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Player: @Grieveheart
Lv 40 Freeform: Power armored sorcerer
Biographical Data
Real Name: Siegfried A. Weishaupt
Known Aliases: Big Brother , General, "They"
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Ingolstadt, Germany
Base of Operations: Providence island, Bermuda triangle
Relatives: -
Age: 265
Height: -
Weight: -
Eyes: brown
Hair: black and grey
Complexion: -
Physical Build: athletic
Physical Features: -
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: secret
Years Active: -
Citizenship: -
Occupation: -
Education: -
Marital Status: -
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Hi tech power armor
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada

1.Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.



Founder, leader and ultimate warrior of the Illuminati Order, an elitist group of intellectuals, philosophers, scientists, politicians and diamond spirits secretly working to create a New World Order by infiltrating world governments, international administrations and economicals and politicals high spheres.

Siegfried A. Weishaupt, also called "The Host" has become a lot more an entity than an individual. Indeed, when the Illuminati order was created in the XVIIIth century, they choose to make of their leader the Illuminati's collective consciousness receptacle. By means of an occult rite to which are subjected all members, Illuminati's souls are for ever bound to the Host. Every time one member comes to die, its consciousness, strength and knowledge are absorbed by the Host, making him stronger, more intelligent and increasing his life expectancy.

He's calculating, arrogant, powerful and determined, and will do everything necessary to reach his goal, make Illuminati the rulers of the world.

« Annuit cœptis »

We'll success what we started.

Siegfried A. Weishaupt

2.Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.

Siegfried A. Weishaupt

Siegfried A. Weishaupt

Siegfried Weishaupt was born on 6 February 1748 in Ingolstadt.

Weishaupt began his formal education at age 7.

In 1763, he began to study political science, history and philosophy.

At twenty, Siegfried is doctor in law.

Seven years later, he’s an extraordinary teacher.

At twenty eight, he become professor of canon law.

He also begin to study sorcery and magic.

Weishaupt and five of his best students decided to create a brotherhood of sorcerers with two goals:

- Increase their occult knowledge and powers.

- Build an ideal world and improve mankind.

The Illuminati order is created on May 1; 1776.

Worried about the success and the growing influence of illuminati, government declared their meetings seditious in 1784 and decided to pursue and imprison them all.

Weishaupt is obliged to fled Bavaria and is badly hurt during the process.

He disappeared since and was presumed dead.

3.Unite humanity with a living new language.

Illuminati Order

Illuminati Order


Providence Island, hidden in Bermuda Triangle

Creation: May 1st, 1776

Leader: Siegfried A. Weishaupt aka « Host »

Main base of operations: Providence Island, Bermuda Triangle

Secondary bases: Everywhere in the world.

Resources: unlimited.

Goal: World domination.

Methods: manipulation, threats, corruption, blackmail, assassination, indoctrination, brainwashing...

By infiltrating world governments, international administrations, economicals and politicals high spheres, and by treating and modifying informations in the various global communications networks through computer virus "Providence Eye", the Illuminati secretly manipulate and influence worlds events to slowly bring a New World Order.

Alien technologies stored in a secret Illuminati complex
The main Illuminati library, containing a vast amount of knowledge in science, technology, mysticysm, alchemy...

They have access to mystic artefacts, alien technologies, forgotten knowledge...

A secret Illuminati bunker
One of their Metahuman research center, under the cover of a psychiatric clinic

They secretly study and make experimentations on meta humans kept prisonner in their various secret research center and use the result to build the weapons of tomorow.



Illuminati leitmotif

4.Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.




« There is a government inside the government, and I don't control it. »

Bill Clinton.

5.Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

Host’s speech to five recruits (extract)

Host's speech to five recruits (extract)

« We rule every aspect of people’s life.

We say them what they must read, watch, consume, and we also say them what they must think.

Because make no mistake, people are weak minded sheeps, so complaisant and proud about their free will that they don’t even realize it digs their own grave day after day.

Free will and opinions lead to conflicts, and conflicts lead to death.

That’s why we are here today.

From today you will have your own role to play in the future of mankind.

You are here because you have been chosen to take part of the Great Plan.

It’s up to you to leave the flock to join the shepherds, and lead lost sheeps on the way of redemption and illumination.

