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Player: @Reldin
Looking out for the little guy.
Character Build
Class Focus: Melee Tank
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: N/A
Biographical Data
Real Name: Adam Ayano
Known Aliases: Dynamight
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Japanese American
Place of Birth: Las Vegas, Nevada
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Eyes: Gold
Hair: None
Physical Build:
Physical Features:
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Years Active: 2
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Ex-Detective
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Super Strength, Invulnerability, Growth
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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The Incident

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, the hero now known as Dynamight was once a detective for the Las Vegas police department. Blood, sweat, and tears went into obtaining that detective status. By no means was Adam Ayano perfect. It took several years as a simple meter maid, and several more years as a patrol officer before he was recognized for greater things.
His career as a detective was short lived, however.
It was only 8 months that Adam got to enjoy being a detective when small, yet noticeable earthquakes started occurring rather often in Las Vegas. They had been occurring often enough that strange patterns were being monitored throughout the days until one day the emergence happened.
Eventually…a gigantic creature emerged from the very earth itself.
It was a monster of epic proportions. Black leathery skin with yellow scales covered its enormous frame. Its long, tendril-like fingers wiggled and wagged, long black tendrils coated in an orange glow protruded from its back. The monster's gigantic claws scraped against the landscape, destroying anything that got in their way like a knife cutting through butter.
It was a truly terrifying sight.
Immediately people fled in terror at the sight of the creature.
At the time, Adam had been working on a homicide case when the earthquake happened. He managed to escape from the building he was in only to spot the enormous creature's backside from a few miles away.
Was this a dream? Or a nightmare? Something like this shouldn't be happening.
As people began to flee, Adam had another thought. The longer the monster remained in the city, the more of it would be in danger. With quick thinking, Adam got into his vehicle and sped–not away from the monster,-- but towards it.
It took every bit of concentration for Adam to maneuver through traffic while making his way towards the rampaging beast. There were a few close calls but it seemed luck was on Adam's side. He'd reach the monster and stop some distance away. Adam got out of his vehicle and quickly opened the trunk where he dug into some supplies to find a flare gun and a few flares. He'd load one in and quickly get back inside, smashing that gas pedal all the way down and headed forward. One would think Adam were a professional Nascar driver – or an incredibly talented stunt driver with how reckless the man were driving. But that recklessness helped him reach the other side of the monster, careful to avoid the gigantic claws from crushing his tiny vehicle into dust.
With the flare gun in hand, Adam fired it into the sky to grab the creature's attention. Like a moth to a flame, the monster roared and immediately followed the vehicle the flare was discharged from. It was like a scene from a giant monster movie, only this was actually happening. Real lives were at stake.
The ground shook, buildings collapsed, the streets were flooded with obstacles that were easily crushed beneath the giant creature’s claws. Eventually, Adam was able to lead the monster into an open enough area to keep it from destroying anything further.
Of course…not all good ideas are actually good.
The monster gave chase, but only for so long before finally it grew angry enough to let out a terrifying screech. It was powerful enough that it sent Adam’s vehicle tumbling. After the vehicle came to a stop, Adam took a moment to compose himself before escaping from the wreckage. When he got to his feet, Adam realized he was in a staredown with the gigantic monster. It was difficult to gauge just how massive the beast was, but to Adam..it may as well have been a mile tall.
Armed with a lowly sidearm…Adam took his last stand. He was prepared to die that day.
The massive creature swatted at the small human like a bug. Adam was able to dodge roll out of the way before any of the long, massive fingers were able to touch him. He’d pop back up and fire a few rounds at the monster, all of which was in vain. The creature swatted its hand a second time only for Adam to dive out of the way a second time. Was luck on his side?
The monster grew angrier and rather than swatting at the human, it slammed its hand down upon the earth with tremendous force, causing the human to be thrown back right into the wrecked vehicle he escaped from. A cry of agony escaped the man upon impact.
He’d sit there, unable to stand, breathing becoming heavy.
He’d sit there, staring up at the monster..awaiting his fate.

