Dead Justice

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Dead Justice
Player: @justynzander
Dead Justice Drawing.jpg
They say revenge is a dish best served cold, guess i took that Literally...
Biographical Data
Real Name: Justyn
Known Aliases: Revenant of Revenge
Gender: Male
Species: Revenant
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Germany
Base of Operations: Unknown
Relatives: Unknown
Age: 22 (died with 18)
Height: 1,89M
Weight: 108Kg
Eyes: Glowing blue (Formerly Greyblue)
Hair: Dark Blond
Complexion: Icy-Blue (Formerly white)
Physical Build: Husky
Physical Features: no Rotten Flesh
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 5
Citizenship: German
Occupation: being Undead
Education: Boarding School
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Cryokinesis & the perks of being Undead
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Jetpack, Blaster.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Born and raised in Germany, i had a Good life, i had fun, was an Only-Child, and the best mother ever. how quickly things can change when some Punk just shoots you and leaves you there, it's real funny, how quickly i can turn from a normal young man to a Vengeful revenant in mere minutes.

that Necromancer who resurrected me hoped i would rampage across the place, let's say that didn't work out for him, i was the kinda guy who actually goes after the one responsible, not kill innocents in a fit of rage, still, the corpses of dead Gangsters was enough for him, every dead body was another one he would resurrect.

Dead-Justice seen Ingame

One year, one bloody year took it for me to catch my Killer, this time, he couldn't run away. i had him, and i Ripped him to shreds, i thought i was done, i've got my revenge and can finally do other things. but nope, that necromancer showed himself and resurrected my Killer, hoping he rampages across the globe since i wasn't evil enough apparently i tried to fight him, but his magic was way too strong for me to handle. i had to flee, i had no interest into being turned back into a corpse.

so, there we are, have to search for an Undead Gang-Leader and a Necromancer hell-bent on creating a Zombie Apocalypse. kinda funny if you ask me, a zombie trying to prevent a zombie apocalypse.

Powers & Abilities

Cryokinesis: My Modus operandi, i'm very likely trying to impale you on ice spikes or trap you in a frozen cage, if it's made of ice, i'll likely use it as a weapon.

Tenacious: you. are not. taking. me. down. Mentally or physically.

Determinator: And Neither do i plan to give up.

Undead: trapping me is only gonna buy time, i don't need food or drinks, and neither do i need to sleep. and i have energy for months, i won't tire. and i'm dead already. so killing me could turn out to be difficult.


Weak Magic Resistance: i was made to be unstoppable, so no adept at magic could just banish me, but since my resurrector was a magic-user himself, he made sure my magic resistance is not perfect, so he, and equally powerful mages, have a better chance against me.

No Armor: look at me, no armor, just some Casual clothing. no need for heavy caliber. a simple knife is enough to cut me open.

Emotional: i have still Emotions, that means i can be Emotionally Manipulated.

Slow not slow in terms of mobility, but i won't get things done in an instant, so if i have to finish something in a certain time, i'm not gonna win that easily.

Horrible Stealth I hope the Mission doesn't Include Being Stealthy, Cause the Mess i make is hard to contain, and i'm more of a Direct Approach.


since not a lot is known currently about Dead Justice, an Interview was held to gain some information about him.

Interviewer: so, Dead Justice, What is it like to be a Zombie?

Dead Justice: First off, i'm a Revenant, not a Zombie, i may was Resurrected, but I'm not bound by anyone, nor' am i a mindless husk, but yeah, life is different now, i don't have to worry about shelter, or food, or anything. since i don't need it anymore

Interviewer: Right, Sorry, can you tell us anything about your powers or abilities? or maybe your history?

DJ: Let's start of at the beginning, i used to be a perfectly normal teenager, then this [Censored] called Blood-Chain put a bullet through me and quickly ended my life, but, surprise, some necromancer saw the perfect opportunity to resurrect me, his plan was that, in my rage and search for revenge i would slaughter people left and right, perfect material for more undead, well, sadly for him, i had a calm head and only killed those who where in Blood-Chains gang.

Interviewer: A lone undead against, who knows, how many people and heroes sounds a bit unrealistic, also, can your bite cause a-

DJ: No. that necromancer planned to gather the corpses and start an apocalypse out of nowhere, if my bite would cause people to turn into zombies, that would be hardly containable, or controllable, still, many believe my bite does, and to the first question, ever saw me in a fight? sorry for the braggin' but i'm practically Unkillable, i was resurrected in hopes of being unstoppable. and i know i can take a lot of Punishment. hell, even a bullet to the head won't do me in.

Interviewer: But cutting you into pieces or something would surely do you in?

DJ: Doubt it, i know i sound like a Mary-sue right now, but as i said, i was created to be unstoppable, and i lost a limb a few times, give me some time and i'm Whole again...must be this dark magic that's keepin' me alive...

Interviewer: there must be some weakness to you, right?

DJ: ...when i think about it, when i fought mages, i still was able to take hits, but somehow my defense is weakest against magic users. [censored], that necromancer must've done that on purpose, no wonder i have a hard time fighting him.

Interviewer: Many People wonder about that Blaster on your arm, want to say something about that?

DJ: Ah yes, that thing, i don't exactly need it to fire my Ice, but it makes a good weapon to smack somebody with it. it's hard enough, but as i said, not exactly, it has it's uses, which i'd like to keep secret.

Interviewer: any comments on your Nemes-

DJ: (His voice drops to a cold Growl) Let me make one thing perfectly clear. nobody. Nobody! is gonna stop me from killing him, he is a thorn in my eye long enough and a danger for innocents everywhere!

Interviewer: Okay, a last question, a friend of yours drew this Portrait. do you think it resembles you?

DJ Y'know, i like it, but i'm not THAT muscular.