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Gadget Boy is one of the smartest, and loneliest, people on the planet. He’s an absolute technological wizard and a dedicated superhero.

These days you’ll most often find him hanging around Monster Island and working with his friend, and fellow genius, Takashi Toru to decipher Qularr technology.


Suzuki Katsoru is smarter than you.

In fact, he’s probably smarter than everybody. At least, he thinks so. And he may even be right. But he’s not a jerk about it. He’s actually very polite and helpful. Except to the press. He finds the press extremely annoying.

Suzuki is also about 19 years old. He’s way smarter than all of his age-mates, and all of his teachers, and all of the government folks who give him funding. He’s also smarter than his parents, which is a little sad when you think about it. That one became obvious when he was three years old.

From the start, he was a gadgeteer. He could build anything. When he was five years old he offered his services in robotics to the Japanese Office of Paranormal Research and Public Defense. Initially, they thought he was joking. After he built a specialized robot to help the superhero Tetsuronin in a battle against the giant monster Draja, they reconsidered. Soon after, the OPRPD gave him a lab, staff, and funding.

Over the years Suzuki came to be known as Gadget Boy in the press. Initially his youth, his endless bright and shiny creations, and his absolute dedication to protecting people made him a darling of the press. However, his own attitude towards them was never so positive.

Never particularly good at emotional or personal connections, Gadget Boy has retreated even further away from such entanglements. He built himself a robotic best friend and side kick, named Gokin. Gadget Boy doesn’t really have any peers. There’s no one with his intelligence at his age, or experience, level. While tremendously polite and pleasant, he doesn’t really engage with anyone or anything, other than the study of technology. In comparison to the glories of science, the press seems ridiculously silly. Why do they care about how he feels or who he’s dating (as if there were anyone smart enough to catch his attention!)? Increasingly the press is beginning to refer to him as grouchy or arrogant.