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James 'the Fist' Brawler
Player: @Jordontek
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Biographical Data
Real Name: James Franklin O'Conner Brawler
Known Aliases: The Fist; The Master of Suzan Tenshouken, The Peerless Dragon; Zhēngchǎozhě Zhanmusi; Si Gung Chuan
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Bahamian
Place of Birth: The Commonwealth of the Bahamas, New Providence Island, Nassau
Base of Operations: Vibora Bay, Florida
Relatives: Father - Bruce Rolle Brawler, Mother - Kaitlin O'Conner, Brother - Victor Patrick Brawler, Half-sister - Malika Davies: all deceased; Half-sister - Inara Imahara, Cousin - Stephanie Brawler, deceased.
Age: 36 Earth Years, Birthdate: April 16th, 1977.
Height: Six Feet, One Inch
Weight: Two Hundred Fifteen Pounds
Eyes: Green
Hair: Reddish Brown
Complexion: Dark
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Caribbean Islander
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Publicly Known
Years Active: 2004-2013
Citizenship: British subject; Bahamian citizen; American naturalized.
Occupation: Physician and Martial Arts Master
Education: Doctor of Asian Medicine, Certified Physician's Assistant and the Master of Suzan Tenshoken <Songshan Heaven-Soaring Fist> a bridge style that unifies Chinese and Japanese Shaolin-oriented/descent martial arts of striking and grappling. Hachidan, 8th degree Black Belt. Associate Master of the Arts: Shorinji Kempo and Shorin Ryu Karate Do. Hanshi of Kyoshi Koshi Jutsu. Blue Dragon, Qinglong—qi duan, 7th duan, in Shaolin Quan, Yengtao Quan, and Hakkyokuken.
Marital Status: Married
Known Powers and Abilities
Aura/Spirit manipulation and type 2 geokinesis

Known Powers Not having powers in the traditional sense, James has mastered himself and is able to use, direct his own life force or chi in various ways and techniques that has pushed him to the very limit of human physiology.

James Brawler has a series of perfected, signature techniques in which he has honed to his best ability. They are as followed...

Rising Break - James is able to leap off the ground and strike his opponent with a rising uppercut that critically hits his opponent right under the chin. The motion for this technique is taken from the kata of the Heian Godan for most karatedo styles.

Spirit Driver - James drives his fists and his life force into the ground in front of his opponent(s), to bring his opponent(s) closer and penetrates them with wave-like shocks from earth-rumbling blows.

Spirit Smasher - James is able to use his feet to drive his life force into the earth and penetrate nearby opponent(s) in an expanding outward circle around him and shock them from within.

Suzan Senretsuken- A koshijutsu master technique, James is able to strike with seemingly endless blows, driving his life force into his opponent to shock them from within into either their muscles, bones, or meridians.

Hishouken - Japanese for literally 'Soaring Fist'; James Brawler's modified, personal derivative of his master's 'Soaring Shot' or Hishoudan that was originally taught as the 'Aoxiangqian' in Mandarin, taught by the Shaolin monk Great Grandmaster Zheng Zhao/Shaolin Dragon and Shorinji monk Grandmaster Cheng Hung Wong/No Shadow Dragon. This technique, helped modified by Master Artheo, is a gathered, concussive blast of life force in the shape of an orb which becomes a small wave that hits multiple opponents. The motion for this technique is taken from the Nijushiho kata found in most karatedo styles.

Hishou Sempuken - Japanese for literally 'Soaring Whirlwind Punch'; the final attack variant of the Hishouken. James, following the methods described in the once lost scrolls of the Hakkyokuken fighting school. James gathers his own life force from within himself and the surrounding Earth and creates a spiraling vortex of energetic chi that engulfs and surrounds his opponent(s). A technique of this magnitude leaves James drained of chi for about four minutes.

Nijuu Hishouken - Japanese for literally 'Double Soaring Fist'; a desperation variant of the Hishouken. James, combines several chi gathering methods into a single technique and uses his own life force from within himself and the surrounding Earth and holds an orb of Hishouken in each palm, combining them together with the wave method of the Hishou Sempuken to create a penetrating wave of life force that repels and immediately pulls in his opponent(s). A technique of this magnitude leaves James drained of chi for about two minutes.

Known Abilities

Thirty years of martial arts oriented skills, training, etc. at top tier levels. James 'the Fist' Brawler is a Hachiidan, eighth degree black belts in Nippon Shorinji Kempo and Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate Do. He is a Blue Dragon ranking in Shaolin Quan, Shuai Chiao, Yengtao Quan and Hakkyokuken. He holds dan rankings in: <Parker/Tracy> American Kenpo, Kara-Ho Kempo, Genyu Kenpo, Kajukenbo, Hakkyo Ryu Jujutsu, and Judo. James can, to a small degree, now heal people with an extension of his healing life force or reiki.

