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Player: @Amarlex
It's Liz.
Biographical Data
Real Name: Jane Elizabeth Bollinger
Known Aliases: Liz, Faraday
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Mutant)
Ethnicity: Honky
Place of Birth: Reno, Nevada
Base of Operations: Westside
Relatives: Mother (Grace Bollinger), Father (Joseph Bollinger)
Age: 25 (February 14)
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Eyes: Completely black, including sclera
Hair: Ginger
Complexion: Light blue
Physical Build: Lanky, Athletic
Physical Features: Blue skin, Pointed ears, carnivorous teeth, sharklike eyes, clawed feet
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Open secret
Years Active: 2007-Present
Citizenship: United States, Nation
Occupation: Office Aide
Education: Some College
Marital Status: Dating
Known Powers and Abilities
Electrical Absorption and Projection, Regeneration, Aquatic Physiology
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Protective Goggles, Nation Wristband
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Jane Elizabeth Bollinger was born to her parents Grace and Joseph Bollinger on Valentine's Day in 1988. Unlike many other mutants, she never went through a sudden change during puberty; instead, she was born with her unique genetics already apparent. Needless to say, a screaming blue baby with soulless black eyes certainly gave the doctors quite a shock. Through some convincing arguments, a veiled threat or two and a well-placed bribe, little Jane was never registered as a metahuman and her medical records made no mention of her peculiar biology.

Jane grew up on the outskirts of Reno, Nevada, where her conspiracy theorist father raised her to distrust the government and corporations as deeply as he did. She took the lessons to heart, and to this day refuses to put any of her money in a bank or register as a legitimate superhero. She was fairly lonely all through school and remained very close with her parents, although she did begin calling herself "Liz" in a brief spark of teenage rebellion. Liz was repeatedly told by her parents not to demonstrate her superhuman abilities to others; they believed that she'd be taken away by some shady corporation or by a corrupt government project if she were ever discovered to be something more than an unfortunate-looking ginger sharkperson.

In 2007, Liz - despite the protests of her parents - decided to move to Millennium City to pursue a degree in Art History. Less than a year after she arrived, she stopped her first mugging by stunning the belligerent gang member with a burst of electricity. Asked for her "superhero name" by the grateful rescuee, she stammered out the last name of a man she had just learned about in a freshman physics class: "Faraday".

Liz began stopping the occasional crime in Westside, taking care to follow the advice of her parents and never go "public" with her abilities. This continued until late 2012, when she met representatives of a group called Nation in the gas station she was working in at that time. They told her that mutants - or "Evolved", as they preferred to be called - had no need to hide their gifts, and that if she joined their cause she could help people just like her all around the world come to terms with their enhanced genetics. It was less than a month until she became a full Citizen, and in February, she joined the group's official Supergroup branch, a costumed organization calling itself N-Force.

After joining N-Force, Faraday began acting more publicly as a superhero, donning a more sophisticated costume and taking on higher-profile threats. Now, she can often be seen patrolling Westside and occasionally downtown Millennium City.


Liz is a bit of an odd one. While normally fairly sedate and relaxed, she'll occasionally slip into bouts of nervousness and social anxiety in response to fairly innocuous situations. This tends to happen especially when she's absorbed a large amount of electricity; somehow, the extra voltage affects her mental state.

Faraday is an altruist. She doesn't believe that it's her duty as a superhuman to protect the weak, but she does enjoy helping others and will usually go out of her way to lend a helping hand to those who need it.

Faraday is incredibly proud of her abilities and appearance, sometimes even to the point of mild egotism, and she's quick to take offense at snide comments directed towards her looks or status as a metahuman. She has enough faith in her regenerative abilities that she'll throw herself into extremely threatening situations without even beginning to consider the risk, and wholeheartedly believes that she is, in at least some way, superior to the average human being. This sometimes makes itself evident in her speech; she refers to herself and other mutants as "Evolved", despite the scientific iffiness of that term, to distinguish them from other types of metahumans.

