Izaiyoi Yahatsugiri

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Izaiyoi Yahatsugiri
Player: @Illumenaji
Royal painting of Princess Izaiyoi Yahatsugiri. (created by Santana)
Character Build
Class Focus: DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Mysticism
Biographical Data
Real Name: Princess Izaiyoi Yahatsugiri of the Royal Arcadian Dragon Clan
Known Aliases: Zai
Gender: Female
Species: Half Arcadian Demon, Half Seraphim
Ethnicity: Arcadian
Place of Birth: Arcadia Nether Realm
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Relatives: Emperor Paimon Yahatsugiri(Father, murdered) Empress Isannah Yahatsugiri (Mother), Prince Keita Yahatsugiri (Half-Brother), Princess Yoko Yahatsugiri (Half-Sister)
Age: 117
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 118 lbs
Eyes: Crimson(natural) Lilac (In Human Guise)
Hair: Jet Black & Lavendar
Complexion: Olive
Physical Build: Athletic Curvacious
Physical Features: Very long streaked black and lavender hair, slightly pointy ears, crimson eyes.
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Neutral Good

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Identity: Private (She mostly wears a Human disguise as to not tip off Yoko.)
Years Active: 1
Citizenship: Arcadian Citizen, Earth Realm Diplomat/Refugee
Occupation: Royalty, Arcadian Ambassador
Education: Taught by the Royal Instructors
Marital Status: Involved
Known Powers and Abilities
Heavenly Flight, Word of the Angels, Shadow Approach, Shadow Stepping, Demonic Posession
Equipment and Paraphernalia
2 Yahatsugiri Katana Blades (Imperius & Illuminatas) , 1 Seraphim Katana Blade (Tenrou)
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Princess Izaiyoi Yahatsugiri was born into the Arcadia nether-realms' royal Arcadian Dragon clan. Izaiyoi was the 3rd born child of Emperor Paimon Yahatsugiri and first born to Isannah Daevania of the Seraphim-Angelican realm whom became Empress Isannah Yahatsugiri; 53 years after the late Empress Vivienne Yahatsugiri died of a illness.

Izaiyois' half-brother Prince Keita was born to Emperor Paimon and Empress Vivienne. Keita was first in line to the throne. He was a caring older brother, despite also being Legatus to the Arcadian military. His kindness stemmed from his diplomatic trips to Millenium City and other realms.

Keita cared for both his people and many of the other people from different realms he had gotten to know during his tours. This was why Keita was Izaiyois' favorite sibling as he never held it against her for being born half-Demon, half Seraphim. Izaiyoi shared many of her brothers perceptions as she often accompanied him on his trips.

Princess Yoko, the youngest and last child born to Emperor Paimon and Empress Vivienne, was the complete opposite of her brother and despised the complacency that she thought had befallen their realm. Destruction and mayhem was all she could desire in the foreseeable future which is why Keita made the hard decision to proclaim Izaiyoi to become next in line after him should something cause his early demise. The ruling was never approved and the attempted proclamation made by Yokos' own "flesh and blood" only further maddened her. To further harden Yoko's claim to the throne of Arcadia, she would need to kill her half-sister to undo the bind Izaiyoi has with the Yahatsugiri blades.

From that day forth, a series of unexplained events would lead to the death of Emperor Paimon, the mysterious disappearance of Empress Isannah, and the false imprisonment of the new Emperor Keita Yahatsugiri. Keita warned Izaiyoi to get out of Arcardia as fast as she could and to find friends who could help restore Arcadia which was now under the tyrant rule of Yoko. Izaiyoi now resides in Millenium City looking for allies and fighting injustice.


Having never been one for the limelight, Izaiyoi is often shy. In fact, only those working for UNTIL or have done their research would actually know her position as a Princess in the Arcadian realm. To the Paragon public and likes, she is more seen as Ambassador Yahatsugiri's younger sister, or the new Arcadian Ambassador to Earth realm. She will rarely jump into a conversation already in motion unless adamantly she had a point to make about it. This is especially said for instances where she sees someone being bullied or in need of help. In social gatherings, she will often use her power of Shadow stepping to disappear from view and observe from afar but this is mainly due to her not knowing exactly who may be working for Yoko and who may not be.


