Jovian Knight

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Jovian Knight
Player: @BlackWolfe042
Jovian Knight 2.jpg
"This image will not be viewed by my progenitor, will it?"
Character Build
Class Focus: DPS (Devastator)
Power Level: 15
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Kelaah Tirivoi
Known Aliases: Princess Tirivoi, Secunda Tirivoi
Gender: Female
Species: Jovian
Ethnicity: Europan
Place of Birth: Telearcu, Europa
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Kelaah Kevoi (Europa Primus), 48 siblings, 713 close relatives (none on Earth)
Age: 16 (Terran Equivalent)
Height: 7'3"
Weight: 817 lbs.
Eyes: Lavender (faintly glowing)
Hair: Red/Orange
Complexion: Purple, near-metallic
Physical Build: Heavily Muscled
Physical Features: In addition to her already distinctive appearance, Tirivoi has the Kelaah House mark tattooed over her right eye.
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Neutral Good

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Identity: Public
Years Active: less than 1
Citizenship: Europan dignitary, attached to the Europan Embassy. Legal alien with diplomatic immunity.
Occupation: High School Student, Heiress to Europan Throne (37th in line), Kelaah House Champion
Education: Basic Europan education (equivalent to up to one semester in a Terran university)
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Super Strength, Dense Muscle/Skin (limited invulnerability)
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Kelaahnaru (Kelaah House's Champion's Blade), Portable Datacomm, Jetpack
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HERO System character sheet

Kelaah Tirivoi (her House name, similar to a Terran family name, comes first) is the House Champion for Europa's House Kelaah -- it is her responsibility to meet all challenges to the House's authority. As her House is the current ruling house of Europa, this is a grave responsibility. She has been sent to Terra to learn more about other inhabitants of the Solar System, which her Progenitor, the current Europa Primus, considers a Europan Protectorate.

While on Terra, her responsibility is to learn how humans interact socially. As such, the Europan Ambassador to Earth has enrolled her in Westside High so that she can be with her age group. Despite her higher level of education, she is, at 1.4 Jovian years of age (roughly 16 in Terran years) considered quite young to be given her level of responsibility. Her physical prowess -- though average-sized for a Jovian female of her age, she is a good deal stronger, and has had intensive combat training from a very young age -- has so far kept people from raising too much of a fuss about her young age, but it is counterbalanced by her impetuous nature.

Physical Appearance

To humans, Tirivoi appears to be a massive, powerfully muscled adult female of her species. Her purple skin has an almost metallic sheen to it due to the chromium content of the Jovian equivalent of Keratin. Her lack of a nose does not indicate a lack of olfactory senses, as her species has their olfactory organ in the roof of their mouth. This similarity to Terran serpents continues as far as the forked tongue and tongue-flicking mannerism Jovians share with snakes to scent their evironment.

To Jovian eyes (of which there are few to make the observation), Tirivoi is clearly in what could be referred to as her "first puberty". She is, while not tall for her age, definitely large, being more heavily muscled than many fully-adult Jovians. The jetpack she wears on her armor is something of a stigma identifying her as being a child -- she has yet to develop the fins that adult Jovians use to fly without external assistance.

Powers, Equipment, and Abilities


Tirivoi is strong even for a Jovian, able to dead-lift in excess of thirty tons in Earth-normal gravity. In addition, her skin is not only thicker and denser than a Terran's, but contains Chromium in its composition, making it more resistant to damage than the thickest-skinned pachyderms.

Though capable of breathing Earth's atmosphere, any kind of heavy exertion (by Jovian standards) requires her to use her atmospheric condenser, a breathing apparatus that compresses air to an equivalent of five atmospheres' depth.


  • Tirivoi is a fairly skilled linguist, near-fluent in English. She does occasionally rely on her datacomm for clarification on some words, but rarely has to look up a word more than once.
  • From a young age, Tirivoi was trained in both armed and unarmed melee combat, including combat with a greatsword (such as Kelaahnaru). It is clear from those who know Jovian culture that she was groomed nearly from birth to become House Champion.


The Champion of the House Primus of All Houses gets nothing but the best. Below are listed some of the tools she has at her disposal. They can be considered to be on her person at all times, thanks to the features of her Datacomm.

Kelaah House Armor

Tirivoi's body armor is highly resistant to physical attacks, but is not designed with energy weapons in mind, as Jovians do not have energy weapon technology. The metal comprising her armor is strong, flexible, and, despite the aforementioned caveat regarding energy weapons, its high albedo gives her some protection against light-based weaponry such as lasers.


