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Player: @Kurama0900
"Liberty and freedom, the way to go!"
Biographical Data
Real Name: Harrison Anatolia
Known Aliases:
Gender: Male
Species: Meta-Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan
Height: 6 ft
3 inch
Weight: 213 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Physical Build:
Physical Features:
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public Knowledge
Years Active: Official: Since 1932
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Unemployed
Marital Status:
Known Powers and Abilities
Super Strength
Supersonic Flight
Tissue Regeneration
Equipment and Paraphernalia
"New Glory" Reflex Armor
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada

The Official Story

The following are excerpts from tabloid articles written in the early 1930s to the mid-1940s relating only to this particular superhero.

"A Hero Rises! A 'true American patriot' has come to make himself known to the entire world! A man of extraordinary capabilities and the steel resolve of the American spirit, the superman calling himself Empire is one of several set out to show the people of these United States, as well as the rest of the world, that America is always willing, and always ready, to tackle whatever threat may come to us." -- June 8, 1932

"He's quite a guy! The superhero Empire has saved the lives of desperate passengers as their train derailed from its tracks and violently toppled over onto its side as a result of a sharp and miscalculated turn, jumping into action almost as soon as it happened. The survivors of the whole ordeal made it safe and sound and thanked the hero before he just as quickly left." -- June 23, 1932

"War in Europe! War has erupted in Europe as the oppressive Nazi regime of Germany conducted an invasion of its northeastern neighbor Poland, in what was a swift campaign of totalitarian spread. As a result of this provocative move, the nations of Britain and France have declared war on Germany and its allies in Italy." -- September 2, 1939

"Britain calls for aid! In an act of goodwill towards our allies fighting in Europe, the superhero Empire, among many others, has offered his aid to Britain, serving in assistance to the Royal Air Forces in their struggles against the German Luftwaffe to maintain air superiority over the country." -- Undocumented Date, July, 1940

"Pearl Harbor in ruins! In a direct assault, the Japanese navy has sunk the majority of the American Pacific fleet, forcing Congress to unconditionally declare war on the Axis powers. As one of many heroes to voice out their support towards the war, Empire has formally enlisted with the United States Marine Corps and has been sent to fight with our men in uniform against the Japanese aggression in the Pacific." -- December 8, 1941

"A clash of titans! Empire had been reported to have squared off against the female Japanese super-villain Naginata on the island of Guadalcanal. There is no official word on who won this battle of epic proportions, but as it took place the United States Marine Corps completed its campaign to drive away the Japanese and assume complete control over the island." -- February 10, 1943

"Missing in Action! As our Pacific forces make the advance on the Japanese island of Okinawa, they do so without the aid of one of our many heroes. The superhero Empire has reportedly gone missing in action during the battle of Iwo-Jima, with no traces of his disappearance having been left. Sources say that he was in yet another clash with the Japanese "superhero" Naginata in what was supposedly their fourth encounter against one another over the course of the entire war. Allied forces continued to press on, but many wonder: Where is Empire?" -- March 29, 1945

The Real Story

Empire is the superhero alias of the meta-human Harrison Anatolia, a man with a very prolonged and complicated history dating back to the days of the American war for Independence from the British Empire -- possibly even further beyond that time period. What is publicly known of him prior to his supposed disappearance during the second World War, and following his re-emergence in 1993 in the Battle of Detroit, is only what the United States government knew would be understood about him -- that he was a Boston-born American dedicated to liberty and freedom, and was recruited to be one of many patriotic "poster-boys" of the American spirit. Empire's story, however, predates the formation of America as an independent nation.

Harrison was magically gifted and cursed with eternal youth and life by an Indian shaman early on in his life, having the complexion and physical appearance of a man no older than twenty-two years of age once and after he reached that year.

Birth and Youth

One fact that was correct about him was that Harrison Anatolia was, indeed, born in Boston, Massachusetts -- the first-born son of merchant Quincy Anatolia in Colonial America of 1757.. His father, however, was eventually drafted by the British military and was killed fighting against the French during the Seven-Years War. Their mother would eventually re-marry into a more prestigious and wealthy family, providing Harrison and his future siblings a comfortable life.