Izaiyoi out for a jog, as a human.

Izaiyois' physiology is a near match to humans with the exception that she has two hearts. Physically, with the exception of her slightly pointed ears, complete crimson sclera eyes, and the two horns on her forehead, she resembles a human. Izaiyoi also has luminescent ethereal wings which she mostly keeps out of view unless on the move.

Izaiyoi in Complete Demonic Form.
  • Complete Demonic Form:

In rare cases, she is able to transform completely into her demonic heritage but the transformation is horrendously painful as she grows several spikes from her limbs and head. Her lower limbs break down until she has Satyr like legs, even growing hooves. Her nails extend into claws and her eyes become pitch black scleras with red pupils. Her ethereal wings harden from their translucent state into materialized black and red demon wings. Even her blades take on this transformation, with each of the hilts turning black and red with the exception of her Seraphim blade which turns completely black and can not be used in this form. In this state, she is nearly uncontrollable, unable to think rationally through all of the pain of the transformation along with whatever triggered the event. In this form, her strength is elevated much higher than usual and she is unable to use any of her Seraphim powers without punishment to herself.

Izaiyoi in Seraphim Form.
  • Seraphim Daeva Form:

In other rare instances, she is able to transform completely into her seraphim heritage. Though the transformation causes no pain, it is hard to maintain and even harder to invoke due to her inexperience with the focus. While in this form, her horns recede and her hair turns completely white with streaks of very light bluish-silver. Her sclera's also turn pure white as do her wings, with the same hint of bluish-silver. Both Yahatsugiri katanas return to the Lineage Vault in the Arcadian realm at this point, leaving her with only the "Tenrou" blade, which turns into a short-blade which she wears at her hip. In this form, her powers of healing, cleansing and divine judgement are heightened. She is completely unable to use any of her demonic powers and her physical strength is all but gone, leaving her with only her faith in her Seraphim powers to protect her.


Izaiyoi can die just like anyone else, but not as easy. She can be cut, she does bleed, but she does not go down without a fight. Her compassion can be said to be a weakness. She also has a tendency to fall prey to snacks, since she isn't used to Earth Realm food. Lovely little cakes and sweet smelling delicacies may tempt her if she is familiar with the person offering them. Her current newly found food fetish is sticky cinnamon buns.


Izaiyoi continues to train and hone her martial arts skills on top of her penthouse rooftop.
  • Martial Artist - Izaiyoi is an well trained martial artist, having trained with the Royal guard every since she was 6 and that was over 111 years ago. Despite being only half-demon, she was the only one of her father's 3 children to have been skilled enough to wield the Yahatsugiri blades, a partial reason why the blades chose her as their wielder.

Shinobi - Izaiyoi is a high-level trained Shinobi, skilled in the art of concealment and mortal blows with her blades. She has no qualms with fighting several foes.


Izaiyoi in fight gear.

When in her natural form, she prefers to wear clothing fit for her type of movement which is very fast. This means clothing of form fitting nature, leaving nothing to snag on or get caught up on something. Free movement is important when wielding several blades against several enemies. In human form, she often wears things to try to conform to the social norm. She is often wearing a jogging outfit, or if out socially, a casual dress fit for the occassion.


  • "Tenrou Blade" - Is a katana blade given to Izaiyoi by her mother, Isannah. It is said to have the Empress tears' forged into the blade when she thought that war might break out between the Demons and the Seraphim.
  • "Imperius Blade" - Is a katana blade given to the Yahatsugiri ancestor, Yagyu. It was a fang harder than any steel known in any lands given to Yagyu by the Crimson Dragon, Imperius, of his own will as a way of sealing a pact between the demon and dragon. Imperius used his own fire to help forge the blade, as well as offering his protection to Yagyu for all his days and for all his heirs to come. Izaiyoi inherited this blade from her father Paimon as only she had the power to wield it out of all of his children.
  • "Illuminatas Blade" - Is a katana blade made from a fang of Illuminatas, whom was the mate of Imperius. The two blades are most powerful in a pair. Illuminatas also honored the debt to be paid and gladly agreed to the pact made with the Yahatsugiri. Izaiyoi also inherited this blade in the same fashion as the Imperius blade. (The story of Yagyu and the Crimson Dragons available upon request.)
  • Human Transformation Ring - A small silverish mithril type alloyed ring which she wears on her right hand. It bears a lapis lazuli type gem with arcane runes embedded into the gem, allowing Izaiyoi to transform into a Humans appearance.