Kelaahnaru, the blade traditionally used by the House Champion of House Kelaah, is made of a metal called Enmyuan. While Tirivoi has resisted attempts to analyze the material, it is speculated to be an alloy of iron, neutronium, and carbon. In Earth gravity, Kelaahnaru weighs in excess of 1500 lbs. The blade is traditionally kept sharper on one side than the other, allowing the House Champion an array of options for attack ranging from striking with the flat of the blade for stunning blows, the dull edge for more severe damage, or the sharp edge for situations that the Champion judges call for a permanent solution.

Wrist Datacomm

The Datacomm Tirinoi wears on her left forearm at all times is one of the most powerful computers produced on the Jovian satellites. Its features include (but are not limited to):

  • Adaptive Translation - In addition to calling upon a substantial linguistic database, the translation software in the Datacomm uses heuristic analysis of auditory and visual input to expand its dictionaries constantly. It is capable of distinguishing between dialects of known languages, and, given a large enough sample, generating dictionaries for new languages it is exposed to. It does not act as a universal translator, however, and can only add word definitions via context. Sometimes it guesses wrong. (Note that this translation is displayed on the datacomm's display unit, and that when Tirivoi appears to be speaking English, it's because she is.)
  • Recording - The Datacomm is capable of audiovisual recording, and in fact constantly keeps a buffer of about two minutes in length. This allows Tirivoi to retroactively decide to record a conversation, so long as what she wants to record began within the last two minutes.
  • Radio Communications - The Datacomm can broadcast and receive radio signals, allowing access to police band, commercial, and satellite radio broadcasts, as well as two-way communication.
  • Internet Access - Tirivoi can connect to wireless networks within an absolutely staggering range.
  • Matter Storage Unit - Tirivoi's Datacomm is capable of storing any inanimate object in what amounts to a pocket dimension through manipulation of quantum foam. This feature can be triggered verbally, manually, or with a gesture - the act of drawing Kelaahnaru causes the blade to appear in her hand due to a preprogrammed gesture.
  • Quantum Entanglement Communication - A low-bandwidth, highly compressed, audio-only communication protocol that allows instant communication with a linked comm unit anywhere in the universe. The Datacomm has particles linked in quantum pairs with communicators belonging to each member of the Embassy staff, as well as fixed-location communicators in both the Embassy and in House Kelaah itself. It also has particles linked with communicators in storage in both locations. All of the communicators in question are similarly linked with each other. The number of communicators in existence is highly classified. Tirivoi is cleared for the knowledge, but never cared enough to ask.


Jovian Society

Life on Jupiter (and its moons)

Jovian Knight's history begins millenia before her birth, when the Jovian people emigrated from the storm-ravaged, cloud-obscured surface of what Terrans believe to be a gas giant to its many satellites. Despite the drastic shift in gravity, the Jovians managed to maintain their bone density and muscle mass through the use of artificial gravity fields.

They began systematic colonization of the interiors of their adopted worlds, and eventually moved their entire race from the surface of Jupiter to the Jovian satellites for reasons now lost in the mires of history. By virtue of its vast (though ice-covered) oceans, which could be used to farm massive sea-animals for food purposes, Europa (known to the Jovians as Oaleku) became the capitol and center of Jovian culture.

The Jovian government resembles an Imperial Republic, with elements of Feudalism. The society is divided into several Houses, of which the current House Primus is Kelaah. Each House has a Primus and a Champion, but within the Houses, each House can differ drastically as to structure and customs.

Feaco Seunkyuemc and the Trial by Champion System

Decisions within a House are made by the House Primus. Different Houses have different means to determine Primus, but the most common is Primogeniture (House Kelaah is a Primogeniture House). Some place a gender restriction on who can be Primus, and some do not (House Kelaah does not). The other major role within a House, the Feaco Seunkyuemc (House Champion), acts as head of the House's law enforcement (if not the entirety of it).

Decisions on a governmental level are handled by a council of House Primi, with the Jovian Primus (currently Kelaah Primus) having the ability to unilaterally veto decisions he (or she, there have been Jovian Primae as well as Primi) feels do not serve the interests of the Jovian people as a whole. The Primi debate these issues until all but two alternative solutions are eliminated. Generally, the two solutions are negligibly different from each other at this point. After that, the two positions are championed by the Houses most vocally supportive of them, and the House Champions are called upon to determine which solution is to be implemented via trial by combat.

This system serves several purposes:

  • Once the Trial by Champion stage of the decision-making process has been reached, the Primi have essentially already reached a consensus.
  • Debate in the elimination process can get heated, and the duel between Champions is used as an outlet for these emotions.
  • As a House Champion can refuse to participate in a duel, forcing their Primus to either concede or take up arms themselves, this ensures that the Primi only fight for causes they are willing to literally fight for.

These fights are also a form of entertainment for the Jovian people as a whole, regardless of social status. Champions, being among the more aggressive members of their race, are highly competitive, and this gives them a reason to face each other in combat without resorting to back-alley brawls. The rest of the Jovian people often bet on the outcome of the duels, which take place regularly.

