Justice's Shield

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Justice's Shield
Player: LordWisp
Biographical Data
Real Name: Raymond Waters
Known Aliases: Justice's Shield, Justice Boy (Old)
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Ethnicity: Half Hispanic American
Place of Birth: Northern Idaho
Base of Operations:
Relatives: Mother, Father, Wife, Kid (Last two are complicated)
Age: 23
Height: 6'1
Weight: 200
Eyes: Green
Hair: Sandy Blonde
Complexion: Tan
Physical Build: Acrobatic
Physical Features:
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: Eight
Citizenship: US citizen
Occupation: Mind your own Business
Education: A couple Two year degrees
Marital Status: Married
Known Powers and Abilities
General Super solider package, Speed
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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"This just in, Local Hero Justice Boy today lead Police forces in perhaps one of the largest raids against the heavy drug traffickers of the north west. A potentially dangerous fire fight was disarmed by Justice's Boy's speed, and selfless charge, more news on the story at Eleven." Local News update, Fox Local affiliate of the north west states.


Having been born in the North West, far from California, or major hubs of activity meant that even super villains weren't interested in the area, for lack of capital to be weaponized. While he had powers, he never had much of a call to use them, till Middle School. Just Because Super villains, ignored the desolate expanse of lands and farms, doesn't mean that conventional villains did, Drug running and meth rings were rampart, a fact made all to close to home when one of Ray's middle school friend's older brother was heavily addicted to the substance, and had a particular horrible episode. The sight shocked the young child, that promptly wanted to stop the bad guys making his friend's family hurt like that. With the name given to him of "Justice Boy" He took to the streets. And the Rest is history.

Along the way, having found the center of the drug ring, a University Teacher in the nearest largest city, a Medical licensed practitioner, with a Chemical Masters afterwards. Ray, managed to catch him, and lock him away. After the point, with Crime having slowed to simple robberies, his family felt it might be best to send him to the big city, where he was needed more.


Ray's parents are a Retired PRIMUS veteran turned small town detective, and the nurse that nursed him back to health, after the Father lost his leg to a VIPER attack. His father having been injured in that grey Area Post Destroyer's Attack on Detroit, while UNTIL was playing dirty politics to get PRIMUS's funding cut let right and center, to get their own power in the US, meant that Ray's father and his lost leg were a low priority, while he did get a cybernetic replacement, it was a clunky, but cheap civilian model meaning he couldn't keep to his job in PRIMUS. Having fallen in love with his nurse, PRIMUS felt the best they could do for an injured service man was a referral to work in Police sectors, that weren't quite as demanding. And as such the family ended up in the rural north west.


The Doctor

The "Doc" Was the leader of the back bone of the hard narcotic ring that plagued the American north west, and the Canadian north western territories. The Doctor was a teacher at an Ivy league school in the region, he made six figures, then what he made ontop of his work with drugs in secret., along with being a consultant to child pediatric surgeries, he was a well respected, and idolized man in the community. At least that was, till as the Doctor calls ray "The Little Fag" ruined his life. Ray had worked his way up and through the Doctor's men, till he tailed one to the Doctor, Body Camera footage lead to the Doctor's life falling apart, and ended up in Maximum Security Prison... and there he stewed, till he was sprung during a super villain's antics, and now he plots his revenge.

The Demented Corpse Boris

It just so happened, when Ray's father thought he had a small town trouble, of murders, and drug related attacks, a Super Powered Serial Killer started the plaguing the area. Ray's father, did what he could with his small town police force to handle it. Again, being still Post Detroit Area, with UNTIL undercutting PRIMUS at every turn, they were too busy being blasted by UNTIL to respond, and UNTIL was too busy playing Politics to gain power to care. Leaving it to Ray's Father, and the small town police to deal with the super human killer. For several weeks they pulled their hair out, but managed to build a profile, a super humans that powers seemed to rise with the night, and fall with the day. Teleportation, regeneration, and some modest super strength. The Killer having donned a Bob Cat mask, acted with a methodical pattern of a man that fancied himself a famous serial killer, like Jack the Ripper. Well Ray's father was an exceptional PRIMUS officer, and was able to rally the local police and Sheriffs of near by counties. They tracked the killer to one "Boris Bolvekia" a eastern European immigrant that ran a car repair shop in town. Having learned his powers were weakier in the day, Ray's father lead the police for a silent approach at Midday on one bright sunny day. The Police, and Swat descended on the building, Even With Boris being weaker in the day, he was still a meta human in an Area too remote to even have a MARS. The chase ended with Boris and Ray's father in the alley three shops down from his shop. A confrontation between Ray's Father and the Killer lead to Boris's death, the last images in the man's eyes, as Ray's father went to give him two last shots, to kill the Killer before he regened and attacked again. Was the PRIMUS agent turned detective standing over him with a gun. And So boris was killed, the body watched to make sure the regenerator was actually dead... and so he was buried. And So he sat for some Sixteen years a rotting corpse, till Takofane's first "Blood moon" rose, and the corpse answered the foul moon's call. And So Boris rose from the dead, the Methodical serial killer, had clearly devolved, his corpse, having rotted, and turned into a regenerating corpse, driven by a primal need for revenge on the man that killed him, and his family, with a sub desire to kill, and maim.









"I hear the clones are kind of hot, so it might not be so bad. But they'd drive you insane." -Duck Vermillion
"Be much easier if they expended already... Now, can you get out of my fucking way so I can get this woman and her child off the FUCKING STREET AND AWAY FROM THE DAMN MEDIA GHOULS YOU GLORY HOGGING NEANDEERTHAL?! Please?" -Local Emergency Responder

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