As a standard human at peak performance and enlightenment, who has ki usage, James has near limitless willpower, albeit for a short while, when he needs it. Also, his martial prowess over his own body and ki gives him near immunity to all intoxicants, foreign substances, and poisons.

Currently, he is learning new fighting styles and the hidden secrets in styles ranging from VIPER's Hebijitsu, ARGENT's CQC, to the esoteric disciplines like the Shamballah Vampire Forms, Vibora Carmesi,and the Red Banner's Belt System and other combat and fighting systems found across the world. Even as a human, he is one of the deadliest close-quarter combatants to be faced as his wins in the circuits and street fights have proven.

"The Fist" is a retired world-class professional fighter. HERO games - BASH and UTC Gold belt, his fame level comes from him being a relatively known professional fighter, not from being a hero or vigilante.

Equipment and Paraphernalia
Jetpack and Crash helmet worn over his fire-resistant heavy jacket which his sister Malika gave him.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada

History, Part 1 - Bahamas

Some thirty-four years ago, fourteen year old Kaitlin O'Conner, a hopeful Irish ballet dancer, was leaving a small dance conservatory late one night when suddenly a man grabbed her from behind and quickly put his hand over her mouth. She looked up at the hulking stranger; he was masked, and she soon realized he was lifting her lithe form off the ground, taking her away.

While, kicking, biting, and screaming she believes she saw another thug appeared, out of the corner of her eye, holding a sharp needle in his hand. Calmly, this thug pierced her neck with it. She was drugged before realized it and soon fell unconscious.

She awoke blindfolded, gagged, and bound. However, she realized she was not in her native land. The air was warm, humid, and salty. She was now in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. She began to sob quietly and from where ever she was, Kaitlin was quickly hoisted and thrown in the trunk of a car. It was but only a short drive, less than an hour, she thinks, when she arrived at a sprawling plantation. Obviously renovated, she is moved by a gang of hulking men. She walks past rusting sugar presses, and is led inside of the plantation home. Quickly enough, she is pushed inside of a room with no windows and just a steel door for entry and exit. It is locked as soon as she is inside.

Inside the room, was a small plate of packaged food. Kaitlin consumes the morsels immediately but soon after she begins to cry assured that she will never see her family, her mom, her dad, or her three brothers again. It was at this moment the door opened slowly. In stepped a well-dressed brute of a man. A Rather youthful looking individual with the form of a trained boxer, he eyes her up and down, whistles and nods in approval, saying lustfully, "You iz keep."

He says little else as he closes the door, watching Kaitlin scoot instinctively into a corner and smiles when he begins to ravish her against her will. This man, is Bruce Rolle Brawler, a local criminal enforcer who has inherited his empire from his father before him. The Brawler lineage, hail from what is now Angola, descendants of a warrior sect of the Bantu tribe who were trained in Batuque <the precursor to Capoeira>. When this tribe was finally broken by slave breakers of the Transatlantic Slave era, they were used for all sorts of enforcement when they were found to be efficient fighters in where the top fighter of their ever-collapsing sect was known as 'Brawla'.

In 1838, at the end of indentured servitude and slavery in the Bahamas, 'Brawla' the last un-homogenized descendant of the Bantu at the time, had only one pliable trade: fighting. He began to use this trade and his status as a former turncoat and built that into an empire of racketeering, intimidation, prostitution, and all sorts of illegal enforcement amongst the former slaves. Brawla always knew whose palms to grease and this was his secret to maintaining his growing empire. He taught his sons and their sons the secrets of their martial arts. And when Malone Brawler, Brawla's descendant, was killed in a shootout with Trinidadian pirate and human trafficker Malone's son, Bruce, quickly picked up the pieces as a brutal enforcer, killing the pirate with his bare hands earning him the name, 'the Hammer'. This act quickly solidified his hold on New Providence Island. However, his meteoric rise made Bruce superstitious and a dependent on local hougans and mambos for advice.

Day after day, Bruce assaulted Kaitlin with his lust and in a few months, she was pregnant with a child of their unwanted union. On her fifteenth birthday, April 1st, she bore him a dark-skinned yet red-headed child, which she named James Franklin, after her first boyfriend, whom she loved and had unwittingly left behind.

Under constant watch, she was finally given limited access to the plantation home and realized she was not the only woman held by the Hammer. His second woman, a local nurse named Malinda, whom he was actually married to, was a local 'bright one' who was quite cruel to Kaitlin whom Bruce seemed to be more infatuated with and even more so after she bore him a man-child, his first son which she delivered in disgust.

