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Justin Michael Zakat
Player: @Aukuse
[[Image:Justin zackat by soulstarisborn-d4n7px7.jpg|300px|]]
Biographical Data
Real Name: Justin Michael Zakat
Known Aliases: The Outcast Resurrection, Shadowhand
Gender: Male
Species: Altered Human
Ethnicity: Canadian American
Place of Birth: Laval, Quebec, Canada
Base of Operations: Pocket Dimension
Relatives: Son: Carth. Brother: Jakob
Age: 57 (31 in body)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165 Pounds
Eyes: Right Brown, Left Blue
Hair: Chocolate Brown
Complexion: Rough, fair skin
Physical Build: Lithe
Physical Features: Large Muttonchops, Complete Heterochromia
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 8-9 Years Publicly
Citizenship: Canada, United States of America
Occupation: Ravenswood Academy: Teacher of the Arcane Arts
Education: High school Diploma, Honorary Degree in Arcane Arts
Marital Status: Widower
Known Powers and Abilities
Chaos Manipulation, Energy Absorption (Weak) Arcane Sorcery
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Prosthetic Right Hand and Forearm, Powered Armor, Portal Opener
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada
The gay, shadow throwing, inter dimensional professor


Born on January 31st, 1964 in the large Canadian city of Laval, Justin Michael Zakat grew up with everything he needed. Martial training, plenty of money, cars, and a local police force just begging to be bribed, Justin had it very easy. But this ease grew a sense of invincibility. Pride grew to hubris when he graduated high school and enlisted with the Hunter-Patriots. Justin flourished under them, being pretty much the perfect soldier. Acing all his training tests, Justin was promoted almost bi-weekly thanks to his amazing records and accuracy. Justin met various metahuman heroes on the snowy fields of Canada, and he was one of few to walk away uncaptured, thanks to a miraculous level of luck. Many credited his success to an un-tapped metahuman gene that gave him supreme hand-eye co-ordination and reflexes, but Justin never got to see if the rumors were true or not. Justin stood strong with his Canadian terrorist friends until he reached the age of 31, when another villainous group put their eye on him.

Project Resurrection and VIPER

VIPER and the Hunter-Patriots were the same side of the same coin in the same area, so occasional cooperation wasn't too unheard of, so when VIPER needed expert soldiers to bring into their fold, they may have stopped by into various criminal rings to see their best. Justin was the best, at the time, and he fit the bill for what the snake eyed super-criminals desired. Justin didn't quite get what he expected however. Saying farewell to his loyal terrorist friends and departing for a secret VIPER Nest in northern Canada, Justin expected to receive expert training and begin his new life as a VIPER soldier. This didn't happen. Instead of being greeted by a new trainer and training buddies, he was greeted by scientists and doctors. They had a different idea for Justin. Project Resurrection. Initially started as a process to bring recently deceased soldiers back onto the battlefield, the project was an advanced operation where a subject's brain, stomach, lungs, kidneys, liver, heart, bladder, and intestines were removed (OR replaced, if the wounded soldier's organs could not be retrieved, or were beyond repair) and inserted into a very advanced robotic suit, connecting their brains in as the robot's CPU, with several minor CPUs assisting the brain. Justin was to be their control, before the project could start. Justin was hesitant at first, but the idea that he could become a robot, and ensure a free Canada for all future Canadians is what drove him to accept the terms. Using stolen ARGENT robotics, the scientists and engineers of the Nest worked day in and day out to prepare for this extremely invasive procedure. It was a cold winter morning, in 1995, that Justin rose again.

The robot body rose, and his first question, was "Who am I". VIPER, having not desired to assist the Hunter-Patriots in their goals, had wiped Justin's memories entirely, to ensure their new robotic soldier would obey them, and no one else. Justin was gone, this was "Outcast" Resurrection, unit 00. Justin was chosen as the first in the line of Resurrection targets, becoming unit 00 due to his nature as the control, using a person fully willing for the process prior to it to see how it worked on him. Deleting Justin's memories, however, had an accidental side effect: They also deleted his willingness for the project. He had not even had his weaponry fully installed on his body by the time he broke out, using a VIPER bomb to blow a hole through the base's outer wall and run for it.

