Jade General

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The Indestructible
Jade General
The Watcher of Westside
Player: @Remok
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Civilian Protection Network
Real Name
"Herbert Hu" / Jade General
January 30, 1972
Manhattan, New York City
Millennium City, MI
Jeweler / Pawnbroker
Legal Status
No Criminal Record
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Martha "Hu" (Mother), Ronald "Hu" (Father) ,Raymond "Hu" (Brother)
Physical Traits
Homo sapiens superior
Apparent Age
160lbs (normal) / 320lbs (Jade)
Body Type
Light Brown(normal) / Bright Green(Jade)
· Distinguishing Features ·
A Van Dyke Beard
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Durability, Superhuman Stamina, Mild Decelerated Aging
· Equipment ·
The Yu Armor
· Other Abilities ·
Skilled Martial Artist, Hand to Hand Combat Training, Language Fluency.

Appearance & Personality

Of Chinese descent, the Jade General has rather fair skin with a hint of a light tan, accumulated from the years of spending time outside in New York City's Chinatown. Now residing in Westside's Chinatown, he doesn't get out as much as evident with the fading tan. Standing at five feet nine and weighing about one hundred and sixty pounds, he does not appear to be at all that imposing. One could say that his hair stands out the most as it is done in a rather neat, upright ponytail or perhaps his Van Dyke beard. The Jade General speaks with slightly accented English. For example, it is almost impossible for him to pronounce correctly the "th" sound.
However, what his most striking feature is definitely the transformation of his skin into "jade". Perhaps the second most striking feature is the armor the Jade General dons when on duty. The Yu Armor, crafted from synthetic silicon carbide, has a rather brilliant sheen that rivals Jade's own jade-like skin.
Out of the armor, he has a somewhat thuggish personality that's quite at odds with his masked persona. His thuggish personality perhaps best emerges when the Jade General is forced into certain situations. Fluent in Cantonese (but also in Mandarin), he has a tendency to swear in the "less-refined" Chinese dialect. He also appears to be quite secretive to the extent that he is almost unwilling to share his secret identity with anyone even with his fellow Protectors.

Powers, Abilities & Paraphernalia

The Jade General is a mutant with the superhuman ability to convert the tissue of his entire body into an organic jade-like substance. He is able to transform into this state at will and can remain in such a form for an undetermined amount of time. While in such a state, he possesses a lesser degree of mobility and agility. However, one can assume he makes up for this loss with the extreme increase in strength and durability. While in such a state, the Jade General is able to manipulate his dermal growth further into forming weaponry, in particularly in the shape of "claws" and also cause "jade growth" on other surfaces through manipulation of the particles in the air. For example, the Jade General is quite fond of creating and entrapping his foes in a "jade" cage. In addition, he possesses some superhuman strength (can lift up to two tons) and increased durability/stamina. He also possesses mild decelerated aging.
The Yu Armor offers greater protection for its wearer. Perhaps its most outstanding features include its polish and brilliancy as well as its near-perfection in craft.
A rather skilled martial artist, the Jade General has training in hand to hand combat. He has received training in Hung Ga and continues to practice. He is quite fluent in English and also in the Chinese dialects of Cantonese and Mandarin.


The shift into Jade General's jade-state is almost instantaneous but being a rather complicated process, it requires JG to be entirely still as the skin tissue is remade into "jade". When in his jade-state, the Jade General will possess a lesser degree of mobility and agility. Thus, his movements and attack patterns are rather transparent in its telegraphy. While he does possess extreme durability, his limbs can still be broken off and despite such resistance to physical attacks, he can be damaged by sufficiently powerful mystical forces. Against such foes, the Jade General has no defense. It is also notable to hypothesize that if one were to disrupt this almost-instantaneous change into the jade-state, the result would be that the Jade General would be unable to assume such a state for a brief period of time.

Early History [WIP]

Born in Chinatown gangland, the Jade General had a rather tough upbringing. As a poor Chinese-American, it was difficult for him throughout most of his early life. Encountering racism both on the streets and at school, it wouldn't be long for the impoverished boy who would become the Jade General to fall in with the wrong crowd.
Most of the streets in Chinatown were "occupied" or in other words, they were controlled by ruthless street gangs who were sometimes employed by merchants associations (堂, tongs). Even during the day, it was considered dangerous to wander through Chinatown, unlike the bustling bright center of commerce that it is today. Street wars were not uncommon as it was considered death for a rival gang member to set foot on the wrong street.
Because the public schools at the time had few Chinese students, it only made sense for the however-few students to become fast friends. However, a majority of the minority belonged to a street gang that composed of a mixture of teenagers and hardcore gangbangers (who were controlled by the tongs). The Jade General entered school at a young age with his brother, Raymond, while their parents toiled away in their garment workshops. His brother, Raymond, was only older by a year but the two, growing up fast in hardship, were the best of friends. They shared similar likes and dislikes and it only made sense to join up with the other Chinese boys in the public school. However, as these boys belonged to a particular gang, the two brothers found themselves pressured to join up as well. After all, there was solidarity (brotherhood), "great" financial prospects, girls (and sex), and drugs to be found in such a group. However behind such prospects, there was also untold danger and the possibility of death but obviously, the two brothers were made unaware of such things until after the initiation process.

Recent Events [WIP]

-Is no longer with the Protectors of the World-