The Arrival

The pain was unbearable enough to the point that Adam nearly lost consciousness. Perhaps his end would be quicker if he had. Reaching for his gun was in vain. Those bullets did very little damage to the creature. All hope was lost…
Suddenly, a tall figure, with what seemed to be a red and silver costume landed before Adam. The poor man’s vision was blurred, but all he could see was the taller figure’s backside. Was this an angel? No, Adam wasn’t dead yet, but this was his savior.
As the giant readied another attack, the mysterious figure readied himself. Adam’s eyes grew wide as he watched the figure simply…grow himself! In an almost instant, the figure went from standing at an approximate 9 feet tall, to something over 100 feet in height. The enlarged hero raised both arms and used his hands to prevent the giant hand from slamming down on top of them both.
A sense of relief washed over Adam as he witnessed the catch. Someone…actually came to his aid? And not just anyone, someone that can actually stand toe to toe with something so massive! The hero’s immense size became more and more massive until finally he matched the terrifying monster in stature.
But pain…had gotten the best of poor Adam. Right as the two titans started their brawl, Adam’s eyes closed, and he was no longer able to keep consciousness. It was the first and only time he saw such a hero. One that reminded him of the tokusatsu heroes he used to watch when he was younger.

The Aftermath

It took a few days for Adam to wake from his coma. He found himself battered, bruised, and in oh so much pain. But worst of all… he had no feeling in his legs. There was a moment of panic upon the realization. The heart rate monitor began to beep, its wearer's heart rate skyrocketing higher. Adam scrambled to rip off the nodes attached to his body and the poor man fell over off the bed when he attempted to stand. Nurses quickly ran to his aid, helping him back into his hospital bed and trying to calm him down. Eventually he did, but Adam was still in a state of shock with what happened to him.
Adam asked repeatedly if there were any witnesses to the event. From what information he gathered, the hero that appeared had gone just as quickly as he came. Witnesses revealed the pair of titans had disappeared through a portal in the sky before they were able to reach the detective.
Fortunately there have been no sightings of either begins in the vicinity. Unfortunately…Adam was unable to give thanks to the one who saved his life. A memory that was burned into his mind that he would never forget.
The road to recovery was long, but at least Adam could go on living, knowing he did something worthwhile.
Living, despite being wheelchair bound for the rest of his life.

The Second Encounter

Two years have passed since the incident. Adam decided to go on vacation and visit family in Kyoto, Japan. He had only been there a few times throughout his life and after going through such a difficult time, he thought it would be best to gather his thoughts elsewhere for the time being. During that time, Adam was bumped from working in the field to working a desk job. He was still a detective, but he didn't feel the same.
Regardless, Adam was enjoying his vacation. But something didn't feel quite right. Adam was restless for a couple of nights. It was the type of restless feeling one would have when something strange was about to happen. Turns out…his intuition was right.
Adam was visiting family when the Higashiyama Hanatoro festivities were going on. Many locals and tourists were out and about at night, checking out the beautiful lanterns being lit throughout the neighborhood. It was his first time visiting Higashiyama and a few relatives wanted to show him the area before he went back home. There was a sense of joy seeing all the people enjoying themselves. He'd see families, loved ones, even old couples walking through the neighborhood, holding hands and enjoying each other's company.
There was a sense of peace that washed over Adam. Something he hadn't felt for a few days. While he didn't have a significant other at the time, he still had this strange joy of seeing couples just being with one another. People watching had recently become something he enjoyed. Adam was left to himself for a moment while his cousins ventured off to find something to eat. It gave him time to appreciate the scenery, and the people.
That enjoyment didn't last long.
Adam felt a knot in his stomach. Something was wrong.
He'd see people running. From what though? He wasn't sure. Moments later he felt the ground tremble beneath him. An earthquake? Pretty normal around here. Sure enough the tremors became more violent and the sound of an explosion was heard in the distance. People were screaming, people were yelling. Another explosion went off. It was strong enough to knock Adam's wheelchair over, sending him crashing to the ground. He had the wind knocked out of him. As he gazed upwards into the night sky, he could see huge debris soaring through the air only to come crashing down upon homes and buildings.. The sound of a thunderous roar echoed through the region. People continued running, only thinking of themselves and those close to them.
Adam was alone.
"Work damn you…!" Adam yelled while trying to pick himself up off the ground. No use. His legs didn't want to cooperate.
The rumbling became more and more violent. There was a certain…rhythm to it, and it was getting closer.
"Run! HURRY!" a fleeing tourist screamed as she passed by Adam.
He’d struggle to push his wheelchair back upright all the while trying to climb back onto it. Each attempt ended in failure. The trembling grew stronger each passing moment and knocked him back down onto the ground every time. The sounds of thunderous explosives became louder as if something drew near…
Adam looked to his left, and then to his right. He’d see enormous claws come crashing down on each side of him and all he could do was cover his head. He’d open his eyes, and move his arms.
Something was staring back at him. Something…big. Very big.
It towered over him. A menacing creature of red, bony scales. Yellow, glowing ridges covering its arms. Massive, glowing spikes protruding from its back. Explosives weren’t causing the damage and destruction. It was.
Adam stared right back, brows furrowed. Angry. He didn’t feel fear. He was pissed. At himself, at this monster, at the situation.
Two years earlier he found himself in a similar situation. He was afraid of dying back then.
This time? He wanted to fight.

