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Player: @Dubsy
"Please, don't... don't.. call me that..."
Biographical Data
Real Name: Casey Bauer
Known Aliases: Racing Thoughts
Gender: Female
Species: Homo Superior
Ethnicity: Unknown
Place of Birth: Bedford Park, ON, Canada
Base of Operations: Millennium City, MI, USA
Relatives: Classified
Age: 23
Height: 1.73 m
Weight: 61 kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: None
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Open Secret
Years Active: 9
Citizenship: Canadian
Occupation: Spokesmodel, City of Motors
Education: Some College
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Electricity Control, Empathic Rhythm, Time Skip
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Electrocutie™ costume, property of City of Motors
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada

In-Character Information

Origin Story

A somewhat withdrawn child given to repetitive self-soothing motions and social ineptitude, Casey Bauer began skipping ahead in time in tandem with her pubescence. The relatively early onset of her growth spurt coincided with noticeably preternatural bursts of speed, and her mother, Madison, excited to have given birth to a metahuman in the age of superheroes, pushed young Casey into heroics.

Sadly, for Madison, their small town of Cayley, AB, did not have much call for heroics of any kind, never mind the super type. This did not stop her from inventing Casey as Racing Thoughts, hoping to turn an aspect of Casey's misdiagnosed autism into a positive. Madison's incapacity to understand Casey's fundamental comfort with her own nature drove a wedge in their relationship that was given a break with a move to Paragon City, RI when Casey was 14.

In Paragon City, the costume Madison had fashioned for Casey became a mixed blessing. Casey hated the colors, the pattern, and everything else about it, not to mention the name she'd been stuck with; but, putting the costume on meant getting away from a mother who increasingly did not know her daughter, and a wealthy and out-of-touch father who never had. Striking out in any way she could imagine, anything to keep from having to sit still, Casey routinely found herself assisting heroes who did not want her help, and getting a lot more attention than she bargained for from the likes of Arachnos and Crey Industries in the process. Ultimately, Synapse unraveled Racing Thoughts' secret identity, and warned Madison that if she wanted to keep Casey from getting herself killed, it was time to teach her how to use her powers safely and effectively.

Confronted with the notion that Casey was a psionic, Berry burst into laughter before telling Madison that her error illustrated just how much help they needed. Casey's powers were not psionic in nature, but electric. Berry recommended retiring Racing Thoughts, and quietly moving Casey to Millennium City, MI, to attend Ravenswood Academy, and gain more control over her abilities, and insight into her own nature. Madison reluctantly agreed, and Casey was overjoyed to have her own identity back, along with the newfound freedom of living alone in a city far from her parents.

Now 23 and a year out of Ravenswood, she is living alone in the penthouse loft apartment of an otherwise-vacant building owned by her father, her sole connection to him. However, rent and related housing expenses are the only things he pays for, forcing Casey to find regular income by some other means.

History and Current Events

Casey Bauer didn't decide to go by "Electrocutie." She just needed a job.


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Electricity Control

Casey produces and manipulates minor electrical fields. While she lacks the raw power to do much damage with this skill, she possesses a fine control over it that permits her to accelerate tissue regeneration, and push past normal physical limits significantly by artificially convulsing muscle. She also exhibits some small capacity to induce and modify magnetic states, and sense and understand their nature. Similarly, she picks up electrical rhythms, in general, and can effectively "sense" the intentions or purpose of devices that operate electrically, and "see" the paths of electrical currents. The autonomic nature of some aspects of this power are reflected in things like her perpetual ionization of nearby air. Like most of the autonomic aspects of her abilities, Casey does not realize this or experience it as unusual.

Temporal Acceleration

Casey's experience of time is slightly and erratically accelerated. She frequently experiences reality as if it were a series of jump cuts, often loses track of when (and to a lesser extent, where) she is, and loses conversational context easily. However, since her experience of time has grown to be this way gradually, to her perception, she does not experience it as jarring or unusual. Casey is increasingly accelerating through time, though this is presently not very pronounced. She is still usually entirely visible to those around her. Her teleportation is an expression of her erratic movement through time. She does this without perceiving it as an unusual — to her understanding, she has only walked or climbed normally.

Empathic Rhythm

Casey is perpetually aligned with electrical pulsing within about two meters, including brainwaves. However, as the number of minds in range grows, her capacity to discern who is whom diminishes exponentially, overwhelming her. In a wider radius, she naturally accelerates the thoughts of those around her. Empathic Rhythm is autonomic — Casey can't turn it off, and her thoughts are often invaded by the static of nearby minds. The broadcasting effect of improved pace and clarity of thought is an expression of the reverse, projecting a portion of her Temporal Acceleration onto those around her. The ratio of intake to output varies in conjunction with her state of restfulness. As she becomes more tired, she takes in more outside thought; as she is more rested, she projects outwards more, and is less easily confused by the static. Tissue that can be stimulated electrically also heals somewhat faster, passively, in close proximity to her.









Out-of-Character Information

Creator's Notes

Electrocutie is a retcon of a City of Heroes character of mine, Racing Thoughts (Kinetics/Psionics). I have reset her age to be about what it had originally been, then (early 20s), necessarily resetting her age then to now be several years earlier. This makes Racing Thoughts her juvenile hero persona (mid-teens), in which the electrical nature of her powers is not yet understood, and, in the rush to categorize her, she is mislabeled as a psionic. Her time-related powers of slightly speeding or slowing others remain largely unchanged, although there is no Fulcrum Shift equivalent in Champions Online for her to use. The trade-off is a deeper embrace of the rapid healing metaphor, exhibited in Thundering Return, and in personal time acceleration, demonstrated by Revitalize and Nanobot Swarm.

Roleplay Hooks

While Casey was a hero in Paragon City, she operated as Racing Thoughts, and was a child. It is unlikely anyone from Paragon City would recognize her unless she was caught out in her Racing Thoughts costume (improbable). However, it is entirely likely that she would recognize someone from Paragon City, if they had been famous enough.

Casey's Empathic Rhythm offers opportunities for your character's thoughts and mood to partially invade her thoughts and mood.