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Player: @hiphatchet
Personal Data
Real Name: Miles Benedict
Aliases: FP
Birthdate: February 28, 1995
Birthplace: Alphabet City, New York
Residence: Alphabet City, New York
Headquarters: Savepoint
Occupation: Freelance Inventor
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: N/A
Physical Data
Age: 18
Height: 5'10
Weight: 145 lbs.
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Intuitive aptitude
Enhanced healing
Enhanced intellect
Power Gloves



As a kid he used to zap bugs with a homemade taser made from an old blender, a mini-fan, and some chicken wire. When he was twelve he shut down his middle school's entire computer network to get out of English class. At sixteen, he was manipulating ATM's into giving rather than receiving.

No longer the erratic and socially-awkward youth he used to be, Miles projects a more confident and capable attitude these days. As one of the youngest and most gifted inventors of his generation, Miles has become a sort of rockstar within the geek/tech world, his most recent claim-to-fame being 'The Slice' , a smart phone of his own design that's gained critical acclaim. Though highly sought after, Miles keeps the majority of both his tech and talent to himself, which keeps everyone in the business on the edge of their seats waiting for what might come next.

He's a self-confessed video-game addict. Everything from consoles to MMO's, to retro arcade games like Pac-Man. In fact, when not kicking superpowered booty or tinkering away in his lair, it's a good bet Miles is hanging out in one of the many arcades around the city. Just don't ask him to hit pause.


Natural Talents

Miles grew up under relatively unremarkable circumstances. No great traumas marred his childhood or adolescence. He was always a bright child, but the full scope of his intelligence didn’t become apparent until he was in high school. A true technophile in every sense of the word, Miles loved technology. All forms of it. As he grew, his technological aptitude progressed rapidly, even without increasing his study in such areas. His teachers however, misunderstood his burgeoning intelligence and assumed he was crazy smart across the board. They bumped him up to 11th grade when he was just fourteen. He excelled at first, but only in Math and Tech Ed. When it came to english or science? Not so much. He was promptly switched back to his proper grade school level before the year had even ended. With a fervent passion for video games as well, Miles' social skills declined as he spent most of his time with technological devices and video-game consoles rather than people.

Game Changer

By the age of sixteen, Miles held several patents in his name and had gained a small fortune upgrading pre-existing technology. His level of success got him noticed by a company called Brightware Solutions, that became aware of his abilities and flagged him as a metahuman person of interest. Men in suits showed up at his front door and offered him a position at Brightware in their research and development branch. In truth, the company only wished to recruit him for two reasons; 1: To gain a leg-up on their competetors and 2: To easily monitor his activities and keep him from causing any serious damage.

But instead, Miles monitored their activities. He discovered Brightware to be extremely corrupt. Not only had they been guilty of crimes such as fraud and blackmail, but their pharmaceuticals division knowingly released a drug with life-threatening side effects to the public. When Miles brought this information to the higher-ups, they explained it would be too costly to recall it; the company would lose billions. He threatened to go public with the information but the executives made veiled threats against his parents' lives unless he kept quiet about the matter.

In defiance, Miles siphoned a considerable amount of money out of the company, divvied it up, and donated it to many homeless shelters and charities. When they discovered what Miles had been doing, they seized his inventions and forcibly removed him from the company. But Miles had stolen the discrediting drug trial information before he was fired. Discovering this, Brightware hired a team of mercenaries to retrieve the data. Using weapons he had secretly constructed and hid from Brightware, Miles attempted to defend his parents, but they were killed in the ensuing battle. Miles narrowly escaped.

Going underground, Miles released the incriminating evidence to the public, condemning the executives of Brightware. Investors pulled out and the company folded. From then on, Miles made a vow: to never let the greed of wealthy men destroy those who lacked the means to fight for themselves.

Power Up

Using the weapons he'd stolen from Brightware, Miles began fighting corporate injustices. Upon learning a company was developing a groundbreaking nanotechnology serum that would increase brain function and help cure Alzheimer's, but were keeping it off the market until the economy was more profitable, Miles broke into their main research facility planning to steal the formula and distribute it among those with more noble intentions. Though he made it to the lab, Miles was severely wounded when security personnel opened fire. To keep the serum out of the corrupt company's hands, Miles injected himself and overloaded the reactor housing the last of the prototype nanobots. He escaped the destruction but learned that the nanotech serum had greatly enhanced his already heightened intelligence and in doing so, showed Miles the error of his ways. He resolved to use his newfound abilities to help protect people more legitimately.