The Choice

The Traveler

There was a reason why Adam never saw the heroic being that came to his rescue again, and why he witnessed the emergence of the monster on that fateful day.
This is a story that Adam may never know.
That is…
Until the day he relived it.
In the year 2042,--over 20 years after the Incident,--a vengeful scientist had unleashed hordes of monstrous creatures, all capable of leveling entire cities. As one was brought down, two more had taken its place. It was an endless onslaught of ravenous titans with no end in sight. But this was only part one of the scientist’s master plan.
It was a distraction for something bigger.
But as all villainous plans go, it would be soon found out. With help, the giant hero known as Dynamight was able to locate the evil scientist’s lair to confront him. Dynamight was able to navigate through the lair while fighting off waves of the scientist’s creatures. However, he was too late. Just as he confronted the evil mastermind, Dynamight witnessed the scientist inject himself with a mysterious serum.
What Dynamight saw was possibly one of the most horrendous transformations he’s ever witnessed.
The scientist’s blood began to boil and bubble. His eyes raged with fire. His skin began to burn and blacken. The man’s muscles grew until they burst. His back rippled, tendrils burst. Soon the man’s size began to grow and swell. His new form was taking shape. Black, leathery skin with yellow scales. Long, tendril-like fingers wiggled and wagged, long black tendrils coated in an orange glow protruded from his back.
The sight seemed very…familiar.
The man turned monster had grown so massive that the very lair he inhabited could no longer contain him. The roof began to collapse as his back pressed up against the ceiling. His size began to grow at an incredible rate and soon it left Dynamight no choice but to utilize his power. He too, grew to an immense size to match that of his new foe. The two of them combined obliterated the entire facility with relative ease. The rubble tumbled off their backs like dust. They stood tall, mighty, and ready to rip each other apart.
The pair of giants glared at one another before squaring off. They'd trade blows with each other, strong enough to create winds capable of ripping trees right out of the ground. They'd send each other tumbling on the ground. Their bodies causing intense shockwaves that could be felt across the landscape, leaving craters in the earth upon impact. The monster proved to be a formidable foe and it was one of the most important battles Dynamight had ever fought.
The monster was able to stagger the giant hero and quickly used its bladed tail to pierce the hero through the stomach. The tail lifted upwards and flung the hero through the air, sending him crashing back down onto the earth. But rather than finishing Dynamight off, the creature had something else in mind.
It knew it would lose eventually. Dynamight had allies. The scientist's mind was still inside that monster, after all…
The black, leathery tendrils on its back rose high into the sky and they began to glow a brilliant orange. A tear in the sky began to open and before long a rift would appear. Dynamight slowly lifted himself off the ground. He wasn't ready to give up yet. But as he rose, he noticed the creature was being pulled upwards into the portal. The hero staggered back to his feet and took deep breaths while collecting himself. There was no telling where that portal led to, but Dynamight knew he had to follow.
No matter what.
Dynamight readied himself and charged forward. His legs took long strides as they carried him towards his foe. He'd skid to a stop before crouching down low and launched himself skywards! Dynamight's powerful arms wrapped themselves right around the monster right before both of them were pulled into the rift.

