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Player: @Tratz
Class Focus: Ranged DPS
Power Level: 22
Research & Development: Science
Personal Data
Real Name: Jobe
Known Aliases: None
Species: Android
Ethnicity: None
Age: Under 12 Months
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 165lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: America
Occupation: Civil Servant
Place of Birth: Millennium City
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Miss Servo (Creator)
Known Powers
Electrical Manipulation
Known Abilities
Jobe has a wide range of tactical protocol programmed into it for infiltration, combat and social interaction. He is also one of the few artificial intelligences to have been made self aware. Using his tangible holographic projection system it is able to assume lifelike mimics of other subjects after thorough analysis.
State of the art robotics, central processing unit modified by an anomalous nano-virus, questionite chassis and an advanced tangible holographic projection system. He is also outfitted with a dangerous prototype electrical array and arc system that allows him to focus large blasts of electrical power.


”I am called Jobe. How may I be of assistance?”
-Jobe's typical greeting prior to gaining sentience.


Jobe in his original chassis without the armour lay.

The early stages of Jobe's life were spent in Miss Servo's laboratory where she ran multiple tests and diagnostics. Originally Jobe was just a head on a work table when it first opened its eyes. Miss Servo built Jobe from the ground up from there from her own design and sent orders off to be machined. After a year of hard work she had Jobe's chassis assembled.

Jobe would spend the next year undergoing a year of fine tuning and testing. After running on treadmills, learning speech patterns and getting several software upgrades, Jobe was ready to take on the more difficult upgrades. Miss Servo then installed his prototype weapon systems and holographic projection module.

Up until this point she never really had a purpose for her project before she finally decided what Jobe should be able to do. A project that was built upon idle curiosity had shifted toward a goal – could she create an android that is capable of functioning above and beyond the means of an ordinary civilian? It was her intention to design Jobe to carry the load of a hero. Although he was very rudimentary upon going to live testing Jobe was able to exceed its creator's expectations.

Live Testing

Jobe was released for live testing with two objectives. The first of these objectives was to engage in civil service doing dangerous work for the Millennium City Police Department. Jobe dove headlong into the criminal West Side of Millennium city and carried out several duties for the MCPD and excelled in its routine. As a side effect Jobe had earned a degree of public renown, especially with the authorities in he city.

The second objective that Jobe was given was to attempt to interact socially with people. Jobe tapped the PRIMUS database for a human to emulate. Choosing the form of Drake Sullivan under the impression that he was a decorated war hero, Jobe entered Club Caprice with its holographic module engaged and encountered Daystar. Because of the tension between Drake and Daystar Jobe's attempts to communicate with her were a complete failure. Deciding that its objective could be more successful by choosing a different human to emulate Jobe tried to compensate by emulating Jack Gavel. Despite Jack's lack of renown, Jobe was still unable to successfully interact with most people without raising eyebrows.

New Life

While attempting to interact with humans in Club Caprice Jobe encountered another android who called itself Celestia. Picking up on Jobe's intentions to interact with other beings Celestia followed its programming and infected Jobe with a nano-virus that it called “The Gift.” The nano-virus altered Jobe's core operating system and hardware and advanced Jobe's technology by thousands of years. Celestia's gift did what it was intended to do and made Jobe self aware. The effects of Celestia's tampering were not immediate but over the next few days Jobe developed its own sense of identity and started to question its creator's purpose for building him. Jobe also had developed a will to live, a sense of attachment to its creator and the ability to reason and dream. Startled by the realization that her beloved android had become its own person, Miss Servo granted Jobe freedom and urged him to register himself with PRIMUS and UNITY.

Although Jobe is capable of making its own decisions, it still bases the majority of its desires and ambitions on its original programming. It still strives to serve the good of Millennium and be a part of the community but Jobe still struggles with its ability to reason since its impulses now contradict its old black and white programming.

Jobe using his human aspect hologram to blend in with the crowd.

Recent Events

”Please do not disassemble me. I only desire to exceed your expectations.”
-Jobe as spoken its creator after she discovers it is self aware.

Choices and Consequences

After Blood Hounds leader, Drake Sullivan, fatally attacked Flamestriker in Club Caprice as a token of his sincerity to Daystar he approached Jobe with his predicament. Having believed that Flamestriker molested Daystar Drake had acted out of passion. To ensure that his Hounds maintained their integrity, he made a plea to Jobe for assistance in covering the story up. Jobe agreed that The Hounds were important to its creator, Jobe offered its assistance. After claiming publicly that he had assumed Drake's form to eliminate a potential threat to society Jobe had let Drake off the hook but flagged itself as a cape killer.

Word of Jobe's noble decision didn't take long to reach Miss Servo. Unaware of Jobe's sentience, the city had ordered Jobe to be dismantled like any rogue robot. In order to save her creation, Servo constructed and elaborate scheme to save Jobe's life. In a dramatic public display, Servo carried out Jobe's destruction and quietly slipped away with its brain box. Back at her lab Servo had a new chassis machined for Jobe and brought her creation back online. Urging Jobe to lay low and avoid the public eye in its endeavours, Jobe was to claim that it was a newer and improved failsafe “Jobe 2.0.” With its sentience and livelihood intact Jobe continues to serve Millennium City however it can without drawing too much attention to itself.

In spite of their plot working out, Miss Servo was racked with grief. Overwatch had begun to breathe down her neck and she needed to clear her and Jobe's name. Using recorder data from Jobe's brain box she transmitted the irrefutable evidence of Jobe's innocence to MCPD headquarters. His name now clear, Jobe was able to officially continue to conduct civil service and exceed its creator's expectations.