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Player: @Rotundo
"You're not about to fight me looking like THAT, are you?" HONK.png
Biographical Data
Real Name: Reginald Cartwright
Known Aliases: Reggie, The Current Hero, Electric Hope
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Meta)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts
Base of Operations: Global, based in Boston
Relatives: Benjamin and Mary Cartwright, mother and father; Jane Houston, sister; Jared Cartwright, brother.
Age: 33
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 160 lb.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Complexion: Fair skinned
Physical Build: Peak human
Physical Features: None
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public Knowledge
Years Active: 6
Citizenship: United States
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Education: College graduate, major in computer science, minor in business
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Electricity generation; UV beam generation; immunity to bursts of light, heat, sound
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Reginald was born to an established, wealthy East Coast family whose trade was primarily in textiles; growing up he had no want of anything and enjoyed a life of old world luxury. From his father he learned about business and trade, while from his mother he learned about culture and the arts. But his real passion was science and computers, growing up in an age of superheroes and advancing technology. His father saw real talent in his son's future, and rather than steer him into continuing the family business, opted to encourage him to pursue his own path. Above all, his father advised him one day, Reginald was to be a leader among men - to maintain high standards of excellence, duty and restraint; to cultivate the arts and be charitable; to be personally responsible and avoid avarice (like the often looked down on 'New Money' types). All these virtues he hoped his son would embody, especially as the influence of the old families waned.

He enrolled at MIT and learned computer science, where his social life exploded and his penchant for drink, dance and casual lovers earned him some notoriety. Upon graduating he went to work for Binary Corporation to establish a foothold. His ultimate goal was to make his own startup company after getting some experience and network connections under his belt. In 2010, supervillains attacked the building he was working in for reasons he never understood, but the devastation left him gravely injured. At the hospital, he was angered at such lowlifes destroying his work and killing several of his coworkers; how brutes like that could undo hard work in an instant of childish destruction. As if by divine providence, a man approached him, handsome and assured; he promised Reginald he could heal his broken body AND give him powers beyond any normal human. The man (later identified as Teleios) convinced Reginald after some deliberation, and the deal was signed.

Now Reginald had the power to emit plasma channels and fire off electricity from his body, as well as a general increase in his body's endurance and durability. He was a superhuman. Renewed in body and mind, the first thing he did was establish his own tech company, specializing in software related to renewable energies, and adopt a new identity: Fulminis, champion of science and human achievement, a warrior against those who would set back the flow of progress be they violent super criminals, alien beasts, or white collar schemers. He set his sights on the hub of metahuman activity: Millenium City.

Yet, despite everything, he feel uneasy; Teleios' shadow loomed over him. Despite paying for his new powers, Fulminis had a nagging feeling he was still in the man's debt.


The first thing one would notice about Fulminis is that he's incredibly snobby. This is due to a combination of his wealthy Old Money background and a heightened sense of self-importance. While he is polite enough in person and isn't prone to flashy displays of wealth, one can easily get an elitist vibe off of him. He considers himself intelligent, cultured, athletic and handsome - four components of a winning combination and someone who is just naturally above most people. He won't hesitate to expound endlessly on the topic of science, music, painting, or whatever else he has an interest in and tends to be overtly critical of other people's taste in things. None of this is out of genuine malice, he merely has difficulty relating to people not from the same social class. This is perhaps his greatest boundary to being the leader his father wants him to be, and one he is continually struggling to overcome.

When it comes to superheroics, he tends to be no nonsense and very passionate about fighting villainy. He knows his powers well and restrains himself from brutality, but will not shy away from hitting hard when he needs to. To comrades, he is often aloof and distant, but any friendships he does make are genuine and he is often very loyal in backing them up. Of course, he also insists on his friends getting a taste of culture to mixed results. He is perfectly willing to mingle with all kinds of people, even mutants and robots, provided they show a little class.


Fulminis has the ability to form electrically conductive plasma channels as well as generate his own electricity; this combination allows him to fire off devastating lightning bolts at practically anything, even if they are not conductive on their own. He has control over how powerful his electricity is, usually to stun or incapacitate organic targets while reserving the harder hitting bolts for robotic creatures or superhumans.

He boasts increased durability and can withstand bursts of intense heat, light and sound - all caused by his lightning blasts. Weapons designed to disorient, like sonics and flashbangs, are much less effective against him. He is not entirely helpless up close, as he can use his hands like tasers, or in an emergency, like defibrillators.


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