When the fires of Revolution were lit, Harrison was initially neutral and undecided -- which was often advised to him by the rest of his family. His step-father was a British loyalist who despised the idea of an uprising against the Empire, but his mother, Benevieve Anatolia, had quietly sympathized with rebellion. When the war began, his mother was ousted as a potential spy and was taken prisoner by the British. His step-father would then proceed to become more abusive towards Harrison and his siblings, believing that they were of the same frame of mind.

As a result of the abuse, something inside Harrison had manifested that would later be discovered as the first of his initial super-human abilities -- the feat of incredible strength. His step-father was sent hurdling against the wall, out onto a street in the center of Boston. No one could ever find an explanation other than the massive hole in the side of their red-brick home. Harrison and his siblings were never seen again inside of the city.

Harrison went on to serve in the Continental Army, and stayed until the very end of the war. Many of his peers marveled at his resilience and determination, and sometimes he would inspire them to victory when hope seemed lost. He displayed none of his meta-human qualities openly, serving in the lines of the rank and file dilligently. When the war was over, Harrison only retired to a simple farm life with his siblings, all who were kept safe from the war.

The Civil War, and the Aftermath

Stories of the "superman" went largely ignored and were passed over as nothing more than tall tales spoken by veterans of the War for Independence as a means to inspire their children, but through it all Harrison maintained a very steady and peaceful life. He saw through the formation of the the American nation, and stayed much out of the "public eye" for many decades. In the year 1856 he had first stepped out into the public as a candidate for the House of Representatives, but was not elected. Years later, the American Civil War had broken out and Harrison had found himself fighting for the North. Here, he was not afraid to hide his superhuman abilities, but he kept it in moderation. In the confusion of many battles, no one had ever bothered to question how he managed to survive the numerous volleys of rifle fire, and those who were unfortunate enough to meet him in hand-to-hand combat never lived to speak of his resilience and strength.

Harrison served the same as he did during the Revolution -- with prideful dilligence and loyalty to his country, having fought from beginning to the end and then pulling back into solidarity for several more decades.

Public Appearance: "Empire"

It was towards the end of the 1920s that Harrison had decided to "rethink" and "reevaluate" how he presented himself, living in relative solidarity. It was around this time that meta-humans were gaining more public recognition for their extraordinary capabilities around the world, but they were becoming glorified in the United States. It took him years to come up with an alternate identity but in 1932 he took on the alias Empire, and soon after he became one of the many faces of American liberty and spirit, a force for good will and a "beacon of hope for all liberty-loving peoples around the world." His identity as Harrison Anatolia was a closely-guarded secret, but his actions as Empire became public knowledge. He was an exemplar of selflessness and was looked upon with much pride in the nation's youth.

World War II

As Empire, Harrison was involved in the second World War prior to the United States officially declaring war on Japan. He was shipped over to Britain to aid the Royal Air Force against the Luftwaffe blitz campaigns in the Battle of Britain, and had done what he could to turn the tide. Once Pearl Harbor was bombed, Harrison was back Stateside and voiced his open support for the war effort by enlisting in the United States Marine Corps. When the Pacfic fleets were mobilized, he shipped out for combat against the Empire of Japan.

He first saw combat against the Japanese in Guadalcanal, but this would also be where he would fight his first nemesis -- the Japanese superhuman Naginata, a woman named Nakayama Akina outfitted to resemble a Samurai that had along the same levels as Harrison's super strength, coupled with an expertise in the Naginata weapon that was her namesake. The tabloids at the time would call the battle between the two "grand" and "epic," but it was not a matter of life or death for the two. Each had their own jobs they were committed to, stalling each other so that their own sides would have that much more time to take the island. Naginata had superhuman resilience as well. Neither of them could possibly wound the other without much strength put into their fights.

Their battles with each other would become more intense over the course of the war, but the Allies were making steady advancements in the Pacific campaign. Eventually, they had come to the iconic Iwo Jima.


The "official stories" had labeled Empire as being missing in action, eventually believed to have been dead, but it worked in Harrison's favor. During their many encounters, he and the Japanese Naginata had developed a bond that neither of them could explain, nor would discuss with their superiors, and it was during the landings on Iwo Jima that they had consumated their feelings for one another -- a mutual bond that had developed over the course of the war that had blossomed into something bigger. They feigned death and disappeared during the climax of the battle and left the war behind with little to no regrets, "retiring" to a small and obscure island just south of the Phillipines. They would later have two children, together, both of whom would inherit their powers once they had come of age.

