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Player: @MainframeError
"I'm the only weapon I need."
Character Build
Class Focus: Might
Power Level: 8
Research & Development:
Biographical Data
Real Name: Talia Wilkins
Known Aliases: Iron
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: African-American
Place of Birth: Millennium City
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Trevor Wilkins (father), Rachel Wilkins (mother)
Age: 17
Height: 6'3"
Weight: Very heavy
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black, red tips
Complexion: Brown, clear, healthy
Physical Build: Very muscular
Physical Features: None, besides her build
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: She has not done enough for it to be truly public, but due to her build it is painfully easy to figure out.
Years Active: 0
Citizenship: United States citizen
Occupation: Student
Education: Still in High School
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Super strength, invulnerability. The extent of both have not been fully tested.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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Early Life

Talia Wilkins lived her entire life in Millennium City. Born at Mercy Hospital to Trevor Wilkins, a metalworker who helped with Detroit's reconstruction into Millennium, and his wife, Rachel, a humble bus driver. The two lived in Westside, and despite their nearly impoverished lifestyle, were more than happy to finally have a daughter of their own.

Talia grew up in Westside. She spent her schooling in a normal Westside public school, and spent her free time with her friends out on the streets. She was nothing special schooling-wise, so from public school she went straight to Westside High. Even if she were smarter, chances are her parents would not be able to afford a better school. However, due to the environment that Westside unfortunately is, Talia slipped into a bad mentality, despite the best possible effort on the part of her parents. In order to defend herself from the atmosphere around her, Talia became a part of it, her attitude growing to be every bit as vicious as those around her.

Unfortunately, her body did not have the bite to back up her bark. Any attempts at self-defense consisted of bluffing right before she received two black eyes. She eventually learned that fighting back would just make things worse for her, and began to run from danger, as much as she grew to hate it.

It was one of these days when she was running from trouble when things got much worse.

Rather than face the normal routine of getting punched in the face, Talia turned and ran from the gang chasing her. She ran back past the school, through an apartment complex, and straight into an area that was under siege by VIPER. As soon as they started pointing their guns at her, she threw up her hands in fear. One of the soldiers walked up, slammed the end of his gun into her face, and that was it.


Talia woke up to the feeling of a needle being jabbed into her arm. She was strapped to a table in the middle of an observation room in an unknown VIPER compound, and was the newest test subject for their many super-serum projects. Every day for what felt like months, they tested small amounts of their serums on her, examined her vitals, and left her alone for a few hours before coming back. Breaks were few and in-between, and only when deemed necessary by the scientists overseeing her chamber. They were careful; they only gave her enough for them to see results, never enough for her to break out, no matter how much she wished they would. As careful as they were, however, there came a day when they finally made a fatal mistake.

Ripper and the other important members of VIPER were growing impatient with the cell's failure to produce results that were helpful to the rest of the organization, and the pressure began to mount. They tested more serums, there were less breaks, and they gave her multiple injections at any one time. As the various serums began mixing in her bloodstream and tampering with her DNA on a grander scale, the scientists of the cell were blissfully unaware that they had taken the first steps towards the destruction of their facility. Talia could feel the changes a little at a time, and she knew that she only had to bide her time.

About a week away from the cell's deadline, the leader of the cell, desperate to avoid termination, announced that they had finally perfected a proper serum. As a demonstration, they injected it into Talia while some of VIPER's top agents watched remotely. At first, there was no change. The scientists injected more, still with no change. Talia's body was resisting the serum, but it was only able to do so for so long. As more of the chemicals flooded her already changing body, Talia was finally granted the strength that she needed. The sudden surge brought on by the chemicals gave her the force to rip out of her bonds, stumbling and flailing as her body continued to change. According to her, the transformation was extremely painful; her skeletal and muscular systems underwent the final stages of the subtle changes that were going on during her time in captivity, boosting her height past six feet and drastically enhancing her muscular tissue. The soldiers and scientists in the compound struggled to contain her, but she burst her way out of the testing area, wrecking everything she could get her hands on as she furiously rampaged through the area. She burst out into the desert sands surrounding the facility, and ran for as long as she could. She passed out among the dunes, and was recovered later by a UNTIL patrol investigating the radio disturbances caused by the equipment she had broken on her way out.

