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Golden Victory
Player: @coffeethrall
Biographical Data
Real Name: Eric Mitchell
Known Aliases: None
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Phoenix, Arizona
Base of Operations: Millennium City and worldwide via UNTIL
Relatives: Jessica Mitchell, sister
Age: 34
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Muscular
Physical Features:
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 6
Citizenship: Citizen of the United States of America
Occupation: Actor
Education: Master of Fine Arts in Theatre from U.C. Berkeley
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities

  • Psychokinesis
  • Flight
  • Enhanced strength
  • Protective aura

Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada


Background and Origin

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Eric Mitchell would likely describe his early childhood as painfully ordinary. The son of middle-class suburbanites, he and his older sister Jessica watched Saturday morning cartoons in their pajamas, suffered scrapes and bruises from learning to ride bicycles and from occasional tumbles from their swing set, and fought like any healthy pair of siblings. Things changed when Jess turned 12 and, unknown to her parents, manifested her mutant power to summon and manipulate a semisolid darkness. The initial eruption of her ability happened as she and Eric were playing alone, and to this day he hasn’t revealed her closely-guarded secret to anyone; still, he waited and waited to see what sort of wondrous gift might await him when he reached puberty, to no avail.

Gradually, Jessica’s own paranoia over concealing her power, combined with the usual hormonal conflicts of the teenage years, distanced the siblings. Eric secretly interpreted the distance as mistrust and condescension from his sister; indeed, he felt somewhat betrayed by the growing emotional distance, considering his resolution to safeguard her secret. Jessica departed for Arizona State University as Eric was entering his Sophomore year of high school, and his perceived notion of betrayal soon sublimated into a growing ember of jealousy. Creative Writing classes provided Eric with the first outlet in which he could express his conflicting emotions, especially through poetry where metonymy and hypocatastasis could provide avenues for exploring the events of his life in a manner veiled enough that Jessica remained unthreatened. In his final year of high school, he auditioned for and won a scholarship to U.C. Berkeley's Theatre program.

Years passed, and the only times Eric saw his family were major events: Jessica’s graduation, then his, then her graduation from law school, a family emergency when his father had a mild myocardial infarction, and finally Eric’s graduation from his MFA program. Eventually, Jessica married an attorney from her firm, who would go on to a political career. Eric met and began dating a nurse practitioner named Cayce Howard after the two met in what they would laughingly agree was “the most cliché scenario possible:” small-talk while waiting in line at a coffee shop. Since Eric had no aspirations to teach college, and tenure-track positions were almost as scarce as fire-breathing unicorns, Eric began the grueling process of cattle-call auditions, occasionally landing a commercial spot or extra role. "Hey, you're that cute jogger who had irritable bowel syndrome!" became something he quickly learned to endure in public. He found that work became more available after a fortunate audition for a daytime soap opera gave him his first shot at a speaking role which didn't involve the words, "Consult your doctor..." Thus he became "Chase Gentry," the blue collar roofer on These Days of Yearning, a role which would cause fans to remark in surprise that he does, in fact, own a shirt when encountering Eric in public. Not much of a step up from being IBS-man, but better than starving.

Throughout his twenties, the conflicting emotions and concern for his sister churned within Eric, until one fateful night in July. Eric and Cayce had broken up, albeit under amicable circumstances, and he had taken a couple weeks’ worth of vacation to “sort through things,” which at first involved a cathartic amount of binge-drinking and clubbing. Three days into his pity party, he resolved to address the one longstanding issue he felt could be resolved, and called Jessica to arrange a meeting to “clear the air.” They met roughly halfway, in Las Vegas. The years seemed to drop away as they mutually expressed regret over the alienation they shared, catching one another up on life events: successes, failures, and all the beautiful ridiculousness which accumulates with time. Jessica confided that she hadn’t even attempted to use her powers even once since she had left for college, which awakened Eric to the realization that, rather than feeling resentment, he perhaps should have been more attentive to the deeply-rooted shame and fear his sister had harbored all these years.