For the next several decades, Harrison and his wife would live together with their small family, mostly ignoring the problems of the world. At the height of the Vietnam War, Harrison would swoop in from time to time and give aid to the U.S. forces fighting in the region without anyone's knowledge of his existence. Towards the end of the war he had made himself publicly known once again after saving a group of American Nationals assigned to the embassy in Saigon under threat by the waves of South Vietnamese citizens seeking to get out before the communists rolled through.

As the decades turned into the 80s, both Harrison and Akina would reveal their prolonged existence to the world, much to the shock of everyone who had knowledge of either of them. They made their public appearance in Tokyo, Japan, and announced the truth behind their disappearance. Akina was expecting revulsion only because of what she knew of her own country, but they were each received with open arms and Harrison to fanfare back in the States. When asked if they would put back on their symbolic costumes, Harrison only replied, "They don't need symbols like us anymore. We're better with them off."

Return: the Battle for Detroit

Despite claiming to be in retirement, Harrison very much considered the possibility of returning to the superhero scene as his family made its new home outside of Boston. His son, who took on the mantle of New Glory -- a patriot much like his father -- and his daughter having become the successful owner of a cosmetic conglomerate for make-up and women products, he and Akina still very muh retained their youthful visage even though their kids were growing older, not having been gifted with the same eternal livelihoods as their parents.

In 1993, before Harrison announced that he would take back up the mantle of Empire, disaster struck the city of Detroit. Doctor Destroyer launched his attack on the city that would eventually bring it to ruins. Without making a public announcement, he and his wife went to do what they could to combat the evil threat, alongside their son Jonathon. Harrison was barely outside of the city's limits chasing a nameless villain when Destroyer's orbital cannon rained fire down on the city -- with Akina and Jonathon still within the inner areas. Harrison had essentially witnessed the death of his loving wife and their oldest son.

In the years following, Harrison had still wrestled with the idea of returning to the superhero life, more out of grief and remembrance for Akina and Jonathon.


In a modern age, if many would know Harrison's venerable life, they would think him a man out of time -- but as it so happens, he kept himself up-to-date on the world's technological advancements after making his public appearance with his wife in the 80s. Finally, after having grieved long enough, he had put together a new outfit and made his appearance for the first time since Detroit in early 2013, lending his experience to the ranks of superheroes out to do the right thing, to keep the people of the world over safe and secure.


Super Strength

  • Harrison is able to lift up to five tons without a struggle, up to fifteen if he focuses all of his strength.
  • Harrison has a punching power of over one-hundred tons.



Rogue's Gallery


Naginata -- AKA Nakayama Akina, the Japanese "superheroine" during the height of the Japanese Empire and through the majority of the second World War. Akina lived under the same circumstances as Harrison throughout his life, although the major difference was that Akina was born in what was believed to have been the 1400s. The "legends" that surrounded her prior to the rise of the Empire of Japan was that she was cursed by their deities for wronging her husband, cursed to live an eternal life of pain, regret, and suffering. In actuality, Akina was originally a Shinobi ninja often disguised as a geisha who was skilled with the mastery of deception. It was when she came into contact with an ancient and powerful relic that she became a super-powered being capable of titanic strength and flight.

As Japan approached the second World War, the propagandists of the Empire had touted her abilities as a worthy deterrent to any foreign aggression, believing that she were the only human being in the world capable of such feats. They had not expected the waves of super-powered beings coming from the United States and had no answer to them besides Naginata and several others in comparison to the hundreds of American meta-humans.

As Empire', Harrison first encountered her on the island of Guadalcanal during a brief respite, erupting into a rivalry that would last the entire war. Though their fights usually ended in stalemates with only slight bruising caused to the other, their indomnitable fortitudes would make their fights last for hours before either of them would retreat. As the Allies advanced across the Pacific, Harrison would fight Akina in the Phillipines, and eventually fight their last battle on Iwo Jima -- though this "battle" was reported to have happened by the tabloids. The Phillipines sparked a romance that would only culminate on Iwo Jima, forcing the two to leave the battle and drop into exile.

Harrison would take Akina as his wife, and they would have a son and daughter. Their son, Jonathon, became the hero New Glory in the early 90s while their daughter Ichigo would become the owner of a very successful cosmetics conglomerate.

Akina and their son perished in the Battle of Detroit when Destroyer fired his orbital cannon down into the city.


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