Superhuman Technological Intuitive Aptitude. In short, this power allows him to instinctively recognize the potential and functional uses of any machine or technological device in his visual range, a skill that combined with his natural intelligence gives him the ability to conceive, design and build highly-advanced mechanical devices with little effort.
Thanks to the self-replicating nanobots he injected into himself, Miles' brain functions have been completely compartmentalized, providing him with superhuman-level multitasking capabilities. He's able to perform random tasks such as a reading a book or singing along to his favorite song simultaneously.
Enhanced Healing
A side-effect of the nanotechnology in his system. Miles is capable of healing injuries faster and more extensively than ordinary humans, though it is considerably inferior to the healing abilities of other notable superheroes. Surface wounds such as cuts and bruises heal within minutes while broken bones and torn muscles take hours to heal.
Recently, after being infected by an alien techno-organic virus that threatened his life, Miles underwent an extreme physical purging procedure, the aftermath of such left him with the ability to interface with and effortlessly control all things electronic. He's a walking wi-fi hotspot, though when angered, surrounding electronic equipment may flicker or cease functioning all together.


Power Loss
Just like all technological devices, Miles' gadgets sometimes short out or overload and require regular maintainance.
Sensory Overload
Miles brain crashes, in the same way that a computer would, when overwhelmed with information or data. The amount of time it takes him to 'reboot' varies, depending on the amount of overstimulation he's exposed to.
Robin Hood Complex
Though he operates as a hero, Miles is often compelled to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Only greedy corporations and wealthy corrupt officials who he knows for a fact are guilty, are potential targets.


A high-tech staff designed to fire concussive bolts of pulse energy, create force fields, and levitate objects. The staff possesses an absorbing field which acts similar to a tractor beam, in which Miles can grab hold of objects and move them about or hurl them at foes. UPDATE (3/25/13) - Miles has converted the staff into a smaller, mace-like weapon for easy carrying. Though it no longer creates force fields, it still fires blasts of energy and is now sturdy enough to bash his enemies as well.
The McFly
An incredibly fast and maneuverable hoverboard which can be summoned at will through the use of Miles' technopathic abilities. It's steered mostly by leaning and has a top speed of about 90 miles per hour.
In combat, Miles wears a high-tech visor that displays a hologram-like heads-up display that monitors such things as the energy levels of his gear, threat-identification, health readouts, mini-maps, etc. Being the hardcore gamer he is, Miles has customized the layout of his HUD to mimic first person shooters, with targeting reticles, objectives, and his enemies defenses. It also houses a built-in fire/police/emergency scanner, and provides audio amplification.
Power Suit
In lieu of any physical superhuman abilities, Miles wears a lightweight, all-purpose combat suit (that is easily worn under his clothes), made from an imperivum-mesh based material. The experimental material protects Miles from short-range gunfire and stabbings, while a high-tech "Power Belt" is incorporated into his suit that projects a thin force field around him and allows Miles to withstand more powerful impact forces and energy attacks.
Power Gloves
Magnetically channeled electrokinetic energy beams are fired from the palms of his gloves.
(Rapid Operating Guidance Entity and Resource) - An artificial intelligence Miles built in secret during his time at Brightware Solutions. He's housed in a small, hovering mechanical drone and is equipped with miniature laser. Roger serves Miles as a strategic, technical, and tactical adviser as well as an occasional partner in combat. He's also his best friend.
Not necessarily an item he uses in battle, Savepoint is Miles' base of operations. His secret lair, his Batcave, etc. It's equipped with state-of-the-art technology and inside the base, Miles has constructed a command center which consists of a large bank of monitors capable of doing anything from monitoring crisis points around the city to playing the most advanced video games. The base also includes a high tech workshop, where Miles repairs his gear and builds new devices. The base itself is an old abandoned military bunker located under a junkyard in Westside.


• Miles is lactose intolerant.
• He is a fan of anything science fiction related, often referencing Star Trek, Doctor Who, X-Files, or Star Wars in regular conversation.
• His favorite arcade game is Killer Instinct.
• He actually enjoyed Revenge of the Sith.
• Miles set his high school's record for most hot dogs eaten in a lunch period. To this day, it still stands.