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Player: @Autoratchet
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Biographical Data
Real Name: Domitanus Seneca
Known Aliases: Tanus, Fort, Fort-Tanus, T, The Roman Bull
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Roman
Place of Birth: Korinthos, Roman Empire
Base of Operations: With the New Challengers
Relatives: Mother, Father, Sister, all deceased.
Age: 2015 (appears to be in his early to mid 30's)
Height: 6'10"
Weight: 575 pounds (5% body Fat)
Eyes: Indigo shine
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Rugged
Physical Build: Extremely muscular, built, ripped and vascular.
Physical Features:
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Years Active: 0
Citizenship: Roman Empire, American
Occupation: Private investor
Education: Equivalent to private schooling. Military Instruction and Tactics
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Transference of Black Matter within anything that is solid, to fortify himself, or to others.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Real Name:Domitanus Seneca

Alias:Tanus, Fort, Fort Tanus, The Roman Bull, Tarus

Age: 2015 (appears to be in his early to mid thirties)

Weight: 475 pounds at 5% body-fat


Stands 6 foot 6 inches tall. Extremely muscular, built, hyper-bodybuilder physique.


Has the ability to absorb matter transmuting it into raw energy that he can use to fortify and strengthen himself, which he calls Boon. The amount of boon, is proportional to the amount of matter consumed. Obviously when he transfers matter from an object, it weakens it, and if allowed enough time, will disintegrate it. At his highest levels of boon, he is capable of lifting over 100 tons, and can resist the explosion and impact of a nuclear detonation at ground zero. Boon also allows him to regenerate, and regenerate quickly, but this drains him. Boon is temporary, and slowly leeches out of him so he must constantly absorb matter.

Boon can weaken and lead to death or disintegration if used on living creatures, which, he calls "Sap" However......

Tanus can, also transfer Boon, by using up his stores of it, bolstering and increasing the strength of the object or living creature he is in contact with. This grants them a temporary buffs in resiliency, strength and regeneration. The duration and extent of the buff, and its effects are proportional to the amount he transfers into the subject.


Boon, is extremely addicting. It gives Tanus, and any living creature he is fortifying it with, an immense high, as the endorphins kick in giving the recipient a power high. The effects of coming off of boon, is akin to cold-Turkeying heroine. The extent of the withdraws are proportional to the amount of boon he had transferred into the subject

Tanus deals with extreme addiction problems and is in constant battle with them. He also deals with corruption of power....

Tanus fears isolation and is susceptible to magic, anything that has no mass, such as light (LASERS, holograms, etc.) and psionics.


Uses his old Roman Centurion armor. He of course bolsters it. His plumed helm helps him to resist mental intrusion and being mind-controlled.


Gladius: His Gladius now marks the spot where Hyde transcended, or as he calls it," Hyde's Grave" Bladed Scepter: Tanus now uses a compact rod like device that with a squeeze of a trigger, opens into a heavy mace like object complete with serrated blades. Brawling and grappling: An ancient Roman fighting style called....Bar-fight-su....


Tanus is quiet and stoic. Often choosing to talk when it's necessary. He is friendly, and tries to do his best in seeing good in people and situations. He deals with being temporally displaced, and often has no reference to pop culture. He botches slang, but still tries.

When he is flustered, annoyed or in the heat of battle, he often speaks in his native tongue. An ancient dialect of Latin.

Back Story

Born in what would be calculated -because there are some discrepancies in the actual timeline date and mistakes- as 0 A.D. in the Prefecture of Illycium, Diocese of Macedonia, city of Korinthos, Roman Empire. His father was an intellect, and later a senator for the Diocese. His mother, was, well worked the garden. Domitanus was normal by all means. However, puberty did its thing to him, and he quickly outgrew even his peers in both size and strength and eventually the blossoming of his power. This has lead some modern-day doctors and meta-experts to believe that Tanus, is a mutant, but it is unclear. Tanus joined the local guard, as customary for young men, and showed a penchant for command. He took a career in the legions, and rose in rank, finally ending as a Centurion....

His power was recognized, and exploited to conquer and grab land for the Empire. His wealth grew from the spoils, and so did his ego, until he fell under the lust of power and broke away from the Empire, grabbing land for himself. He took what he wanted, and destroyed anything that stood between him and his prize. Men, women and children slaughter in his mad dash for power, until one fateful day......he was imprisoned. Magi and mages were called in, and they were able to overpower Tanus, trapping him in a reliquary, deep under the ground. He was held in a levitated position as so he would not be able to use his power. They deposited much of his spoils of war with him, just out of reach, to taunt him, and there he stayed for 1500 years. Living, thinking and repenting for his past. Until one day, treasure hunters, driven by the story and the prospect of immense wealth, happened upon his tomb, and accidentally released him...