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Item Data
Known Aliases: The Speed-Tunnel, The Arc, Electri-Heaven
Item Type: Energy Field
Creator: Velocity
Creation Date: Unrecorded
Known Owners: Velocity
Item Speciality: Science
Height: Incalculable
Weight: Incalculable
Invisible dimension in which speedsters (primarily Velocity) get their powers from


The energy field known as "the Hyper-Force", was created when Velocity was sent through both time and space where he was thrown into Champions Earth, Velocity was bombarded with mass amounts of dimensional and cosmic energies which reached into multiple realities, universes, and time streams making the Hyper-Force act as a bridge to get into any timeline, Earth, reality, or future you can think of. The full extend of this can vary however due to some realities registering as "dead" or "life-less" for unknown circumstances. The Hyper-Force also acts a speedsters life energy and in other words if a speedster's Hyper Energy is stolen from him/or her then they could possibly die as well as become trapped with the Hyper-Force instead of passing on to the afterlife.

Velocity is the Only one who knows how the Hyper-Force truly works.

Known Users


How to Get Hyper-Force Powers

Not just anyone can be apart of the Hyper-Force, the following below tells how one can be apart of the Hyper-Force and gain actually Hyper-Force Super-Speed.

  • Family Heritage: Despite Brandon being only fifteen and unable to start a family, when he get older and chooses to have kids then he and his partner would have intercourse and Brandon would pass on his share of Hyper-Energy to his partner and developing baby and the baby once it is finally born would be considered a mutant and have Hyper-Force Powers.

  • Trapped Within the Hyper-Force: If someone where to be trapped within the Hyper-Force with no exact protection, they will be bombarded by mass amounts of Hyper-Energy until they are finally freed. Once outside of the Hyper-Force the person would be imbued with Hyper-Power and have super-speed based powers.

  • Hyper-Force Batteries: Hyper-Energy can be stored in special containment batteries which look exactly like a car battery. If a Hyper-Force battery were to be destroyed its Hyper-Energy would discharge itself into the nearest person usually enough to give them powers of some sort.

Items Imbued with Hyper-Energy

Hyper-Energy (electrical-based energy that is discharged from a speedster who is empowered by the Hyper-Force) can be harnessed in anything not just Velocity and other speedsters who get their power from the Hyper-Force. Hyper-Energy can be stored in any fabric or metal, PRIMUS built special shoes and speed-suits for this sort of thing, with the boots and/or speed-suit a normal human can run and manipulate Hyper-Energy as well as run at superhuman speeds, but can NOT run as fast as actual users of the Hyper-Force.



Description: With the Hyper-Suit alone, a normal human can be given temporary access to the Hyper-Force but not use its power to the fullest. They are given temporary super speed, agility, alertness, and limited control over Hyper-Energy. With the Hyper-Suit, the User can run a Machs 5.0 - 10.0 which is Hypersonic on a Mach number scale.

Roadrunner's Boots


Description: With the "Roadrunner's Boots", a human can be surrounded by an invisible speed aura that can protect their body from the dangers of friction and allow them to run to Machs 1.2 - 5.0 which is on the verge of Supersonic on Mach number scale. With the boots a normal human cannot manipulate Hyper-Energy like they can do with the standard Hyper-Suit as for the fact that the boots where made not for combat but for getaways.


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