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Country of location: Confidential
Affiliated with: Confidential
Notable inhabitants: Confidential
Notable visitors:
Status: Formally Uncontacted
Currently in a state of Envoirmental Repair

Elethisk is the Homeworld to the Thilisk people. A planet that has been heavily industrialized due to a quick spurt of technological progress.


Elethisk is the fictional Planet crated by @Lattata as the planet of Origin of Shavasara's species.


Elethisk was once a lush desert planet that orbited a binary star known as Moxmuna Alpha and Moxuma Beta. Due ot these stars, the planet was hot, and mostly remains desert. Over the years the Thiliskian people have advanced alarmingly fast, producing factories and polluting the world. It was this way for years until the recently appointed Unitary of the Elethisk Academy State started an environmental restoration project, one that can take centuries.

The planet remains hot year round, the only state of seasons is in the polar regions where summers are long and winters are brief. However this balance has kept the Thiliskins prosperous for millenia.


To this day, Elethisk has no formal contact with Earth due ot its distance however it is actively engaged with the with diplomacy with the Consortium of Galactic Civilizations. It wishes to only secure its future and pledge it's support for the cause of many others in the face of other galactic threats.

Earth however does know of Elethisk's existence from the immigrants and agents that operate in and around the Sol System. The relations have been mutually peaceful with little to no issues arising out of contact between the two worlds.