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"Helen Damnation is basically who I came up with the day I decided to give RP a try, after formerly being a total hater. I had one day witnessed an event being played out in Westside, and found myself immersed in the story. Mainly because I hadn't encountered anything else besides users acting like mewling baby animals or perverts looking for slaves. One walk through Club Caprice one and a half years ago, and I felt ashamed to have done so. But this was different, I was intrigued, and I had just joined an SG that Rp'd. Sure enough, after awhile Helen started forming in the back of my mind, and here is the physical end result, if nothing else.

I decided to make Helen green to the world, just as I am green to the world of Rp. So she is new to being a functioning member of society, and sees things from a different perspective. She finds herself drawn to the darker assignments, while balancing the everyday life she experiences when off duty.

Oh yes, I'm keeping a list of people who'd I'd like to eventually thank for helping me with in this endeavor." --L



Real Name: Registered with PRIMUS as Helen Damnation
Alias: Listed on public record as Sarah Williams
Age: Aged 4 by human standards with a standard Terran yearly cycle of 365 days. Theoretically based on intellect in her early to mid twenties.
Gender: Female
Species: Intel salvaged from the downed Qularr Mothership (see Files of the Qularr Invasion September 1, 2009) suggest Ms. Damnation to be of a race known only as the Hyttaren. Due to the limited information we managed to decode, they were used for genetic purposes. Bred aboard similar ships, their DNA seems to have been of particular interest, as the few logs pertaining to their study suggest. However,no further details were attainable.
Ethnicity: Unknown; It should be noted that during Ms. Damnation's current public appearances she has been outfitted with an advanced image inducer, giving her the appearance of a human female with tanned olive skin, green eyes, and black hair. All anatomy which differs from the human genetic makeup, however, remains as it would be otherwise.
Place of Birth: Qularr Mothership, Millenium City Harbor
Relatives: There is currently no information available, suffice to say that upon Ms. Damnation's apparent escape from the burning vessel, she had been fostered by a group of nomadic homeless citizens calling themselves The Refuge. In particular Jaymar Williams, who is listed publicly as Ms. Damnation's foster son.
Occupation: Classified
Other Affiliation: formerly Alto Varia, Flawless


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Helen was born on the day of the Qularr invasion of 2009, having been transferred as a lab specimen some time ago before the Mothership reached earthen space. A top secret project, the Qularr had been trying for decades to figure out her species secret: Hardwire Memory. When the Mothership reached Earth, Helen was nothing more than an egg gestating in on of their labs. Though as the ship went down and crashed into the river, Helen hatched and was flushed out of the lab into the open river.

She managed to make it on land however, hiding in the dark shipyards of Millenium City's Harbor District; feeding off the rats that she began hunting to survive and regain strength. But she found that there was a better meal to be had the night a drunken preacher had broken in one of the containment units. She followed him inside, a creature resembling a worm with slit eyes and stumped legs. When the preacher saw her he began kicking her, screaming at the top of his lungs " HELL and DAMNATION!" until she managed to subdue him and began feeding on the dead man.

When the body was discovered and the police began searching the premises, Helen made her way down into the sewage system, finding refuge in the dark tunnels where rats were abundant. Happening upon the occasional city-worker, Helen would learn to look out for these 'bags of meat' because they provided much greater sustenance than the rats she would hunt. She eventually made her way to a part of the system that had been abandoned for years, not knowing that this part would be part of a route a group of homeless nomads calling themselves the Refuge would take after their previous abode was destroyed during the Qularr attack.