Technology and Society

Jovian technology is in many regards well in advance of Terran technology. Computers the size of smart-phones have processing power that major think-tanks such as Triskelion Dynamics have only begun to approach. The most notable advances, however are in medicine: Nanotechnology has bolstered the Jovian immune system to the degree that most Jovians have taken the lack of disease and rapid recovery from injuries for granted. Artificial incubators called agolyu (literally "uteri") have become so widespread that the thought of a female carrying a child past the equivalent of what Terrans would consider the first trimester is completely alien to them.

The areas where Jovian technology is vastly outstripped by Terrans are, oddly, space travel and weapons technology. Once the satellites were colonized and Jovian society moved there, their space program stagnated entirely. As their entire race is concealed from outside observation due to living belowground (or, in the case of Europa, in domed underwater cities below the ice) they have escaped notice from extrasystemic races that have interacted with Earth. The prevalence of satellite-to-satellite travel has made space travel safe and routine for Jovians, but the idea of going to other worlds in the Solar System simply didn't appeal to them until the Qularr invasion of Earth in 2009.

Regarding weapons technology, the Jovians, living in enclosed environments, have relied almost exclusively on melee weapons. Slugthrower technology exists, but the enclosed environments preclude the use of armor piercing, explosive, or high-velocity ammunition. Energy weapons are entirely unheard of, despite the presence of medical and industrial lasers.

Jovian society is, on the surface, nearly idyllic. Technology provides for a great deal of society's needs, and those who maintain the technology are, if not revered, at least highly respected for their skills. As such, the Jovian education system is highly advanced by human standards, with a focus on the sciences and arts, rather than more practical skills. A Jovian's education is generally completed by the end of their first Jovian year of life (around the age of eleven in Terran terms) and from that point they can determine whether to pursue social activities, further education, or more physical activity, such as training to become House Champion.

The preponderance of free time, coupled with Jovian aggressiveness, a thoroughly convoluted social structure, and the intersection of literally millions of rigidly held but highly personal codes of justice, has, in fact, led to a society wherein death is very much a part of everyday life. Duels, assassinations, and accidents (both real and prearranged) claim thousands daily, and this is considered simply a part of life.

The Jovian legal system is itself complicated almost incomprehensibly by the personal codes of its citizenry, and it is for this reason that House Champions act as both investigators and, in many cases, judge, jury, and executioner in the event of a crime. The idea behind this is that Champions speak and act with the authority of their Primus, As such, they are, in essence, above the law and able to act as a blade to cut the Gordian Knot of the Jovian legal system.

The Jovian Embassy on Earth

In the wake of the 2009 Qularr invasion of Earth, the Jovians felt that their domain had been threatened. (Being highly territorial, they view the entire Solar System as part of their domain, and Earth as an Imperial Protectorate, though this last detail has been conveniently omitted in all dealings with Earth's governments.) For this reason, a small delegation was sent to Earth to act as the first Jovian Embassy later that year (it arrived in June of 2011 to very little fanfare). The Jovian Ambassador has made no demands nor requests of Earth other than to be allowed to witness the various governments of Earth in action. After some research into the invasion itself, it chose Millennium City as its base due to the frequency with which world-altering events seem to happen there.

The true purpose of the Jovian Embassy is to gauge Earth's ability to defend the Solar System in the event of another invasion, with an eye towards using Earth as a weapon against the Galaxy at large should the need arise. (Note that in Jovian terms, the word geer, meaning "tool", is considered a compliment - it implies that one is reliable, useful, and generally someone you want to keep close to you. This has, indeed, led to confusion when dealing with Terran - particularly English - idioms.)

In the time it has been on Earth, the Jovian Embassy has determined that Earth is a power in its own right. It maintains the position that Earth is a Protectorate for the sole reason that if word were to get out to the Jovian populace just how great a power Earth is (especially with the preponderance of metahumans and other exceptional types), they would view it as a threat and demand that Earth be eliminated - a war that the Primus is certain would utterly devastate his people.

Tirivoi Herself

Early Life and Becoming House Champion

Tirivoi was born (if such a word is applicable, given the Jovian method of gestation) in the Capitol satellite-city of Oaleku some 1.4 Jovian years ago (approximately 16 Terran years) and acknowledged as 37th in line to be Kelaah Prima - head of the House of Kelaah. Though outwardly only superficially different from other Jovians, she has always been a highly physical person. In fact, she is physically stronger than she appears even to Jovian eyes - it is a constant surprise to Jovians that non-metahuman Terrans are so much weaker than a Jovian (child) of the same size and build would be - and she appears to be a Jovian at the peak of that race's strength.

