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Player: Ablin
Class Focus: Confidential
Power Level: Confidential
Research & Development: Mysticism, Arcana
Personal Data
Real Name: Siegfried Hauser
Known Aliases: Ryūjin(in japan), Jormungandr(in Scandinavia) and many more.
Species: Originally Human
Ethnicity: German
Age: 900+
Height: 6.7
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Yellow, reptillian
Hair Color: Differ
Biographical Data
Nationality: No fixed. Citizen of the world.
Occupation: Sorceror
Place of Birth: Germany
Base of Operations: Krautville
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None alive
Known Powers
900 years of accumulated knowledge about magic, combined with Draconic powers of the Old World.
Known Abilities
Heightened physical abilities due to the draconic blood. 900 years of experience and travelling. Knows his way around a sword.
A custom made suit, made to cover up his face and offer moderate protection. When in "human-ish" form, sometimes wearing a cermonial katana or/and a chain.

The Tale of Siegfried Krauser


Siegfried Krauser was just a boy when he started to study the mystical arts. His curiosity to understand the world drove him deeper and deeper into the arcane secrets, some of them long forgotten (or maybe abandoned) by older, wiser and more powerful sorcerors. He learned about the Old world, a time when man could talk and communicate with the gods. His blood burned with excitement at the very thought; A being of such power and magnitude would surely know the secrets of the world! The next months were spent in preparation. He read about the forgotten languages, the lore of the Astral Plane, the place where some of the gods were said to dwell and he studied the rituals said to be able to summon the god. He took precausions though and learned all he could about bindings which could hold the being in case it was not happy being summoned.

Finally came the day, and Siegfried drew his circle in the outskirts of the village, filled it with runes and symbols and as a final touch smeared his own blood around all the Signs of Power in the circle. He sat down and clenched his fists together and started chanting in a language that had not been heard anywhere in the world for the past 6000 years. The circle lit up with a sinister green light and from the places where he smeared his blood, smoke rose toward the sky. His chanting continued with his eyes closed for about 20 minutes, then he stopped and looked at the circle.

The green light faded away, and for a split-second Siegfried was devastated that he had failed. Suddenly the circle came on fire, and a portal of green light opened a few feets of the ground above it. Then a sonic boom shook the young sorceror, causing his hood to blow away from his face and his long brown hair to sway in the winds coming from the portal. Standing up on his feet with much trouble against the powerful force Siegfried held his hand across his face, protecting it from the dust and pebble which was thrown at him with force. Lightningbolts shot out of the portal and set trees on fire and blew holes in the ground around him as he dived for cover behind a great stone.

The sudden roar made the hair on his back rise and his blood freeze. Out of the portal, a great claw, bigger than Siegfried himself, appeared. With massive weight it landed on the ground and the long sharp talons dug into the german soil. Siegfried saw how the portal widenend and a massive head became visible. It was like nothing he ever seen before; It looked like a great lizard plated in armor and with the horns of a bull bigger than he had never seen. As it opened its mouth once more and let out a roar, he felt the smell of death and decay all around him.

He forced himself to snap out of the shock; Maybe there was still time to stop this. He stepped forth from behind his hiding place holding up his hands and with a shaky voice he started to cast the spell which would close the gate. The Dragon did not seem to be bothered by his attempt and as the next claw made its way into the world Siegfried realized he could not close the portal. But he didnt give up. Surfacing all his might, he cast the binding spell he had carefully mastered just for something like this. By his very words chains glowing with the arcane purple sprung from the ground and snared the still somewhat ethereal Dragon. The beast gave out a wild roar in fury and turned its gaze on the young human infront of it. Siegfrieds legs shaked and he fell to his knees, just to get back up again as quick. Closing his eyes he called upon all the power he could muster and with a scream barely hearable above the noise from the portal and the sound of a chained God, he fired a bolt towards his mistake.

The bolt dissipated as the waves against the rocks when it hit the Dragon and Siegfried fell down on his knees, his spirit broken, tears flowing down his face as he thought about the fate of his village when this "thing" got out. The village. His eyes turned determinent and the tears turned into tears of anger. Rising up once more, for the last time in his human life, he ripped of his robe and stood naked in the pulsing wind. He reached for his dagger and started to carve the symbols of the Ethereal Prison into his own body. His cuts were deep, the blood flowing painting the ground red. When he was done he threw the dagger aside, took a deep breath and said the last three words of Siegfried Hauser, words heard by no other than himself but words which determined the fate of thousands.

The markings on his body started to glow, no they shone, during this time the young german man shone greater than all the stars in the sky as he lunged forward, throwing himself at the otherwordly adversary.

When he came to it was mid day. The surroundings were burned and maimed, but the portal was closed and the circle broken. He felt different, but even weirder, he seemed to be alive. He made his way towards the city, he needed to rest. As he approached the city gates the guards held up their weapons as their eyes widened and their voices became unstable. One of them screamed for help and both guards and villagers showed up at this call. Siegfried was confused, but when he looked down on himself he screamed aswell, a scream that made a few of the guards to turn and run from the scene.

