K'k the Hunter

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K'k the Hunter
Player: @Arkeyark
There must always be a hunter. There must always be the prey.
Class Focus: Extraterrestrial Hunter
Power Level: High
Research & Development: Armaments
Personal Data
Real Name: K'k
Known Aliases: Klick, Hunter, Kork
Species: UNKNOWN.
Ethnicity: Insectoid
Age: Approx. 8 to 12
Height: Approx. 1m
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Red, {augmented}
Hair Color: Antennae , black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Ulari
Occupation: Extraterrestrial Foe Retrieval Unit.
Place of Birth: The Inner Hive {#51,122,100}
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Millions of siblings, Kar'a (Mother {Hive Queen})
Known Powers
Ultrasonic emitions, increased relexes, increased cybernetic prowess, technomancy.
Known Abilities
Use of built-in claw-like weaponary and melee combat, resistant to bullets {Outer flesh is extraordinarily hard}.
Cybernetic arm and leg {Both left}, dual claw weaponary {Laser, Energy based}, an assortment of 'hunting' gear {Mostly un-orthadox and painful}.
Strangely open and approachable, though he is usually very cought up in reflecting on his actions. May be a tad obscessed with his own job.

K'k the Hunter

((WARNING: Some of these entries contain mildly mature content. This includes describing things of violent, gory and sexual nature.))

Entry Note #29

((The following information is PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE and IN CHARACTER. Please note it is in the first person.))

!!Bzzzzzzt!! Greetings, Champion of Earth. You have chosen to read my own personal retelling of how I arrived upon your world and how I recieved my current duties. Your reasons for doing this are your own, weither they are to learn more about my race, otherworldly sociaties or, deities forbid, hunt me down yourself.

The first thing to make very clear is that my race is a bit more...different then most other 'insectoid' races, as many of you put it. Our sociaty IS based on a hive mentality. We have a Queen whom is our "mother" of sorts, we all respect and honor her for creating us, and in turn she keeps us organized and keeps us safe. Believe it or not, over the centuries we have become very social insects. Our technology has advanced even beyond YOUR standards. But hardly. The cybernetic limbs you see upon me within my profile's picture, is a byproduct of such technology. But I will get into that story later. For now know that I am not like many of my kind. For one, my form is very dark. This is not uncommon, but it is certaintly uncommon for a simple collector. My hide, as I noticed, was far harder then the rest of my kind, my strenght was far beyond them. I could easily lift many times my own weight. I learned how to use advanced melee weaponary, standard pistols and plasma weaponary, along with our own local creations: Warp-coalition drives, creating a distortion field that grants a colossal increase to speed, yet causes an etheral effect. A tad like a short-range teleportation device.

Wars where not uncommon for us. Either between our own race's factions (Civil Wars where not uncommon, though I have never been in one) or between us and other, lesser races. I was a hunter during this time. I have two duties: To bring down larger creatures threatening settlements (our homeworld had an assortment of colossal beasts) and seek and destroy high ranking individuals during times of war. An assassin of sorts. But for us, "assassins" are not seen as honorable individuals. The thrill of the hunt, openly attacking your foe and bringing a bit of them back as a trophy was seen as a very honorable thing, and shows one's might off. Yes, I dare say, we where a warrior race. A very powerful one at that. Unfortunately; this lead to one of our greatest wars, the last one I ever attended. For it was the one whom I deserted my own race in.

T'kular; multi-legged insectoids. Similar to us in many ways, but far superior in technology. They had invented weaponary that staggered our Highlords and Generals, yet never used them. There need not be any battle, their leader and Queen had surrendered instantly, knowing it would be better to be taken over and submit then to lose many of their own.

Unfortunately I had a very grim task to undertake...

Entry Note #30

((The following information is PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE and IN CHARACTER. Please note it is in the first person.))

