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Hard Drive
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"Everything is anything is nothing is something."
Player: @chandaman1
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Super Group
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Real Name
Richard Dash
Rich, Richy, Rick
November 16, 1995
Millennium City
Millennium City
Millennium City
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Jessica Terdum (mother); Keith Dash (father); Charles Dash (brother)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Body Type
Hazel Blue
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Always wears gloves
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Electricity, Superior Intelligence
· Equipment ·
Pad, Justice Academy watch
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Math, Science, Technology



Richard "Rich" Dash was born on November 16th, 1995 to some very unusual circumstances. His mother and father had planned the pregnancy, despite not really being ready for another child, and gone through it all. Soon, it was the day of his birth and his mother was rushed to the hospital. After twelve hours of labor, he was born with minor complications. They took him into the ICU unit of the hospital and began to try and hook him in. The minute the electric machines attached to him, sparks flew! Literally!

Electricity went everywhere! The machines broke down and the whole wing of the hospital's lights began to flicker uncontrollably. They immediately pulled the electric machines away and immediately notified the hospitals on staff Meta-Human consultant. The man came in and identified the problem being his skin. It was covered in a fine layer of a powerful EMP field. From there, they wrapped him up in a skin tight suit that would monitor his heart and lung function, helping to alleviate the complications of his surgery. Soon, he was able to leave with his mother and father.

The years moved on and Rich's incredible mind became apparent very quickly, though in a way that no one could really understand. He was quiet, rarely spoke, to the point where the doctors his mother would take him too quickly diagnosed him with Aspergers Syndrome. Every test that they would run on him would show his brain function was phenomenal but he just couldn't get the words out. This eventually strained on his parents relationship and they divorced when he was 8. He lives mostly with his mother and his adoptive aunt, Tiffany Snillum. His father gets him on the weekends occasionally, but the relationship between father and son is very strained.

By the time he was 10, he was creating super computers, but only in the comfort of his own home. In public school, he was bullied, picked on due to his stutter he had developed because of the electric current that ran through him. By the time he was 11, he was forced to start homeschool because of the fact that the public school system didn't have time to deal with a child who couldn't control his powers.

Creating MOTHRA

All of Richard's life has had a basis around one central iconic monster: Godzilla. It's his stem. His comfort. He has every Godzilla movie known to mankind in his basement shelf and on his computer for him to watch at any given time. It was his way of calming himself down. He has all of the movies memorized, line by line. As more and more monsters were introduced, he fell in love with each one of them, quickly adapting a likeness for the heroine monster, Mothra.

At the age of ten, as Rich began to find an adeptness to creating super computers and the like, he started tampering with Artificial Intelligence ( A.I. ). Soon, he was beginning to work on the graphics and speculations of creating said A.I's. His first prototype being named, of course, MOTHRA. MOTHRA is an entity all in her own rights, complete with her personality and psyche. She has minor bugs in her software that keep her perky and rambunctious that Rich hasn't ever had the heart to remove from her. To this day, he has yet to remove her from his data pad, enhancing her skills and keeping her updated on all the software that he can possibly get his hands on, despite that her image has stayed as a young ten year old blonde female.

Joining the Academy

Soon, once he was 17, he was found by the Honeycutts and his mother was approached about a position in their school called Vanguard Academy. He was enrolled and put into their Homeroom 8, which was secretly for meta-human children to help with their abilities.

There he met some of his greatest friends and heroes: Alisha Hindman, aka Marionette, who was the first girl who was able to make him see the world in a different light, to calm himself enough to think straight; Ziek Drake, aka Flashfire, who is like an older brother to him; Zeta, aka Whisper, who is his friend and fellow bandmate who he finds refreshing. Sure they often disagree on things but he also respects and cares for her like a sister; and finally Claudia, aka Sonnenblume who is his girlfriend and one of the few that he can express himself around, both mentally and emotionally.

"I want to be normal..."

At about halfway through the semester, Rich got hit with a major douse of depression centered around his powers. This was triggered by a previous engagement with a demon that was trying to influence a lot of the students to give up their powers into a stone. He began to research ways to help with his stutter, finding it to be the major source of his discomfort and pain. Not soon after, he met his mentor who gave him a vial of nanites to play with and experiment with. He found this to be the best way to cure his stutter, by making them engineered to go after that part of his brain.

What he didn't realize is that that part of the brain he was having the nanites fix was also the same part of his brain that took care of his other powers as well. He soon felt very sick, dizzy, and incoherent before passing out in front of his friends and classmates. He was quickly rushed to the school nurse where he was put on massive sedatives to keep his brain function low, or else the nanites would continue to eat away at his brain function. It took Alisha going in and, with her mental abilities, convincing his white blood cells that the nanites were a parasite and eat them away. He woke up three days later, realizing the mistake that he had made and vowed never to do something like that with nanotechnology again.

Starting Pareidolia

While Rich has been in school, he has made a number of friends, many being the ones mentioned above. As time went on, it became very apparent to everyone that Alisha and Ziek could sing. So much so that a local famous singer, Ellie Kain of Bladedance, decided to pick up Alisha and take her on tour with her. Well, needless to say, Alisha from there began her own band. She took in herself as Lead Vocals, Ziek as Main Guitar, Zeta as her Bassist, and finally Rich as her drummer. Rich is a lover of music so this was an absolute treat for him to get to do something this fun with the people he admired and respected with all of his heart.

Known Powers and Abilities

Electricity: Rich can manipulate the electric currents that are around him. He uses it mostly to channel into his attacks and recharging his technological pieces.

Genius: Rich is a technological genius. He sees things in numbers and equations and can often fix any problem that comes across to him that is technological related. He created the watches that the school uses for the Justice Academy students, as well as all of the computer technology that he has on hand. He also created his super suit which he wears for training and heroing purposes.


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"Rich is my sweetheart. It took awhile to know him at first, but our love of techy stuff brought us together. I love him a bunch!" - Sonnenblume