In Millennium Once More

Talia woke up in a bed in Mercy Hospital, which her weight had crushed during her time spent unconscious. Even though the change had sapped her energy to a very high degree, she still managed to break surrounding equipment in an attempt to get her bearings, as well as put an accidental yet sizeable dent in the wall of her room.

She was registered with PRIMUS almost as soon as she was fully conscious; her parents were admitted to visit first. Although they were shocked to see how their daughter had changed, they were relieved to have her back.

Talia's recovery only took a week and a half, and she was back on her feet surprisingly fast. She was submitted to PRIMUS for a round of testing, and only relented to their studies after being told it was either that or constant surveillance. The strange concoction of chemicals that VIPER had pumped into her body had done more than simply change her muscles and bones. It turned out that the main source of her newfound strength was not the size or density of her muscles, but the fact that her body generated a higher energy output, and that her body now produced different and exponentially more powerful proteins for muscle movement, and had completely done away with actin and myosin, the standard locomotion proteins. Not only that, but her body seemed to be able to produce it as needed, allowing her to scale her strength to an untested degree, and it seems it is highly probable that her powers will scale as she ages despite currently not being as strong as some more experienced brick heroes. As far as teenagers with super strength go, however, Talia is noticeably above the average.

Becoming Iron

Talia attempted to go back to her normal life as a student, but she had just changed too much. The only enjoyable part of her day was laying the smackdown on those who had previously tormented her, but her new body caused many to shy away from her. Her lonliness eventually gave way to anger. VIPER had done this to her, and she was going to make them pay for everything that they had ever done. She went to PRIMUS and UNTIL with her intentions, but she was turned down due to the fear that she would become reckless, and that she was too young. Angry and upset, she went home and used her new strength and her father's metalworking equipment to create a simple costume.

Talia Wilkins was now Iron, and VIPER was going to regret it.


When she was little, Talia tended to be the quiet and polite kind of girl. When she realized that you either toughen up or Westside will chew you up and spit you out, she became aggressive to the point where it became off-putting to normal people. After her change, her body was finally able to back up her mouth, and it hasn't helped her attitude at all.

Talia is pushy, and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She's blunt, and at least outwardly seems not to care if she hurts someone's feelings. She's intent on getting through life on blunt-force alone, and doesn't seem to realize that she's good at other things besides force. Although she has a rather volatile personality, it takes quite a bit in order to truly piss her off.

She's also rather full of herself. Even though she says that hitting things is the only thing that she's good at, she's still proud of what she does best. She's been known to challenge people when her strength is questioned, both normal humans and supers alike. Needless to say, she likes to win, and seems to be incapable of letting it go when she does. She happily shows off whenever she can, even in the middle of a fight.

Her cockiness also leads her to be rather reckless, especially when people are in danger. She always wants to be the one to save the civilians or knock out the bad guy with a final punch. Because of this, she tends to overlook things that more observant people would obviously consider a trap. Should she land in one, she'll try to force her way out of it until she succeeds or passes out. She taunts, she toys, she teases, and she'll gladly lay down the law with a smile and a fist if that's what it comes to. In her eyes, hero-work can even stray towards the dangerous territory of being thought of as a huge game. However, someone has yet to call her out on this.

Due to her huge ego, she secretly hopes to become one of the strongest people alive, if not the strongest outright. Even if she doesn't like being told that she isn't the best, she will always constantly strive to be, even if she has to break herself on the way. Despite all of this, she seems to be privately ashamed of her body's appearance at times, due to the reactions of normal people when she's just trying to be herself.