Day after day we will lead them to a New World Order, freed of conflicts, with only one government, one religion, one way to think, a world where the word Equalty take a new sense.

Of course it won’t be easy

Our Great Plan begun in 1776 and probably won’t be achieved before your death.

But be rassured, after your ascension, you will be a definitive part of this plan, and someday, you will see through my eyes the advent of this bright future;

because, after your ascension, you will be Illuminati. »



Subliminal message diffused by the « Providence Eye » virus on various media

6.Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

Events linked to Illuminati (non-exhaustive list)

Events linked to Illuminati (non exhaustive list)

- French revolution, 1789

- Right of foreigners to vote

- Slavery abolition

- Russian revolution, 1917

- The Great Depression, 1929

- Assassination of Adolf Hitler, 1945

- Assassination of Pope John Paul 1; 1978

- Creation and adoption of A.S.P.R.A. (American Superhuman and Paranormal Registration Act)

- November 9th terrorist attack on « Empire Tower building », Philadelphia, 2001

- The Great Recession, 2009



Siegfried A. Weishaupt

7.Avoid petty laws and useless officials.



  • New shadows:

New shadows and their leader Vladic Dracul are Illuminati’s long time ennemies. They are very concerned by the future and do not have any intention to let illuminati shaping it. They opposed many times and are the main reason for the creation of Host’s first armor. Their final battle opposed Host and 200 Illuminati’s warrior priests against Vladic Dracul and 1000 vampires. During the battle, the 200 warriors priest were killed, but something Vladic Dracull ignored was the bind between Illuminati’s soul and Host. With each Illuminati’s death, Host was becoming stronger and finally defeat Vladic and his remaining vampires. Vladic managed to escape and hides since this time.

Vladic Dracul:
« I was here long before you Host, you are nothing more than a small guru who have obtained too much power .»
« Maybe you were here long before me but i can assure i’ll still be long after you.»

Vienna 1793

  • Viper:

Despite ignoring everything about Illuminati’ plans, Viper actions are often damaging to their interests.

  • DEMON, Elder worms, Shadow Destroyer and the Kings of Edom:

All those groups are a potential threat to the future Illuminati want for the world, and for the world itself.

Host intervened during the operation « Demonflame » and defeated Luther Black by himself. He then tried to take the power Luther stole to the Kings of Edom but was interrupted by the intervention of five heroes. Host was forced to retreat.

After several studies on the energy residues Shadow Destroyer left behind him, Illuminati engineers managed to build a portal leading to Shadow destroyer's homeworld.

Host used that portal to travel to the dimension called Multifaria, a world where Shadow Destroyer, known as "Citizen Harmon", is all powerfull and rule with an iron fist.

Host's epic fight with Citizen Harmon's milice and several Mega Destroids brought attention of the Resistance, a group partially composed with the last survivors of the "Lightbringers" (Multifaria Illuminati) who where the first opposed to Harmon's tyrannic rule. They asked Host his assistance to free their former leader, who has been incarcerated in Harmon's high security jail, and was, according to them, the best hope to defeat the tyrant.

According to their strategy, Host sneaked inside the jail and freed an old man. That old man was Earth’s Albert Zerstoisten (aka Doctor Destroyer). Zerstoiten proposed to Host a temporary alliance. Host accepted and after a tough fight, they finally managed to defeat Shadow destroyer.

Before leaving, Zerstoiten warned Host about their future confrontation.

Doctor Destroyer:
« I know who you and your cultists are»
« You could be a great addition to our forces, why not join us ? »
Doctor Destroyer:
« The world you claim is mine, and there’s absolutely no reason for me to share it with you and your pityfull pupetts.

So for now i’ll let you leave because i consider i owe you one. But don‘t forget; we are quits now. If i meet you again, i‘ll crush you like the bug you are.»

  • Mind Incorporated:

The members of psi are one of the few organisation to have a small idea of what Illuminati are doing. They learnt it by accident when one of their member read the mind of a major Illuminati during a political speech. They choosed to not reveal what they know because they think they can manipulate Illuminati’s spies mind for their own ends.

  • Gravitar

Host tried to recruit her as Illuminati agent some time ago, but gave up when he realized she was uncontrollable. He ponctually stands against her when her actions badly affect the real estate market.

