Iron Lotus

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Seal of the Dragon Gate
"Honor above all"
PLAYER @UnsungChampion
Super Group NEX.U.S
Rank Yellow Team
Current Affliations UNTIL/UNITY/PRIMUS
Former Affiliations

Real Name Leila Yu Heng
Known Aliases Iron Lotus
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthdate 5-8-90
Place of Birth San Fransisco, CA
Current Location
Relatives Mother: Suan Heng

Apparent Age 30
Height 5'8
Weight 145
Eyes Blue
Hair Jet Black
Complexion Asian-American
Build Toned
Notable Features Toned muscles with a feminine charm

Identity Keeper of the Dragon Gate
Citizenship Yes
Marital Status Single
Occupation Owner of Lotus Martial Arts
Education High School GED


Chi Manipulation/Adv Martial Arts
Simple Armor, martial artist gi.

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Background and Origin

- Early Years

Growing up in the slums of Chinatown. Leila had it rough from the start. Add on a family dedicated to training, preserving, and keeping secret an ancient family martial arts technique, Leila had a rough early years of childhood. She hated all the daily training, and rigorous regiments her father put her though. Day in, day out it was nothing but school, and martial art. She began to resent her birthright, her family.

- The Tournament and the Six Fists

The Tournament of the Dragon. A Tournament held to prevent the Death Dragon from escaping Shagralah, and reeking havoc on the mortal realm. Each year, the Ten Fist of Kung-fu sends a candidate to participate in the tournament. The Six Fist are an ancient order of monks rumored to have created the ten styles of kung-fu, the Tiger, the Crane, the Leopard, the Snake and the Dragon, and Lotus. Leila’s family are the keepers of Lotus style, a technique that uses chi and swift movements to deliver powerful attacks. Her father was supposed to attend the tournament. Due to Hi Pan, and his Cult of the Red Banner. She was forced to make her way to Millennium City to stop his ritual, and face the Death Dragon.

- Millennium City

This is Iron Lotus home, she's done many missions and assisted The Champions with numerous missions and project. She's also been involved in many super hero groups over the years.


Martial Arts Master - She has trained many years and has earned a few black belts, she is known as the sole heir to the Lotus style.

Chi Manipulation - Lotus style used chi when fighting to deliver powerful attacks to the opponent. Through her work with the Champions, especially her partnership with Redsnake with her time in Vibora Bay. She has honed the chi into many different abilities. Used chi to manipulate her reflexes giving her near super-human reactions. She can concentrate chi to heal herself by speeding up the natural process of the body.

Blessed by a Dragon - After defeating the Death Dragon, Leila became the Guardian of the Dragon Gate. A title she will hold for 60 years until the next tournament. With this title came the blessing of Tianlong, an ancient celestial dragon that guards the entrance to Shangri la.

Tempest Form - Through deep meditation she can commune with Tianlong, and further her power granted to her, in this form she is consumed by a celestial lighting, her attacks crackle with every punch, and kick. She moves as fast as light, and had enhanced strength.

Tempest Strike - Her 'signature move' Iron Lotus channels power from Tianlong and delivers a devastating punch.

Thundering Kicks - Leila preforms a series of kicks, hitting her opponents vial chi points, while flowing into her next strike and evading her opponents.

Tempest Lunge - She channels Tianlong's powers to move as fast as lighting. He momentum causes lighting to strike her opponents upon contact.

- Gallery

- Publics Perception

Iron Lotus has a rather health relationship with the public. Working with PRIMUS, UNTIL, UNITY. She is well know in many supergroups. She is also very know within the martial arts community.

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