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Player: @Voiceofreason
Funny thing about revenge. It could make a killer out of a nun. — Kevis Hendrickson
Biographical Data
Real Name: Dr. Lars Hans Heinrich
Known Aliases: Fallout
Gender: Male
Species: Male
Ethnicity: German
Place of Birth: Frankfurt
Base of Operations: Unknown
Relatives: Mother *Alive" Father "Alive" Fiancee "Dead"
Age: 31 Years Old
Height: 6 "4"
Weight: 210lbs
Eyes: Fiery Orange
Hair: Blond
Complexion: Tan
Physical Build:
Physical Features: Tall, Muscular, in good shape.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: One year
Citizenship: Germany, America
Occupation: Unknown
Education: PhD in Nuclear Engineering and Physics
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Super Strength, Invulnerability, Matter Manipulation, Energy Absorption,Time Travel, Superhuman Reflexes, Energy Projection and Manipulation, Superhuman Endurance, Immortality, Flight, Enhance Abilities.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Iphone 8, Visa Platinum Card, Money Clip w/ Cash.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada

Brief History:

Born in Germany, Lars moved to America with his family when he was Six. He attended private schools for most of his life then went to MIT for his PhD double major in Nuclear Engineering/Physics. Upon graduation he was offered a job at the Enrico Fermi Nuclear Generating Station in Michigan. It was there that he met a fellow engineer named Lisa Conner. The two hit it off quickly and fell in love shortly after.

All of that changed however on the day that VIPER attacked the Nuclear Plant with the intentions of releasing an experimental bacteria in the reactors if their demands weren't met. Heroes arrived on the scene and a great battle took place. One of the devices was detonated by accident that caused an explosion which took the lives of several of the plant workers including his fiancee Lisa.

The Microbes which were ment to consume the nuclear energy merged with Lars on a cellular level allowing him to absorb the detonation which sent him flying almost a mile away. When he awoke on the shores of Lake Eerie he realized what he had lost, but also that something had changed inside of him. The transformation along with his grief affected his psyche greatly.

After his transformation:

After he awoke on the shores of Lake Eerie and realized what had just transpired, he began to make plans to enact his revenge upon those responsible. Realizing that he couldn't withdraw any funds from his bank account if he wanted the world to think he was dead, he created a make-shift outfit as a way to hide himself and hijacked an armor truck transporting Five Million Dollars. Taking the money, he retreated to a network of caves that he had discovered a few years prior while out hiking with his fiancee Lisa. Using the place as a base of operations, he then made several contacts within the criminal underworld and paid to have a costume created that would hide who he truly was. Once he found out who had claimed responsibility for the Nuclear Plant Attack, he began to make payouts to several sources in the hope of locating VIPER's Base of Operations. Over the last year, Fallout has been attacking VIPER Bases around the globe and leaving quite the body count. UNTIL, VIPER, and other organizations have yet to identify him.


Energy Projection and Manipulation - He is able to emit blasts of any type of quantum-based energy from any part of his body at once, but normally prefers using his hands for ease of aim. He is able to control the magnitude and wavelength of his energy blasts at will. He can stun his opponents with his blasts at the lowest setting. But, at higher settings, he's shown to blow up aircraft (ranging from fighter jets to large spaceships, tanks, stagger powerful super-powered beings, incinerate a human being down to their bones or completely vaporize them, detonate atomic explosions, and the list goes on. At one point, the force from high-powered blasts have started earthquakes. With the Quantum Field, he is able to generate and manipulate forces along the Unified Field (fundamental forces). In the same way, he learned to access weak force energy, manipulate gravitational forces, and electromagnetism (has generated pure light from his body, and manipulated electromagnetism to shut off electronics with a simple blast of energy). The Quantum Field also grants his Quantum blasts with the effect of intense heat, and he has shown to be able to melt down dense metallic substances and heat things up with what he likes to call 'Quantum heat.' At one point, he applied his energy manipulation to manipulate one's brain waves in order to put them to sleep. Fallout is also able to generate energy shields (strong enough to stop things as powerful as entropy) around himself, and others.

Radiation Manipulation and Projection - Fallout can create and control any type of radiation from any part of his body. The amount of which he can use or create is limited by his willpower, scientific knowledge, and imagination. Using this power, he could for example focus electromagnetic radiation through his eyes and propel it forward to give himself X-ray vision, or form radiation around his fist and strike an opponent that was weak to a certain type of radiation.

Quantum Field Manipulation - Fallout's cells are a conduit that is connected directly to the Quantum Field, a limitless void of all matter and all energy that enables him to absorb, generate and manipulate infinite amounts of energy and matter. The amount of which he can use is limited by his willpower, scientific knowledge, and imagination. The Quantum Field has given him various uses, and many of which are unknown. Although he is able to use it with limitless potential, he most commonly uses it for his superhuman physical abilities, and his ability to manipulate energy and matter. The Quantum Field also grants him various Immunities and/or resistances against telepathy and molecular manipulation.

Vast Superhuman Strength - The limits of Fallout's physical strength are unknown. He is well in excess of Class 100 (most likely capable of easily lifting/carrying more than 500,000 tons) It was stated that he is strong enough to move around mountains. He can increase his strength to phenomenal levels using the Quantum Field.

Energy Absorption - There is almost no form of energy that Fallout is unable to absorb and this ability is second to none. With proper control, concentration, and regulation of his energy absorption rate, theoretically, he can absorb infinite amounts of energy.

Superhuman Endurance - The energies of the Quantum Field sustain Fallout. He has no need for food, sleep, or oxygen. He can survive in outer space and doesn't need to breathe. His endurance is increased to superhuman levels, and he can perform strenuous activity for a long and undefined period.

Immortality - Due to how his body processes raw quantum energy, Fallout is a functionally immortal being. He does not need to eat, sleep, breath or require bed rest in order to keep active or stay healthy; for all intents and purposes Fallout effectively lasts forever.

Invulnerability - Fallout's body is virtually indestructible. Against physical force, he's shown to withstand punishment from some of the strongest beings without showing any discomfort at all. His invulnerability extends to being impervious to certain magical spells and attacks.

Matter Manipulation - Fallout can manipulate cohesive force to make protomatter. On occasion, he has demonstrated the ability to transmute solid objects,like turning a powerful high-tech energy gun into a toy spaceship, or bullets into thin air for example.

Flight - Ability to fly at hyper-sonic speeds or greater in an atmosphere and at sub-light speeds (more than half the speed of light) in interstellar space and/or when traveling interstellar distances. However, Fallout claims that he can hit light speed if he wants to.

Enhance Abilities - Because the Quantum Field is based on his willpower, he has the ability to enhance his superhuman abilities. So far, he has shown to enhance his physical strength, the magnitude of his energy blasts, his flight speed, his senses (most notably his hearing), and his stamina.

Time Travel - Through great concentration and strain, he is capable of traveling ahead in time (without the aid of Quantum Jumping) for a limited period before returning to the present (about a week ahead or so).

Superhuman Reflexes - Fallout is able to think, move and react at superhuman speeds, significantly greater than humans. It has been revealed that Fallout was once able to move faster than he could think during the experimental testing of his powers. He has shown to react fast enough to stop bullets with his hand, and move fast enough to intercept gunfire after it's already left the barrel. He has also displayed some level of superhuman speed.


VIPER - The ones responsible for the murder of his fiancee Lisa Conner. Fallout will not stop till they are all destroyed.

Theme Song:

Nuclear - Mike Oldfield.