Jimbo Longjockings

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Jimbo Longjockings
Player: @kenndar
Class Focus: Might and Martial Arts
Power Level: Confidential
Research & Development: Jimbo thinks it's technological.
Personal Data
Real Name: Jimbo Longjockings
Known Aliases: Jim, Big Guy, Jimster
Species: Mutant
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 22
Height: Shrinked : 7 feet, normal size : 16+ feet
Weight: 2000 lbs (possibly more)
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: light Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Belgian
Occupation: Research Assistant, Dock Worker
Place of Birth: Belgium, Mechelen
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential ( Though it's confirmed that most are dead.)
Known Powers
Giantism, Sizeshifting
Known Abilities
martial arts, innate technological knowledge, Good cook
Several homemade devices, including a shrink-ray and clothing-switcher

"What is Jimbo? Jimbo is Jimbo! How that not clear?" - Jimbo

Who is Jimbo?

Jimbo Longjockings is a Belgian mutant, barely out of his teenage years. His large frame hides a heart of gold, always smiling and offering help and hugs, despite any setback or misfortune he might have. He vanished a while back....

Jimbo has recently returned, but his group has disbanded in his absence. Now without heroic compensation, he's forced to work at the docks. But Jimbo pines once more for some 'good guy work'....

The story so far.....

The beginning years...

Happy years

"You have a healthy boy, miss Lo....Erhm......Hang on a tic...." - Doctor that handled Jimbo's birth

Jimbo was born in the year 1991, on the 4th of august, in a little town called Mechelen. One could tell from birth that he wasn't a normal child : his greenish eyes and pointy ears were an obvious indicator. Doctors concluded that he was indeed human, but that part of his DNA showed signs of mutation. His parents (names have been removed from the database at Jimbo's request) didn't mind. They were happy that their child was healthy, even if he had some odd things about him.

"My...He's a big one, ain't he?" - Miss ****, neighbour

Jimbo grew up faster then normal, developing slightly bigger then average muscles and a height of 5 feet at the age of 12. This was noticed by neighbours, in particular Arthur *******, who had an intense dislike for anything superhuman.

This went unnoticed for 2 years, as Jimbo lived his life relatively happy ; He didn't have many friends, and some kids did pick on him (mostly because of Arthur), Throwing stones at him and calling him a little Grond, as he developed even further in those years, his frame getting bigger and his muscles becoming more bulging. He did not strike back however, as his mother had told him that physical violence was not the answer, and it was beneath him to bully others with his strength. He agreed, which showed how kind he was at that age. The picking virtually stopped after a while, and all was well...

Sad years

"Freak of nature! FREAK!" - Arthur

But the happiness didn't last. Arthur's hatred was always evident, but it came to a boiling point in 2005. Finally having enough of the 'monstrousity', he ambushed Jimbo, hitting him with a taser and shooting him point blank through the head with an 9mm. He was found 30 minutes later, Alone in the alley, as Arthur had already fled the scene. He was transported post haste to the hospital...

"Frankly, I'm surprised he can still talk..." - One of the doctors at the Sint Lieve-vrouw-Hospital

It would have ended there, if not for Jimbo's durability. Though not fully developed yet, he was able to survive wounds that would have killed normal humans on the spot. The doctors were still able to heal him. He did not survive unscathed, though...
His brain was damaged due to oxygen deprivation, which had devastating effects. Jimbo could not talk properly. He would forget grammatical laws of structure minutes after learning it. Remembering certain words also became difficult , or he might confuse words with one another.

Arthur did not anticipate Jimbo's survival. As such, he was apprehended by the police and judged guilty of attempted murder. Jimbo visited him once, 2 months after the 'attempt'. Jimbo had found out about Arthur's wife, who died in a superhuman battle. There is no recollection to what was said, but Jimbo ran out, crying.
(A prisoner later revealed that Arthur was dragged back to his cell, screaming about 'the foul monster forgives me?!')

To be continued....

Millennium City..


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Powers and Abilities


Jimbo's powers have always been a thing of speculation, mostly because of the low-key nature he has : While always being big, he never engages in the more flashy fights that other capes are known for. We have compiled a list of known facts though.

Being Big

Jimbo's most obvious superpower is off course his physique. His overly developed body grants him increased resistance to blunt force and superhuman strength.



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