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To Those Seeking a Change in Policy

The Admin Group of PDB is more than willing to field discussion about changing the nature of the site. It have proven this in the past. But the Admins also have other duties to handle, and still want time to play the game. To that end we hold biannual discussions relevant to the 'hot button' topic of IP. A great deal of ideas and thoughts have been covered in the past and while changes may have made the thoughts currently irrelevant, reading up on them will at least give basis for understaning the thinking of the sites staff. That said, some pointers for the next review that may help you make your point.

  • Discussion will open on Roughly May 1st, Closing on May 1oth, with the provision that PDB may choose to let discussion on possible prospects continue past the 10th.
  • The dates above are penciled in, the exact dates will appear here oat least one week prior to start and will also be posted on CORP and CHampions Online.
  • Be Specific. If you are looking for an exception on a particular part of IP, then stay focused on it.
  • Offer solutions as well as complaints, this strategy helps everywhere in real life, and this creative outlet is no exception.
  • Read all the material that has gone before so you know what isn’t going to be helpful. Archived IP Discussions
  • Know the difference between a right and a defense. Fair Use is a great thing, but it is a legal defense and if something happens to get PDB to point of having to defend itself with Fair Use PDB has failed and the metahphorical lights are going to go out.
  • Respect PDB’s rights as owners, making demands on how we provide this free service to you is inevitably going to be seen as arrogant.
  • Keep it civil and remind yourself that the people responding to you only has so much time and gets understandably cranky when spending 10 hours at a crack in front of the computer responding to the public.

None of the information above is intended to be insulting, it is meant as guidance and nothing more. Thank You, in advance to all who all who participate in the Spring 2011 quality discussion.