With no other positive contact with anyone, Kaitlin sought solace in her baby son and when he was able to walk she began training him in the movements of ballet and the rough and tumble wrestling she was subjected to that comes with growing up with three brothers. Soon after, she often let him watch his father train against his own thugs, as he constantly proved that he was the dominant fighter. James found himself mimicking Bruce's movements as early as a year old.

Bruce often held parties at his home that hosted police, military, and government officials were at the end of the night, he handed them cash payments. Kaitlin stared in disbelief as she realized she could not be helped, not here anyways. Over time, she learned by eavesdropping that only the Trinidadian emigrants were the only rivals to his empire.

Incrementally, Kaitlin 'proved' to Bruce that she was under his thrall and she was allowed limited, unsupervised movement about the compound. It took nearly seven years for her to make slow contact with Bruce's criminal rivals, the Trinidadians, and another two years to accumulate the necessary funds lying in Bruce's bedroom to make her escape. In this time, she bore him a second son, Victor Patrick.

After the birth of Victor, Bruce often left Kaitlin alone with James and Victor, not even touching her. When Malinda bore him her only daughter, Malika, she felt secure enough in her womanhood to reveal to Kaitlin, that he was going to sacrifice his sons in exchange for supernatural power via a local voudon priest.

"I can always have more sons," Kaitlin overheard him say to Malinda and she knew it was time to make her move with the Trinidadians. Forking over all the savings she managed to hide throughout the plantation compound, she was told to take her children for a walk near Paradise Island. Doing so one day, she felt sorry for Malinda and her child. In a moment of weakness, she told Malinda she was leaving and was not coming back and that she should come with her despite their differences. After a moment, Malinda packed up what she could take and Malika, finally leaving. They were waived by the guards since Malinda was Bruce's 'faithful wife'.

Upon arriving at Paradise Island, she was spotted by one of Bruce's many informants when the women were spotted with a known Trinidadian human trafficker. Bruce immediately enraged, picked up his trusty 44 magnum and managed to catch up with the women and the children. Without remorse, he fired his gun dead at the women, with Malinda using Kaitlin and Victor as bait, she pushed her down running off with her daughter to a cutter, the Miss Used, waiting on the water. As Kaitlin rose, she was shot but she managed to throw James aboard. A second and third shot tore into Victor's skull, turning the 3 year old into bloody mist. A fourth, fifth, and sixth shot tore into Kaitlin's back and spine. The Hammer could only watch still pulling the trigger on his handcannon of a revolver as the boat had already pulled off with a mortified James holding onto his mother for a long as he could but she slipped lifelessly beneath the waves as they hit open water. He stared at Malinda and the infant Malika wordlessly and as they pulled into Vibora Bay's harbor, she left with her daughter and no words. The captain of the cutter threw James ashore and he turned around and sailed off.

He turned ten years of age while sitting ashore that next day.

History, Part 2 - Vibora Bay, Florida

With literally nothing but the clothes on his back, James began stealing from stores and vendors to stay alive. He was quite successful for a few months until he came upon a new store ran by an elderly Asian married couple. Almost cocky, he tried to steal from these two but was stopped at the door. Putting up his hands he punched and fought at the old Japanese man and was swiftly kicked in the chest for his impudence. Balling up and rolling, taking the blow he got up swiftly and ran for the back door, as the old man wiggled his finger at James, where he was greeted by the elderly Chinese woman and when he tried the same power punches that he just tried earlier she parried his blows and quickly picked him up and gently tossed him about, James ultimately sliding chest-first on the floor. When the man, a Shorinji Kempo monk, Ryunosuke Inagaki, lifted him off the ground, he found a starving young child who had only taken an apple.

He looked to his wife, Shu-Lin Shin Kou, a former Shaolin Temple nun, whom he had fallen for some years ago and she smiled upon him, knowing they were unable to bear children themselves. They took James to an empty room and kept him as their own. Immediately, he was forced to learn about the sciences and the martial arts being enrolled as a student in Nippon Shorinji Kempo and Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate Do. Moody, distant he flourished as a natural prodigy of the martial arts earning his deputy black belts in both disciplines before moving on to other styles like Kajukenbo, and Mitose-Chun-Parker variant Kenpo. He was a gifted athlete and a natural champion fighter. It was at this time, he defeated Santo Barerra in the Florida State Championships in Freestyle Martial Arts.