Personal Data/Early Years

Being born the 3rd child to the Emperor wasn't so bad. Being born half demon was a different story. Even with the talks of peace between the Arcadian world and the Seraphim world becoming a reality, there was still animosity in some of the peoples hearts on both sides of the fence. The first Empress had been long departed of a illness that had plagued her since childhood. It would be 50 years until the Emperor had found love again in the oddest of places within the realm of his former enemy, the home of Isannah amoung the Seraphs.

The two courted each other for 3 years, only waiting to marry until after things had settled more between their nations. The Arcadian people loved Izaiyoi because with her birth came the realization that war was finally over and there would be no more bloodshed. The Seraphs saw Izaiyoi as a abomination. A taint to the purity but they would never say so publically despite Isannah knowing what they thought of her and her child.

Isannah knew no Seraph would hurt Izaiyoi because she still carried Seraph blood, but she knew they would treat her differently so she kept Izaiyoi away from the Seraph realm and raised her within the Royal walls with her half-siblings, Keita & Yoko. The only contact Izaiyoi ever had with her Seraph heritage besides her mother, was a guardian and close friend of Isannahs, named Kastiel. Kastiel was partial to Izaiyoi only because he was close to Isannah, swearing to protect Izaiyoi despite his belief that she is a abomination.

Izaiyoi was always treated the same as the other children by all the adults within the palace walls, as well as around the Arcadian people despite the physical differences she had with them. Izaiyoi's parental side all had hooves and strong demon tails to go with their horns and clawed hands. Izaiyoi had Seraph feet and hands, with no tail and only two horns. Only her half-sister Yoko, would treat her differently out of jealousy fearing her father favored her more due to her adaptability to the Yahatsugiri blades at the age of 6. She couldn't understand why a half-demon could weild the family blades and she couldn't. Keita, Zai's half-brother, would frequently have to break up fights between the two girls. This tension would grow even bigger as they got into their adolescent years of 100.

Izaiyoi's Penthouse in Millenium City. Formly Prince Keita's Penthouse when on Diplomatic Travel to Millenium.

Millenium City

With Emperor Yahatsugiri murdered, the Empress missing and Prince Keita imprisoned by a set-up, Izaiyoi knew she would be next. Before Keita was hauled off, he told Izaiyoi to flee to the Earth realm to get away from Yoko. If Yoko had lost her mind enough to murder their father, there was no telling what she would do to Izaiyoi, especially to get her hands on the Yahatsugiri blades. Izaiyoi didn't want to leave Arcadia without searching for her mother or trying to save her brother but there was no other choice with Yoko's minions banging down the door. Izaiyoi was pushed through the portal, ending up in Midtown Millenium City with only her weapons, and a parchment with a name on it "Shawn Merric". The portal was closed behind her and she was left to find her own way. Using her wings, Izaiyoi flew to the UNTIL building, where Keita had taken her a few times on his diplomatic trips. She figured that it was the best place to start looking for this "Shawn Merric" person. Unfortunately, she did not find him right away, but some of the people who had worked with her brother set her up at his Penthouse suite so she wouldn't be homeless. Food and other necessities still needed to be paid for, so Izaiyoi began working with UNTIL agents as well as the Millenium City Police Department, catching criminals and other unsavory characters. It was on one of those missions that she finally met Shawn Merric. Meanwhile, back in Arcadia, Yoko is still growing her forces even more powerful, preparing to start up another war now that almost everyone in her way is out of the picture. Almost everyone... she's still on the hunt for Izaiyoi and she now has intel that Izaiyoi has been staying in Earth realm.

Izaiyois' Theme Song

Mutemath - All or Nothing - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfnsc-rLaM4