===The Refuge===


The Refuge consisted of a handful homeless men women and children that had been gathered up by an older man known only as Old Saint Henry and his two companions: the blind Sweet Mammy, an old crone with a staff taller than she herself was, and Sunshine in the Skye, a young woman who was apparently mute. Shortly before the attack, they had welcomed Jaymar Williams, a 12 year old street urchin with a secret of his own to their group. Helen named him 'hatchling'

Helen sensed immediately that there was something different about these people, in particular the three leaders. So she followed them, studying them as it were, while she periodically went off in search of food. Old Saint Henry would tell the children stories so that they wouldn't be afraid and Sweet Mammy would hum as she handed out food that mysteriously seemed to come from no where. It was Sweet Mammy's song that seemed to call to Helen and keep her close by, though Helen would realize this only much much later. As Helen studied this group, she found herself picking up on the body language ( in particular that of the eyes) she had noticed a few young men making untoward advances toward the young woman called Skye, and it was obvious that this was causing a strain within the Refuge. These men were not good men, and in Helen's quickly developing yet still simple consciousness, these men needed to be plucked from the group. So she began her hunt upon the four, eventually leading all of them on separate occasions to an old storage room nearby that she had found and began nesting in. There she picked their bones dry.

During this period Helen boasted an amazing amount of physical and intellectual growth, often spying on the group as they would watch television, watching with them until the television was shut off. Or when they were listening to music; she found she liked this and it became clear to her that she was not going to hunt those that she liked, like Sunshine of the Skye, Sweet Mammy Jaymar and a few others.

Helen also began having dreams, strange dreams that seemed familiar, yet alien to her. With the hum of Sweet Mammy's tune, she began dreaming about things she knew she could not have experienced. Beings that looked like her yet didn't. As if out of the eyes of another being. These dreams would become very important to her later, though she only gave them a passing thought when she was on the hunt for rats. When she had led the last of the bad men to her nest, Helen began experiencing longer periods of rest and an unusual weariness when she was hunting. She would retire for longer periods into her nest, feeling the need to hunt less and less. She would sometimes go to her hidden perch to look up on the group and noticed new faces, but also saw that these men were welcomed and so she would leave again

This went on until one night she heard a commotion outside of her nest and was surprised as the hatchling, Jaymar, stormed into the room with three of these new men chasing him. Though she only half understood she could tell that these men meant to do the hatchling harm, and that they had killed the one called Old Saint Henry. When one of the men turned on the light and the other shut the door, they were almost on Jaymar.

Helen pounced. In a matter of 5 minutes, all three men lay dead, and the hatchling sat in shock as he watched her slowly begin to feed. This would be the start of their friendship, as Helen made no signs of attacking him, even letting him pet her. Over the next few weeks Jaymar would check in on her, even accompanying her on her hunting outings. She found his company soothing, in light of the fact that she found hunting harder with time. In the few instances where the Refuge was threatened again, Jaymar led the troublemakers to the storage room, where she gratefully accepted the meal.

Helene then began her first 'molting', a process where she formed a cocoon with her saliva. Jaymar, shocked to find Helen in this state, would check in more than usual, drawing Sweet Mammy's attention to his frequent disappearances. Helen in the meantime began dreaming heavily while growing in the cocoon until she finally hatched again, with a surprise audience of Jaymar,Sweet Mammy, and Sunshine of the Skye. Helen had grown considerably with longer legs that allowed her to walk on two feet, a long tail, a more pronounced head, and claws beginning to form on fingers, which also had become more defined. She'd grown to the size of a small child of 6.

Though she had matured as such, Helen was too weak to put up a defence. After being feed raw chunks of beef Jaymar had stolen, the three wrapped Helen in a blanket and took them with her back to the camp. She found she could understand the three as they spoke, and gleaned that Sweet Mammy and Skye had followed Jayma; that he had admitted to them what had happened the day he met her, the recent disturbances being quelled because he fed the men to Helen. He had told them everything.

Sweet Mammy decided then that this wasn't a place for the being that saved her Refuge. Helen would be placed in the tent with her. In Jaymar's arms, Helen snuggled closer looking with bewildered eyes at Sweet Mammy, but made no sign to move or that she was against going there. She felt assured in this woman's presence, and was keen to the idea of being a part of their group. Her dreams had been horrible, and she felt protected now that they knew of her, and hadn't screamed in fear. When the old crone asked what she would like to be called, Helen was surprised to find her self saying "Helen...Helen Damnation" Although it was much more guttural. And so Helen is what they called her from then on, with Jay shortening it to Hel as a nickname. They put her in the tent with Sweet Mammy and Skye, careful not to alarm the other s in the camp. But from the very first night, they found she would sneak out, and could be found the next morning curled up next to Jaymar, sleeping like a baby....