The surrendering of the T'kular was not taken very well by our higher-rankers. The Queen made it clear: Surrender itself came with a price. For it was an act of cowardice. I was surprised on that day, by a visit to my quarters. Two lower-ranking hunters informed me that I was chosen to carry out the punishment. I was to infiltrate the T'kular high-hive and eliminate their Queen, leaving a video message upon her corpse for them to find. This did not bode well with me. I did not find it honorable to strike down the leader of a population that could not defend itself properly. Their weaponary was fearsome, but they refused to use them. But, to my Queen? My life was hers. She was everything to me, to all of us.

The day came at last and I was covertly dropped near their capital. It was colossal! A city of shining chrome. Their high-hive was a circular building, colossal in structure, jagged, multiple-wings protruding out of it at random intervals. These wings where no doubt full of guardrooms, nurseries and so on. I had one thing on my side: Due to the nature of the T'kular, the time when all seventeen of their moons are side-by-side was a time of isolation, where the population would keep it's distance from eachother and go into a long silence for at least a few minutes. This would be the perfect time to strike: No guards, no commotion...but I could not make a noise. Something I found particularly hard with two metalic limbs.

I attempted to blend in as well as we could amongst many of the otherwordly visitors on the street. I chose the overused choice of attire - A large brown cloak concealing most of me. Though it was obvious I was an insectoid, it would still be hard to place just where I originate and what my rank was. Eventually, I reached the side of their high-hive. To my relief, I removed the cloak, the heat already getting to me. Their world was uncomfortably humid without having to wear heavy clothing. I took a moment to flex my limbs, calculating how I would climb it. I chose a more stealthy approach, climbing upon the shaded part of the high-hive, using my warper when in more plain view and hiding behind the protruding wings as I climbed. Eventually, I reached the very epicenter. The dome at the very top ; the skylight to the Queens chamber. I slowly pulled it open, opening the latch and poking my head in. Down below, I could see her. Colossal, bloated and multi-limbed. Two long limbs which I suppose you could call 'arms' of sorts. Though they looked more like claws. I could tell from experiance : Her hide was very soft and slick. It would be easy to break it. Just as I activated my energy-claws, I noticed her head slowly raise, gazing up at her for a full moment. Neither of us spoke, both understanding the danger we where in. I cannot say it is easy to admit this. But she was strangely...how can one put it? Cute. Innocent. Like the rest of her kind. I could not imagine why. After years of assassinations and executions, and NOW I was feeling guilt for killing a foe? Perhaps it was because she was defenceless. Though I DID hear someting perculiar. She spoke. But did not move her pincers. She seemed to communicate with me reguardless. She pondered : "Why? We surrendered. We gave into your demands. What more could you want from us?". I felt myself freeze. Partially from just how...surreal that moment was. I had never encountered a being that could use speech-without-words.

I could see many things just by gazing into this queen's eyes. Most prominantly fear and hatred. I could not blame them, this was a rather low blow from us. I could tell by her very movement, that she was about to let loose a sound loud enough to alert the guards. I could not take on an army of royal guardians on my own. More a leap of faith then anything, I sprung off the roof, aiming to land upon her massive form. She only managed to let loose a short burst of her screech before I dug the energy claws into her abdomen, ripping it open. The sound that came out sounded like a pathetic mewling more then anything. Quickly, I finished the job. I threw my head back and finally darted forward, gripping at her upper form. Biting, ripping and tearing right under her head, tasting her flesh and insides and finishing the job. As I quickly lept off, crawling back up the wall towards the skylight, I could not help but feel a bit dirty. Disgusted at myself. I had hoped to make that kill clean and silent. I did not have time to think. I reached into a chink in my carapace, slowly removing the holo-tape and letting it drop onto their queen's mutilated form. I turned and gazed down, noticing the long way down. It was going to be a pain to escape at this angle, especially when they knew of my presance. But I had my methods. I knelt down, readying myself before rushing forward, leaping clear off it. The last sound I heared before that leap; was the horrified, sorrowful screeches emerging from the hive.

Entry Note #31

((The following information is PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE and IN CHARACTER. Please note it is in the first person.))