Half-joking, he suggested to her that her darkness might be somewhat akin to a pressure cooker, welling up in desperate need of release. Somewhat amused by (and maybe a little concerned by) the notion, the two found themselves driving into the desert late that evening until far enough from the neon city for a safe demonstration. Unfortunately, Eric’s guess that her repressed power had been building to unsafe levels proved accurate, and upon summoning her portal to the darkness dimension her shadows flooded out of control and began sweeping towards Eric with seemingly malevolent intent. Jessica panicked, desperate to assert control and save her brother, and in that moment the dimensional aperture shifted position to interpose itself between the encroaching tendrils of blackness and Eric. Then it inverted colors to a bright golden radiance and surrounded him. The shadows were dispersed, leaving Jessica drenched in sweat and gasping, while the golden sphere encompassing Eric slowly receded to a tight glow around his wide-eyed form. Slowly, even that aura faded. At last, through their shared traumatic experience, Eric and his sister had become more similar than different; still, neither would suspect just how much his passage through those golden dimensional energies had truly changed him until weeks later.

Jessica, terrified by the results of allowing her powers to remain bottled up for so long a period, vowed not to repeat that mistake but remained adamant that she wanted nothing more than to devote her time and energies to her marriage and law practice. Eric, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to begin testing the limits of the golden psychokinetic force he could harness, and resolved to make a difference in the physical world in the same way that he hoped acting could encourage change in the mindscapes of others. Idealistic, yes, perhaps befitting the metallic gold costume he devised.

Powers, Skills, and Attributes


Psychokinesis ~ Golden Victory's powers manifest as a golden aura of psychokinetic force. Specific applications follow.
Protective Aura ~ The most basic application of Golden Victory's psychokinesis appears to be an aura of golden force, typically ranging from six millimeters to six inches from his body, which provides sufficient protection to ignore all small arms fire and reduce the relative impact from heavier weaponry to such an extent that he has survived anti-artillery shells with minimal "bleedthrough" damage. Naturally, since this is a power he consciously generates, he remains as vulnerable as any nonpowered person when unconscious. UNTIL training has taught him to maintain his field with minimal effort, but the fact remains that Golden Victory is not naturally invulnerable and must plan accordingly.
Enhanced Strength ~ The maximum weight Golden Victory has been observed lifting appears somewhere between 75 and 90 tons, with necessary variance depending on his level of mental stability (i.e. confidence) and relative ability to concentrate. He instinctively channels his telekinetic energy to supplant his own musculature. Offensively, this means that his strikes are delivered with considerable force. This appears to be his most reliable combat tactic.

Flight ~ Golden Victory can lift his own body with ease, and achieved proficiency in flight even before his UNTIL training. He continually displays an affinity for aerial maneuverability, essentially willing himself fluidly through the air. His maximum airspeed appears to be around 250 miles per hour, and despite trainers suggesting that he could combine that velocity with his strength for more effective combat capabilities (See Primus files: Move By, Move Through), Golden Victory remains reluctant to integrate those techniques into his repertoire.
Telekinetic Eruption ~ A recent development. Golden Victory has learned that, with sufficient concentration, he can explosively expand his aura outwards. The current range appears to be roughly twenty-five feet, and the impact appears less than one of his focused punches, but the fact that he has reliably mastered a ranged application of his power appears significant. This application of his powers appears exhausting; still, UNTIL analysts speculate that the limited range of his tactile telekinesis may be the result of a mental block.


Acting ~ Eric holds a terminal degree in Theatre. He can memorize information very quickly, since he's accustomed to memorizing two hours' worth of dialogue within a week, and can bluff with the best when necessary.



Cayce Howard, a nurse practitioner, is Eric's domestic partner. Mr. Howard has no other known connections to the superhuman community.


Golden Victory is a member of the supergroup known as the Vanguard of Liberty, and would likely consider its other members allies. His early interest in poetry led to a deep connection with the Vanguard's leader, Spellbinder.

General Perception

Eric was on television before becoming Golden Victory; as a result, there will always be individuals and media professionals who recall clips from pharmaceutical commercials (notably, one where he exclaimed, "I have genital herpes!" while working out.), or his soap opera stint, leading some to criticize his endeavors as a hero as "just another role." This occasionally leads to accusations of grandstanding.