With Outcast Resurrection's first words, the rest of the project went underway. Units 01 through 04, pre-prepared for the procedure underwent full induction and Resurrection. Eight total Resurrections are known to exist, all but two are either KIA or missing. Arcana, Young, and Feral were the first batch, but when Feral went insane, the rest were sent after him. None returned, all of them dropping off the map. The next batch included Shadow, Relentless, and Metsuke, and these three served loyally until Relentless turned the other two against VIPER and broke out of containment, disappearing into the forests of Canada. With the ultimate failure of the last batches, the last batch planned was cut from 3 to only 2 subjects: Adamant and Perfect. No data can be acrued of the wereabouts of Perfect, however Adamant followed in Justin's footsteps, breaking out of his Nest and finding PRIMUS, after digging out and decrypting a file on the past failed Resurrection subjects.

Finding PRIMUS

Outcast Resurrection wandered the frozen Canadian wilderness for days, lost and unsure of who he was or why he existed in the first place. Eventually, he was found by Justiciar. Still sporting VIPER logos and armor plating, Justiciar and Rez fought, though Justiciar made quick work of the confused and unarmed cyborg. Upon being taken into custody by PRIMUS, they discovered that he knew as much as them. He explained what he did remember and PRIMUS rapidly began to understand what was going on. With an amnesiac VIPER superweapon wanting to turn his ways, PRIMUS transported Rez to the UNTIL headquarters in Millenium City to the south, allowing Rez to recouperate and figure out what he wanted to do from here. It only took three hours of thinking for Rez to decide on his next step. He wanted VIPER to end. In his robotic eyes, VIPER was kidnapping innocent civilians and using their organs inside of these robot bodies, he couldn't remember how he wanted this. And so, he stood with UNTIL, and then PRIMUS, in Michigan, Nevada, and Canada, in operations primarily fighting VIPER back wherever they popped up. He had fought for about two years until he had a chance encounter with a red armored Metahuman, Vuldroid, and his cadre of heroes. Vuldroid wanted to recruit Rez, due to Rez's cyborg nature making him a great fit for a super team's tech expert. Rez, however, didn't want to give up his self titled Crusade against VIPER. He had another idea.

Standing with the Vindicators

After turning down Vuldroid's offer, Rez thought on the concept of a super-team, and recognized how useful one would be in his efforts against VIPER. A team, that could split up and fight multiple VIPER bases, or one base from many fronts. And so, in the summer of 2011, Rez began his search. Vampire swordsman Jade Hazard, the ancient blood mage Adam Wake, the clone soldier Rachel N.7, the lightning based Bolt, the werewolf gunslinger Wergun, and various others were hand picked into Rez's group. Dubbing it "The Vindicators" Rez used this group of his to fight VIPER wherever it may slither. Together, they fought across the world in their efforts, not just against VIPER but rooting out and solving issues started by ARGENT, and PSI, and even an alien invasion.

Project's End

Roughly half a year into the group's inception, an anomaly appeared. Another of Project Resurrection came forward seeking asylum. (Will do this more later)

Chaos in Qliphoth

A simple operation that turned sour, Rez and the team uncovered a portal while fighting VIPER in downtown Millenium City. Jumping in, the team learned they were stranded, with the portal sealing behind them. Forced to traverse this hellscape of entropy and chaos, the team did their best to keep their wits. This realm, however, tampered with Rez's robotic body, suffering various malfunctions and system failures. As the team found a corrupted tower, possibly a source for some kind of gateway home, the team was forced to leave Rez behind, so they could hurry and find a way home and all return together. While sitting, alone in the wasteland that was Qliphoth, Rez encountered a beast of the realm, a memory eater. With no weapons or communication systems, Rez accepted his fate... but fate had another plan for him. The memory eater bit off more then he could chew, and instead of the monster devouring the memories, Rez's willpower overtook it. As the memory eater's entire mind was taken over by Rez's, both of the bodies were pushed into unconciousness. With his robot body falling lifeless and forgotten, Rez's new body formed itself into a form fitting Rez's deepest recollection of himself, a deep self image that had yet to be erased, a human male, the man he used to be. After much confusion, the group returned and accepted the man as Rez, despite being unable to find the body. Together, they all departed Qliphoth, and after much study and testing, Rez was proven to be the real deal, but... different. His body was made of solid chaos, and he could pull power directly from Qliphoth to empower himself.