===The Miseducation of Helen Damnation===

Helen's time with the Refuge consisted of learning the human ways, because it had been clear to the three companions that Helen was not from Earth. There were several things that the three would have to do without raising suspicion among the camp.


The first was finding a way for Helen conceal herself in order to walk among the other humans in the camp. Sunshine in the Skye chose what clothing would best accomplish this. Silently, the mute woman with the dark cafe-au-lait skin and honey kissed golden hair wrapped the scarf around Helen's face, tucking it under a hood made of the same material, along with a pair of white leather gloves. When she appeared among the citizens they eyed her warily, before being told by Sweet Mammy of the horrible incident which led to Jaymar finding the child. It's poor parents had run afoul of the New Purple Gang, and had been assassinated in connection with some deal or another. This was taken as fact, much to Helen's surprise, and so she would have been able to walk freely among them had she wanted to. Yet Helen remained elusive to the camp, coming only to attention when she was present to protect or find one of it's members.

It was clear that Helen willingly took on a protector role, 'marking' the camp as her territory. Sweet Mammy, Sunshine in the Skye, and Jaymar discussed at length what implications this could have for Helen. Up until then the girl had hunted humans and rats and whatever else they might be unaware of. It was perhaps better to wean her off of the hunt, or at least give her rules which, while still keeping her instinct fresh, would restrict possible wanton killing. Sweet Mammy seemed convinced that Helen's heart was in the right place, scoffing at the idea that Helen couldn't be taught to 'only kill if you have to'. Sunshine in the Skye would say nothing, as she had the habit of saying nothing. But her eyes eyed the child carefully, as if contemplating if it could be done or if it was a waste of time. Helen would often catch Skye watching her, and felt uneasy,although not afraid of the mute woman.

Jaymar was eager to train her. With his knowledge of the streets above and the crime that coursed through the underbelly of Millenium City, it seemed to him to be a perfect playing field to instruct her in what he called 'being a semi superhero'. It was he who, with a select few others, would make frequent trips to the surface, in order to scavenge what he could to bring down for the benefit of the Refuge. He felt confident in being able to accomplish Helen's 'schooling'. After all , was it not Jaymar who had managed to find the device that powered the electric devices the camp had quickly accustomed themselves to using? With that strange device that Jamar assured wasn't dangerous, cleanliness had increased dramatically in the past weeks, with anything set in a certain radius coming alive as soon as the switch on the object was turned on, without needing to be plugged in anywhere. Though many in the camp were self sufficient for the most part, Jaymar was further able to acquire those things which seemed impossible to get, and which could be used by all without prejudice.

Besides, he told the women, he had been teaching Helen how to speak words since the storage room. After her molting, he had gotten responses out of her that showed she clearly had used what he had taught her already. In the mornings when the children's television would shows were on, he would watch them with her, actively participate in the program's 'lessons. She found herself speaking more and more as time passed, soon being able to formulate complete sentences, though her wording seemed archaic. When Jaymar would read, Helen would often appear as if she had been there the whole time, giving Jaymar plenty of heart attacks. No matter how advanced or dull thematerial, she wanted him to read it to her. Her clawed hands made it useless to teach her writing, but she found herself recognizing words and sentences, and asked what the strange markings where that littered the letters, which Jaymar explained were punctuation marks.

Helen found herself enjoying this life, simple as it was, she hadn't really known anything else. She found she dreamed, but couldn't remember the dreams like she usually could, and as time passed she didn't give them a passing thought. She was excited when she eavesdropped on the trio discussing what do do with her, although she found herself wondering why it was important not to kill an enemy.


