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Player: Bob13
Class Focus: Single Blade dps/off tank (some day giant weapons)
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science/ mystic
Personal Data
Real Name: lost due to memory lapse
Known Aliases: none
Species: genticly altered human vampire
Ethnicity: europen
Age: 500 to 600 years old due to memory loss unsure
Weight: 110 lbs
Eye Color: bright glowy orange
Hair Color: changes often at most time pink with green highlights
Biographical Data
Nationality: lost track of
Occupation: would be hero used to be an experamental merc team
Place of Birth: unknown
Base of Operations: unknown
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: long been dead
Known Powers
normal vampire strength, above average mystics able to jump and or pull from pocket verse, magic giant blade forms from the depths of her will shape changes due to needs of blade.
Known Abilities
agile, strong, focused fighter (able to spot weakpoints), standard vampire senses, incredable alchol tolerance.
aside from magic blade standard merc gear I.E. night vision goggles, small med kits etc etc.

"Those who fear life are already three parts dead. ~Bertrand Russell"

   Orgin of a forgoten name

Vampire... they screamed as she stood looking over the bodys of those she punished to save the very people that now run from her. 'sigh' never changes she says.

She knows she is old how old tho she is not sure. Vlad knows her from old times or so he says and many vamps fear her. She has been conflicted with her exsistance ever since her world crumbled down around her. 5 decades ago she was part of something a team she felt they were doing good.... she was wrong. Fears Touch was the team 7 of them now only 2. They were all monsters by definition. But they became more. sick twisted experiments is what they became. She is old and powerful in her own right but when that group did things to her she found that she could tap into a realm that no one should ever tap into. The dark powers she uses with her giant blades cause damnation on all around her. If only she could have some how saved the others from him the other one to live... ha if thats what he did live more like he killed them all... all but her a mistake she well make him pay for.

  Currant affairs

Currant head of rogue secrets she is often seen as not a threat do to her apperance of drunkeness but do not think she is unable to swing that mighty blade at alarming speed she could just be playing the fool

  OOC notes

She is a drunk or is she never can tell since she ain't saying and she has a big effing sword. Large scar on face seems friendly always has a different motive than what you may think.