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Player: @fared
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"Some say going big would earn much but "going big" has it's own literal saying in mind"
Biographical Data
Real Name: Jillia Fistellin
Known Aliases: Jill,
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Mixed (German/American)
Place of Birth: Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan
Relatives: Aberi Fistellin (Father) Erilla Gray Luddiell (Mother)
Age: 32 (Born in 5/15/1982)
Height: Varies due to the formula
Weight: Varies
Eyes: Neutral blue
Hair: Reddish-brown hair
Complexion: White
Physical Build: Bodybuilder with many amazonian features
Physical Features: Confidential
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Neutral Good

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Identity: Semi-secret
Years Active: 2004 - present
Citizenship: US Citizen
Occupation: Hero
Education: College PED in Biology and Health.
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Size manipulation, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Durability, Ability to Jump at superhuman distances
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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Jillia Fistellin is born in 1982 to two VIPER scientists gone rogue, Aberi and Erilla, once were top VIPER scientists of Project: STEIN until they come to realization that this organization wanted to rule the world and made a decision not to be part of their schemes. Jillia had a ordinary life, but her mind is as brilliant because of her genes that's been given to her by her father, Aberi for her mind could think up a probability of a formula that could give strength in a blink of a eye since she was a little girl.

Jillia in her high school years, wanted to go to the gym just to build up some muscle to her body, so she goes to the local gym in order to lift some weights to further enhance her petite body, her mind realized that she wasn't expecting many results as she thought and she wanted to create her own formula that could create muscle mass and strength. After Jillia high school days were done, she dedicated her life to create her formula, after tiring weeks of perfecting and finding ingredients for muscle mass and strength increase, Jillia with the help of some of her friends made her own chemical but unfortunately, her formula didn't do as intended.


Jillia, disappointed that her formula is a failure, asks her father, Aberi, for his story on his experiment that he and her wife is working on but he says it's classified but she'll find out much sooner that anticipated. Jillia went to a local restaurant for a bite to eat to see if there is merit to her failed experiment but to no avail, after her restaurant visit, she went out for a walk but unknown to her, someone is watching her and is informed by his superiors that she's the one that she would be a volunteer to a unknown experiment that they've been working on.

Once Jillia have reached home, some unknown captors snatched her to a nearby van that is taking to a unknown place, once the van reaches to this place the captors then took a unconscious Jillia there only to be greeted by the two mysterious scientists. After Jillia woke up only to be strapped to the experiment bed, she angrily demanded where they are and why she is strapped, the scientists revealed themselves as her father and mother, Aberi and Erilla, from there they explained that their reasons to keep the formula classified was the fact that VIPER wanted it to combine it with the Dreysha drug to make it more potent for their soldiers and to use this formula by itself would power up their soldiers into giant soldiers to make world domination a cake walk.

After Aberi finished explaining the story of this formula to his daughter, Jillia, Erilla explains that the reason why they captured her is the fact that they see her own formula is a failure and they felt like desperate times comes for desperate measures. And so, the experimentation has begun with the formula is being implemented right in Jillia's body, the experiment is in final stages right after the formula is being implemented and Jillia's body is beginning to experience changes with her body is started gaining much muscle and her size begins changing like no other, as a result, she fainted into unconsciousness and from there Aberi orders some specialists to carry her to the medical bay.

One day while in the medical bay, Jillia has woken from her unconscious state only to realize that the formula worked, she concentrate her energy in increasing her size only to do that as a result but she broken the ceiling to the medical bay. After the successful experiment from Jillia's parents, she went outside only to saw a robbery at the bank that's been taken place, by using her large legs, she leaps down to the bank only to saw that the robbers saw Jillia in her huge size and takes turns firing at her only to have the bullets bounce off her chest, after seeing that the bullets have no effect on her, the robbers quickly surrendered and offered themselves to the police. It was then that Jillia realize that the experiment by her parents is a success and had vow that she would use her powerful size-changing body to fight crime.



Hugette has the unique ability of size-manipulation thanks to the formula of her parents, she could change from her normal size to her massive size and each time she gets irritated, her size increase overtime. Hugette's strength varies in size, in her normal size, she could bench over 300 tons of steel but in her increased sizes she can bench over 450 to 550 tons of steel, her muscle bound legs can be used as springs to jump from 40 miles to 50 miles per hour.


In spite of Hugette's massive body, she has a genius level intellect underneath her brawny body of her, she can think of fighting moves without her superiors showing it to her. Hugette does more than smash and bash, she trains in CQC due to her time as a UNTIL operative and she also trained in Vale Tudo, Brazilian Jujitsu and Kickboxing. Hugette's intelligence comes in handy when she would reveal the information about the crime scene and informs it to her superiors.