Many of you might be disgusted by my actions. Disgusted by my entire race and it's ideals. It is sometimes hard to accept how things are. I was not comfortable with what I did, but it was my duty. I was obliged to. Less then an hour from my escape from their high-hive, I was flying back to our planet. Nothing could help make a hasty escape like my Ty'rx Voidcore, a ship designed for two things: Stealth and Speed. It delivered both rather well...mostly my doing. I knew my ship inside and out. It was like my significant other, as are all the gadgets and machines I created. Yes. I did create a few things. The many tools at my disposal today? All my doing. A few hours later, I was approaching our planet. It's crimson, hazey form was a relief to see. What un-nerved me was the blockade right outside of it, comprising of many high-class cruisers and battleships. I could not help but shift uneasily at this. Upon requesting permition to approach...I found out the gravity of my situation.

Until that moment. I always had respect for my kind. I always was willing to serve and kill for my Queen and my siblings. But that was all tarnished upon my request. What met me was the "unfortunate" information that I was now an outlaw and wanted by both the T'kular and my own. There are many rumors and stories about races that are willing to eat their own kind. Both figurativly and literally. I never knew the day would come where I would find myself being used as a bartering tool, an EXCUSE by my own kind. It did not take long to figure out, dear reader. Due to my distinct appearance and skills, I was disowned. The T'kular where told that I was not one of their own, and that I had also stolen their weaponary in an attempted blackmail. Unfortunately, both races agreed and wished to hunt ME down now. By killing me, our Queen would look very noble in their T'kular's eyes, for avenging them. For the T'kular...for my crimes? The very GRIEF the entire race must have felt upon their queen's death was unimaginable. There was no punishment leniant enough for me.

Entry Note #32

((The following information is PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE and IN CHARACTER. Please note it is in the first person.))

I was told that I should skip the entire process of my escape from the blockade, seeing as my companion here said it would be "Far too boring" and that I would "Brag far too much". So I shall skip it.

To make it short: I escaped with my ship mildly damaged, but nothing I could not handle. After the escape, there was little I could do except find the nearest planet, hope that it's inhabitants where not aware of my bounty, and find a trans-galactic transport to somewhere VERY far away. I arrived In Aklori Drakonis. A galaxy not far from yours, Champion. That is...if you are from Earth. I spent a year or so within that galaxy. Working as a bounty-hunter of sorts. A freelance justiciar, bringing the wanted in. Dead or alive. But mostly dead more then alive. Surprisingly I found many of them where willing to come quietly when requested as "Alive". I usually had to drag them back to the respective station from their tails/claws/hair/tentacles/undescribable appendages. Eventually, I felt that things where rather empty there. My impatiance forced me to simply choose one specific planet and stick to it. The planet suggested to me was located far away in a galaxy the inhabitants named "The Milky Way". Which is one question I wish answered. Why name your galaxy that? After a substance excreted from the mammary glands of a group of creatures native to your world.

I arrived upon your planet at a rather delicate time. To be specific; your invasion. I had heared of the Qulaar. Biotechnology was not something that boded well with me. I decided that the best way to deal with your xenophobic species was to aid them first and foremost. I assisted you by, of course, taking down some of the invaders, and rescuing some of your wounded or trapped. Though many ran away screaming from me. And your law enforcement shot at me. I found that most rude. After a while I decided that, well, you where not going to listen to reason during an invasion so I simply surrendered. After being taken in, I managed to convince your authorities that I am no threat, and offered my services. For some reason or another, and after many a discussion, they accepted it. Gladly even.

And that is how my career begun. I have been happy so far, capturing law-breaking and dangerous otherworlders and bringing them in. It takes one to know one ,as you say. Your language was quite simple to learn too, how strange! Ours was very much like yours...written of course. I look forward to meeting more whom share similar interests, and please do not request I join any of your local social networks. They frighten me.

- End -

!!Entry 33!!

New data: Date

((The following information is PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE and IN CHARACTER. Please note it is in the first person.))

((This chapter is also an indepth critique of the character's look on superhero society.))

((WARNING: This chapter contains some mild sexual content))

Greetings once more. For all those have been listening to my musings for the past few entries, welcome back. For all those whom have just skipped here, welcome.