History, Part 3 - China

Unfortunately, the couple could not relate to James on a personal level, not knowing his past they did not realize the suffering he endured and as a last resort to his silent stretches, which would last for weeks at a time over the past six years, they sent him to China to become a Shaolin monk. When he arrived, with a note from Shu-Lin, he was immediately put to work, learning more about Asian Medicine and the Shaolin fighting styles. James progressed from performance monk to passing the trials of becoming a true Shaolin monk after mastering several of the styles <Arhat, Hakkyokuken, Wing Chun, White Crane, Piguazhang, Taijiquan, and Shuia jiao> found at Songshan. As well as the combative military art, Jùnshì Sanda of the Chinese Elite Special Forces who came from time to time to train with the monks and nuns of Shaolin and test their skill as well.

History, Part 4 - Japan

In four years, he was one of the top students, a contender to be a Buddhist monk, and a relatively unknown underground fighter, but he left China for Japan when he was accepted into the Hakkyoryu School of Medicine and Jujutsu Academy for Studies at the tender age of 20. Still troubled by his past, he immersed himself in his studies earning numerous Dan rankings in all the arts he trained, which he had to do in secret, because the Hakkyo Ryu Jujutsu academy forces it students to normally abandon all previous arts. At 27, he was one of the world's most accomplished fighters having earned his doctorate in Asian medicine and was certified as a physician's assistant. Still, he felt all he had learned was theory. By this time he was a relatively known tournament and street fighter, winning a dozen or so, top competitions in freestyle martial arts, Vale Tudo competitions, Daido Juku, Kosen Judo, Jujutsu, Wrestling, and K-1.

Contacting his foster mother with his plight, she told him to seek out her eldest brother, Ko Shin Kou, the Oldest Dragon, a vagabond and master of a mysterious fighting art: Genyu Kenpo <Phantasm Fist Law> well as master of the 'Soaring Shot' technique or Xiaosheji in Mandarin or Hishoudan in Japanese. Sifu Kou was living in Hong Kong. Upon meeting Sifu Kou, James begged for him to take him on as his student and seeing some hunger within him, Ko Shin Kou took on James as his last disciple at the age 92. And the they, along with Master Ko's mistress Shandian, and his granddaughter, Hsien-Ko, traveled to the United States to erect the Rhode Island Shorin School of Martial Arts.

History, Part 5 - Return to the States

James stayed with Sifu Kou for 4 years and after they had a slight falling out he answered an ad for a Physician's Assistant at Mercy Hospital in Millennium City, Michigan. In Michigan, he assisted in erecting the Greater-Detroit Shorin School of Martial Arts under the permission of the International Shorin School Association. He also works as a physician and quasi-administrator of Training and Close-Quarters-Combat for Universal Investigations.

During his time at the Stronghold prison, he was allowed to become a true Buddhist monk. A title and position he gave up as of recent. As of now, he is no longer a monk but still lives by it mostly as it is quite ingrained as well as the Martial Arts Code of Wude.

His muse, Ebonwing, Madame Brawler

He proposed to his lady love, muse, and woman of all seasons, Ebonwing, now Madame Ebonwing Brawler or 'Aiboyun' in Mandarin, as James calls her. She has been James' confidant, medic, and friend for years. In early 2012, they began seeing each other romantically. Truly, she is his better half in his life. Ebon, (shown above,beside James at the post-wedding reception) as she is affectionately often called, is a virtouso artist, an experienced nurse, formidable vampiress, and Haitian voudon 'mamboikan'. James knelt down to her and proposed in Caprice by its lounge fountain placing a bloodstone ring on her hand. Ebon agreed to be his bride, to be wed to him on September 1st of 2012. And they were married that evening, 8pm, at the Millennium City Hall, his best man, Thundrax, Ebon's Maiden of Honor Maileah Kirel, and a slew of invited guests, friends, well-wishers and the like.

A healthy child!

Their son, Christian Bodhi, was born February 4th, 2013 at Mercy Hospital, just before midnight.

Final Chapter

On November 15th, 2013, without a word to anyone, James, his pregnant wife Ebonwing, heavy with their daughter, and their son Christian, in tow, have left for the Himalayas, notably Mount Everest, seeking the immortal refuge in the city of Shamballah (as noted in HERO system, Hidden Lands), deep in Hollow Earth. James rescinded his membership in the Platinum Council immediately as well as severing all ties except that of his close-knight, quiet family. The Brawler family indeed, do survive the trials, and find the city of the hidden temple, as the former Shaolin and Shorinji monk, seeks to face the Nine Immortals in unarmed combat and train their children amongst the truly best in the world.

Theme Song: Good Fighter, Street Fighter 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTQJi_MDa4g, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKwho0s7r3g

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