It was no surprise, then, that upon the completion of her first Orbit (a major landmark in Jovian society) and graduation from the educational system, she immediately set her sights on the position of House Champion. It was somewhat more of a surprise when she also immediately defeated the then-Champion in single combat, laying claim to Kelaahnaru and the position of Kelaah Seunkyuemc.

She has served in that regard for five Terran years (slightly less than half a Jovian year) and done so with, if not distinction, then notoriety, which for a Jovian House Champion is generally considered the same thing. She has participated in seven House Duels, one of which over a point of contention so controversial that a consensus in the Council of Primi had not been reached (whether or not to send the delegation to Terra after the Qularr invasion), and won five of them. She is widely considered, at least in terms of combat, a force to be reckoned with, and many believe that her status as House Champion of House Kelaah is a major reason House Kelaah has not been challenged with regards to its status as the House Primus of All Houses.

Delegation to Terra

As interplanetary travel became more refined due to the need to supply equipment and personnel to the embassy, the journey from Oaleku to Terra was shortened from a duration of several months to one of a few weeks. This made it feasible for the Kelaah Primus to dispatch Tirivoi to Earth in the care of the Ambassador.

Ostensibly, the reason for this is to allow Tirivoi to learn more about the Terrans and their culture due to the two worlds' proximity, but there are those in Jovian society (Tirivoi among them) who suspect that a larger game is being played in the realm of Jovian politics, and that she has been sent to Terra to keep her out of play for the time being. Whatever the case, she now resides in the Embassy in Millennium City.

Despite her education being complete by Jovian standards (and, in fact, if she chose, she could easily get a Graduate Equivalency Degree), Tirivoi has been ordered by her progenitor (genetically, her father), the Primus, to socialize with Terrans of her age group. While this would normally mean enrollment in a private school, she insisted that her status as Champion called for exposure to a broader range of social groups, and deliberately enrolled herself in a school in one of the worst parts of town she could find, specifically to "be where the action is" with regards to the gang violence that plagues Westside. (She's used the school's competitive football team to justify the decision to her progenitor, as Jovians view football as a form of gladiatorial combat.)

Superhero Career



Tirivoi can best be described as "fun-loving" and mildly rebellious. She does what she does because it seems like fun. Despite this, she does have a deep-seated sense of justice, and it is this that drives her to fight crime on the streets of her new home, Millennium City. Her methods, while not outright brutal, are definitely violent. While not from a warrior race, her role as Champion of her House places her in a very warlike sub-culture of her people.


  • Sophomore, Westside High School
  • Attaché to the Europan Ambassador
  • Europan Nobility
  • House Kelaah, Europa, Jupiter


Legal Status

As a visiting member of a royal family, as well as attaché to the Europan embassy, Tirivoi enjoys diplomatic immunity.

Other Heroes on Jovian Knight

Place your reactions to the Champion (and Scion) of House Kelaah here.


Character Tropes

  • Badass Princess - She is a Princess. Kicking ass is her official job description as the House Champion for the Royal House.
  • BFS - Kelaahnaru is about eight feet of dense alien metal. The fact that it's sword shaped is almost incidental to its sheer mass.
  • Big Eater - Though she claims it is because Terran food, being made from, well, Terran stock, is less dense than what she's used to, even other members of her embassy are taken aback by the sheer volume of food she puts away.
  • Boobs of Steel - Or, rather, chromium.
  • The Champion - Of House Kelaah.
  • Chrome Champion - Though not as powerful as most with this trope, her skin literally contains chromium, and she is Kelaah House Champion.
  • Combat By Champion - Tirivoi's main duty within House Kelaah.
  • Everything's Better With Princesses - Tirivoi's status within Europan society is equivalent to both a Princess and a Knight Errant.
  • Jumped at the Call - The reason Tirivoi is Champion for House Kelaah is that she challenged for the status at a young age, and won.
  • Proud Warrior Race Gal - Jovians are less overt in their warlike tendencies, but House Champions are something else entirely.
  • Tomboy Princess - Even by Jovian standards.
  • What Is This Thing You Call Love? - Frequently invoked. Europans do pair bond in a similar manner to humans. Tirivoi is just a shameless flirt who has no qualms about using human prejudices to get to first base.

RP Hooks

  • Tirivoi, in her role as Princess, Champion, and Attaché to the Ambassador, has attended numerous State functions since her arrival on Earth.
  • She is a student at Westside High School - even if you don't share a class with her, she tends to stand out in a crowd.
  • Tirivoi has taken advantage of confusion about her age, legal status, and species (Most people have no idea at what age a Europan is considered mature. Do you?) to gain access to nightclubs and bars.

Other Notes

  • Tirivoi's native language, for those who want to know, is an idiomatic form of Uryuomoco. If you want to know what she's saying when she lapses into it, you can use a translator such as the one I use to generate her speech. (Proper names, such as Kelaahnaru, the name of her sword, are not translated.)