I shall now be telling you all of some of my more recent experiances on Earth. Particularly how I have been coping with separation from the entire 'hive mind'. Now that I work on your world, I have much more time on my hands...surprisingly. I had expected to constantly be at work, hunting down a multitude of invaders. Instead I was met with the reality I never really had to face: I did not know what to do during my free time. I have taken a liking to your drinks, though. Most of them are quiet sweet, and none of your chemicals have ill effects. Well, other then making you all stupider, but that tends to happen. Some of the drinks "heroes" have within their meeting spots and bars seem to be irradiated. Particularly the place known as Club Caprice.

Yes. I too have taken a liking to stopping here. But for all the right reasons.

Reason #1: I find your behavior here very entertaining. Some very, very funny things can be seen within this strange place. I have seen insane metahumans bouncing off walls, some forgetting they have flying powers flopping off ledges and people making absurd assumptions about the fountain and centerpiece.

Reason #2: Surprisingly, there are many other "aliens" within this place. One paritcular would be the Gadroon rebel named "Warpwielder" whom has helped quiet a bit. More then he realises. Many of the people here DO seem offended when I remind them of my duties. And that should they try to endanger this world, I would have to track them down. I understand feeling a bit threatened. That is the point of it. But many of them seem to lash out at me asif I had offended them personally. None of my work is personal, after all.

As yet another note: I find this place so entertaining...I might talk about it even more in this entry! Perhaps even sharing a few stories of my own seeing as you all tend to enjoy them.

This is not simply a very bored insectoid retelling his experiances in one of the many superhero meeting-places...but a critique of your so called "most popular meeting spot". Yes. I have been watching things around this place. It SEVERELY needs an update in security if it is truelly supposed to be the top superhero meeting-spot on Earth. I have seen an assortment of renegades and demonic entities that I would be more likely chasing down to destroy rather then sharing a drink with.

Most of the people here do not respect honor...nor themselves, choosing to do degrading and disgusting acts including a degree of public nudity (I am exempt from this...after all. I am technically wearing a full body suit.) which I am told is an offence on this world. Violence and fighting ( I have seen multiple random power-based battles while taking a drink...it does not help me digest.) , strange otherworldly beings or just...odd humanoids walking about saying non-senscical sentences and acting in a very surreal way, and my biggest pet peeve of all (Yes. I think I am aware most of you KNOW where this is going), the sexual and prude nature of it's inhabitants.

Look. I am not a prude. I do not see anything wrong with a male attempting to court a female by impressing her. I am also not disturbed by the apparent amount of same-sex (in most cases, it is hard to tell seeing as many seem to be able to CHANGE their gender at will) relationships I see. No. I dislike it when humans and humanoid creatures go about doing the innapropriates in public, or being all-out suggestive to strangers. And this is not just reserved to super-heroes. I have seen this sort of action OUTSIDE in your own cities. In multiple places allover your world. I do not quiet understand it myself. Signs of affection? Nothing to be ashamed of! But anything beyond that should be kept out of eyesight. The degree of heavy petting I see going on in this world...I do not want to imagine what they are doing. It poisons the mind, this constant sexual mentality, a planet with it's populaton obsessed with sex and violence. Yet a near similar majority seem completely AGAINST it to the point that they seek the slightest flaw to exploit.

And, while we are on the topic of obssession. Let me say something: Humans need to learn to SHARE. I have heared of your greed, even watched it happen sometimes. I understand the conscept of war to conquer because it is in one's blood, or to assert one's dominance. But I have seen blatent attacks and murders happen simply to collect currency. I do understand what it means to be poor. I know what it means to have to earn your living. But I do not see a reason why you must resort to ending the life of a potential worker simply to facilitate a small amount of currency. I have heared it has happened on a LARGER rate where your kind has nearly committed genocide simply to attain 'perfection'. If you cannot create a sence of unity within your race, I do not see how you can balance things out.

Yet another thing. Humans seem to differ. Yes, they are all different from one another in many, many, many ways. They all have different ideals and knowledge on what is right and wrong. Something I have to admit: My kind lacked. We all thought the same. All where thought the same and in the end we had a preset destiny. I suppose I was a prodigy of sorts. One in billions. Perhaps there where more , and they where also crushed. Perhaps our Queen did not WANT there to be beings with unique minds.