Helen never let on that she overheard the trio. She realized that her feasting on humans as she enjoyed was something that would possibly make the other sin camp afraid of her, just as afraid as they had been when the bad men had come and killed Old Saint Henry. Although she struggled with this concept, she decided not to ever tell them that she had secretly been going to the surface, to the shipping yard where she had first hidden, to hunt the strange people with funny clothes, the people some in the camp called the Maniacs. It didn't matter that she studied them, trying to discern for herself the perfect victim. It did not matter that her criteria was to get the 'bad ones'. Sweet Mammy believed in her, and for some odd reason this resonated with Helen on such a level that she began to doubt her actions.

But not enough to stop entirely.

So while secretly continuing to hunt the shipyards every other night, Helen also began to accompany Jaymar to Westside, where he explained to her the territories held by the assorted gangs of the area. Initially sticking close to the areas around the camp, Jaymar began taking Helen on meetings with a variety of people that Helen, in her ever growing intellect, could only describe as 'ominous'. It dawned on her that Jaymar was very well connected with particular individuals that were adept in magic, and that many of these meetings consisted of information in exchange for yet more information. Often there was some prized object of either personal value which Jaymar was tasked with acquiring, in exchange for information of one drop point or another shipment of valuables that he and Helen would then steal, if the 'set up' was right.The end result would oft times be food and clothing and other niceties for the camp which Jaymar kept a list of inside the pockets of his coat. The camp would be happy and grateful, and cheer as Jaymar's usual 'hand out' began.

Helen had noticed something odd about all of this, and the slow creeping suspicions seemed to assert themselves more and more until she finally had to voice them in her own mind, if no where else.

Jaymar, for one, was also a user of this 'magic'. She had noticed this when they would be in the middle of a scuffle, the ruffians usually trying to protect their loot. The slight waving of the fingers, the muttered words, the mysterious flashes of lights. It seemed Jaymar forgot how well she could hear and see.

Or the individuals that Jaymar introduced her to. They all seemed a part of this magic world, disguised oft times to the regular human eye. Helen noted these things but said nothing, as she could not sense that Jaymar himself was a dubious boy. But she did wonder why he wasn't growing up with parents, as most human children did. Even the homeless ones in the Refuge were with their parents. Those that weren't were usually taken under Sweet Mammy's or Sunshine in the Skye's wing.

As they stole through the shadows of Westside, Jaymar was teaching her things about the humans here and the world they lived in. How life wasn't always fair by default and that some indeed were overlooked by the plethora of superheroes flying about in the sky above, off to another terrible deed that needed their assistance. To survive these streets one needed a cunning most didn't have, especially if you were born with a golden spoon in their mouth. Those that could fend for themselves usually didn't need these powers the caped and pearly toothed Champions or the other assorted heroes possessed, though having them was definitely in one's favor. Jaymar also explained to her that even though most here in Westside, indeed all over the world, tended to their lives as best as they could, humans were prone to mistakes. With these mistakes often only realized when they got older, and often after the damage was already done. No less with superheroes. He would often have a hard look on his face, trying to hide as best he could that he was talking from experience.

Helen realized that Jaymar was far older in mind than he was in body, and felt a kinship because she could clearly see the difference between her and the children she saw on the streets, walking with their parents. Or the children in the camp. She found them to be weaker compared to herself, in mind and in body. Indeed she felt no kinship at all with their wants or desires, it was a very alien idea to her to be so...helpless.

It was an idea that would reiterate for her how different she was from these people, and soon she began to struggle with the feelings of loneliness. Was she truly the only one of her kind in this world? Hadn't perhaps others managed to escape the giant monster known as Ironclad's rampage through the ship? With these questions the dreams began again. And this time she could only recollect bits and pieces of each dream, but never an entire picture.


