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Player: @thequimper
Character Build
Class Focus: Dual Blades/Martial Arts
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Mysticism - Avatars
Biographical Data
Real Name: Rhiannon Boudreaux
Known Aliases: GOESFAST
Gender: Female
Species: Halfling
Ethnicity: n/a
Place of Birth:
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan
Relatives: Bertrand and Thelma Boudreaux (Parents)
Age: 15
Height: 4'10"
Weight: 90 Lbs
Eyes: Glowing Violet
Hair: Black
Complexion: GHASTLY PALE
Physical Build: Lithe
Physical Features: Unusually sharp and pointed teeth
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Neutral

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Identity: Nobody cares.
Years Active: 1.5 years
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Various mall jobs
Education: Currently enrolled in High School
Marital Status: Boys are icky.
Known Powers and Abilities
Superspeed, supernatural sense of smell, high mystical aptitude, skilled fencer, excellent liar, slight of hand artist.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Enchanted fencing blades, various stage magic items hidden on person.
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From the Journal of Theomistekles Venedictos, dated the 15th of March, in the year 2008 :

I spoke today with Rhiannon Boudreaux, adopted daughter of Bertrand and Thelma. I thought it wise to touch base with this young lady before she began her trials to become a member of the Council.

I'd been receiving word from some of the other candidates that she had taken to dressing up in fanciful costumes and foiling criminals. Though I do not necessarily frown upon her intentions, this manner of boisterous vigilantism is not the way of the Council. I made sure to interrogate her on the matter without seeming chastising.

Young Rhiannon has taken to calling herself "GOESFAST"(A name she insists is spelled in all uppercase letters). She admitted to me that she had gone without permission to appeal to Hermes for the gift of incredible speed. So adept was she at completing his trials that he not only granted her this boon but also an added potency in magic. I'm afraid this has done very little to help endear her to her classmates.

Her strange appearance and off-putting demeanor continue to put her at odds with her fellows. Recent events combined with her already innate supernatural talents have done little to help this problem.

I worry greatly for this child should she be allowed to continue her activities unchecked by authority. She is far too strong a magician to be left to her own devices. The Council and I shall keep a close watch over her to ensure she is not lost to the folly of hubris and greed.

Theomistekles Venedictos,
High Council Member of The Trigmegistus Council.


From the correspondence of Bertrand Boudreaux II to one Elisa Hapsburg, dated August 20th, 2008:

My Dearest Elisa,

Allow me to begin this letter by apologizing for the behavior of my daughter at last evening's dinner party. She is the spitting image of her biological mother in these matters. Who, as you may recall, was no social butterfly herself. If I had known Rhiannon had discovered the nature of our relationship before the party and had planned a night of escalating antics at your expense, I certainly would have dealt with her severely beforehand. I hope you can take some small measure of solace in the knowledge that she is being punished to the fullest extent of my wrath for her shenanigans. No Boudreaux man has ever been accused of being a soft hand and I certainly won't be the first!

To say that Rhiannon is a problem child would be an understatement. Deep within her tiny body lies a bottomless well of verbal jabs, mean-spirited pranks and inappropriate laughing. When she was younger, I could write off her unique brand of tomfoolery as nothing more than a childish stage of development that she would eventually mature out of. Sadly, her conduct has only devolved further and further away from the lessons of proper etiquette and ladylike poise I have attempted to instill in her since her 'blossoming into womanhood' (As Thelma so poetically puts it).

And if only her immature attitude were the tip of the iceberg! To top it off I have had no less than Theomistekles himself inform me that Rhiannon has made an adversary of the Vibora Bay Police Department with her dreams of costumed adventuring and stage trickery. These hijinks call too much attention to the Council and all that we have worked to accomplish in the absence of a proper successor to the Archmage. I am at my wit's end of what to do with her.

So then I turn to you, my darling Elisa. I beg you to take Rhiannon under your wing for a time in Millennium City. Show her the foolishness of these pipe dreams that threaten to take her into a downward spiral of failure. I ask this knowing it is no light favor. You owe her nothing of the sort, but for the love you bear me, please take Rhiannon as your protege for a time. And if not for that reason then for her mother, Thea. One of the finest members the Council has ever had the privilege of calling their own (Even if she was a bit rough around the edges). For the sacrifice she made for all of us, please show her daughter a better way.

Eternally Yours in Body and Soul,


An Assessment on the Skills and Abilities of Rhiannon Boudreaux, Daughter of Thea Boudreaux, by Elder Hormenius of the Trismegistus Council:







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