But, yes. On with my talk of your super-hero meeting places.

As I said at the beginning of this log, I have found your drinks very, very good. I do not seem to be under the same effect of it. Perhaps a chemical cancellation...Well. One thing that does get to me is your food. For some reason, most of it seems impossible for me to handle. More then once did I have to rush to your rest-rooms (Which I do not know why you call rest-rooms. I do not see anyone asleep in your toilets.) and spend my day there. You all seem to be VERY shocked to see a colossal insectoid exiting your stalls.

Ah...yes...*click* I think I will bring up a previous topic reguarding the sexual nature of humans...

I shall put this very bluntly. This is reguarding how humans interact with certain other creatures. Specifically some mutants, hybrids and even otherworldly creatures. Yes. I am speaking of their tendancy to have romantic and/or sexual involvement in them. Let us make ONE thing clear; I have nothing against bi-racial relationships, nor "quickies" as many of you call them. But I think some of you take it a bit too far. Some things do not really make sence to me. For example; there seems to be a large sexual obsession with mating with humanoid hybrids. Specifically manimal hybrids. I myself, consider this exploitation. From my studies, they are creatures that where once normal animals until they where given intelligence and a more humanoid appearance. But as far as I know, their instinct still exists. Some of them might find it hard to refuse and otherwise are not respaunsible for their addiction to sex.

That is, most of them. Alot of others (and I see this very commonly not only with human/animal hybrids, but mostly with humans and extraterrestrials.) seem to go out of their way to seduce anything that moves and usually have graphic sexual experiances with them...usually in PUBLIC. Yet another pet peeve of mine. *Hiss*I can ASSURE you that I do not take pleasure going about places to find a canine hybrid being fondled in public by their partener. Nor do I really take an enjoyment to female Alien going around bare, and contridicting others by groping herself in public. Just this week I have had to detain twenty subjects for public masterbation and attempting to force themselves on another. Such things have to be kept under control if things are to get a little bit more controlled.

I will never quiet understand such things. The way males boast about the size of their mating organs or the fact that many females that are taken aback by so called 'public nudity' (that I assume is showing sexual parts in public) yet wear clothing that seems to show more then it hides. Why so intent on showing off what they have? I could understand if it was to attract a male but with the current competition it sort of KILLS the need of a public-nudity law.

Speaking of which, I have also noticed a certain law reguarding the AGE require to drink beverages containing a substance called "Ethenol". I do not quiet understand it myself ; seeing that I would be too young to drink such drinks if I where to fully follow Earth laws. For a law that is being enforced and campained HEAVILY by humans...it sure is broken very often. I have seen it happening allover this town. Most embarassingly: In Millenium City's own so called "Top Meeting Spot", and the "Head of Dragon Pub" in a place known as the "UK", which is a popular destination spot for many Eastern World heroes. More often then not I see 'heroes-in-training' and minors taking quiet a few of these beverages. This goes with many other so called 'minor' laws that while being hyped and campained on, are mutually IGNORED when broken.


((This section is semi-OOC. Your character might not know these unless he has made presonal or mental contact with him.))

K'k is...

...reguardless of his violent history and assignments, he is relatively reflective and accepting of others, always curious and wishing to know more.

...very cautious of what he eats, due to his sensative digestive system.

...a heavy drinker, surprisingly.

...very fond of ripping and biting his foes.

...known to show affection by using a tongue-like organ within his maw.

...partial to cleaning and tending to his metalic limbs.

...has a sensative underbelly. It is not only the softest part of his hide, but his most ticklish and calming spot.

RP Hooks

He is well known amongst authorities and factions dealing with extraterrestrial activities.

PRIMUS is keeping a close eye on him during his stay, and wishes for others to question him.

Any extraterrestrial appearances or landings in the last three years where probably visited upon by him. If benevolent, your character could have been greeted by him.

If you wish to be involved in this character's story and/or visa-versa, please PM me in-game!