The Savior

A week went by since the two entered the portal. They were separated and dumped into a desert upon exiting. Dynamight lost sight of the monster he was fighting and needed to regain his bearings and was somewhat thankful for that as it gave him time to heal. But now this monstrous threat roamed free.
It was dangerous.
After wandering in the desert for some time, Dynamight realized where he was when he found civilization; Las Vegas. How he arrived here of all places felt off to him. Either way, he had an investigation to start.
As our hero ventured through the streets of Las Vegas, he couldn't help but notice he stuck out like a sore thumb. For one as tall as he, and not to mention his appearance, he had plenty of eyes on him. It made asking questions easier anyway. People from far and wide stopped him to take photos and the like. It gave him the opportunity to ask people if they noticed any strange activity in the area, or even saw the presence of a monster of epic proportions. Most people denied seeing such a thing, but some mentioned there has been some earthquake activity as of late… Later that evening, those people proved to be right. While Dynamight was out scouring the city for more clues, he felt the rumbling of several earthquakes under his feet. There was a certain frequency to them that felt odd. Most people weren't able to notice how frequent these small quakes had been, but Dynamight was far more sensitive to these rumblings and took notice immediately.
Several attempts at getting into contact with allies were made but there was no answer. It wasn't until after asking someone what day it was that it put things into perspective.
May 19, 2019.
There was something about this time that felt…familiar to Dynamight. But how he got here of all time and places was a question that was still left unanswered.
A few more days passed and the frequency of the earthquakes became more noticeable. More and more people were beginning to talk about them.
He needed answers. He needed help.
A thought crossed his mind and the hero remembered a facility outside of the city limits where members of his team operated at one time. While this may have been 20 years in the past…it was still something worth investigating in the meantime. Something had to be there. Anything. He’d venture into the desert in search of the facility. Exactly where it was, was anyone’s guess. He couldn’t exactly call and ask for directions. For all he knows, the facility he was searching for didn’t even exist yet.
In the hours he was gone, things were starting to get worse in the city. Not only were earthquakes becoming more frequent, but they were becoming stronger. Considering Dynamight had been further away, he wouldn’t notice the tremors until it was too late. Just as Dynamight had given up his search, that’s when he felt it: a tremendous earthquake that rumbled throughout the region.
Dynamight made haste getting back to civilization. He even used an enlarged stature to take advantage of longer strides and leaps to return. But while he ventured forth, something else had happened in the city.
An enormous beast of gigantic proportions had emerged from underneath the city, causing buildings to collapse and sending droves of people into panic. All hell broke loose. By the time Dynamight returned, the monster had already caused plenty of destruction. It seemed like he was too late.
As civilization came into view, Dynamight saw it. The terrifying monster he fought with its black and yellow scaly skin. That was the creature he was searching for… and it seemed to be chasing something –or someone in his direction. He could see the creature stopping in its tracks and attempting to swat at something below it.
Without much thinking, Dynamight lept skywards with all his might and shrunk himself back down before landing a few feet away from the poor man under attack. His focus remained on the enormous creature that loomed above, only showing his backside to the civilian behind him. As the creature raised an enormous claw in an attempt to crush them both, Dynamight suddenly grew! He'd push back against the claw by raising both hands to catch it. Moments later he'd grow even further to match the Kaiju in size, ready for round two.
The two of them traded powerful blows with one another. They'd throw each other around like a pair of sumo wrestlers. Each of them biting, clawing, headbutting the other like their lives depended on it. It was even more violent and desperate than the first encounter they had. The creature managed to fling the hero quite a distance, causing him to bounce and tumble in the sand. It gave the monster time to prepare. Its long, black tendrils on its back stretched out high into the sky and began to illuminate with the strange orange energy as the first time. A rift in the sky opened and the creature was slowly pulled in. Dynamight got to his feet, once again finding himself in a similar situation.
This time it'd be different. It had to.
Dynamight took a deep breath before charging forward. He knew doing something like it was foolish, but he anticipated the creature's movement. As the hero approached, the monster's tail shifted from behind and went to jam its pointed end right into Dynamight once more. Dynamight was ready. He'd maneuver himself out of the way to grab the tail with both arms and use his momentum to jam the pointed end of the monster's tail right into his own chest. The hero took the opportunity to use the rest of his momentum to wrap his arms around the monster and used his strength to leap upwards towards the gateway to send both of them back through the rift, hoping the gateway led them back to where they came from.
Little did he know...he changed somebody's life that day.