He covered his face in what once was human hands and ran back to the forest. He was no longer human, he didnt know what he was anymore. But it had to be a way to reverse it. Stealing a cloak from a traveller he met on the way he disguised himself to the best of his ability and made his way away from civilization.

Newfound Powers

He quickly realized that his monstrous apperance did have several advantages to his human self. It was stronger, faster and it healed wounds at an amazing rate. Not only that, but by Sealing the Dragon's spirit inside of him had granted him powers undreamt of for many humans. This was not the kind of magic he had studied before which, while mystical in nature, was still a part of this world. This new magic, did not belong here. None the less, it was powerful and usefull. In the following years he travelled to the biggest cities in Europe, shrouded in black and only at night, visiting the leading authorities on magic "borrowing" their research and whatever books on the Arcane, Primal or even Ebon he could find.

The years passed and his experiments, while more elaborate each time, could not help him. By this time he had noticed that time had lost its hold on him aswell.

The Travels

Towards the End of the World

Depressed by his own fate, and tired of living like a beast Siegfried stole a small boat and intended to go over the edge of the world. His own theory was that beneath the edge of the world there was a void; A nothingness, and this would probably rid the cosmos of his very existance. The thought was not unpleasant. He travelled the sea for a long time, his unvoluntary immortality stopping him from starving to death. Finally one day he woke up with a bang. He had hit something, and that was not right. There shouldnt be anything between the land and the edge. What he saw was amazing; Trees and animals he had never seen before, and even the very ground seemed different from home.

His curiosity drove him deeper into the jungle, where he met the first signs of some sort of civilisation, carved faces into the trees. This new world woke a spark of will to live he hadnt felt in a very long time. His presense didnt go unnoticed and it was not long before a group of almost naked men, painted in vively colors, stood before him. They gazed upon him in the fear he was used to, but also in awe and respect. Then they kneeled, talking on their foreign language. They took him to their city, a place without equal in his old homeland. The very architechture resonated with him. The magic energy surrounding this place was thick enough to taste and though it felt different from his own, it was not alien as the Dragon's. As they led him through the streets, men and women alike covered turning their gaze downwards mumbling something sounding like "quzktl".

They let him meet with their priests, and when it became apparent he didnt understand them they schooled him in their language. He learned they had thought him of a God, something he made clear to them he was not. A look of relief and dissapointment from the high-priest was the answer. They still treated him as a valuable guest though, and in their many and long discussions he exchanged alot of knowledge about the magic realm. Ideas he had never thought of, and approaches to the laws he had learned as a boy paved way in his mind for endless possibilities. Maybe he had been searching in the wrong place? The years kept passing, and his friends in this new home died one by one, but he remained young and vigilant. As the last of the old priest died, he decided he had to move on. Maybe, probably, there where other places, just like this, where magic had gone down a different route. And maybe somewhere he could find a way to once again become human.

Travelling with a willing guide through the jungle for several months, they saw endless water once more. They helped him build a simple boat and pushed him out in the water with sad looks on their faces. He did not look back.

The way of the Sword and an eternal Love

The journey on the ocean felt even longer this time, because now he had a vision, a reason to keep going and he wanted to do it now. He was quite pleased with the look he had managed to develop together with the priests. Sure it was taxing, but at least he looked more human than before. As long as he kept the markings intact he could keep this form up for eternity if needed. One day as he was laying on his back in the boat, counting the stars he heard screams. Sitting up he saw fires in the darkness. A village was burning and people ran from it screaming only to be cut down by armored horsemen. He jumped into the sea and swam at the top of his lounges toward the shore and when he got up he gathered his voice and cast one of his premier spells. The shining chains fettered the horsemen to the ground and now they were screaming aswell in fear. Striding through the darkness into the light of the flames he saw the fear as they looked into his shining eyes. The big horns in his forhead and on his shoulders also played a role he was sure.

Not knowing what to do, he released the men who rode of as fast as they could. The villagers, albeit frightened by his apperance fell to the ground bowing. He grabbed one of them and helped him up on his feet, smiling at him. The man looked as he was about to pass out from fear. Learning the language of these "nipponjin" was not as hard as he had imagined; they where very helpful and eager to assist him in everyway. In return he used his powers to aid the village in as many ways as he could. However when they asked that he taught them how he did it he refused. Until he was human again, he would never teach another "pure"(note: non-magic)human magic. In this place he was happier than he had ever been before, despite their lack of any magic at all. It all culminated when a woman named Kiyomi confessed her love to him, despite him being...whatever he was.

