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Dr. Silverback is now one of the most celebrated scientists in the world. He makes regular television appearances on a variety of shows, from talk shows to news programs to the latest scientific documentaries. He has his own fully funded lab in Millennium City, sponsored by Cambridge Biochem. A multitude of well respected superheroes and supergroups consult with him, particularly the Champions. Although he isn’t an actual member of the Champions, he’s about as near as you could be without making it official. Dr. Silverback is also a very large, absolutely brilliant, gorilla.

No one would ever have predicted what he’d become back when he was stolen from his tribe in Rwanda by a bunch of poachers. No one would have predicted it when Dr. Phillipe Moreau first bought him and began experimenting on him in an underground Ukrainian lab. Still, no one would have predicted his future superhero status when he assisted Dr. Moreau in creating an army of intelligent Manimals to undertake crimes.

While Silverback assisted in Moreau’s crimes, he himself was not a villain. He was confused and looked to Dr. Moreau as his master. Over time, he began to understand the philosophical and moral implications of what Moreau was doing. When the New Knights of the Round Table, a group of British superheroes, stormed Moreau’s compound, Dr. Silverback switched loyalties and helped them capture his erstwhile master.

Thus began Dr. Silverback’s journey toward fame. He went to England with the New Knights and began working with Cambridge Biochem. He managed to win British citizenship in what has become a landmark court decision; it gets cited in a variety of cases involving superhumans, robots, aliens and the undead.


When he battles villains, he does it with intellect, not force. The amazing gadgets he built in his lab, help him. He also has a tremendous network of contacts throughout the world and has become an expert at gathering information. When he must go into battle, he always takes his tangleweb gun, which incapacitates villains without harming them. He is the go-to guy for the Champions when they have a scientific or technological challenge. He’s also a favorite with media because of his ability to explain scientific principles with charm and flair.

Dr. Silverback is an outspoken and incredibly dynamic superhero. He generally doesn’t go up against supervillains alone, but instead uses his superhuman intelligence to save the day.