~From Primus Training Log #492375~

Helen Damnation has had a slow start in training, due in part to her recent exposure to our facilities and hesitance to be part of the PRIMUS experience. She was prone to unruly behavior, from scaring her first trainer into wetting himself to simply not showing up. However, after certain reiteration of her agreement with PRIMUS, Ms. Damnation has proven very cooperative and indeed has been somewhat of a surprise.

Ms. Damnation enjoys an alien physiology which has certain traits in common with the human Animalia suborder Serpentes. It was PRIMUS' initial suspicion that Ms. Damnation was a Viper experiment, due to these snake like traits. But first contact and our telepathic division confirmed that she had never met or even heard from Viper, much less knows where she herself comes from. We found ourselves in the unique position of knowing more that she did on the matter.

Though there are many similarities between Serpentes and Ms. Damnation, who we shall name Helen from this point forth, there are definite alien traits unique to her species, although they do resemble changes taking place in other subspecies of earth.

Helen has herself described the ability to "molt", a process which we can only theorize jumpstarts phases in her growth. The last of which has given her a human-like appearance, although one cannot say that she is able to go unrecognized among the general populace. We've taken samples from what Helen has referred to as her "rebirth chamber" in the catacombs near the riverfront of Millenium City's Harbor district, in order to get a clearer picture, and we correlated this information with the data from the Qularr ship.


We managed to confirm that there is a molting process the Hyttaren generally experience, though how extensive and how many times this happens in an Hyttaren lifespan remains unknown at this point. Theoretically, and by intel given by Jaymar Williams, Helen creates a cocoon from her salivary fluid. In this she gestates for approximately one week, emerging more intelligent than before and less horrific in appearance each time. To date this has taken place 4 times, almost to the exact day each year. We are awaiting Helen's next birthday, or as she has dubbed it: Rebirthday, to further study this process. Helen has given us permission to study the phenomenon, after having approved the chamber we provided her with, a more comfortable and safer environment over which she has total control, as we wish to only observe. She has asked that Jaymar be allowed to be present in some sort of capacity. We must take into account that this molting process may very well present a form of adaptive evolution unlike we have seen in any of the known species Earth has encountered so far.


Helen's mainstay weapons are her claws, which extend from her fingertips when she is in battle. We believe her control of this is conscious. We have yet to study her physical attributes in detail, though we are searching, by request from the top, for a less intrusive way. So the question remains : Are they bone or a chitin like substance or metal of some sort? Our data shows they are durable and can cut through most anything we've managed to hit her with. She must sharpen them continually, and manages that to a high degree of sharpened precision.

How she does this she refuses to tell us.

In one of her holographic training sessions, Helen managed to massacre an entire room of enemies with minimal damage to her person, though we were able to determine that ice presents a weakness. We have yet to test how extensive that weakness is. Our scientists believe that though these claws present a danger to most enemies, there are other factors to consider, which we will summarize to a large degree, unless we deem further explanation is necessary.

Strength, Agility, Durability~ Combat training has revealed that Helen's strength reaches sub-superhuman levels, possibly surpassing that with a more rigorous training program. Her agility is helped by the prehensile tail which is measured to be 3 1/2 feet long. She displays a naturalness in her usage of this tail in or out of battle, and in the few cases she has used this tail while her image inducer is active, this has given the false perception that she has a mild telekinetic ability, as the inducer influence gives the impression of human characteristics.We believe her bone structure in the spinal area is such that it is more flexible than ordinary humans. Notes pertaining to Helen's acrobatic training show , though there were rough edges in her personality getting in the way at the beginning, before her sudden "change of heart", that she is also on par with sub-superhuman levels at this stage. We are yet unsure if this is naturally occurring genetically or if it is a possible adaptation to Terran conditions.


We implemented our standard training, but we soon realized that Helen was in such excellent physical shape that we could step it up a notch. Though we know that her species was mainly used in experiments, we suspect the Hyttaren race may have been combative by nature at some point, perhaps before first contact with the Qularr. She displays a ferocious appetite for combat. However, we feel fine control of her rage fits during battle could be bundled in such a way to physically affect the space around her. Our scientists believe that by training her to unleash her rage in such a way, it might allow her to use this consciously as an area of effect power. We've begun to set up a series of tests to determine how well she will be able to tap into this aspect of her abilities. Of course, we've taken measures to mask these tests as to appear as part of her training routine.