They moved in together and for a lifetime he lived happily in this village, now safe from bandits thanks to the "Legend of the Guardian Demon". A lifetime passed and Kiyomi died, leaving him torn in pieces. The pain woke his lust for a human life, and death, once more. He packed his things, and with a heartily farewell to the villagers (most of them barely infants when he arrived) he set out on foot travelling the land. He stayed out from the smaller villages, knowing there were no knowledge to be found there. Until one day, when he arrived at a large city. He hadnt thought there would be any city like this on this island. Intrigued by the fact, he waited until nightfall before he snuck inside the city, covered in a dark cowl.

Asking around they told him this was the city of the Shogun, and he also learned that there were several great Mystics in the palace. He approached the castle and through long discussion, a few screams and a display of power the Shogun accepted his plead to work and live with the mystics until he was satisfied. In return, during this time he would serve the Shogun in what way he demanded. They called him Ryūjin. His time with the mystics gave him much knowledge, and many arcane secrets became known to him. Their very mindset enhanced his ability; The mind and body must be one. Learning the way of the sword and a regime of hard physical training became a way for him to channel the knowledge he had learned during his studies and gave him time to analyze the potential of it. Decades passed, and his sworn service was handed down to each new Shogun who sat on the throne. He fought briefly in defensive battles, but did never get called out on the frontlines.

When he finally felt done, and decided to leave, the shogun asked one last task of him, and during a long and bloody civil war he helped to unite the small kingdoms on the islands before leaving once more.

The cult of the Ancient One & The Brotherhood of the Emerald Blade

Coming Soon!

Hunt for the knowledge of the Undead

Coming Soon!

Welcome Home, Draconis.

Coming Soon!

The Dawn of Heroes

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Millenium City Chronicles

(in Progress)

Powers & Abilities

Even before merging with the Ancient Spirit of a Dragon, Siegfried was quite the competent sorceror, even if he never could be compared to really great ones of his time. He never had a master, but learned everything by himself and maybe it was the lack of knowledge of the risks with magic, that led to the birth of Draconis. He had no magic in his blood as many of the more powerful wizards and witches, but he tried to make up for it with spirit. Spells of more practical character was his preference, such as making water boil, lift heavy objects and cure diseases. Spells made to bind and fetter men and creatures where added together with a few destructive spells to prepare for his fateful summoning. After the summoning his abilities grew exceptionally, and during his travels he learned and mastered alot more. His powers include but is not limited to:

  • Grow back limbs and heal instantly
  • Call forth the infernal powers of the Old World
  • Drain the very will to live from living creatures
  • Summon beings from the Astral Plane
  • Concentrated bolts of raw magic energy
  • Fetter opponents
  • Inflict horrible visions
  • creating Signets of Arcane Power

His physical abilities surpassess those of a normal human, but would not be consider super-powerful amongst the heroes of Millenium City. During his time in Japan he learned the way of the Sword and is still quite the swordsman, even if he mostly keeps his sword as a memento rather than an instriment of death.


Even if his quest to become human again have not yet succeeded; Draconis has the ability to transformhimself into a humanish looking form. This ability takes alot of energy and thus limits his powers while in this form.

"Human Form"

This is the pinnacle of the transformation spell that Draconis has developed over time. His right had, his eyes, mouth and skin, are the only things giving away his true form. While in this form, Draconis can neither walk the astral plane nor use his more potent abilities, but its nice not having people stare at you sometimes.

True Form

The monstrous being known as Draconis. The human outlines are still clearly visible, but the scaly skin, the yellow eyes and the horns and spikes growing out of his body are the stuff of nightmares. Wearing the old power enhancing cermonial outfit given to him by the Master Sorceror Magellan he truly looks like a demon from the dark ages of the world.

Super Hero Suit



The Cult of the Ancient One

High Priestess Hel

Divine Tracker Marius

The Brotherhood of the Emerald Blade





The Sanguine

The Sanguine was a powerful clan of vampires in eastern Europe, planning to enslave all of humanity and use them as livestock. Before knowing this, Draconis sought them out in hope of finding a clue on how to deal with his immortality and maybe get ahold of some secrets about the so called "Vampiric Magic". First met with open arms, Draconis became good friends with three specific members; Delia, Shana and Jasper. The three lovers found Draconis interesting and even invited him to join in their loving triangle (which he turned down). He found out about the true meaning of the clan when he saw his three friends massacre a whole family. When he furiously confronted them they laughed and told him not to worry himself with lower lifeforms like humans. Their laughs ended abruptly as glowing chains ensnared Shana and with eyes glowing Draconis pointed his hand towards her and turned her into ash with a blinding bolt of pure energy. The other two fled as fast as they could. Even to this day, they follow him in the shadow, searching for a weakness or an opportunity to avenge their love.





A master sorceror who for unknown reasons has attacked Draconis at several occasions.


The remaining parts of the Dragon spirit merged with Siegfried formed an entity of its own. While not nearly as powerful as the original dragon, this creature is hell bent on devouring Draconis and become reborn into its old self.

The Cleanser

Christian Super-Hero firmly believing Draconis to be satan incarnate.