Gravitar about Host:
« Host ? Isn‘t it that tin who needs a team of 10 super humans to face me ? »
Host about Gravitar:
« So beautiful, powerfull and clueless. She could have been a queen, but she choose to be a trollop. What a waste...»

  • Doctor Destroyer

He is one of the few humans Host respects. Superior intelligence, Superior technology, great ambitions, and the power to concretize them. Also the only human he’s not sure to beat.



A lot of world enterprises are Illuminati’s coverts. A good exemple is the « ARGENT » enterprise. Illuminati have also members hidden among governments, national groups and internationnal organisations.

Moreover, Primus, Until and Unity have also been infiltrated by well placed Illuminati moles. That means Earth heroes, despite ignoring it, are sometimes used as Illuminati pawns sent in suicide missions against Viper, alien invaders, or other super-threats.

« We'll get all we want »

Siegfried A. Weishaupt

Powers and equipment

8.Balance personal rights with social duties.



  • Super human strenght and good close quarter combat skills.
  • Increased lifespan.
  • Mystic arts mastery such as sorcery and magic.
  • Ability to summon creatures.
  • Ability to summon a mystic blade to fight in close range.
  • Power to alter the flow of time around him.
  • Superspeed (by slowing everything around him through time manipulation).
  • Flight.
  • Teleportation.
  • Knowledge of all Illuminatis who died since centuries including mastery of various scientific fields.

Host's armors

Host's armors


- First armor:

This armor was crafted by Illuminati in 1790 to protect Host against the various threats he could have to face. This armor was made of an alliage of steel for its resistance and silver for its properties against undead. It was then imbued with powerful magic to increase its resistance.


- Actual armor:

An improved version of his old armor crafted by the best Illuminati engineers and Host himself. This armor is made of a strong alloy of questionite and is equipped with various weapons and technological devices.

Actual armor specifications:


- Extreme durability:

This armor is made of a strong alloy of questionite, granting Host a huge durability.

- Force fields:

This armor constantly generates an invisible force field composed of multiple layers around Host. Each layer reduce a portion of the incoming damage; that way, the final impact on Host's armor is considerably reduced. Host can completly negates attacks for short periods by surcharging this force field.

It is also equipped with a secondary force field Host can activate if needed. This secondary force field can surround and protect allies but is weaker than his primary force field.

- Self repairing system:

Host’s armor includes nanomachines which can repair damages endured in the battle.


- Enhanced strenght:

His armor mechanically increases Host's strenght, granting him the ability to lift several tons.

- Weapons:

Host's armor hides various weapons like missiles, mini gun, particle canon…

His Gauntlets can also fire concussive beams.


- Electric field:

Host can electrify the surface of his armor to neutralize anybody who attempt to touch him.

- Occult amplifiers:

Various occult amplifiers have been included in this armor to enhance the power of Host’s spells.


- Stealth system:

Used to mask his electronic, thermal and visual signatures, and become near undetectable.

An attentive eye can still observe a slight visual anomaly if Host moves.

- Sensors:

Host’s helmet detects and displays various useful informations about his environment, his ennemies; and the state of his armor’s systems.


- Surviving system:

This armor disposes of oxygen reserve tanks and can be totally sealed if needed ( if Host is exposed to toxic agents, to space, or underwater for example). It can also endure very hostile external conditions, like radiations, high pressure, extreme temperatures.

- Emergency reanimation system:

If Host is knocked out during battle, his armor injects him an adrenaline dose and sends an electric shock to awake him.


- Emergency evacuation system:

If a battle turns wrong and Host’s life is seriously threatened, the armor is programmed to teleport Host to one of the nearest emergency evacuation point where he will be retrieved by an Illuminati medical team.

- Neural interface:

A neural interface has been implanted in Host’s head to directly convert his brain's electrical impulsions into orders for his armor.

That way he can instantly command any system in his armor.

- Nuclear power source:

Host’s armor is nuclear powered meaning he has a near eternal energy source.


« Si vis pacem, para bellum. »

"If you want peace, prepare for war."

Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus

Host in battle

Host in battle

  • MELEE:

Host essentially rely on ranged skills in battle but that does not mean he’s unable to get his hands dirty if needed.