Even though Iron's powers can be considered to be modest by some of the heroes in Millennium City, she is still very proud of each and every one of them, and is not afraid to show them off. She is secretly scared of losing them, however, especially her strength. She is not sure what she would do with her life if her powers disappeared, and is secretly scared of it ever happening.

Superhuman Strength


Iron's primary and most obvious superpower is her strength. Her body, chemically changed by the serums injected into her by VIPER, is capable of putting out an incredible level of strength and endurance. Although no one is sure what the exact limits of her strength are currently, she does have a projected range. She has not found any objects in the main areas of Millennium City that are suitable for testing the upper limits of her strength, and for this reason often heads out to abandoned areas or scrapyards in order to test herself properly. She loves pushing her limits through physical exertion and fighting; some would say to an almost unhealthy degree. Such things are also expected to raise her strength over time, so she often trains with a great amount of enthusiasm in order to boost her physical power. She also greatly enjoys throwing the various objects that she finds throughout Millennium, as long as they don't cause too much property damage. However, if the time is dire enough, she'll happily throw anything she can get her hands on. Despite being incredibly strong, chances are whatever she says the maximum amount of weight she can handle is is a lie, due to her ego. At the same time, she tries to be careful with how much strength she's putting out, in order to avoid accidentally crushing someone who can’t take the force.


Although invulnerability is not her main power, it is where she got her hero name from, according to her. Although Iron is not capable of "shrugging off" powerful blows, they do not seem to do any major or lasting damage. Although she is reluctant to admit it, any damage that she takes still hurts as it should. Due to this, she is still capable of being incapacitated by large amounts of pain, such as the sensory input from taking machinegun fire to the skin, being thrown through a building, or falling from a great height. Even though she might be fine physically, enough strong hits will knock her out just like anyone else. The only thing that truly keeps her going is her own will, which thankfully is quite high.


Due to her enhanced body, Iron is capable of leaping large distances using her lower body strength. Even though she wishes that she could fly, she doesn't mind jumping, especially when it gives her the opportunity to crash down on a criminal that hasn't seen her yet. However, due to her already-immense weight, jumping onto something can lead to some unwanted consequences if what she's landing on breaks. She once fell through the roof and three uppermost stories of a Westside apartment building by accident this way.

Something Unknown

What little of the surviving VIPER notes that were recovered from the cell where Iron was being held make mention of one last serum development, although there is no information stating what it was. However, due to the nature of the cell's research, UNTIL agents are confident that it is another physical ability that relates to Iron's changed physiology. Although she's excited to see if it will manifest at some point, Iron is also slightly disappointed. She really wanted to be able to shoot lightning from her hands, or something...

Signature Moves

Being the showboat that she is, Iron has begun coming up with "special moves" to use during a fight. Despite the main purpose of almost all of them being to show off, due to Iron's strength and the fact that every move has to do with hitting something, they also tend to be surprisingly effective.

The Slam Dunk

The Slam Dunk is the first attack Iron came up with, and as a result is rather simple. She picks up the heaviest thing she can find, jumps, and heaves it downward at whatever she is currently attacking. If the object she chooses is small enough, she'll even take the time to briefly crush it into a ball for good measure.

The Iron Fists

The Iron Fists is her favorite out of all the attacks she has come up with so far, even though it takes a few moments to prepare. Iron begins by picking up a heavy object (she prefers to do this with cars), and tearing it in half. After that, she slams her fists into both halves to get a good grip, and pounds both sides until they are nice and blunt. After that, the attack is pretty self-explanatory. Already painful punches become much worse. Because of the weight of the Iron Fists, Iron often does not get a chance to use the attack; civilians and ordinary criminals would be flattened almost instantly. As a result, she delights in using the attack right off the bat when fighting more powerful enemies.

The Sign Slice

Recently, Iron has found it to be rather fun to rip street signs out of the ground and using them as axes. Although she might not find it as exciting as a straight-up fist to the face, she has found it useful in giving her some extra reach if she needs it. That, and it makes her feel like a warrior or something. Most people aren't sure what she's thinking when she does things like this anyway.