Innate Hunting Drive~ Silver Avenger Mayte Sanchez was able to confirm that a 4 year old case involving a dumping site of human remains in various stages of decay, may have a connection with an odd bit of information we'd happened upon while interviewing Helen's now foster son, Jaymar Williams. According to the story the 16 year old told our agents, the boy had met Helen weeks after her escape from the ship. From his description, she was a small creature in this stage of her development, roughly the size of baby/toddler, quadrupedal, and had been apparently accosting various members of what both call The Refuge( see file marked The Refuge for further in depth information). Jaymar insisted however, that of those victims he knew, they either wished their death or were those the group deemed "to be wary of".

The boy remained adamant that she had saved him the day he discovered her existence, though our interest lies in the fact that she managed to kill three grown men in a matter of minutes, to reiterate:while being the size of a human baby, afterwards taking hours to feed on their flesh. These men had apparently been driven away from the riverfront area the Refuge now inhabited during the chaos of the invasion, and had come back to stake their claim, killing a respected member of the group known only as Old Saint Henry. Initially,our agents were ready to charge her with cannibalism, had we not stepped in and halted their actions. We were acutely aware that we were dealing with something significant, and that we did not want her name on any kind of record except our own.

Further information from the boy detailed how he had brought victims to her during this early stage, usually unsavory types that in some way threatened the safety The Refuge provided all its members, until he was able to communicate with Helen in such a way that he was able to understand her and be sure she understood him. It was then that Jaymar introduced Helen to the rest of the Refuge, a task he found easier than expected. He began to appeal to her intelligence and weaned her off of human flesh, instilling in her that it was wrong, that she only do this if there was no other possible way to save a life. In sum, he instilled in her the human notion of the Sanctity of Life, and she indeed took the sanctity of the Refuge very seriously, becoming their protector when the need arose.

This may or may not be detrimental to our cause, as we believe that if not for the boy's intervention, Helen could have developed an advanced primal hunting instinct. One that, if allowed to flourish within a set boundary built by us, could make Helen a lethal agent in UNTIL level cases. We cannot deny the probability that this set boundary may have already been forged by the elusive Refuge; that these people humanized her, instilling in her the ability to sustain herself by human means instead of viewing humanity as prey. Currently, however, we aren't entirely sure where we stand with this, suffice to say that, depending on Helen's adapting to our world and being in PRIMUS, we may have the option of making an assassin out of her. We believe her physical training may be the key to "refreshing" her instinct somewhat for the time being.

Advanced Regeneration Rate Helen's natural reflexes have been of great use in the training of her combat skills. Though some arts seem more natural to her than others, we are pleased to report that she's shown a great adaptability in the managing of fusing what she's learned into a unique fighting style. That fittingly reminds of a snake.

Helen often naturally chooses to get into physical melee range, and we've recorded a phenomenal energy regeneration rate that seems to push her aggression, making her resistance to damage in effect greater as well. We are baffled and awed. While we indeed have subjects on record with similar abilities, Helen belongs to a select few that naturally possess this as a genetic trait.

Nocturnal Vision~When we speak of instinct and hunting drive, we cannot forget to mention Helen's sight spectrum. Our observations have unearthed that she is able to look through mirrors, as she had done the in 24 hours since we had apprehended her and Jaymar Wilson after the incident in Westside.


Cameras show that she looked through the tinted mirror directly at the agent who, sadly enough, didn't realize that she was watching him from the moment she sat down. Of course we relieved the agent of his duties, seeing as how the vulgarities and unprofessional manner he displayed had brought on a berzerker rage Helen hasn't displayed since. We thought it best to remove the agent from this facility, to avoid any possible 'mishaps' that might draw unneeded attention to PRIMUS in the press.