Mystic sword:

Host can summon and use a mystic sword in battle.


Iron fists:

Even unarmed, Host is a proficient fighter.



Hades breath:

Host’s favourite spell when he faces large groups of weak ennemies. It unleashes a circular wave of pure death upon foes. The most vicious aspect of this skill is its ability to continue to slowly kill ennemies when the spell is over.

  • RANGE:

Host tends to prefer a strategic distance between him and stronger foes, that’s why he essentially rely on ranged attacks in battle.


Concussive beams:

One of the advantages of modern technology, Host’s actual armor gauntlets can fire concussive beams to damage ennemies and repel the weakest of them.



Host’s armor hides various technological weapons; among them, small missiles which can hit very far targets.


Soul Drain:

Host’s armor greatly protect him against injuries, but sometimes, when facing extremely powerfull foes, Siegfried can be hurt despite his armor and must cure himself to continue the fight. When this occurs, he uses the Soul Drain spell to steal a part of his ennemy life essence and use it to heal his injuries.


Light of Judgment:

Host’s most powerfull spell. This spell hurt ennemies and also remove their defenses to damage them even more. Very hard to maintain due to the huge cost of magical energy.

  • OTHER:


Partial transition portal:

Host can summon a partial door to a mystical plan. This portal let magical energy enter in our dimension and if he stands close enough, Host can retrieve and use that energy.


Force fields:

If needed, Host can activate a technological force field or summon an occult shield to have an additional protection.



Because sometime his attention is required somewhere else, Host can summon various creatures like zombies, demons, golems or spirits to take care of the dirty work.



Through magic, Host can alter the flow of time around him. If he uses that ability to slow his environment and people close to him, they will have the feeling he moves at very high speed.



Another trick at his disposal, Host can almost instantly displace himself where he desires to. That conferes him a non negligible tactical advantage in battle. He can teleport to locations he has in sight, or travel to far locations by using GPS coordinates.



Host can cast a "Float" spell to grant him the ability to fly.



  • Host's most powerfull weapons are his spells.

The problem is that those spells consume a huge part of his magical energy, so Host often need to summon a portal to a mystical dimension near him to grants him the energy to cast and maintain his spells. Knocking him away from his energy source is the most efficient way to prevent him to cast his most dangerous spells.

  • Moreover, his personal force field does not absorb fall damage, so knocking him up is also a good way to injure him.
  • His most notable weakness is undoubtly his pride.

He's so arrogant that he will probaly underestimate you. A good oportunity for a tough hero to remind Host he's still a human.


« We already rule »

Siegfried A. Weishaupt

9.Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.

Alternate version (future Host)

Alternate version (future Host)


This Host came from a far future where the Earth has been completly devastated by a threat of unequaled power.

He traveled through time to seek the help of his past self in order to prevent that terrible future to occur.

Creator‘s notes

Creator's notes

I created this character for the « Design a vilain » contest organized by Cryptic in 2012.

I presented Host with his first Armor outfit, and the « Profile section » of this page as a bio. Like a lot of others, Host has not be retained because he was not sized to compete against a guy who repair fridges, a worm in a bathrobe, and the other winners.

My inspirations came from Marvel’s Dr Doom for Host’s first armor outfit design. Host’s background came from my fascination for Conspiracy theories.

10.Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.



- The « A. » in Siegfried A. Weishaupt is for Adam; Adam Weishaupt being the real world historical creator of Bavarian Illuminati. The « Siegfried A. Weishaupt » section on this page is partially composed with true facts from Adam Weishaupt’s life.

- Siegfried is a German language male given name, composed from the germanic elements sig "victory" and frithu "protection, peace".

- Despite being German and knowing a lot of different languages, Host has a great preference for french language.

- Host often speak of him by using « we ». It’s unclear if that « we » is for him and his Illuminati folowers or for him and all the souls he already absorbed.

- Despite being age 265 years old, Siegfried looks like a 43 years old man.

- When not plotting for World domination, Siegfried like to hunt innocent manimals in Monster island Argent's manimal preserve with some of his rich friends.

- Host presents symbollically some similarities with the Devil and God:

Illuminati sell their souls to Host in exchange for a good situation

Host wants to lead his faithfull folowers to a New World Order (symbolically his Paradise)



The new order is coming.