Dynamight projects a brave and heroic personality. Always thinking of the little guy first and foremost. He tries his best to be careful during encounters, not wanting to cause too much collateral damage when fighting an enemy.
On the social side of things…
Dynamight can be somewhat awkward and a little shy. The superhero life is pretty new to him and seeing other strange and powerful beings of different sizes, shapes, and colors are totally brand new. Working as a detective, or even as a patrol officer wasn't as strange to him. He might be blunt about pointing out certain physical traits when meeting someone new.

Powers and Abilities

  • Dyna-Growth - Dyna-growth (or Dyna-maxing as Dynamight likes to call it…) is Dynamight’s growth ability. Dynamight is capable of achieving incredible heights when utilizing his growth ability. Going toe to toe with Kaiju is no easy task at 9 feet tall, so he normally operates around the 350 foot mark when brawling with these giant monsters. However, it’s entirely possible for the hero to achieve even greater heights. It’s a rare sight, but should he need to, he’s more than capable of handling the largest of threats.
  • Dyna-Mize - Dynamight’s shrinking ability. Though rarely used, Dynamight is capable of shrinking himself down to unknown heights. He retains his strength and durability while in his shrunken state and is capable of withstanding the most deadliest of attacks, even as a pint sized hero.
  • Dyna-Armor - Not actually armor as the name implies. Dynamight is incredibly tough, has an incredibly high pain threshold, and is difficult to harm, especially at larger sizes. He has a number of resistances towards various elements in addition to being resistant to a number of ailments. Dynamight does however, retain the ability to feel touch. His body seems to be somewhat organic despite the appearance of a suit, and because of this, is capable of feeling the touch of another being.
  • Dyna-Beams - Dynamight posseses the ability to project powerful cosmic energy. It's a useful ability should Dynamight need to fight a foe at long range. Depending on the form he takes, his beams can deal even more devastating damage.
  • Titan Class Strength - Dynamight posseses incredible strength and can lift over 100 tons at base height. His physical strength vastly increases the larger he becomes.
  • Regeneration - Dynamight is capable of regenerating from serious wounds at a much faster rate. However, his regeneration kicks in when he’s outside of battle and continuous damage impairs his regeneration from working.


Dynamight possesses the ability to change into a number of forms. Each of these powerful transformations have different attributes that can be taken advantage of depending on the situation.
  • Balanced - In his 'Balanced' form, Dynamight is afforded an excellent balance of speed, strength, durability, and projectile strength.
  • Speed - in this green & silver form, Dynamight sacrifices both strength and durability in favor of speed. He's capable of delivering a series of hits, creating devastating combos that can whittle away at an enemy's defenses. His movement and agility are heightened, allowing Dynamight to avoid being hit more easily.
  • Defense - in Dynamight's Defense form, Dynamight sacrifices both strength and agility in favor of higher defenses. With a flex of his muscles, Dynamight is capable of deflecting most attacks and projectiles.
  • Energy - in this form, Dynamight's projectile strength is ten fold at the cost of strength, durability, and speed. Dynamight is also capable of inspiring others, boosting their own strengths and durability by temporarily infusing them with his own energy.
  • Fury - Dynamight goes beyond his limits and enters a form where strength is unparalleled but at the cost of defense and inability to use projectiles. Not only is his agility boosted, but Dynamight uses a grappler's fighting style to counter his foe's attacks.


Unfortunately for Dynamight, he isn't exactly the "perfect" being, and does have a number of weaknesses that could be exploited should someone have the knowledge.
  • Penetrating Strikes - Dynamight may seem like an invincible being but due to his physiology it’s possible for him to be impaled by objects used by other beings of suitable strength and size. Objects such as bullets have little effect against the hero, but a kaiju with a sharp, pointed tail would.
  • Shrink Effects - a strong enough shrink effect is capable of countering Dynamight's growth ability. These effects have a difficult time countering Dynamight's growth the larger he becomes.
  • Human Form - it's incredibly rare to see Dynamight in human form. Should he somehow be depowered… Dynamight's human body would be incredibly frail. After his first encounter with a Kaiju, it left Dynamight paralyzed below the waist and he would essentially be defenseless.
  • Mind Control - Dynamight may be a resilient fellow, but he's susceptible towards mind control. A powerful mentalist may be able to trick the hero with illusions or even control him outright. Should they gain control, Dynamight would make for a very dangerous enemy for others to fight.


  • Titan Squad -