In the beginning of Helen's training we took her through a physical, where we were able to study her eyes and eyesight in depth. Physically she has the typical elliptical eyes of various genus of Snakes that we know of, but we've discovered that she has her species equivalent of a tapetum lucidum, found in most nocturnal and deep sea creatures with few exceptions. However, we believe her visual acuity stays unaffected, due to her ability to switch the spectrum scope of her eyes. So far we've measured that she has the ability to switch from Infrared to almost as high as x-ray vision. It's all theory at present, but we believe that this spectrum switching works in tandem with her tapetum lucidum, counteracting any negative reduction in her net visual acuity.

Venom Glands~ Helen is able to eject a zootoxin venom from two glands situated in the outer area beneath her tongue.


The substance, however, has an added component which we have not yet been able to determine. It has a gaseous form and manages to stun her victims on the spot for a period of time.This is perhaps the reason she is prone to kissing her one-on-one opponents on the mouth, she ejects the venom on lip lock. This usually is fatal.

Sadly, Helen's toxin breaks down almost immediately after being exposed to our means of research, reaching it's peak effectiveness upon contact with a victim, but deteriorating after prolonged exposure to the air. This makes any research tedious at best. Since the samples deteriorate at an astonishing rate, we have not been able to fully study it's components, save for identifying the existence of the unknown compound which our scientists cannot decode, despite having the most advanced technology at their disposal. We do know however on account of information given by Helen herself that her venom glands are very similar to those of a snake, that the venom sacks themselves are filled with the venom's liquid form, and that the gaseous form is more like a spray, caused by the use of a muscle no human possesses. Remarkable that her physical features do not betray that there is such a muscle at all. Studying this further would require taking a sample of the venom directly from the gland. However an unusual reaction upon posing the question to her has yielded caution on our part. We currently see no way to further study this ability.

The question we pose ourselves at this point is: What are her weaknesses?

Our data shows a definite dislike of cold conditions, though she is not technically a cold blooded creature. We believe enemies such as Freon may pose a certain danger to her, so we have devised armor for her to counteract this- -Click link marked 'Equipment'- We have also recorded that she is in fact able to be wounded by particle beam weaponry, weakening when hit over prolonged periods of time. Though we believe her natural stealth would be able to compensate, there is no way to know for sure until we send her out into the field.


  • Helen loves the streets, they are her hunting ground when out catching criminals or in search of answers she can't find elsewhere. The throb of life at night in Millenium City is to her liking: the crime, the seediness, the despair. She lurks in the shadows watching it all.
  • Roast Beef Sandwiches. She will cut a b%!#§ for those.
  • History. Helen's unique predicament in being able to recall memories and experiences from those in her genetic line going back to the beginning of her species has formed a love for history and in particular rare and valuable objects.
  • The Kill. Though not many know how deep her enjoyment of this act goes.
  • Undercover Work. Helen works meticulously on the identities she is either given or that she herself creates. This is her 'in' into human behavior, and much like method acting, she takes on the full persona, recalibrating her image inducer to include any detail she might consider worthy.

  • Helen hates failure. Her nature as a superior predator dictates to her that to fail is to go hungry and to go hungry is to die. She'll never go out without having the last laugh, or at least try very hard not to.
  • Human social constructs. She is wary of them. Helen feels humans tend to mask their actions in a way that puzzles her. But doesn't surprise her. Her short years on Earth have given her plenty of time to study and contemplate the human race, and she finds herself close to only a select few, distrusting everyone else.
  • Uncertainty. She is mostly unconcerned with this emotion in battle or hunting situations, but the disappearance of the whole community of the Refuge still nags at her to no end. She has suspicions but is unable to find a starting point to look for answers.
  • Cocooning. She has found the experience to be the one thing she hates about her alien physiology.
  • Primus. Though she works with them she hasn't forgotten her experiences in Area 53. She's sworn no binding allegiance and is patiently waiting her time to make a few names on her list regret having tortured her.


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