despite not knowing where said magic powers came from.

Currently, he is a part-time college student at St. Clair College and a full-time waiter at Villain's Beastro. From time to time, he sneaks inside freight trucks and hops out in Millennium City. He seems to feel quite comfortable around people who have superpowers like he does.


At a first glance, Keith seems friendly, well-poised, and easy-going. Despite not growing up with a father-figure and despite his mother not wanting to ever talk about the past, Keith still grew up to be a happy, normal child. He makes friends quite easily, is fairly likeable, and there's some sort of charismatic air about him.

However, Keith really wants to know about his past. He wants to know who his father is and where he is. Ever since he was able to understand having parents, he has always wanted to know who his father is and what he's like. And quite possibly, have some sort of father-son relationship with him. Little does he know, gods aren't allowed to have any kind of connection to their demigod children. If there's anything that bothers Keith, it is this. Of course, this is not something he tells anyone.

In fact, Keith will always be hesitant about speaking to others about his problems. While he is more than willing to hear someone out about their troubles, Keith never wants to speak to anyone about his. It'll take a lot of trust and convincing for him to even mention it. But anyone close to him will have no trouble telling whether or not something is wrong.


So far, here are the people that he knows, how he gets along with them, and what he thinks of them. Also, you'll find what people think of him.

His Opinions

  • Mach - "I'm not sure how I completely feel about Jesse. Sometimes, I'm completely okay with him despite his shortcomings and other times, I'm disappointed. I guess I just think that he's abusing his powers just a bit. Going to the past to see what happened to someone? I think that's cheating."
  • Orion - "I was once told that Skyler was interested in Jesse because he gave his number to Jesse if he wanted to practice his social skills. Then, I later see him getting touchy-feely with some twelve year-old looking dude. On top of that, his own social skills are a bit lackluster. But what really set me off is that his type of guy depends on his mood. Yeah, not gonna touch that with a ten-foot pole."
  • Huntsman - "I should have seen this coming. But am I the only one who's not trying to get into Jesse's pants? For as socially restarted as Jesse is, he sure seems to have a lot of admirers. But anyway, I feel stupid for not seeing Taylor being into Jesse. I don't know how I feel about Taylor, but he seems nice enough. There is... something about him, though. I can't pin-point it. Like, it seems like he's familiar. It's hard to explain."
  • Divested - "A guy from Texas who speaks kind of funny and strips for a living while trying to get a teaching degree. That in itself already sounds convoluted. I worry that word will get out that a former teacher used to strip, then he'll be stripped of his teaching license. He seems interested in me, but... he strips. Red flags here, but he's really intelligent. Which contrasts the others I've met in Millennium City so far."

Their Opinions

Other Facts