  • Energy Faucet: Has no natural chaos energy, must pull it out of another dimension by pulling it from other dimensions and into his body, clouding himself in power. This cloud is his entire power pool, it fades as he expends it
    • Energy cloud can absorb non-chaos dimensional energies directed at him, however it may still do it's damage before being absorbed
  • Dimensional Control: Can open portals to chaos energy rich dimensions and areas without needing any kind of magical assistance due to affinity. Can pull energy and sometimes objects from realms. Can open portals to other locations and dimensions but only through magical assistance
    • Has the ability to create pocket dimensions, though the amount of energy needed requires Justin to be inside of a either a source of chaos energy, or a realm with abundant residual chaos energy.
  • Chaos Enforcement: Can reinforce his body and mind with the energies he uses, granting obscenely fast regeneration and heightened strength.
  • Arcane Magic: Has a decent know how with the Arcane school of magic, using his chaos energy as a source for the normally neutral magics. Can preform a large variety of spells, and can learn new ones, so long as it isn't elemental.


  • Has professional level knowledge of MMA, Kickboxing, and greco-roman wrestling
  • Has high level knowledge of advanced armor tech and advanced armor forging. Knows how to work with nanobots and nanite based armor.
  • Can pilot a wide variety of military aerial vehicles.

From the Desk of Dr. Ossipov

  • Unit 00: Outcast
    • Test Goal: Control of the group
    • Aspect: Adaptation, body equiped with advanced adaptation drive
    • Subject Basis: Resurrection, Voulenteered. No alteration
    • Status: Defective, Alligned with UNTIL
    • Orders: Disable and Retrieve
    • Original Name: Justin Michael Zakat
  • Unit 01: Arcana
    • Test Goal: Can a white mage be Resurrected?
    • Aspect: Holy Magic
    • Subject Basis: Resurrection, Tricked into Participation
    • Status: Defective, KIA
    • Orders: Retrieve Husk
    • Original Name: Caitria O'Finnigan
  • Unit 02: Young
    • Test Goal: Can a young mind be used for Resurrection?
    • Aspect: Shapeshifting, body equipped with holo-disguise system
    • Subject Basis: Resurrection, Taken Forcibly
    • Status: Defective, KIA
    • Orders: Retrieve Husk
    • Original Name: Yi Kes Park
  • Unit 03: Feral
    • Test Goal: Can a manimal be used for Resurrection?
    • Aspect: Bestial, body adapted with claws and fur
    • Subject Basis: Resurrection, Taken Forcibly
    • Status: KIA
    • Orders: Retrieve Husk
    • Original Name: Unknown
  • Unit 04: Shadow
    • Test Goal: Can an ancient demon be used for Resurrection?
    • Aspect: Demonic Sorcery
    • Subject Basis: Resurrection, Agreed to Resurrection
    • Status: KIA
    • Orders: Retrieve Husk, Discover Cause of Termination
    • Original Name: Lord Ba'srito
  • Unit 05: Relentless
    • Test Goal: Can a great VIPER leader keep leading after death?
    • Aspect: Control, equipped with a vast neural sync to command anywhere
    • Subject Basis: Non-standard Resurrection, no mind wiping utilized
    • Status: MIA
    • Orders: Retrieve and Debrief
    • Original Name: -Classified-
  • Unit 06: Metsuke
    • Test Goal: Can a great warrior retain his skill after Resurrection?
    • Aspect: Skill with Dual Blades and Various Jutsu
    • Subject Basis: Resurrection, Voulenteered
    • Status: KIA
    • Orders: Retrieve Husk
    • Original Name: Ken'Ichi Matsuo
  • Unit 07: Adamant
    • Test Goal: None, Subject Chosen for skill in Engineering
    • Aspect: Engineering
    • Subject Basis: Resurrection, Taken Forcibly
    • Status: Defective, Aligned with UNTIL
    • Orders: Disable and Retrieve
    • Original Name: Alekesy Heimswell
  • Unit 08: Perfect
    • Test Goal: Solve all previous failures. Create a perfect subject
    • Aspect: Everything, using all available residual technology to create a guaranteed success
    • Subject Basis: Non-standard Resurrection, no brain installed, swapped with computerized synth-brain
    • Status: Unknown
    • Orders: Locate, Retrieve, Debrief if applicable
    • Original Name: Unknown