Her pride in her abilities extends towards all mutants, and to a lesser extent most metahumans. She's vehemently opposed to the metahuman registration systems and the practice of Hot Sleep, and harbors some distrust of baseline human police forces and military groups such as the MCPD and PRIMUS.

Liz has a preference for warm, humid weather. She's fond of fishing and swimming, and often spends her free time in the Detroit River.

Powers & Abilities

  • Electricity Manipulation: Faraday can generate and store large amounts of electricity in her highly sophisticated nervous system. She's also able to absorb electrical energy from other objects like generators or power lines, but she has to be close to or touching the object to do so. Faraday can store around ten million volts at any one time, although she's been able to absorb more than that in short bursts. Faraday can use this stored electricity in a variety of ways, the most obvious being stunning someone by touching them while she has a high-voltage charge in her system. Faraday's also been able to use this ability to "static cling" to walls, generate EMPs, and even polarize the air around her enough to generate lightning strikes.
  • Superhuman Nervous System: Faraday's impressive level of control over electrical power stems from her highly-evolved nervous system. Incredibly regenerative and replete with redundancies and "backup systems", Faraday's brain and spinal cord can recover from trauma that would instantly kill the average human being. Her sophisticated neurons allow for incredible levels of muscle control; this paired with her healing factor allow her to easily perform feats of strength and agility that are only performable by most humans during an extreme adrenalin rush. Faraday is also able to extend nerve filaments from specialized glands in her skin and attach them to other people and objects, allowing her to use the filaments like a kind of "biological taser" by running a low-amp current through the victim's nervous system. This is actually her preferred method of stopping attackers, as it's practically impossible for an unequipped and unpowered human to resist the muscle spasms it causes.
  • Healing Factor: Faraday heals much faster than baseline humans, able to replace lost digits within hours and lost limbs within days, all without much - if any - visible scarring. Internal organs, especially her spinal cord and brain, regenerate even faster, restoring themselves within minutes or even seconds. Faraday's regenerative abilities grow in power the more electricity she has absorbed; at a maximum charge, a severed limb can regrow in minutes and a simple bullet wound is practically ignorable. However, the inverse is also true: at lower power levels, Faraday is nearly as susceptible to injury as a baseline human. If Faraday goes for several days without access to a sufficient power source, her accelerated healing seems to practically disappear.
  • Aquatic Physiology: Faraday's eyes and mouth are highly reminiscent of a shark's, complete with nictitating membranes and a mouthful of fast-growing, carnivorously sharp teeth. She has acute senses of hearing, smell and sight. Faraday seems to be able to tolerate extremely high pressures and even has rudimentary internal gills, allowing her to survive deep underwater for extended periods of time. This, of course, comes with a few drawbacks; Faraday is ill-equipped for eating and digesting anything other than meat, and her large, viciously clawed feet - while excellently shaped for swimming and clutching unsuspecting prey - are more than a little clumsy on land and prevent her from being able to wear any kind of shoes.


Faraday doesn't carry much in the way of specialized equipment. Her only real "gadget" is her comm bracelet, which was given to her by the Nation member who recruited her into the organization. In addition to its function as a communicator, the bracelet acts as an emergency teleport beacon.

Faraday's costume is a lightly armored but still flexible outfit that protects her from minor injuries. It's fire-resistant and well-insulated, keeping her reasonably protected from extreme temperatures. The pauldrons and bracers are made out of lightweight Kendrium plating; they only weigh about three pounds each, but still provide ample protection to her forearms and shoulders.


  • Liz used to smoke, but due to her peculiar nervous system, regenerative abilities, and general unwillingness to spend unnecessary money, she never developed a habit. She does still tend to carry around a zippo.
  • Liz is a big film geek and spends a good amount of her free time at the theater or watching classic movies. She has a particular fondness for westerns.
  • Liz paints, and aims to eventually finish her degree in Art History.
  • Liz is terrified of clowns.